I enjoyed your recent post on your perfect little day.  Would you do more of them as you get the time?  Perhaps once a week or every two weeks, or whatever. Perhaps include a perfect little day with a challenge.An example would be your partner having to go to the store to get something significant for your birthday today.  This was to pick up a new “top of the line” crib that had been back-ordered; it would replace your old tiny one that was falling apart. If this wasn’t picked up today, it would be at least 12 months before a new one would again be available.   Your partner didn’t want to leave you alone at home so they insisted that you either go to the store with them or have the partner’s friend stay with you (or babysit you) for a couple hours until your partner got back from the store with your new dream crib. You knew and liked your partner’s friend, but you thought that this person didn’t know you were a little, much less wearing a diaper today under your cute birthday dress.  However, since this friend was your partner’s close friend, this friend was ABDL supportive and may not be surprised to find that you were a little and wearing a diaper. You had to choose one of these scenarios (go to the store with your partner or stay home and have a babysitter. How would you make your little day perfect in confronting this dilemma?   If this challenge is too much, what would you do to possibly compromise?…or just make up any challenge that you like for another perfect day. 😋🤤.(please don’t feel burdened by this ask; do it only if you have time and only if it will be fun)

Thank you for your Ask!

What I can distill from your Ask, is that you’re interested in ABDL stories. I find that they’re difficult to write well, without going into unnatural situations. I read stories written by others. Humiliation seems to be a huge trigger… You even suggest it in your ask; public diaper wearing, exposing oneself to a (somewhat) stranger.

What really triggers me when I read stories is unreasonable stuff, illogical events, plot holes, etc. … It doesn’t make sense to me why a crib would become unavailable for 12 months if it’s not picked up today. It’s a story element used to create urgency and it attempts to make that urgency sound logical. But I think that it’s kinda disrespectful of readers to assume that they’re just going to accept the plothole as-is. Readers are smart people, and they want a good realistic story… It can still contain improbable stuff, as long as they’re logical, I think.

In the background, I am writing an ABDL story about two friends who have a strong love interest for one another, where one of them is a full ABDL like me, and the friend being supportive but not fundamentally interested in it. I think that this is the most likely scenario when it comes to relationships where ABDL plays a role yet not both partners are into ABDL.


You’re back from the anime convention… Did you cosplay at Japan Expo this year?

Yes! The anime convention from from Thursday until Sunday (13-16 July). I traveled back today, though I’ll go to my own home tomorrow, cus I still want to go and stay over at my parents’ place to see them.

It was sooooo fun!!! When I’m home proper, I’ll be able to show some pictures of it. I also spent way too much money on this holiday, so now I am very poor xD. But I still have a lot of diapers at my home, so at least I can be a baby as much as I like the coming while… And I do have a really big desire to ageplay cus I haven’t done it in over a week oops.