Huh, wow! A box of diapers arrived at my doorstep. It must mean that I need diapers… 😊😊

I was gifted these diapers by an anonymous person. There was a note attached, with a private message (which I won’t show here), and signed by a nickname. I don’t know whether I can share the message, or the nickname, so here is the hint which the person who sent it may understand:🐈.

Thank you so much for gifting me this!! I wear diapers, and post pictures onto tumblr even if I was never given anything in return. I don’t expect anything in return; I genuinely enjoy wearing diapers and ageplay, taking pictures, and I’ve gotten to enjoy showing other people my littlespace. That way, I can inspire you to try out your own littlespace, and see how far you wish to go. I made an amazon wishlist when someone specifically asked for this in a tumblr Ask. I didn’t want to be rude and decline this offer, so I went with it and made a short list… I hope that you can see my reasoning, and see that I have good intentions in what I do

I can’t wait to wear this and show you!! I wonder whether I can make them leak xD


I’m a little bit late with this.. but I was very happy to receive an amazon wishlist gift containing 2 plastic pants 😍😍

It must have been a little bit strange for the person to pack this, to see an incontinence pants being used as a gift xD… But luckily there’s lots of different people out there, and some of them (me included) just happen to enjoy littlespace and ageplay !!! And there’s nothing wrong with littlespace. It is innocent, self-care and fun ^^

I’ve already worn these to bed, which is what I use plastic pants for, and they feel really soft and cute ^^. I’m so glad. Thank you Anonymous person for gifting these to me !! I am 99% sure who it is, but amazon does not show any names so it is an Anonymous gift