How come you don’t do any sort of paid content, patreon, amazon wishlist, etc? Are you not confident enough to do it, or do you have another reason?

It’s not a matter of confidence. I’m confident enough to show you my littlespace and parts of my private life. I censor my face and other identifiable details, because I’d rather not mix my ABDL self with my other endeavors. I am a real person, and very real into ABDL since as long as I can remember. Nonetheless, I also do many other things where abdl would be off-topic so it’s in my best interest not to mix.

It’d feel strange to me to get paid to do something which I would do regardless of being given those things. I do use my private time to take these photos, and post them onto the internet, though this is also something which I enjoy doing. I must mention that @cofftee has given me a lot of gifts over the years, which I am very grateful for.

Here’s a fun little thought: since I buy a lot of abdl stuff for myself anyway, you could give me ideas on what to buy and I’ll consider them ^^. Sometimes, I’m just not aware of available things as I don’t have time to “window shop” online for inspiration


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