Hi sweetie :) I think it must be an amazing feeling for a woman to pee herself in a diaper, the feeling of hot pee gushing over her swollen pussy, running backwards over her ass, making her bum all hot and squishy 💦 I may be mistaken, but I like to think many women could easily get hooked on diapers. Or maybe it’s just my horny brain working overtime 🤷‍♂️ What do you think of this?


I think that I’ve been using too many innuendos / teasing recently. I can’t think of other reasons why someone would send me a message like this. I’m sorry if you misunderstood my intentions.


Your pics are such good inspiration for making good poses. You know how to make yourself look cute and flattering in a diaper lol. I have a similar body type to you, maybe I should copy a few of your poses next time I post a pic 🙃

Feel free to copy any of my ‘poses’ for your own pictures. I’m not sure if I do them deliberately, or if it’s a subconciously learned thing from taking ageplay pictures of myself for years. I should review them myself, to see if I can come up with a concise description of what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. It’ll be a combination of the actual pose, the outfit, the diaper, my body, the lights in the room, and the picture processing


Hi ;) Do you sometimes wear diapers outside the house, or if not, is there times outside you’d love to wear one?

To some extent, diapers serve as an accessory to ageplay. It’s the most important accessory, but it’s still just an accessory to the complete outfit. I combine diapers with onesies, cute-looking pajamas, cute socks or tights, pacis, baby food, bottles with formula or hot choco, or maybe even a colorful frilly dress. When these elements are combined, something inside my mind ‘clicks’; everything is okay and I can relax. I will giggle and brabble weird words, crawl around, hug my plushie, tuck myself into bed or watch a baby cartoon. When I’m deep into an ageplay session, I can’t remember any worries that my adult self might have experienced the day prior. Vice versa, it can be difficult to fully enter littlespace when I’m occupied with unrelated things. Taking pictures of myself for this blog is definitely too much distraction to enter my littlespace, though I try my best to showcase what it’d look like regardless.

I can wear a diaper underneath pants, and then I can go outside without anyone realizing that I’m wearing a diaper. I have nothing against this. In any big city there’ll be dozens of people walking around with a diaper underneath their clothes, due to incontinence or other reasons. What I can’t take outdoors are all the other ageplay thingies. A diaper isn’t enough for me to enter littlespace. Moreover, is it appropriate to enter littlespace in public? Actual babies are taken outdoors using strollers and whatnot, they can indulge in baby behavior all they want. This isn’t something that I can do without humiliating myself.

The one exception that I’ve found where it’s kinda okay for me is when I’m wearing a cosplay outfit to an anime convention. Cosplay outfits tend to be over-the-top girlie and cutesie; entirely not something which I’d normally wear. The atmosphere at those anime conventions is also such that everyone is okay with you wearing a colorful frilled dress, made huge with a petticoat, with frilled puffy sleeves, thighhighs, a big back bow, hair ribbons and a braided ponytail. I’ve worn diapers before underneath my cosplay outfits. It’s not for convenience, it’s for giving me that little extra feeling of cuteness and childish joy.



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I also gave myself some gifts for Christmas! This little package contained a long-sleeved onesie and a pajama… I actually ended up gifting this pajama to a friend (before I ever wore it myself) because I thought that it was … Continue reading


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Santa Claus visited me while I was gone, and he has given me a number of gifts ^^. (For real; this is a gift from @cofftee). Thank you so much for these gifts!  This giftbox contained 4 diapers, two pairs … Continue reading

Wasnt your tumblr originally coucherequin before it got deleted? Didnt realize you made a new one till now. Im glad to see you back! 🙂

Yes, I’m the same person. Please don’t report me 😱, I’m innocent! It was very disheartening to see years of work just disappear overnight. Of course I have backups of my blog, but those backups can’t just be put back onto tumblr one-on-one. The thing with online content isn’t so much the content itself (it’s easy to keep a copy of the pictures and the text locally). Instead, the interactions that people had with that content isn´t easily recreated..

It taught me once again that nothing on the internet lasts forever. If you want to keep something, it´s best to save it for yourself ^^;;. There’s the option of resilience in being present at multiple social platforms, but that’s more work than I’m willing to put in.



The nnext couple of days, I will be visiting my parents for Christmas. I can’t take the shark with me, because he’s too big. Before I left my home, I washed the shark in the washing machine, and left him to dry on my drying rack 🦈😊

I hope you and your sharky friend are doing well and are happy! You’re both super cute!


I’m super fixated on that shark plush oops. He makes every night special ❤️

Yeah it’s December! 🎁🎅The season of Santa and Christmas!Do you like this holiday? How do you spent Christmas usually?Does the cold bother you or do you like it?

Yes, it’s December. I got myself gifts, and I got some friends gifts. I spend the holiday with family. I don’t like the cold, it gives me cold feet and hands.


Do you see clothing online and wish you could wear/have it?

Wanting clothing is probably not about being able to get it, but being able to wear it and look good in it. I can buy anything I like, but now that I’m in my 30s, I feel like my choices are more governed by what I can do with something, whether I have time for it, and whether it’s actually better than what I already have.

For instance the camera that I have, the Sony A7, is an okay-ish camera. It’s full frame but it’s showing its age in its poor low light performance, weird layout (can’t fold screen towards the front), lack of dual memory cards, quirky menus and slowness in burst shots. Also the way it saves raw (lossy) is pretty weird. A step up from it would be something more modern, like the A7 IV… but that’s a €2500 camera body and I feel like I haven’t learned enough yet from using the one I currently have to justify spending that kinda money on a camera xD.

Regarding clothing.. it feels really bad to buy clothing and find out that it accentuates something about me that I don’t like. I will never wear that kind of clothing in public or even for pictures… It’s difficult to predict what I’ll look like in an outfit. The ‘issue’ is particularly troublesome with cosplays, because the characters they’re based on aren’t real, and those outfits are difficult to get. For my baby pictures, of course I want to look like a big baby, and for other occasions I’d rather look anonymous so I don’t stand out too much.


Hey cutie 🍼 Do you wear diapers every day?

No, I can’t wear diapers every day, there’s just no time for it x_x. Instead, I try to wear a diaper at least once per week, on a Saturday or Sunday ^^. This week, I managed to make time for it on Saturday!


I love your soul ❤️

Thank you kindly for saying this to me ❤️. I try my best, and I hope that one day I will be rewarded for what I do!


When I’m wearing a diaper in bed, I still kinda prefer to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom to pee, if it’s in the middle of the night 😅, cus I don’t want to let my body know that it’s okay to pee in bed. When I’m fully awake, it’s different.. Anyone else do this?

Oh I so look forward to your sexy candid updates, keep them cum’ing! 😂

I’m sorry if I gave the wrong idea. I don’t want to focus on any s*xual aspect. This is my safespace. I regress to feel safe and loved.


What diaper love to wear?

xD why do you have a similar nickname as me?

I really don’t know, though. There’s so many really good abdl diapers that it is really difficult to decide which one I like best. There’s the Rearz Princess Pink, Littleforbig Baby Cuties, Littleforbig Little Dreamers, Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, Rearz Lil bella (pictured), Bambino Bianco, Bambino Cloudee… All of these I have worn at least once!

There’s still a lot of abdl diapers that I have yet to try ^^. Which diaper would you like to see me in, which one should I try next?