Have you ever tried going cold turkey without diapers?

What do you mean by “cold turkey without diapers”?

In case you’re under the impression that I wear diapers every day, and thus it’d be “cold turkey” to quit wearing them even for just a few days, maybe there is some misconception. I don’t wear diapers every day; I wear a diaper normally once per week on Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes a cloth diaper to bed. If I’m busy and I have to skip a weekend, so be it.

As for quitting diapers entirely for months, years, or for good… I haven’t done that in years, probably ever, ever since I started living on my own almost 10 years ago. I don’t see a reason why I’d stop wearing diapers ^^. They are a little weird to enjoy, but otherwise harmless fun. Take this also for yourself; diapers are harmless and you can enjoy them whenever you like !!! If it relaxes you or makes you feel better, by all means put on a diaper when you like and when you can, there’s nothing to be ashamed of 😊. Same thing with other littlespace-related attributes. If you like sleeping with a plushie, then feel free to do so !!! If you like cute pajamas, go ahead! Live your life the way you want, and enjoy anything that you like.


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