Your photos are so cute! Love how you use language.You mentioned you wet the bed growing up. How did you feel about wearing diapers at night back then? Were you embarrassed or did you like it? And how were you diapered at night β€” did someone diaper you or did you slip a pull-up on yourself?





Thank you for the compliment πŸ’•

I’m afraid that too few memories are left for me to grasp whether it was embarrassing to be put into diapers, or to know even who diapered me, or what kind of diapers they were. The memories that remain are about how I am in the bottom part of a bunk bed wearing pajamas and a diaper (I don’t know what kind of diaper), and everything felt complete.

I sometimes wear a diaper to bed now… and in the middle of the night I wake up with a full bladder. Not to train myself that it’s okay to wet the bed, I walk to my bathroom and wet my diaper ^^. It’s really surreal to wake up with a wet diaper (even if I did it consciously), and it’s the hugest turn-on ever for me. If I had a partner, they’d definitely find me at my weakest at that moment. You could do anything to me, probably even a kiss would make me come into my diaper.


Awww~ Sounds like a little babygirl that wants to wake up every day in her crib, wearing her cute baby shark outfits and the like as she groggily rubs her baby hands on her eyes. Waking up with the common sound of lullabies and the sweet scent of her pampers, little couche would probably feel really happy when she felt her pampers being used as intended during the night. Sure, she might forget the feeling after being given thicker and thicker pampers due to her soakings, but that won’t stop her little hands from wandering to give a light squeeze with the other holding onto her sharky~

I’m sure that once the little baby has waken up, she will be very happy to just act like a little one all day~ I’m sure that the lady will be trying to reach the mobile that is too far high for her to reach, cuddle and snuggle her sharky or just smack her drooled fingers on the noisy baby toys that are strapped onto her crib bars~ I’m sure that with enough noise and baby babble, the little fishy will be given a nice greeting from her caretaker, given a well-placed kiss on her forehead and a common squeeze on her bottom as she is judged whether she can go for breakfast or be laid on her changing table before being fed her favourite meals for her breakfest, lunch, or dinner~ After all, and good babygirl will probably be snuggled and tucked in by her caretaker a lot throughout the day and night to make sure that their precious angel is always nice and happy~

Thank you for this messaged reblog. It is quite wholesome and only a little bit weird ^^.

Please feel free to write messages in your reblogs, that way I have the chance to comment on them more specifically, rather than only send a text message. ❀️

A very nice story. πŸ€—

Seems more like an erotic fantasy rather than a story xD.

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