The little babygirl would probably feel more appreciated if she had a proper caretaker to dress her up in an assortment of the prettiest little dresses possible~ Being covered with an assortment of ruffles and lace that swaddles even her crinklebutt that the little one has to be carried around since the large thick layers of petticoats combined with her very thick diapers leaves the adult baby to need to go ‘up-ups’ to be moved around to make sure that they don’t fall down and go ‘boom-boom’ on the ground.A lovely girl that wants nothing more than to feel small, innocent, sweet, and happy deserves a caretaker willing to take care of her little bubblebutt, cooing and awwing at the adult baby and causing her to always fluster and turn pink or red from the attention, until she gets it so much that the little baby simple gurgles and squeals from the attention and feels constant happiness… being just someone’s little princess to horde and treasure with constant affection and babyish care until the little one feels so sweet, babbling in her own crib and constantly unable to stop wiggling as every new day is a happy day for the adult baby to play, eat, and sleep, with a proper adult making sure that everything is taken cared of and always feeling warm and happy~


A baby can only dream


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