Assuming that you had to share your physical little space with another AB for 24 hours:1) What would you need to make you happy?2) Would you have any fears? If so, what are they?

It’s a super broad question that I can’t answer. If it’s someone who I don’t know, it’ll be really different from when I do know them. And even in the latter case, there’s levels of trust which would define what we’d do.

I’ve never been to an abdl-themed event like capcon, but people told me that it’s really casual and attendees are just normal everyday people…

Then there’s the general code of conduct… Even without this being in writing, you expect the people around you to act a certain way, right? You want to be treated with respect and dignity. The internet gives us a layer of anonymity that isn’t present IRL. The occasional crazy messages that I receive in my DM aren’t the sort of things that I expect anyone would tell me for realsies.

Sorry that I’m going way off topic here. My fears around abdl are insecurities that people would say or do embarrassing or uncomfortable things to me, that’d spoil it for me. Littlespace is a safespace for me. It’s so precious and fragile for me (and maybe also for others?). The pictures that I show you make me vulnerable and expose me to dangers. Rationally, it’d be best that I don’t expose this part of me on the internet, yet here I am?


What happens when your’re out and about and feel the need to pee. Do diapers cross your mind in these situations?

I’d be on the lookout for a toilet, realistically.

I’ve apologized a couple of times before but I want to apologize again to people who genuinely are reliant on diapers. I love wearing diapers and I love using them for ageplay. However, my opinion is based on wearing them in a safe and comfortable environment and at a time that is convenient for me. Actually needing them at all times, even when it’s hot and when I’m stressed or busy seems very inconvenient. Not only is there always a chance of leaking and dirtying your clothes, you’ll probably be thinking about your ‘underwear’ all day, and there’s a lot of waste in your home. Then there’s also that you can’t just wear any piece of clothing or it’ll be super obvious that you’re wearing a diaper xD. If you’re female, you can wear a long skirt or dress and it wouldn’t be obvious, but guys will have to wear loose fitting pants to not make it obvious.

I say this, considering that if you’re incontinent, you wouldn’t really notice when you’re peeing, I think? Regardless of whether you notice it not, there’s probably a need to check on your diaper regularly to feel how full it is.

So no, I don’t think that diapers are the first thing that I think about xD. Sorry for the fun-killing answer.


What would be your perfect ageplay experience if you had unlimited ressources ?

I’d do lots of stuff, depending on what ‘unlimited’ really means here xD.

If I had my own home, one of the bedrooms would definitely be my nursery. It’d have a cute crib for me to sleep in, soft carpet flooring to play on, lots of dolls who each have their own outfits. I’d have all the abdl diapers that there are, so that I can choose a different diaper each time ^^… I’d like to have many more cute outfits for myself, too! I love wearing sailor dresses, long pleated skirts, soft thighhigh socks, center-frilled blouses with frilled short puffy sleeves or Juliet sleeves, petticoats, pinafore dresses, neckerchiefs, colorful lace-trimmed bowties, frilled ascots, or ribbons as decorations, funny-looking summer hats… Talking about silly outfits, I do want to have more cosplays… but not the 100€ aliexpress cosplays, but real ones that people would wear to cosplay competitions xD.

It’s strange to even consider that no matter how much ‘resources’ you have, if you want something special, you’ll have to make/do it yourself. Right? If I want to promote abdl in the most positive and innocent way possible, I’ll just have to take my own photos in my own style in my own vision. No matter how much money I spend on outfits, cameras, lights, diapers, etc. , it’s only due to me that the photos look the way they do!

It’s the same discussion with anything. Pioneers aren’t special people; we can all be pioneers. Whether it’s in photography, filmography, medicine, engineering, physics, literature… If we feel that something is missing, and we can in any way contribute to that gap, THEN YOU SHOULD


You seem to be wearing diapies every day now 🤔

It does seem like I’m wearing diapers every day ^^, because I post pictures to my blog every day. But in reality I can only wear a diaper once or twice per week.

To keep the engagement going, I try to post pictures to my blog every day, or multiple times per day if I’m off work. The daily pictures are coming from my picture buffer… It’s like a set of pictures that I all take on one day, while I’m ageplaying, so that I can then post them over the next weeks after that. If I didn’t do this, I’d post 100 pictures on one day and then not post anything for 4 weeks xD. That wouldn’t be very interesting. People come to tumblr every day, and they’d want to see a new post from me every day, I think.

When I’m answering Asks, I’ll use a picture from further in the past. I keep all the pictures that I’ve taken, and they’re fairly well organized.

Underneath this school uniform, I was wearing a biiiiig Littleforbig Little Dreamers ^^, a really nice diaper that will pull you into littlespace !!!


Would you dare to go on playmate with another DL?Don’t worry, I’m not asking for myself….

For answering this, I’ll assume that you meant ‘playdate’. Is that correct? To me, a playdate would be like spending a day together going to an amusement park or go shopping together while wearing a playful outfit and maybe a diaper underneath. And then at the end of the day, go to someone’s home (or hotel) and ageplay together, but without sexual stuff.

If I know them well enough so that there’s a trusting relationship, and both of us consent, then it’d be okay I think. I’d definitely allow @cofftee to diaper me xD, but maybe he also expects me to do the same


What is your favorite season? Personally I prefer fall and spring, summer is too hot to be diapered here as it regularly reaches over 35⁰c during the day

January-April is the best part of the Year, I think. During those months, lots of things are coming back to life, it’s cold but sometimes warm, and there’s a big anticipation for Spring.

When Summer finally starts proper, I have some trouble with hay fever, so it is not my favorite. I agree with you that the hotness of Summer is difficult to feel comfortable in. It doesn’t get as hot as what you mentioned, though heat waves can be brutal nonetheless…


What are your favorite diapers?

I really like the Littleforbig Baby Cuties, Littleforbig Little Dreamers, Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, Rearz Princess Pink, Bambino Classico

They’re all such amazing diapers that pull me instantly into littlespace !!!


Where do you love for shark come from?What do you prefer about them?Or do you love only your blajha?

It’s strange to think back of when I bought the shark plush. The first time that I learned about Blahaj was through internet memes of blahaj in human-like situations, like sitting by a business meeting table.

I’ve always been an adult baby. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to ageplay and wear diapers. Though, there’s been several key events that made me indulge into my desires more deeply. In 2015 I started living on my own for the first time, and then I felt more comfortable indulging into ageplay. I regularly bought baby-themed clothing for myself, dummies, baby bottles, baby food, formulae, abdl diapers.

There was an ikea at biking-distance from where I lived. So sometimes I’d just go there to walk through the shop without buying anything. I must have done this a hundred times over the 5 years that I lived there… Walking through the ikea somehow put my mind at ease, and sometimes it’d give me new inspiration and ideas. Just after I saw a bunch of blahaj memes on the internet, I was on the lookout for it at the ikea, though it was usually sold-out. Then, I spotted a random one in the goods warehouse (where you pick up your boxed furniture). I assume that a kid left it behind there, after their parents said he can’t have it or something. It wasn’t in any store-designated basket, it was just sitting in a random spot. That was my blahaj, I bought it and took it home with me.

The shark plush was a good addition to my ageplay feelings. He first just decorated my bed, but I accepted that it was okay to hold him while I slept. I didn’t see myself as a mature adult, anyway xD. I couldn’t take myself serious as an adult, when I was sucking on a paci while wearing a diaper, right.

Maybe due to its shape, or maybe I was conditioning myself, I ended up really loving the shark plush. I sleep on top of him usually, and I have super guilty pleasure with him sometimes😳. I must have come with him more often than with anything else. I don’t own any other big plush, so I only like blahaj in that way.


Do you think you’d enjoy a sleeping bag? You know, the kind you make babies wear to restrict their movement, with a zipper in the back etc.

It sounds amazing ❤️. I have a few kigurumis (they’re like footed pajamas without the feet) and they give me a big baby feeling.

Is there a european webshop that has adult-sized baby sleeping bags?


Just wanted to say I really enjoy your content! The way you talk about what you enjoy about ageplay and how happy it makes you is really cute and wholesome. I haven’t tried ageplay with a partner yet, but if I ever do, I hope their attitude is as wholesome as yours.

I try my best to be as honest and genuine as possible, without giving away too much personal info that people could use to spot me in a crowd. I’m glad that it’s been noticed ^^. I hope that you get to have a very loving and understanding partner !!!



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bobbadadee: requincouche: My onesie is barely holding onto my diaper xD Not to worry. If the snaps start popping, it’s time to be changed. 🤗 Has to be so strange to develop a onesie for adults. Is it just going … Continue reading


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friendlylittlebean: requincouche: Would you like to join me in my bed? You’d have to wear the same as me, and you aren’t allowed to touch your diaper ^^  Yes yes yes!!!! But no touching your diaper, or my diaper !!! … Continue reading

Have you ever find some character you thought would be great as ageplayer. Or you would find particularly cute with a diaper or pacifier on?

You’re talking about fictional characters? I’ve never thought about this before…

It’s difficult to imagine who would be into abdl, from their looks. I’ve never found a correlate. Do you think that something would give it away? I don’t think that anyone could see it in me, right?

The characters who I think would look really cute (I think) when agelaying are:

Misaka Mikoto (major bedwetting vibes)
Gawr Gura (not just because I have the costume xD)
D.Va (big ageplay vibes)
Selene and Lillie (from Sun/Moon)
Takimoto Hifumi (from New Game!)
Kafuu Chino (from Gochiusa)
Platelets (from Cells at Work)
Hibiki (Kancolle)


What’s your real first name?

Thank you for this ask!! Please feel free to send me Asks ^^, I will try to go through as many messages as I can now.

I’m careful with mixing my real identify with my abdl persona. I’m a real person, of course, but exactly because of that I don’t think that mixing up online and offline is a good idea. If you really want to know… I’ve used the name in the story that I wrote xD, because I’m not very creative when it comes to coming up with names.


Love your content and the pics of some of your insides of the diapers before you put them on. Would it be ok to ask for a picture of the inside after you take it off to show off how much you’ve wet it please as well? x


Hello, thank you for this Ask!!

I don’t mind showing clean unused diapers: they look cute and inviting. I think that showing dirty diapers is one of the reason why outsider people laugh so much at abdl, and think of it as ridiculous. I realize that I do show pictures of myself, while I am wearing a wet diaper… but I’d say that it’s more subtle, especially because I don’t zoom in on my diaper in any of my pictures. My diaper is in frame, together with the rest of my outfit! I would like to show you how cute, fun and innocent ageplay can be ^^, to put it in a positive light and to motivate people to try it out for themselves !!


This is a reblog of @binkybarf

You answered with the tags: #good answer love#ab/dl#careful this person was in my ask too asking the same thing lol

So…. I get the impression that there’s someone going around asking the abdl creators whether they want to show their wet diapers xD. As funny as this is, I think that it’s better to paint abdl in an as positive light as possible ^^. Cutesy, comfy, wholesome, innocent fun that a consenting adult does by themselves or together with someone.

Your photos are so cute! Love how you use language.You mentioned you wet the bed growing up. How did you feel about wearing diapers at night back then? Were you embarrassed or did you like it? And how were you diapered at night — did someone diaper you or did you slip a pull-up on yourself?



Thank you for the compliment 💕

I’m afraid that too few memories are left for me to grasp whether it was embarrassing to be put into diapers, or to know even who diapered me, or what kind of diapers they were. The memories that remain are about how I am in the bottom part of a bunk bed wearing pajamas and a diaper (I don’t know what kind of diaper), and everything felt complete.

I sometimes wear a diaper to bed now… and in the middle of the night I wake up with a full bladder. Not to train myself that it’s okay to wet the bed, I walk to my bathroom and wet my diaper ^^. It’s really surreal to wake up with a wet diaper (even if I did it consciously), and it’s the hugest turn-on ever for me. If I had a partner, they’d definitely find me at my weakest at that moment. You could do anything to me, probably even a kiss would make me come into my diaper.


Awww~ Sounds like a little babygirl that wants to wake up every day in her crib, wearing her cute baby shark outfits and the like as she groggily rubs her baby hands on her eyes. Waking up with the common sound of lullabies and the sweet scent of her pampers, little couche would probably feel really happy when she felt her pampers being used as intended during the night. Sure, she might forget the feeling after being given thicker and thicker pampers due to her soakings, but that won’t stop her little hands from wandering to give a light squeeze with the other holding onto her sharky~

I’m sure that once the little baby has waken up, she will be very happy to just act like a little one all day~ I’m sure that the lady will be trying to reach the mobile that is too far high for her to reach, cuddle and snuggle her sharky or just smack her drooled fingers on the noisy baby toys that are strapped onto her crib bars~ I’m sure that with enough noise and baby babble, the little fishy will be given a nice greeting from her caretaker, given a well-placed kiss on her forehead and a common squeeze on her bottom as she is judged whether she can go for breakfast or be laid on her changing table before being fed her favourite meals for her breakfest, lunch, or dinner~ After all, and good babygirl will probably be snuggled and tucked in by her caretaker a lot throughout the day and night to make sure that their precious angel is always nice and happy~

Thank you for this messaged reblog. It is quite wholesome and only a little bit weird ^^.

Please feel free to write messages in your reblogs, that way I have the chance to comment on them more specifically, rather than only send a text message. ❤️


This gallery contains 2 photos.

bobbadadee: requincouche: Would you like to join me in my bed? You’d have to wear the same as me, and you aren’t allowed to touch your diaper ^^  Oh my…. Well, @bobbadadee ??  xD But for real, I’d love to … Continue reading

Would it be ok to see any inside pictures of your diapers when you have wet them? Just like your inviting dry diaper pics. Please 🙏 x

No, I don’t think that I should do this. I don’t mind mind showing you the inside of a clean fresh diaper, as I think that they’re cute and inviting. I also don’t mind showing myself wearing a slightly wet diaper, as long as the diaper isn’t the focus of the picture and it’s not off-putting. Though, I draw the line with showing (the inside of) used diapers. People who aren’t into abdl think that the kink is weird or ridiculous. Showing dirty diapers will only lead to more people hating on abdl and using it as an insult/joke. I understand that people will still do this, even if the diaper on me is clean, but maybe I can try to incite some deeper understanding.

I need to focus on the positive side of abdl. Bright, warm, cutesy, innocent; just plain fun and relaxation. I don’t want to scare anyone away. I’d love to encourage you to discover your own littlespace. We were all born as babies and we were all forced to stop being babies. Then, as we grew up, we were forced to stop doing all the things that we once liked so much; playing with toys, running around, watching cartoons, playing videogames, sleeping with stuffed animals, wearing princess/prince outfits. But as adults, we can choose to relive the parts of our childhood which we liked the most.

You don’t have to like every aspect of ageplay. If you love stuffed animals, cartoons, playing with legos, but the thought of diapers or cutesy outfits is weird, then feel free to skip that part. Of course I don’t actually want to become a helpless baby who can’t speak, but ageplaying relaxes me a lot, and I’d love to try out as many things as I can. Ageplaying helps me to unwind and let go of negative thoughts. I’d love to help you to reach the same


Do you realize that you turn people on? How do you feel about this?

I do realize it. I also look at the abdl pictures of other people, and some of those pictures also turn me on oops… I don’t look at myself and consider myself to be good-looking. I’m glad that I’m thin and healthy, that’s that. My redeeming qualities on pictures seem to be mostly that I genuinely love ageplay. There’s a lot of fakery out there, and sometimes it’s quite obvious that people are exposing themselves wearing diapers to earn money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and I’m not shaming anyone who does it. Though, taking up an abdl/ageplay persona when it doesn’t align with who you truly are gives the pictures and the persona a different overall feel.

As for what I feel about people getting turned on by my pictures; I think that it’s okay. As long as we can have a safe and anonymous interaction, then it shouldn’t matter. I’m sorry that I sometimes tease you with erotic-sounding comments. It’s not really who I am; I’d rather focus on ageplay entirely. Though, I’m a real person, and I do get horni sometimes.


Requin, have you ever visited Germany?

Yes, I’ve been there many times. It’s close by for me. I’ve been to Aachen to visit and to go shopping, I’ve used the Weeze airport, I’ve been to Munich… And maybe I should go to Freiburg one day !


I’m so horny right now 🥺😳. I’m in my bed, sucking on a paci, wearing a purple-dotted tena diaper with my shark on top of me. I’m fantasizing about the shark pinning me down, opening my diaper, sticking his thing inside of me, and coming so much that it drips out onto my diaper… Then afterwards the diaper is closed again and I continue to leak out 😳. Would be so hot… But I can’t have these thoughts, I need to be innocent 😇

Does your shark have a name? I apologize if you already answered this. I know you named your dolls.

It’s fine, don’t worry about accidentally asking me a question again ^^. I don’t bite, after all.

The shark doesn’t have a name, but I call him ‘haai’ in a high-pitched voice, which is just Dutch for shark. The names of the dolls are the names of the characters which they’re modeled after.

I really like the shark plush. It puts my mind at ease when I can finally hug him right before falling asleep. I kinda wish that the shark was a little bigger, or at least a little fatter… but he’s still a really big plush that was clearly intended to be (also) used by adults xD


Would you ever think about extended periods in diapers, like if you had two weeks off work, would you like to try to wear consistently over those two weeks?

If I have two weeks off work, there’s a lot of backed-up things that I’d like to do. Draw, sing, visit family, visit friends, relax, take care of myself, dentist appointments, hair salon, clean my home, clean my bike, shop for clothes, shop for new shoes, clean out my wardrobe, go out for fancy dinners…

I know you meant well when you asked the question, though I’m afraid to say that my typical weeks are quite busy. I work from ~8-9 am until around 7 pm on mon-friday. After work, I go shopping for food, and I cook my dinner, so that I can eat at 8pm. The ‘dinner’ is also my breakfast and lunch for the next day, to save on time. Dinner gives my body a huge shock, because I’m too thin, so from 8-9pm I feel super sleepy though I try my best to take a shower without falling asleep. From 9pm-midnight I try to relax and maybe read a little bit or watch a video. Still, I tend to be quite tired from the food. During weekends, I do a lot of stuff which I don’t have time for during the week, like my laundry, the dishes, vacuuming my home, doing bigger shopping… My body also forces me to ageplay on Saturday or on Sunday, otherwise I start to have weird feelings during the week. Once every few weeks I try to take a day off, just so that I can sleep a little more and do some chores that are backed up.

In the future I’d like to work less, so that I can plan my day better. I don’t think that I can upkeep this rhythm forever, after all. Not by myself, anyway.


Requin, have you ever visited the US?

I went to San Diego in 2018. It was for work, but I added a week to the trip, so that I had some free time for myself. I went to a lot of different places, while I was there. I visited the San Diego zoo, I went to the Fleet science museum, the USS Midway… It was quite a stressful trip, as everything was so different from what I’m used to and I was all by myself. Though, I think that overall I had an okayish time. Although my opinion on this can change in the future, right now I don’t think that I’d return to the USA. At least not on my own.

The most memorable thing about the whole thing, for me, was the kids rides at the zoo. I asked if I could join in with all the kids, and the person did say that he noticed that I was the only adult, but said that he didn’t mind. ^^ Maybe it was a little weird, but my inner child was very happy.


Have you experimented with cloth diapers, and if so are there any positives/negative opinions you have about them?

Yes, I’ve worn cloth diapers before. By themselves (so only the cloth diaper and plastic pants, without any disposable part), I enjoy wearing cloth diapers to bed, for sleeping in them, without using them. I feel like I can wear a cloth diaper without feeling guilty of producing so much waste.

During ageplay (with or without taking pictures), I like wearing a cloth diaper over a disposable diaper. It makes the overall diaper feel much thicker and more authentic. I feel more secure that I won’t leak, but mostly it helps me to forget that I have to live in an adult body with weird sexual desires. I’d rather just wear a diaper without feeling such a strong urge to rub the diaper’s material against my sensitive parts and eventually come in it. I find it so weird how I can’t make myself disconnected from this.


Sorry for being absent for a few days already. I will try to write responses to messages this evening.I end up using the weekend more and more like a time where I catch up with the week xD, it’s kinda bad.

A little personal message.. I finally bought a new bike for myself, I’m looking forward to receiving it in a few days! It’s a really fancy one, and I promised myself that I’d take good care of it. My past few bikes were all second-hand, and tended to get quite worn out from use before they were ultimately stolen (😢) or broken beyond economic repair.

you wrote: “I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows?”. But which ones? We. must. know ;_;

Which costumes, or which conventions? xD I do have a lot of cosplays. I actually don’t want to connect my real identity with my online identity. I hope that you can understand that I do wish to keep some privacy for myself. Though, I also understand that I’ve already given out a lot of personal details, with which a dedicated person could put the dots together hm..

I should be more careful with giving out personal details and where I’m going. Sorry that I keep teasing you. I just want to give out positive energy, and motivate you to try out littlespace for yourself. And, if you end up not liking it, that’s fine too!

Hm I should cut my hair short. It’d make wearing wigs much easier. My own hair is super thick, too.


What do you think of the sentence: With the natural sciences we get to the moon, but never to heaven.

Well regarding the Moon, there’s two quotes that are of interest to this question.

Yuri Gagarin flew into space, but didn’t see any god there

And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas – and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.

It’s kinda funny how opposing these seem, though both probably had an underlying motivation. As for what I think… Regardless of whether you’re religious and which religion that’d be, the concept of heaven could be that there’s a reward for you for good behavior in life. Though, you can ask yourself the question whether a reward in life is more valuable than a reward after life. The Christian version of this is that the after-life is eternal, thus your reward for good deeds in life would be immeasurably greater than one during life itself. The uncertainty of whether you’d get there would be the ultimate motivation.

If we replace ‘heaven’ with the blissfulness of a fulfilling life on earth, I think that the original Ask becomes much clearer. Science can improve our ability to communicate, our health, our food and drinks, and our entertainment. Though, what it can’t do is make us a better person, help us to be a better friend, brother/sister, or parent. With regards to science, I’m most familiar with medical science. The topic I can bring to your attention is “medicalization of society”. Medical sciences bring us the good, though they also add the dynamics of medical capitalism into our society; i.e. “pathologization" or pejoratively ”disease mongering“. It’s more correct to refer to this as ”overmedicalization“, though. What I mean by this term is that an industry which profits on pathologies, will probably attempt to increase the rate of diagnoses, to get more people to buy their drugs or use their medical services, under the guise of improving health. The very concept of (the acceptance of) normality can be employed as a marketing gimmick. Regardless of the critique on overmedicalization, it’d be unwise to reject the benefits of diagnoses, drugs, and medical services. It would be an unfair discussion to argue overmedicalization versus undermedicalization. I don’t even have a solution to it. I personally find it bizarre that for example 5+% of the Western European population is using some form of anti-depressants right at this moment. You can look at this and conclude that it’s good for so many citizens to have access to pharmaceutical support for their health issues. Though, you can also look at this and conclude that there is a mental health crisis raging throughout populations which either exists for real, due to massive over-diagnosis, or due to over-prescription of these drugs. This pattern continues also into other pathologies.

The question here is whether all these medical-scientific advancements have brought us closer to ‘heaven’, i.e. closer to feeling fulfillment in our lives. My own answer is that it’s unrelated to one another. Superficially you can answer that health is a huge part of happiness, and that you’d wish for your family and friends to live long and healthy lives. Though, does that imply that life was less fulfilling and happy in the past? 200-300 years ago there were many more hardships e.g. infant mortality. But what I want to bring to your attention that hygiene, quality food and clean drinking water probably played the biggest role in the advancements herein, followed closely by vaccinations.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you. Science is a tool to generate new knowledge, and that knowledge can be used to help us. Though, I don’t think that the generated knowledge can be part of happiness itself, at least not in a vacuum. If you can contribute to this monologue, please feel free and I’ll be happy to revise my opinion.

Do you fear thunderstorms?

No, I don’t think so. Thunderstorms rarely occur, where I live. It’s kinda special when a thunderstorm does occur. I do worry about my laptop, though. Probably, if I had my own house, I’d investigate if it’s possible to protect my electric thingies somehow. I’m not sure if it’s necessary these days? But it’s a lot of money gone if something gets damaged. Nowadays I also have one of those storage box devices to store my pictures and other digital files on it; that was also really expensive, but necessary because I take too many pictures (not just for this blog).


How deep is deep?

Have you ever watched Inception? Recursive story telling is a common trope in fiction, though not often appreciated because it’s difficult to follow for some.

What I mean by ‘recursion’ here is when a character describes a fictional character and setting, who itself is describing a fictional character and setting, and so forth. Once you are 2-3 layers deep, it becomes nearly impossible to follow for the majority of readers. The ability to imagine a complex or abstract scenario is probably uniquely human, which can help us to better understand the feelings of others (and thus live harmoniously in a group), but also allow for high-level planning of future events (improving our adaptation). Putting it like this, you can probably hypothesize that ‘sociopathic’ behavior is caused by the inability to imagine complex or abstract scenarios (especially related to the feelings of others), rather than by a willful intent to cause harm in others. Whether this ability is learned or developmental, I don’t know. I appreciate that I have never had difficulties understanding concepts or feelings, though I also look up to others who are able to go even ‘deeper’ than I can.

When I was an actual child, the one thing I feared about growing up was the concept that I’d be gradually unable to learn new things and new skills. I’m not sure where this fear came from; probably my observation that older people had such difficulty adapting to new developments, and my own limitations of not being able to learn a new language. Now I don’t think that this fear was fully grounded. Language development does change while we grow up; it becomes more difficult to learn a completely new language. Learning how to play a musical instrument also becomes more difficult. Though, in contrast, many other things become much easier to learn as we get older due to cumulative experiences. You’re no longer starting from scratch, you already have decades worth of observations in your head. If you remain open to learn new things, and don’t dismiss concepts outright, I think that you will be able to continue learning new things and new skills throughout your life. Herein, your starting point and development obviously affect your rate of learning. Due to working as a biomedical scientist for over a decade, I’m fairly good at working in a medical laboratory, and new techniques come to me as if I’ve done them for years already.

To go back to the question ‘how deep is deep?’. There’s a lot of ways to answer this, depending on context and depending on ‘how deep’ of an answer you want ^^

Do you use tumblr also for other interests?

I browse tumblr for looking at (anime style) artwork. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an artist account and a repost account, so it’s less ideal compared to browsing other places like pixiv. But browsing tumblr feels kinda magical and explorative, because the website is so poorly searchable through keywords and tags; the only realistic way to find stuff is to stumble onto it xD

Though the same goes for people who post abdl pictures, I think. It can be difficult to tell the difference between original content and a repost account, unless it’s a really prolific reposter or a really prolific original content poster. If it’s like ¼th original content and 3/4th reblogs, then hm what is it xD. So on my own tumblr blog, I try to reblog as little as possible, so that you know that all the content is mine


Are diapers always involved or do you have also ABDL moments without them?

Well I sleep with my shark plush in my arms every night. I understand that lots of adults will sleep with a stuffed toy for other reasons than ageplay, but I’d still kind of consider it as ageplay?

I wear cute pajamas and socks every day, too. Here again, I do understand that you don’t need to be an ageplayer to enjoy cute clothing…

I watch anime, and read comics/manga. I like drawing and coloring. I like sweet kiddy-like food. I try my best to be happy, positive and motivated.

Each of these things in isolation are probably not strongly linked to ageplay, but when put together it should be obvious that I’m just a baby in an adult body xD.


How many bicycles do you have?

I have one bicycle in Leuven… one bicycle at my parents’ house, and one bicycle in the previous city where I used to live. But I think that the latter bike was eventually removed by the city cleaners because it’s abandoned. I wanted to take it with me when I moved, but I didn’t and I never returned for it. I should buy a new bike, cus my current one isn’t very good. I kinda would like to have one which has electric support, but I’d get lazy if I had such a thing xD, maybe I’d even gain weight !!!


Groeten!When you have your baby time, do you also play with your dolls? And do they have names?

Of course, and they do have names! They’re existing characters, after all ^^. It’s Alice Margatroid, Kochiya Sanae, Patchouli Knowledge, Hata no Kokoro, Hinanawi Tenshi !!! They are sitting next to my bed right now. Aren’t they really good looking and kinda smug??? They’re so cute ^^


That outfit is adorable!! 10/10

Thank you, it’s one of my most favorite cosplays! It fits my body type really well; the character herself is also really slim like me. Though, I don’t think that she wears diapers xD. This is an old picture of me, trying out the costume together with a diaper. I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows? xD


Hi there, love your page and pictures. My question is where do you buy your diaper? Online or in the store?

hello fellow Belgian 😊

I don’t know of any shops that sells abdl diapers here, so I buy them from online. But a lot of the other baby stuff that I buy for myself are from baby shops !!! You can guess where the shark came from…


Have you ever tried ABUs Cushies? if not I definitely recommend especially the cloth backed ones

I haven’t worn the ABU Cushies before, I think. There’s a lot of abdl diapers which I haven’t worn before, that I do wish to try! I really like the design of the carousel diaper, from the abdl-shop. … And the original Bambino diaper (with the blocks on the front) has been kinda like a dream diaper, because it was the first abdl diaper that I saw, at which time I was amazed that they even made diapers specifically for abdl…

I’m so happy that they do, though. I wouldn’t mind just wearing incontinence diapers… but adult baby diapers fill up my heart and make me feel so close to my inner baby. When I combine an abdl diaper with a cute outfit, a dummy, drinking milk from a bottle, wearing fluffy socks… my heart melts and I’m in heaven ❤️


I would definitely say your shark is a lucky shark, and not just because of where he was in those photos. In the years that I’ve known you, I’ve seen the love you’ve given him. He’s had a very good life with you so far.

Thank you for this ask <3

I kinda wish that the shark was a little bit fatter. He got so flat from me sleeping on top of him almost every day

I like to pretend that he loves me. It kinda turns me on when he’s on top of me. Maybe one day I’ll give him a strap-on so that the shark can go inside me xD. But oops this is way too lewd. I just want to have innocent fun.



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123plastic: requincouche: Sorry for all the similar-looking pictures, I’ll put them together into one post ^^ Do you like the print on my onesie? My diaper sticks out from the side xD you have plastic panties you never show it … Continue reading


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paddedlittleparadise: requincouche: Peacefully sleeping in my bed ^^  I love the Nijntje shirt! Where could I buy one like that, @requincouche ?😊🐰 I don’t see it for sale any more where I got it, so I dunno if you can … Continue reading


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bobbadadee: requincouche: PEAK baby mood ^^ The shark is almost as big as this cutie pie. 🤗 🫠 hm yes, it’s a plush made for adult babies. At least that’s what it feels like. The shark is the same size … Continue reading

Today I am travelling to the Netherlands for a short little holiday. I am visiting the city in which I used to live, though I haven´t been there in over 2 years. When I was thinking about the trip yesterday, I could still fully imagine the layout of the city, so I guess that it wasn´t so long ago ^^…

I passed through the city of Antwerp (Anvers), where the story of Ann and Odile takes place. I realise that I haven´t published any chapters of this story for a long time, and the previous chapters were lost when my tumblr account was nuked. What I think that I’ll do is update the existing chapters to better reflect my thoughts, and start publishing new chapters on a semi-regular schedule. I can do this on tumblr, but maybe also do it on a more story-oriented website. Do you have suggestions for me? 

How long does it take you too do your pictures ?



It takes me around an hour. I’m always concerned that my pictures are boring, and that no one is interested in seeing them, as they’re mostly the same with little variation. I try my best to add variation, by wearing different diapers and different outfits… but it’s always just me in my bedroom on my bed


Your words help define you & add meaning to what you show us. 😔

Maybe that’s a good way to look at it ^^ @bobbadadee . As to not just be a picture blog, but show that I’m also a real person ^^. The person in the pictures is real, cus it’s me !!!!

Hey not as ask but how are you ?

I’m sorry that it takes me so long to respond to messages, especially private messages ^^;; I know that you try your best to start a conversation with me, many people try it. The best advice that I can give you, if you’d like to have a serious answer from me, is to send in an Ask, so that I can give myself some more time to write up a reply. If I receive a PM with just “how are you” in it, I’m kinda inclined just to reply “I’m okay” and then click the box away to move on to the next one. I understand that it’s typically used to start a conversation, though in this case I just want to make sure that everyone gets an answer from me before I log out again. SO I open up a chat, write a reply, and close it again oops. I’m really sorry that it has to be this way.

Lately I’ve been super busy and also after this weekend (right now it’s 22nd of April) I again have a really busy week, also for travelling somewhere and back. I do still have plenty of pictures to post to my blog, so at least that’s settled

Don’t forget that Mother’s day is coming up soon!!! I could never be one, cus I’m too big of a baby


Does the embarrassment of wearing diapers play any part in your fantasies? or would casual teasing between you and a partner be welcomed?

XD wearing diapers is supposed to be embarrassing?

I’ll answer the question for real. In a lot of abdl stories, embarrassment and public exposure seems to be a recurring theme, even beyond language barriers. By the latter, I mean that you also see it in Japanese abdl comics, and in Dutch abdl stories. So, it’s not exclusive to English abdl stories. That’s reassuring, right? Also outside of abdl, embarrassment seems to be a huge turn-on in certain situations.

As for why embarrassment and abdl would be linked… I can only hypothesize. Embarrassment is a strong emotion that allows us to remember stuff in huge detail for a long time. You tend to forget the mundane stuff, but you remember those really embarrassing things, as well as the really exciting memories. So I kinda hypothesize that the initial trigger that eventually leads to infantilism is probably related to a strong emotion such as embarrassment/humiliation. I can’t tell you what ‘causes’ abdl, because there’s probably a unique event for each one of us, though it converges to similar endpoints. My own hypothesis is that abdl is caused by a number of events where diapers co-occur with fear, anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, anger and/or strong criticism from a parent or elder, specifically during a sensitive age window (probably 6~8 years age). The sexual element of diapers would then probably be established because of the intimate nature of getting diapered by an elder. Though, even diapering yourself at that age can probably cause the same link. People are usually out of diapers by those ages, so they likely don’t develop abdl. Continued bedwetting (and therefore use of diapers) or similar stuff probably increases the likelihood of making the association.

I’m not sure if I like embarrassment. I do like the ‘thrill’ of talking about embarrassing things. It’s hype exciting, and it makes me look forward to something. Though, if the topic of abdl is already disclosed to a partner, it’d probably lose its embarrassment quickly?? My ultimate fantasy is that I’d like to be treated as a helpless baby… Sleep in a crib wearing nothing but a diaper, onesie and socks, with a paci in my mouth. My food for the whole day would be thick infant formula given through a baby bottle, and I have to use my diaper. My caregiver plays with me, makes me color a drawing and watch cartoons, and changes my diaper. Before sleep, there’s a ‘special’ diaper change where I’m allowed to come in my diaper, but afterwards I need to sleep in my crib with a paci in my mouth and a big shark plushie in my arms 💞. I can’t even imagine how it’d feel to release a whole day of sexual tension into a wet diaper. Best feeling ever?


In the time that I’ve known you, I have really come to love and respect you. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations. Make sure you make time to love yourself, little shark. ❤️

You’ve been in contact with me for years already. I’m glad that I’m able to maintain contact ^^. It kinda means that I’m doing something right, I think? At least it means that I’m not so annoying that I scare people away.

Thank you for saying that you have enjoyed the conversations. Feel free to send in any Ask, or send me any private message. Though, I’m sorry that it does take me a long time to respond to stuff. I’d rather make others happy than give myself a lot of time


In the time that I’ve known you, I have really come to love and respect you. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations. Make sure you make time to love yourself, little shark. ❤️

You’ve been in contact with me for years already. I’m glad that I’m able to maintain contact ^^. It kinda means that I’m doing something right, I think? At least it means that I’m not so annoying that I scare people away.

Thank you for saying that you have enjoyed the conversations. Feel free to send in any Ask, or send me any private message. Though, I’m sorry that it does take me a long time to respond to stuff. I’d rather make others happy than give myself a lot of time


Do you have favorite colors or foods?

Pastel colors go well with anything 💚💛💙💜❤.

I like eating chocolate with praline, coconut-filled stuff, cherry cake, flan, frangipane, hamburgers, salmon with lots of sauce, curry-chicken with rice, pasta ravioli, pasta bolognese, fried banana (pisang goreng), spring rolls (lumpia), vegetables soups… It’s a miracle that I’m as thin as I am. I used to be thinner when I had worse eating habits


Have you ever had an accident where you thought you were diapered but werent?

Over the years I have had a few dreams where I was peeing in a diaper. But when I was woken up by something, it turned out I had wet my bed oops. I dislike this, there’s nothing fun about this. Having to get up from my bed to remove my pajamas, underwear, bedsheets and take a quick shower with all of these things is a real hassle. Then afterwards I have to sleep without my shark (because he got wet, too). My previous mattress had a stain on it and so does my current one, it’s yucky. I should get a mattress protector, though it’s already too late for this one.


Do you skip “diaper play” weekends when you are on your period, or are you just ignoring them from the big picture?

Sorry, I don’t want to answer this question. Babies don’t have to worry about this <3


What’s your fav part when putting on a diaper? Is it when you fluff it, laying down on it.. or other? Weird q I know 🥴

The feeling I like most is when I close the 3rd and last tape. It’s the start of a lovely time, where I can forget being an icky adult and melt away into my diaper 🧡. The second best part is when I make myself come in it, but that is my little secret.



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bobbadadee: requincouche: The diaper is snugly held in place by a onesie!! Whether 3, 4, or 5 snaps, onesies are a baby’s best friend (though unappreciated by some). This baby also likes being dressed in layers during the winter. Super … Continue reading