Compared to most other tumbler bloggers, you are very prolific in interacting with your followers.  I have two related Asks:Is there any type of Ask you would like to get more of?  More specifically, are there topics or subjects that you would rather answer more vs. less than others?  Would you be more open to reality-related Asks than say fantasy or playful Asks?  What are your “Ask” boundaries in general?conversely…Would you like to expand your interaction with your followers by asking them (as a group) questions about anything that interests you?  Fantasy, reality….whatever.  Followers could post their responses.  You’ve done some of this I think.Thanks much and please keep interacting. 😊

I do my best, reacting when I have time for tumblr. Though, sometimes people have to wait for days or even weeks before I can respond to them oops.

There are specific Asks that I think are more fun and interesting than others; specifically the ones which aren’t about me. I’m not all-knowing when it comes to ABDL but I feel that I’ve thought about it a lot. I do truly find it puzzling why I want to be a baby and wear diapers. So when someone asks me an actual question that isn’t about me but about abdl, I will actually do my best to answer it and get some discussion going.

If you’re not sure what to send as an Ask, there are inspirational lists available all over the web. It’s okay if Asks are fantasy-driven. I don’t mind most Asks, as long as the person who asked it isn’t being mean or overly hornii.

Reverse-Asks where I ask people questions don’t work well, because tumblr isn’t made for showcasing such things. The reason why Asks work so well is because the question and the answer are prominently shown, whereas answers written in the comment-box aren’t shown unless you specifically click a button to see comments. Though, I do occasionally send others Asks ^^, to their blog.


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