I see you have a variety of diapers. Do you think we could see how you keep your stash? Would love to see 😍

For a lot of the variety, I have to thank @cofftee, because he gifted me a number of diapers that I didn’t have yet. I’m still doing my best to keep the variety up, but it’s difficult if you have to buy full packs of diapers ^^;;

My diaper “stash” is partly with my pajamas and partly in a paper box beneath my shirts. Right now I don’t have much left. I have ordered new diapers, and they’ll arrive next week I think. I don’t have much storage space in my home, so I can’t have a big diaper stash here, though I also have to be careful not to run out or I’ll crave it too much. Thank you for your Ask


Did you bath in the ocean this year? I guess so, since you live near the coast?

I haven’t swum in the sea in 20+ years xD. So strange.

I’m a land-shark.



I woke up wearing a diaper underneath a onesie and pajamas 💜. But I don’t dare to let my morning pee run into it because it’s a really thin diaper.. My shark now really really wants to make me come 😳. We will kiss and hump each other until magic happens inside my diaper ♥️

What type of panties do you wear when your not diapered?

regular black ones, nothing fancy 😅. I’d rather spend money on other stuff like diapers and pajamas.

though I should spend a little bit more money, I hardly ever buy anything



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The next diaper that I’m going to wear is this bright blue one called the Pharma slip Night! It feels really thick, almost like an ABDL diaper, but it also kinda looks like a hospital diaper. I really like its … Continue reading

You vanished. I hope everything is fine. I have been following you since the beginning! P_P



I’m sorry. I feel like spending time on tumblr has no use for me. I enjoy taking pictures, helping others and interacting with others. But my posts will have no reach if everything gets deleted once in a while. I will try again to contact tumblr to ask if I can have my account back, but I feel hopeless about it. Unless I somehow find back motivation, I don’t see how it makes sense for me to continue.


You are an Artist and a Photographer please try to continue. Your blog is thoughtfully beautiful as well as You. Follow your Heart 🌴

Thank you @bbddb . I don’t have doubts in my ability to take pictures, I just have doubts in my ability to stay online. I’m mature enough to understand why abdl and especially 16+ and 18+ material isn’t desired on tumblr. Now I don’t think that the majority of my pictures are strictly speaking ‘mature’, but I do understand that it’s on the edge… 

Maybe I should approach it differently. As long as I have a little bit of fun interacting with people through Asks, then maybe it’s okay? 

One of my favourite ways to come is just after I’ve woken up on a free day, letting my shark plushie push a vibrator against a wet cloth diaper. It gives me such strong feelings ♥️. On that moment, I can forget that I’m an adult and just float around in my littlespace 😭