Hi ;) Do you sometimes wear diapers outside the house, or if not, is there times outside you’d love to wear one?

To some extent, diapers serve as an accessory to ageplay. It’s the most important accessory, but it’s still just an accessory to the complete outfit. I combine diapers with onesies, cute-looking pajamas, cute socks or tights, pacis, baby food, bottles with formula or hot choco, or maybe even a colorful frilly dress. When these elements are combined, something inside my mind ‘clicks’; everything is okay and I can relax. I will giggle and brabble weird words, crawl around, hug my plushie, tuck myself into bed or watch a baby cartoon. When I’m deep into an ageplay session, I can’t remember any worries that my adult self might have experienced the day prior. Vice versa, it can be difficult to fully enter littlespace when I’m occupied with unrelated things. Taking pictures of myself for this blog is definitely too much distraction to enter my littlespace, though I try my best to showcase what it’d look like regardless.

I can wear a diaper underneath pants, and then I can go outside without anyone realizing that I’m wearing a diaper. I have nothing against this. In any big city there’ll be dozens of people walking around with a diaper underneath their clothes, due to incontinence or other reasons. What I can’t take outdoors are all the other ageplay thingies. A diaper isn’t enough for me to enter littlespace. Moreover, is it appropriate to enter littlespace in public? Actual babies are taken outdoors using strollers and whatnot, they can indulge in baby behavior all they want. This isn’t something that I can do without humiliating myself.

The one exception that I’ve found where it’s kinda okay for me is when I’m wearing a cosplay outfit to an anime convention. Cosplay outfits tend to be over-the-top girlie and cutesie; entirely not something which I’d normally wear. The atmosphere at those anime conventions is also such that everyone is okay with you wearing a colorful frilled dress, made huge with a petticoat, with frilled puffy sleeves, thighhighs, a big back bow, hair ribbons and a braided ponytail. I’ve worn diapers before underneath my cosplay outfits. It’s not for convenience, it’s for giving me that little extra feeling of cuteness and childish joy.


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