Hey! So I’m gonna come into a little bit of money soon, and I’d love to buy you some diapers or an outfit or 2 if you’d let me? Do you have a wish list that we can get you things through?

Thank you for the offer. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and you’re in good financial standing.

I’ve mentioned before that I do tumblr for fun without an expectation for compensation. I mean that I’d do it even if no one ever gave me anything in return. I just genuinely enjoy helping others, spreading positivity, spreading good vibes on littlespace, infantilism, ABDL, wearing diapers as an adult, and ageplay. I enjoy taking photos, and of course I am fully genuine ABDL myself.

But I also don’t want to be rude or thankless when I am offered something. There is real joy in giving, and I wouldn’t want to take away that joy.

A friend has gifted me wonderful gifts in the past, for which I am really grateful. Last Christmas, I gifted him something in return, which I hope he appreciated. Before, I didn’t have an amazon wishlist, but as an exception for now, I’ve created one. The things on it, I’d probably buy for myself at some point, and are things that I’d actually like to have. If nothing gets bought ever, that’s fine, I’d just get it for myself eventually xD. In case I made a mistake in setting up such a list, I’m really sorry and please send me a DM or an Ask. I know that I’m slow to answer, I’ll try my best to improve. I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient that it’s on the Netherlands amazon. Please take take and thank you for reading ❤️


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