Have you ever been diapered by someone, if you have how did you find that experience? And if not is it something you want to try or is that something you want to keep to yourself?

As an adult, I’ve never been diapered by someone other than myself ^^… It is a really really high-trust thing so it has to be with a special someone.

And even with that special someone, I’d probably be really embarrassed the first time. Wouldn’t you be? 😳 They’d have to put diaper cream on me, rub it onto my skin, thighs, bum… They’d see my embarrassed face, trying to hide behind a paci and my shark… But my bellybutton would also be exposed. Everything would be exposed; my hips, thighs, legs, feet… But the onesie stays on, so at least my chest is covered


Hey! So I’m gonna come into a little bit of money soon, and I’d love to buy you some diapers or an outfit or 2 if you’d let me? Do you have a wish list that we can get you things through?

Thank you for the offer. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and you’re in good financial standing.

I’ve mentioned before that I do tumblr for fun without an expectation for compensation. I mean that I’d do it even if no one ever gave me anything in return. I just genuinely enjoy helping others, spreading positivity, spreading good vibes on littlespace, infantilism, ABDL, wearing diapers as an adult, and ageplay. I enjoy taking photos, and of course I am fully genuine ABDL myself.

But I also don’t want to be rude or thankless when I am offered something. There is real joy in giving, and I wouldn’t want to take away that joy.

A friend has gifted me wonderful gifts in the past, for which I am really grateful. Last Christmas, I gifted him something in return, which I hope he appreciated. Before, I didn’t have an amazon wishlist, but as an exception for now, I’ve created one. The things on it, I’d probably buy for myself at some point, and are things that I’d actually like to have. If nothing gets bought ever, that’s fine, I’d just get it for myself eventually xD. In case I made a mistake in setting up such a list, I’m really sorry and please send me a DM or an Ask. I know that I’m slow to answer, I’ll try my best to improve. I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient that it’s on the Netherlands amazon. Please take take and thank you for reading ❤️


Do you take your own photos or do you have someone that takes them? And not trying to critique or anything because I like them just curious.

I take all photos by myself, without help from others.

Please feel free to give me tips on how to improve my photos ^^. I think that my photos are kinda boring, as it’s always just me in my bed / bathroom / kitchen. I rotate outfits, and diapers, to add variation. Though, it’s not much variation, ultimately.


What would be the perfect little day for you ? With which activities/rules/punishment ? 😀

It’d be too long to describe in a post (sorry, I’m kinda tired right now…). The perfect little day would rely a lot on what is available. My dream littlespace experience would be to have a nursery with a crib.

I’d wake up in my crib, with a big plush in my arms. My diaper is wet, and I’m wearing a print onesie. My partner would come see me, put their hand on my face and tell me that today will be a good day. I’m changed, and get to watch early morning cartoons and play with legos on the floor. During lunch, I’m spoon-fed and after lunch I get to run around on the grass in the garden. When I’m tired, I get to take a short nap, and afterwards I clumsily help out with household chores and help cook dinner together with my partner. After dinner, I get to take a bath and play with splashy splash splash toys in the bath tub… After bath, I sit on my partner’s lap while I try to watch tv… but I quickly doze off to sleep cus the movie is too difficult for me to understand xD. I’m guided to my crib. I’m handed a huge shark-shaped plush, which instantly puts me into a trance once I hug it… But there’s one final surprise. During the diaper change into my night-time diaper, I’m allowed to have an orgasm ❤️. It’s super super strong from a whole day of ageplay… Afterwards, I blissfully fall asleep.


If it were me I’d happily keep you as a baby for the holiday! We might need a full suitcase of diapers tho! I don’t feel like I’m lucky enough to go on holiday with a cute diaper girl tho :(

Please, there’s no need to feel envy over me. That is not the kind of feeling that I’d want to give to anyone.

You are a real person, just like me. You have loving family and friends, and every one of your days is a time for new adventures where you can discover something new. Every day is a new day upon which you can meet a new friend, or even meet your partner for life. Take good care of yourself, and you will be able to start every day with tons of energy and motivation!!! You are loved


What is your blushiest fantasy?

I don’t know what “blushiest” means, here. The one that makes me feel the most embarrassed? I doubt that I would be sharing that xD. And what does “fantasy” mean, here? Just any imaginary thought, or specifically an erotic one? So many counter-questions to this Ask, sorry.

The thought of being diapered would probably score the highest for me. It’s such a high-trust personal thing… I wouldn’t even ever show it on pictures, it’s just too personal and vulnerable


Have you ever tried going cold turkey without diapers?

What do you mean by “cold turkey without diapers”?

In case you’re under the impression that I wear diapers every day, and thus it’d be “cold turkey” to quit wearing them even for just a few days, maybe there is some misconception. I don’t wear diapers every day; I wear a diaper normally once per week on Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes a cloth diaper to bed. If I’m busy and I have to skip a weekend, so be it.

As for quitting diapers entirely for months, years, or for good… I haven’t done that in years, probably ever, ever since I started living on my own almost 10 years ago. I don’t see a reason why I’d stop wearing diapers ^^. They are a little weird to enjoy, but otherwise harmless fun. Take this also for yourself; diapers are harmless and you can enjoy them whenever you like !!! If it relaxes you or makes you feel better, by all means put on a diaper when you like and when you can, there’s nothing to be ashamed of 😊. Same thing with other littlespace-related attributes. If you like sleeping with a plushie, then feel free to do so !!! If you like cute pajamas, go ahead! Live your life the way you want, and enjoy anything that you like.


I went to go and see a movie 😁, did you think that I’d see Barbie, huh?

Instead, I went to see Oppenheimer!!!

But I will probably also go and see the Barbie movie, when the hype is a lil over and the theatre isn’t packed. This was actually the first time ever that I went to a movie where I bought the last seat… The hall was entirely full !!

Have you ever had a baby bottle(s) filled with wine, passed out, and woken up wet? Asking for a friend.🫠

xD …

I think that I’ve given out too much details on this topic, already. I’m sorry. I’m not the sort of person who gets drunk or starts acting weird. And I’m not going to wet my bed…

I like drinking wine. Most days one glass is enough. Sometimes one bottle goes inside me all in one day. I’m fine, I’d never overdo it. I drink plenty of water and I try to eat a healthy diet.


Ooo a holiday sounds fun! How would that work? Would you be diapered for it? Take big girl clothes?

I think that this Ask is referring to what I said about a holiday with @cofftee. Is that correct? It’d depend on what he wants to do, I think. If he wants to go into nature, then I’d have to bring clothes that are suitable for that. If he just wants to see me as a baby, then I’d only pack baby clothes for myself and one set to travel with xD. I wonder how he’d like to see me…


So you wanted an ask about anything? Ok! What is the size difference between your left and right feet?

Yes, please feel free (at any time) to send me an Ask on tumblr ^^. At worst, I’ll take a few days before I can properly respond, but I try my best to respond to everything.

I never noticed this, but apparently my right foot is 1 cm shorter compared to my left foot… I wonder what that means xD. Maybe it means that I’m actually a magical fairy


What are your favorite snacks/food when you feel small?

White wine straight from a baby bottle? xD I might have done that a few too many times.

But hm I don’t have much preference. I buy formulae for myself, but I’ll also just eat fruits, choco, milk, yoghurt… As much as I like baby stuff, I kinda don’t want to buy food that comes with lots of packaging cus I think that it’s a waste. Diapers make me feel guilty because they produce so much waste !!! (But no way that I’ll stop wearing diapers)


Do you have any favorite colors?

Pastel 💜💚❤💙💛❤️ (okay there’s no actual pastel-colored emoji that I can use oops…). You can tell from the way how I edit my pictures, I think? I like it when photos have that high-HDR-but-still-low-contrast look to them, with colors popping out from between the bland white and grey. It’s difficult to put into words, as it’s so natural for me to edit the raw photos into my style…

Though, when I say “edit photos”, I’m not talking about changing the composition or anything, it’s purely about the colors and lighting. The way a camera sees a scene, and how our eyes interpret that same scene are quite different. And, more importantly, how we envision a scene to be gets into the artistics.


Not an ask, would only like to wish ye a great and easy weekend…. 😁

Thank you ❤️. I think that I am going to see a film tomorrow, one that was recently released.

Between Barbie and Oppenheimer, which film do you think I am most likely going to see? xD (“both” could also be an answer here, I think). Which one would you go and see, huh?


Would you ever consider a daddy? Someone to play with you, look after you, check and change your diapers and dress you?

A few years ago I’d probably say “no”, but now I’m wondering whether I’ll ever have a short holiday with @cofftee xD. I’m not sure if he’d want to, but who knows what can happen in the future


Who is your favourite touhou character? Would you cosplay as her?

Thank you for this Ask!

There’s a lot of characters to choose from. I like Flandre, Cirno, Remilia, Okuu, Orin, Miko, Reimu, Marisa, Tenshi…

To cosplay, I like Miko the most, as she has exactly the same body type as me so it fits really well. If I had a smoller / cuter body, I’d love to be Flandre ❤️🍮


How come you don’t do any sort of paid content, patreon, amazon wishlist, etc? Are you not confident enough to do it, or do you have another reason?

It’s not a matter of confidence. I’m confident enough to show you my littlespace and parts of my private life. I censor my face and other identifiable details, because I’d rather not mix my ABDL self with my other endeavors. I am a real person, and very real into ABDL since as long as I can remember. Nonetheless, I also do many other things where abdl would be off-topic so it’s in my best interest not to mix.

It’d feel strange to me to get paid to do something which I would do regardless of being given those things. I do use my private time to take these photos, and post them onto the internet, though this is also something which I enjoy doing. I must mention that @cofftee has given me a lot of gifts over the years, which I am very grateful for.

Here’s a fun little thought: since I buy a lot of abdl stuff for myself anyway, you could give me ideas on what to buy and I’ll consider them ^^. Sometimes, I’m just not aware of available things as I don’t have time to “window shop” online for inspiration


Welcome back! 🤗Was the weather as hot as you anticipated?

It was okay-ish. It was 25-30°C indoors. My cosplays did get really dirty from wearing them in these temperatures. I washed them this evening and they’re hang-drying right now. But I’ll probably wash them again this week to try and make them fully white again ew.

Though, right now in south Europe it’s like 40+°C, so I’m glad that I’m not there.


Is there a reason that you’re so thin and frail-looking? Are you ill? Genuine question, not meant as an insult

Thank you for this Ask!

As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with my health. I eat 3 meals every day, and I try my best to keep my diet varied. In the morning I eat a slice of bread as breakfast. For lunch, I tend to take last night’s leftovers, and for dinner I do cook almost every day… I like eating rice and pasta dishes with lots of veggies and fish. I do eat red meats, but not very often…

I do see myself in the mirror and I recognize that I am thin. I’m not sure why that is. Though, as long as I don’t feel fatigued, I don’t think that it matters ^^. If I did sports, then for sure I’d have more muscle


You’re back from the anime convention… Did you cosplay at Japan Expo this year?

Yes! The anime convention from from Thursday until Sunday (13-16 July). I traveled back today, though I’ll go to my own home tomorrow, cus I still want to go and stay over at my parents’ place to see them.

It was sooooo fun!!! When I’m home proper, I’ll be able to show some pictures of it. I also spent way too much money on this holiday, so now I am very poor xD. But I still have a lot of diapers at my home, so at least I can be a baby as much as I like the coming while… And I do have a really big desire to ageplay cus I haven’t done it in over a week oops.


Hiya Requin,I Hope You’re Doing Well! Have you had any particularly good foods recently? And do you have any houseplants? I’m thinking of joining a community garden soon!

xD you’re saying “hi shark”

I should indulge in better foods. I’m super thin and my eating habits aren’t so good. I tend to eat rice with vegetables and fish, or pasta with lots of vegetables and sauce… Sometimes my mind tells me that my belly is too big, but I don’t have an unhealthy low weight, I think.

I do have house plants, they’re kalanchoes, and spider plants.


Are you OK? You haven’t been posting much in the last few weeks. WE MISS YOU!

I’m sorry, I’m super busy at work + preparations for my holiday + creative stuff + other projects. Tumblr is unfortunately the first thing that I’ll sacrifice time on. Also, my computer has been really slow lately and I dunno what to do about that

However, thank you so much for your concern <3


When you go to the Japan Expo this July, would you ever, ever, ever consider wearing a dipe or training pants? I understand how you feel about the heat, but babies can wear when it’s hot (I’ve done it…pee trumps sweat 🤗) and it may only be a day trip.What I’m really asking is would you consider wearing if the sky was the limit?

No, that place was an oven every single time I went. France doesn’t do AC in the majority of (public) places, and they have really good weather during Summer, so it’s 30+°C inside trains, stations, convention centers, restaurants, etc. I don’t mind the heat, but diapers would make it more uncomfortable. (and I’m glad that I don’t mind the heat, because I’m in good health. If my health was bad, for sure I’d struggle in that kind of heat). Though, still, it’s unfortunate that it tends to be so hot during that convention; people are sluggish and less energetic, or they’ll skip wearing a cosplay.

What is the next convention etc you are planning to attend?

The next one will be Japan Expo 😍. It’s always mega hot there, so I don’t think that I want to wear anything but the loosest blouse and shorts. Or maybe a skirt or short dress. I still have to decide on what to bring.