Your pics are all cute ofc, but I really like your style of writing and just how you put your thoughts into text. It’s really nice to read



Thank you kindly for the compliment ^^. For tumblr, I try my best to write in a way that seems kind, caring, and involved. I care about you, and I want you to grow and thrive. I’d love for you to wake up energized and full of motivation every day (and maybe wearing a diaper ^^). Ageplay recharges me so that I can handle another week of doing adult stuff. I’m already looking forward to when I’m going to sleep later today, cus I will wear a cloth diaper with a plastic pants, and sleep with my paci and my shark plush!


Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts for all of your followers…..may they be lavishly returned. 🤗

(cloth diapers & p-pants…..nice. found leaking rare ….hopefully for you too)

Lavishly returned? I’d be happy already if I stopped receiving silly/horni messages xD. This blog occasionally feels like me doing my best to seem as happy and positive as possible, and only receiving silly things in return. But maybe it was my fault for having certain expectations, to begin with. Thank you for your message <3 

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