Do you mind to explain how do you diaper yourself? Are you laying down, imagine someone else is diapering you like a baby? Or are you doing it in an upright position? Like it is shown on the diaper packages? Or is someone putting you into diapers?Thank you for your blog and the effort :)

Thank you for sending me this Ask! You are actually reminding me that I want to buy a changing mat for myself. Currently I put a fleece blanket on the floor, spread out the diaper, and lay down onto it. It is really important that you fluff up your diaper before putting it in! Fluffing up a diaper means that you make the fluffy stuff inside the diaper less dense, by grabbing onto the diaper with two hands, and pushing your hands closer together, forcing the diaper into a U-shape. When you’ve done this several times, the previously densely-compressed fluffy stuff will be less compressed and even more fluffy, making the diaper overall more thick !

It is really important to put diaper cream on your skin ! It helps me to get into the mood, and usually it has a nice scent to it. ABDL is a special time, so feel free to apply a lot of cream! After you’ve taped on your diaper, you can also put on a plastic pants, to enhance further the babyish feeling. What I like to do is put transparent packing tape 2 or 3 times around my waist (on the diaper), to convince my mind that I am not taking off the diaper, and to provide a little bit extra tightness (I am too thin).

I am not pretending that someone is diapering me… that’s something which I will try next time ^^, thank you for the suggestion.


Hi there,You may already have answered this but it strikes me that all your pictures are taken in your flat. Feeling safe seems important to you. Yet wouldn’t it be exciting to take a (small) risk and go out diapered ? Are you not willing to add an extra thrill to your fantasy ? Wouldn’t it be naughty ?Anyway, keep going. Your blog is great.

What do you mean by exciting? Sexually? Potentially embarrassing?

I’d rather keep my littlespace safe and without humiliation ^^, as that’s the way how I prefer it. From reading a lot of abdl-themed stories, I do understand that humiliation and (near) exhibitionism is a big turn on for some people… In stories and fantasies, this is fine. However, I would not want to get into real scenarios where others can see that I am wearing a brightly pink-coloured diaper with princesses printed on it xD. Maybe if I was wearing a regular incontinence diaper, at least no one would bother me after an exposure event. Though, it still wouldn’t sit right with me to expose others to such a scenario. Diaper fetishism has a really bad image, and I don’t want to contribute to making it even worse, you know? Through positivity and safety, I’d rather attempt to make ABDL seem much better ^^. You see? I want to inspire you and others to explore your littlespace, and inspire you to have a lot of fun being a little baby ! Only through repeatedly demonstrating that my littlespace is safe, warm, fun, not humiliating and not hyper sexualized, do I feel that I can convince others to try it for themselves


Diaper check time !

I will answer it for this time ^^. I am wearing a Rearz Princess Pink, right now. I am melting into my littlespace, and melting a little bit into my diaper in the process. I’m still kinda horni, and I wish that I could put something inside me… but I need to focus on my happy littlespace ❤️


What a super duper cutie you are!! Hope you e been doing well

Thank you kindly for this compliment 💖💖

I am doing well ^^. I am going to visit Budapest (in Hungary) soon, and I am looking forward to that! I should be reading into the history and culture of that city, a little bit more, to make sure that I am well-prepared. I wonder if I should take a few (non-abdl) diapers with me in my suitcase? I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking abdl diapers, in case that there’s a random baggage check; that’d be too humiliating, whereas incontinence diapers are okay I feel.

It’s ironic, right? For the same reason, I wouldn’t take my vibe with me when I am flying xD. I guess that people sort of expect that I have one? But still I don’t want them to know that I do. It’s sad that I will have to sleep without my shark plush for several days… but I will manage ! I can be a grown up for a few days, if I set my mind to it !


Some time ago I wrote to you email, I don’t know if the email arrived at all and didn’t end up in spam, as usual ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sorry, you’re talking about my coucherequin gmail address. I did attempt to answer all my messages some days ago, though the day after everything was back again. I wish that I was an octopus instead of a shark; able to work on many things at the same time.

I do appreciate the messages that I receive. I feel that I fail people for not being able to give a timely answer to all these messages ^^… Though, I make an exception for Asks, as I do my best to answer all of those (eventually). If you want me to answer something relatively urgently, you could always send me an Ask.


Your posts, evenhanded, comprehensive, and patient responses distinguish you from many others partaking, following, or interested in this lifestyle. There is so much maturity, emotional intelligence, and broad acceptance in your responses. By sharing yourself, you add so much too many — whom I believe are struggling with acceptance of their unusual and uncommon predilections — that without you it would be just another wild fapfest.

Thank you for sending me this Ask! I don’t think that I deserve all the kind words, though let’s see about that ^^.

Edit: Ah sorry, there was an additional paragraph that I had originally written, which was apparently not saved. I will try to write it again.

I do expect myself to be emotionally mature, I think. I have much still to learn, but I am also not 18 any more. I hope that I can continue to learn and grow, as I grow older in chronological age. (Also, I hope that I can continue to look a little bit young in appearance xD…). I need to learn to better understand others, to better anticipate what they want when they say something, and to be a better overall friend or acquaintance to all who I know ^^. No matter how old I will become, I also hope that I can hold onto my precious littlespace. 

I’m afraid that I don’t feel that I can help others with their abdl acceptance issues. It never even occurred to me that what I do is strange. There was never a time that I wanted to stop wearing diapers. However, there were a few times when I wanted to stop sleeping with a plushie, because I felt that I was too old for one and it was embarrassing if I have guests over. Over time, I stopped thinking about this. I do feel it’s a little embarrassing that there’s a massive plushie in my bed, when I have guests over. So I do put the shark underneath my sheets. However, it’s not embarrassing enough to make me blush or feel genuinely bad. xD It’s strange, right? When I have guests over, I make sure to hide my vibe, but not the shark in my bed. In reality, no one would think it’s weird that I own a vibe or any kind of sex toy, whereas they may think it’s a little strange for me to own a huge plushie. Ah well. I will try to think of a more coherent answer to help others with ABDL acceptance. 

As for masturbation and pornography.. It’s a precarious balance. Without pictures of myself in diapers, I don’t think that I can attract people to subscribe to my blog. I would like you to read my theories, my thoughts, and I’d love to interact with as many likeminded individuals as possible. Am I attractive or ‘sexy’? Personally, I don’t think that I am. No one has ever directly told me that they’ve climaxed to my pictures. I’m unsure what to think about it. Nonetheless, even if people have climaxed to pictures of me, I hope that I have still inspired enough others to make this worth my time.


(I feel so guilty for this…)

I feel so guilty for what I do with my shark plushie, sometimes 😳. I hope that he loves me the same way that I love him. I kinda fantasise that he could wrap his fins around me, and hold my thin weak body tightly in a strong grip, while we ride back and forth until we climax together. I need to be held down by a biiig strong shark on top of me, so that I cannot move or go anywhere. I really would like him to cum inside me. So much that I need to be diapered afterwards not to dirty my bed sheets 😵. I’m writing this to you while I’m super hornii, so I apologise for being way too lewd 💥💥💥

There’s a few Asks in my inbox 📩📬. I will answer them today, when I’m no longer horni ❤️🍼


This gallery contains 3 photos.

These were the last pictures that I took while wearing this diaper, the rearz alpaca overnight I really liked this diaper ^^, it didn’t leak and I had a lot of littlespace fun in it! It is colorful and comfortable. … Continue reading

What is(are) your favorite store or eshop for buying diapers, etc. and can you share your experience?

I buy diapers and abdl clothing from a webshop called ABDLfactory, they have another website called ab-dl-tb-shop, but this is the same shop/company. This shop sells a lot of different kinds of diapers and usually actually has their things in stock (not a given these days). There’s a shop called eurodl which I like because they sell bags of mixed diapers, which helps me to keep my photos a little bit varied.. Also I’ve bought abdl stuff from amazon, though they keep losing my packages and refunding me 3 months later so I can’t recommend that one xD.

Sending diapers by post over long distances is expensive, so you shouldn’t take my advice on any of this unless you happen to live in the Netherlands or in Belgium, because the shipping costs may be unreasonably high. It is better for you to find a shop that is active in your region. As for local shops… I have never seen a shop sell ABDL diapers, but I will happily go into the local baby store to buy bottles, cups, and other cute accessories for myself ^^. I hope that the shopkeepers will never find out that I am buying it for a BIG baby, namely MYSELF!

There’s a German webshop called saveexpress, which I still need to try. They seem to have a really big selection. I’ve always wondered what’s up with this shop. They seem to cater to incontinent people, but they also sell abdl diapers. I think that I would feel a little embarrassed to shop for incontinent supplies and baby-themed diapers in adult sizes… Realistically, though, incontinent people will quickly learn about the existence of ABDL, and they’ll just have to deal with. Maybe it is even encouraging or enabling to see young handsome women and men have fun wearing diapers, as a source of positive energy, instead of dreading it from start to finish. Nonetheless, I don’t want to bother anyone, so I will not specifically seek out people who are incontinent to ask them about this topic. ABDL can be seen as weird. To understand it, you need to read into a whole bunch of topics like safespace / littlespace, DDLG (caregiver dynamics), and diaper fetishism. My blog can’t provide the necessary information to understand ABDL, so it is best that I stay far away from a non-ABDL audience.


Thank you😊 think you are a very nice person.

Thank you. I try my best to be as kind as possible to others. What for? Maybe my kindness will inspire others to be equally kind, so the kindness can spread and propagate !


Are you a very shy person ?



I don’t think that I am shy. Definitely not at the things that I know best; there I can ‘shine’ instead of be shy xD


Wonderful picture!

Of course I take the best pictures of myself ^^. I am the little baby photographer. I take the cutest baby pictures 

It was nice to hear from you😊

I’m sorry if I disappointed you. I try my best to be friendly to everyone ❤️. I’m convinced that you’re a kind and loving person. I hope that you can enjoy the coming weekend wearing a diaper and a cute soft pajama ^^


I remember that I really liked the feeling of being wet and not wanting to be changed. Something about the smell, sound and feel of diapers have always made me happy.

xD I got another horni ask. I knew that it was a bad idea to answer one.

Please treat me like a real person, because I am real and I have feelings. My blog is not a LARP thing.

Hiii sorry if this is weird lol but your content is so cozy and wholesome, it makes me feel really like, “safe”, is the best way I can describe it. I get stressed easily but it helps me feel all loosey goosey to read about your thoughts on littlespace stuff, or just things in general ^^

Thank you kindly for this message ❤❤️. At the top of my blog, it says that this is my “safespace” ^^. With that, I kinda intended to avoid getting negative messages, though it is also true in the other sense in that I try my best to show the fun and relaxation that I have in my littlespace !

Littlespace is my stress relief, I think. My work is kinda mega stressful, but I usually don’t feel stressed because there is a nice balance in my life of accomplishing stuff during the day and having a lot of fun in my free time, either with or without diapers ^^. It’s not only sexual fun, of course (which I try not to talk abour or show in my blog)… Littlespace is pure bliss for me when I am in my element. Sometimes I wish that I could be a baby forever.. but what my mind probably wants is to be babied for a day or two full-time by someone.


Your pics are all cute ofc, but I really like your style of writing and just how you put your thoughts into text. It’s really nice to read



Thank you kindly for the compliment ^^. For tumblr, I try my best to write in a way that seems kind, caring, and involved. I care about you, and I want you to grow and thrive. I’d love for you to wake up energized and full of motivation every day (and maybe wearing a diaper ^^). Ageplay recharges me so that I can handle another week of doing adult stuff. I’m already looking forward to when I’m going to sleep later today, cus I will wear a cloth diaper with a plastic pants, and sleep with my paci and my shark plush!


Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts for all of your followers…..may they be lavishly returned. 🤗

(cloth diapers & p-pants…..nice. found leaking rare ….hopefully for you too)

Lavishly returned? I’d be happy already if I stopped receiving silly/horni messages xD. This blog occasionally feels like me doing my best to seem as happy and positive as possible, and only receiving silly things in return. But maybe it was my fault for having certain expectations, to begin with. Thank you for your message <3 

Horny question, but would you ever let someone pee in your diaper, or use your diaper as their pail? (Like stuffing a balled up wet diap down the back of the one you’re wearing)

I’m a lil hesitant to answer hornii stuff, cus it’d probably lead to even more of such questions. I’m not oblivious to serving as fap material, but I’d rather not.

I’ve fantasized about a guy sticking his thing in the back of my diaper and flooding it… Also about being forcefully diapered into an already wet diaper (and locked into it with a chastity belt)… But these thoughts are too horni for my baby brain and I shouldn’t think about them >_< , I am a wittle bwaby and I am too young to do any of that!


Do you remember how old you were when you knew you liked diapers?

It must have been when I was 6 or 7 years old. From what fragments that I can remember, and from what my parents told me, I wet the bed until I was about 8 years old, and I wore diapers for that. I’m not sure what kind of diapers they were… Judging from my abdl preferences right now, they were most likely not cloth diapers. As a kid, it took me some time to figure out that it was diapers that I craved so much… but right now I couldn’t be happier when I’m ageplaying. It makes me feel complete, and at home ^^. What does it do for you?


Have you had any experience telling people about your little/abdl side? I want to tell my S/O but obviously once you start the conversation there is no taking it back.

Thank you for this Ask. I’m afraid that I cannot help you very well with this question, as I’m not that experienced with relationships. (I have only been in a relationship for a few years, and currently I am not). The best advice I could give you is to always try and give more than you take. In this context, it’d mean that you have to set up the situation in such a way that you’re giving your partner the incentive to ask you about your fetish, rather than it being the other way around.

Thinking back of my ex… Telling her about ageplay was kinda like that. I carefully and kindly asked her if there was a deeply hidden fetish that she’d love to do with me. I failed a number of times, as she felt too embarrassed to tell me about it. The hesitation comes from a fear of nonacceptance, I think. It’d help if there is already a deep level of trust between you two. After a few times, maybe because the mood was just right, and promising that I’d never tell anyone, she told me what it was. It was intriguing to me, and we talked with genuine interest about it for hours. Naturally, it followed that she also asked the question to me. As a mutual tease, I pretended that I wouldn’t be able to tell her, because it is too embarrassing ^^… Of course I did tell her that I was into ageplay. It was always my intention to do so. She hadn’t heard of it before. Consequently, we talked about it all night. The next time that we were both really horny, I asked her if I could participate in the fetish that she told me about. What followed was a really stimulating evening for her and maybe her most intense orgasm ever. I didn’t mind doing it, as I was mostly happy to see her be so super horny. As time went on, she asked me the same question and we alternated between these things. Giving and taking; always give more than you take ^^.

I wonder, have you ever did pee-fetish related things without a diaper ? If so, did you like it ?

Thank you for this Ask!

I’m not so sure about what you asked. I understand the commonalities between ageplay, diapers, desperation, and pee/omorashi. There’s stuff like omorashi omutsu which combines aspects of all of this. However, I don’t think that I would enjoy peeing myself while not wearing a diaper. I wear diapers to help me feel like a wittle bwaby

Others will experience ABDL in different ways. That’s fine. I hope that you can find out which aspects that you like most ^^. When I was first trying out diapers as a kid/teen, I didn’t have many of the “baby” luxuries that I have now. Consequently, I wasn’t sure what I was missing out on. It turns out that my inner desires are to be as real of a baby as possible. You see? It’s not about pee; it’s that I pretend to be incontinent while I’m in littlespace!


This gallery contains 3 photos.

kirababy2: coucherequin: Plastic pants over my diaper ^^ for extra protection, and extra crinkles Yes! Please protect me, I make myself look so vulnerable in my pictures ^^…