Hi there,You may already have answered this but it strikes me that all your pictures are taken in your flat. Feeling safe seems important to you. Yet wouldn’t it be exciting to take a (small) risk and go out diapered ? Are you not willing to add an extra thrill to your fantasy ? Wouldn’t it be naughty ?Anyway, keep going. Your blog is great.

What do you mean by exciting? Sexually? Potentially embarrassing?

I’d rather keep my littlespace safe and without humiliation ^^, as that’s the way how I prefer it. From reading a lot of abdl-themed stories, I do understand that humiliation and (near) exhibitionism is a big turn on for some people… In stories and fantasies, this is fine. However, I would not want to get into real scenarios where others can see that I am wearing a brightly pink-coloured diaper with princesses printed on it xD. Maybe if I was wearing a regular incontinence diaper, at least no one would bother me after an exposure event. Though, it still wouldn’t sit right with me to expose others to such a scenario. Diaper fetishism has a really bad image, and I don’t want to contribute to making it even worse, you know? Through positivity and safety, I’d rather attempt to make ABDL seem much better ^^. You see? I want to inspire you and others to explore your littlespace, and inspire you to have a lot of fun being a little baby ! Only through repeatedly demonstrating that my littlespace is safe, warm, fun, not humiliating and not hyper sexualized, do I feel that I can convince others to try it for themselves


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