I placed an order for myself. I’d like to have another onesie, but also a new vibe because my other one stopped working oops. Maybe I used it too much or for too long?? 

When I use it on a diaper, it does take a lot longer before magic happens… But I see this as a good thing, rather than a bad thing. When I haven’t come for a few days and I use a vibrator on my underwear or directly on my skin, magic happens way too fast and I don’t like it so much.

(I prefer buying littleforbig onesies in L or XL, not because I’m particularly big, but because they don’t have much room for a diaper. I’m not sure if LittleForBig expects you to just wear the onesie as a body/romper, or whether they account for you wearing a diaper, but I like to be able to wear them with a diaper so I buy one size bigger.)

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