Have you/would you experiment with diapers and other aspects, for example, diapers and bondage seem to go hand in hand?

I’d like to keep my littlespace as innocent as possible 💞. I know that diapers are a huge turn-on to some, but I wouldn’t want to mix it with other fetishes. I need to become more pure !!!

What I think works well with ageplay is to wear cute outfits and stuff like thighhigh socks… I should get more cutesy stuff for myself


Have you ever been diapered by someone, if you have how did you find that experience? And if not is it something you want to try or is that something you want to keep to yourself?

As an adult, I’ve never been diapered by someone other than myself ^^… It is a really really high-trust thing so it has to be with a special someone.

And even with that special someone, I’d probably be really embarrassed the first time. Wouldn’t you be? 😳 They’d have to put diaper cream on me, rub it onto my skin, thighs, bum… They’d see my embarrassed face, trying to hide behind a paci and my shark… But my bellybutton would also be exposed. Everything would be exposed; my hips, thighs, legs, feet… But the onesie stays on, so at least my chest is covered


Who is your favourite touhou character? Would you cosplay as her?

Thank you for this Ask!

There’s a lot of characters to choose from. I like Flandre, Cirno, Remilia, Okuu, Orin, Miko, Reimu, Marisa, Tenshi…

To cosplay, I like Miko the most, as she has exactly the same body type as me so it fits really well. If I had a smoller / cuter body, I’d love to be Flandre ❤️🍮