What do you think of double-diapering yourself?



I’ve never tried this. It seems like an uncomfortable waste of a diaper to me, I think? What advantage does it have over using a real stuffer?


Thanks for answering! Not much of an advantage really, other than convenience. Cos you’d have to buy the stuffer (or otherwise prepare it). But some people don’t *use* the outer diaper. They might wear it just for the bulging effect, for added babyishness and waddle-inducing bulk. The inner diaper is usually a medical and absorbent diaper while the outer one could be a cheerful ABDL one. That way the outer diaper can be used again since for the majority of us, little space only lasts a few hours. As for me, I don’t double up too cos I prefer just a single diaper.

oh xD, makes sense to have an inner cheapie and an outer AB diaper, so you can “reuse” the AB diaper. I think I’m gonna stick to using stuffers and absorbent pads cus they’re easy to get and add volume to my nappy so I feel more like a little kid.. Adult diapers are relatively thin.. they’re thick enough to serve their real purpose of course, but the relative thickness of a baby diaper is much thicker, and I want to copy that by having an impractically thick diaper on me. My choice of not going outside like that is kinda mandatory, cus thick diapers really are an inconvenience in real life. Indoors it doesn’t matter so much


Today I’m a little highschool student, secretly wearing an abena s4 underneath a onesie bodysuit 🐭, sorry for using my phone for this one xD, this one time I don’t have the energy to get out my camera and a flash and a tripod and then edit the pictures afterwards.. I’ll continue posting my regular pictures again tomorrow ^^

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