When you go to the Japan Expo this July, would you ever, ever, ever consider wearing a dipe or training pants? I understand how you feel about the heat, but babies can wear when it’s hot (I’ve done it…pee trumps sweat 🤗) and it may only be a day trip.What I’m really asking is would you consider wearing if the sky was the limit?

No, that place was an oven every single time I went. France doesn’t do AC in the majority of (public) places, and they have really good weather during Summer, so it’s 30+°C inside trains, stations, convention centers, restaurants, etc. I don’t mind the heat, but diapers would make it more uncomfortable. (and I’m glad that I don’t mind the heat, because I’m in good health. If my health was bad, for sure I’d struggle in that kind of heat). Though, still, it’s unfortunate that it tends to be so hot during that convention; people are sluggish and less energetic, or they’ll skip wearing a cosplay.

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