I love your shark plushie :) even though I’m late to the meme.

Hello, thank you for your Ask! You didn’t ask a question, but I like receiving such messages as well, so that I can comment on it and provide my insight. I realize that the ikea shark has become sort of a meme. Though, I bought it for myself because I just started living by myself, I was kinda lonely, and I wanted to have a big stuffed animal to sleep with at night. The shark was really big and it looked really cute to me! It was only much later that I found out that people on the internet were using it for jokes and pictures.

Now he sleeps with me almost every night. I don’t take him with me when I’m travelling or visiting my parents, and there’s 2 nights per month that he’s in the wash/drying. I really love him! He makes me feel comfortable and safe at night. I like to sleep on my belly and so I sleep on top of the shark. Though, sometimes he also helps me to get a magic feeling


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