These were the last pictures that I took while wearing the molicare slip maxi… It’s a fun incontinence diaper ^^. It doesn’t have the baby aesthetics of a real abdl diaper, though when combined with frilly pink outfits it can supplement the look! I’m so happy that I got to wear this diaper. So happy, that I accidentally wet myself!

Accidentally 🤭🤭🤭

Why are you giggling at that??? I totally do it by accident, and not on purpose at all… It just flows out of me when I am wearing a diaper !!!

Of course you wet. For babies, I wouldn’t even use that word (‘accident’)…like it was a mishap not intended to happen & an apology is considered. 🙄

For babies, it’s just expected to happen…like breathing… and feels good. 🍼🍼🤗

But if you feel better by describing your wetting as ‘accidents’, that’s really fine…. as long as it feels good. 🤗

It’s totally an accident 😳. But they are happy accidents, like when you accidentally find a really nice restaurant in a new town. 

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