Does it feel good too be back in diapers after your vacation …. Did you miss wearing them ?

Thank you kindly for this Ask! It’s okay, I didn’t miss wearing diapers, I wasn’t away for long ^^. I did miss my shark, because he’s kind of like a body pillow which allows me to sleep more comfortably on my side or on my belly. Whenever I’m not at home, and when he’s in the wash, I sleep on my back or differently on my side.

Hm in case it is not obvious, when I post new pictures, it doesn’t mean that I’ve worn that diaper on the day of posting. The series I’m posting right now, where I am wearing a diaper called a “super seni”, were taken on the 9th of April. I will take pictures of myself, and post them on my tumblr blog over the course of a few weeks. I don’t have time to wear a diaper and take pictures every single day ^^;;, it’d be impossible to do anything.

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