Do you see clothing online and wish you could wear/have it?

Wanting clothing is probably not about being able to get it, but being able to wear it and look good in it. I can buy anything I like, but now that I’m in my 30s, I feel like my choices are more governed by what I can do with something, whether I have time for it, and whether it’s actually better than what I already have.

For instance the camera that I have, the Sony A7, is an okay-ish camera. It’s full frame but it’s showing its age in its poor low light performance, weird layout (can’t fold screen towards the front), lack of dual memory cards, quirky menus and slowness in burst shots. Also the way it saves raw (lossy) is pretty weird. A step up from it would be something more modern, like the A7 IV… but that’s a €2500 camera body and I feel like I haven’t learned enough yet from using the one I currently have to justify spending that kinda money on a camera xD.

Regarding clothing.. it feels really bad to buy clothing and find out that it accentuates something about me that I don’t like. I will never wear that kind of clothing in public or even for pictures… It’s difficult to predict what I’ll look like in an outfit. The ‘issue’ is particularly troublesome with cosplays, because the characters they’re based on aren’t real, and those outfits are difficult to get. For my baby pictures, of course I want to look like a big baby, and for other occasions I’d rather look anonymous so I don’t stand out too much.


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