What would be the perfect little day for you ? With which activities/rules/punishment ? 😀

It’d be too long to describe in a post (sorry, I’m kinda tired right now…). The perfect little day would rely a lot on what is available. My dream littlespace experience would be to have a nursery with a crib.

I’d wake up in my crib, with a big plush in my arms. My diaper is wet, and I’m wearing a print onesie. My partner would come see me, put their hand on my face and tell me that today will be a good day. I’m changed, and get to watch early morning cartoons and play with legos on the floor. During lunch, I’m spoon-fed and after lunch I get to run around on the grass in the garden. When I’m tired, I get to take a short nap, and afterwards I clumsily help out with household chores and help cook dinner together with my partner. After dinner, I get to take a bath and play with splashy splash splash toys in the bath tub… After bath, I sit on my partner’s lap while I try to watch tv… but I quickly doze off to sleep cus the movie is too difficult for me to understand xD. I’m guided to my crib. I’m handed a huge shark-shaped plush, which instantly puts me into a trance once I hug it… But there’s one final surprise. During the diaper change into my night-time diaper, I’m allowed to have an orgasm ❤️. It’s super super strong from a whole day of ageplay… Afterwards, I blissfully fall asleep.


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