I am back, new start

Hello, this is coucherequin. My tumblr account was deleted some time ago. I did not receive a message describing the reason, as of writing. I tried contacting tumblr to ask what the reason is, and whether it’s possible to restore my account. As of writing I haven’t heard back, yet. I suppose that, judging from what others have been telling me, the chances of seeing my account restored are not good.

I suppose that my account superficially appeared to have fringe content. Though, in reality that is not the case. I’m an adult. I take pictures of my clothed adult body, while I am wearing cute outfits and occasionally showing my diaper. I fully consent to these pictures being taken. The general theme of my blog does not center around 18+ material, though as a safety precaution I discourage minors from looking at my pictures, and I do not interact with minors.

I’m not sure what I specifically did wrong. I will cautiously continue what I was doing. I feel kinda sad losing the contact information of the people who were chatting with me, the chat logs, and indeed the comments on my posts. But nonetheless I look forward to making new friends by starting over. I love you ❤️


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