Hi requincouche, I saw in previous post that your cook your meals for the next day. I love cooking my self and if I have spear time I don’t mind cooking all day for just 1 tasty dish. Would love to cook for you, sow you could just be a baby a doing what you would like and don’t have to worry about food to prepare. I can feed you and let you drink out a baby bottle. I hope you have a wonderful summer day today.

I’m glad to hear that you love cooking ^^. It seems like a great hobby, and in the end you’ll have a great meal for yourself or to share with others!!! It’s important to have a proper big meal at least once per day, so that you get all your nutrients

Summer starts on the 21st of June, I can’t wait for Summer. I’m a little allergic to pollen right now, but I try my best not to let it ruin my mood.

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