Wasnt your tumblr originally coucherequin before it got deleted? Didnt realize you made a new one till now. Im glad to see you back! πŸ™‚

Yes, I’m the same person. Please don’t report me 😱, I’m innocent! It was very disheartening to see years of work just disappear overnight. Of course I have backups of my blog, but those backups can’t just be put back onto tumblr one-on-one. The thing with online content isn’t so much the content itself (it’s easy to keep a copy of the pictures and the text locally). Instead, the interactions that people had with that content isnΒ΄t easily recreated..

It taught me once again that nothing on the internet lasts forever. If you want to keep something, itΒ΄s best to save it for yourself ^^;;. There’s the option of resilience in being present at multiple social platforms, but that’s more work than I’m willing to put in.


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