I would definitely say your shark is a lucky shark, and not just because of where he was in those photos. In the years that I’ve known you, I’ve seen the love you’ve given him. He’s had a very good life with you so far.



Thank you for this ask <3

I kinda wish that the shark was a little bit fatter. He got so flat from me sleeping on top of him almost every day

I like to pretend that he loves me. It kinda turns me on when he’s on top of me. Maybe one day I’ll give him a strap-on so that the shark can go inside me xD. But oops this is way too lewd. I just want to have innocent fun.


“Innocence is moral goodness” & sharing with adults that you enjoy pleasuring yourself is not immoral. ….although announcing this to your parents could be embarrassing..🙄

I don’t know what your quote is referring to, what was it about?

Though, abdl is probably not something that you’d have to tell your parents, I think? I don’t think that it should harm anything, and maybe your mom would say “I always knew it”, but it’s just one of those things that they don’t necessarily need to know about. What do you think?

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