I wonder, have you ever did pee-fetish related things without a diaper ? If so, did you like it ?

Thank you for this Ask!

I’m not so sure about what you asked. I understand the commonalities between ageplay, diapers, desperation, and pee/omorashi. There’s stuff like omorashi omutsu which combines aspects of all of this. However, I don’t think that I would enjoy peeing myself while not wearing a diaper. I wear diapers to help me feel like a wittle bwaby

Others will experience ABDL in different ways. That’s fine. I hope that you can find out which aspects that you like most ^^. When I was first trying out diapers as a kid/teen, I didn’t have many of the “baby” luxuries that I have now. Consequently, I wasn’t sure what I was missing out on. It turns out that my inner desires are to be as real of a baby as possible. You see? It’s not about pee; it’s that I pretend to be incontinent while I’m in littlespace!

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