Does the embarrassment of wearing diapers play any part in your fantasies? or would casual teasing between you and a partner be welcomed?



XD wearing diapers is supposed to be embarrassing?

I’ll answer the question for real. In a lot of abdl stories, embarrassment and public exposure seems to be a recurring theme, even beyond language barriers. By the latter, I mean that you also see it in Japanese abdl comics, and in Dutch abdl stories. So, it’s not exclusive to English abdl stories. That’s reassuring, right? Also outside of abdl, embarrassment seems to be a huge turn-on in certain situations.

As for why embarrassment and abdl would be linked… I can only hypothesize. Embarrassment is a strong emotion that allows us to remember stuff in huge detail for a long time. You tend to forget the mundane stuff, but you remember those really embarrassing things, as well as the really exciting memories. So I kinda hypothesize that the initial trigger that eventually leads to infantilism is probably related to a strong emotion such as embarrassment/humiliation. I can’t tell you what ‘causes’ abdl, because there’s probably a unique event for each one of us, though it converges to similar endpoints. My own hypothesis is that abdl is caused by a number of events where diapers co-occur with fear, anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, anger and/or strong criticism from a parent or elder, specifically during a sensitive age window (probably 6~8 years age). The sexual element of diapers would then probably be established because of the intimate nature of getting diapered by an elder. Though, even diapering yourself at that age can probably cause the same link. People are usually out of diapers by those ages, so they likely don’t develop abdl. Continued bedwetting (and therefore use of diapers) or similar stuff probably increases the likelihood of making the association.

I’m not sure if I like embarrassment. I do like the ‘thrill’ of talking about embarrassing things. It’s hype exciting, and it makes me look forward to something. Though, if the topic of abdl is already disclosed to a partner, it’d probably lose its embarrassment quickly?? My ultimate fantasy is that I’d like to be treated as a helpless baby… Sleep in a crib wearing nothing but a diaper, onesie and socks, with a paci in my mouth. My food for the whole day would be thick infant formula given through a baby bottle, and I have to use my diaper. My caregiver plays with me, makes me color a drawing and watch cartoons, and changes my diaper. Before sleep, there’s a ‘special’ diaper change where I’m allowed to come in my diaper, but afterwards I need to sleep in my crib with a paci in my mouth and a big shark plushie in my arms 💞. I can’t even imagine how it’d feel to release a whole day of sexual tension into a wet diaper. Best feeling ever?


The delightful fantasy that you painted is indeed enjoyable to imagine if there always remains some ‘safe’ embarrassment to overcome.  Of course, boundaries need to be respected.

There could also be equal or more incredible allure with no embarrassment with the thrill of surrendering to being dependent and vulnerable. 

I think this is just another way of saying what you did.

But it’s not a fantasy… It’s what I’d actually like to experience ^^. Is it that much to ask for? It seems innocent and cute, to me!! I’m not asking for anything outlandish, I think???

One thought on “Does the embarrassment of wearing diapers play any part in your fantasies? or would casual teasing between you and a partner be welcomed?

  1. It took me a long time to get over the embarrassment of wearing diapers. Back then there was no fantasy about it. I was ashamed. I did not know why I liked diapers exactly. It was just the underwear that I felt most comfortable in. Anxiety and depression ruled my life. As I became more accepting of my diapers, I became less anxious.
    Today diapers do not determine who I am just like any other undies or clothes I chose to wear. It is the opposite. I feel ,ore confident and reassured wearing a diaper. There is no more concerns if I have little dripples or even wet myself. My partner who is my ex-wife seemed more degrading than anybody when I first started wetting the bed and having daily accidents. She scolded me for wearing a diaper. It eventually led to our divorce. It tock almost ten years before she accepted it and now our relationship is better than ever. There is no teasing casual or not between us If she pats my bottom and feels I am wet she ask if I would like to change and if I want her to help. Most times I like for her to help. It is an intimate thing we share. I do welcome her occasional diaper checks and her helping me.

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