Have you/would you experiment with diapers and other aspects, for example, diapers and bondage seem to go hand in hand?

I’d like to keep my littlespace as innocent as possible 💞. I know that diapers are a huge turn-on to some, but I wouldn’t want to mix it with other fetishes. I need to become more pure !!!

What I think works well with ageplay is to wear cute outfits and stuff like thighhigh socks… I should get more cutesy stuff for myself


I enjoyed your recent post on your perfect little day.  Would you do more of them as you get the time?  Perhaps once a week or every two weeks, or whatever. Perhaps include a perfect little day with a challenge.An example would be your partner having to go to the store to get something significant for your birthday today.  This was to pick up a new “top of the line” crib that had been back-ordered; it would replace your old tiny one that was falling apart. If this wasn’t picked up today, it would be at least 12 months before a new one would again be available.   Your partner didn’t want to leave you alone at home so they insisted that you either go to the store with them or have the partner’s friend stay with you (or babysit you) for a couple hours until your partner got back from the store with your new dream crib. You knew and liked your partner’s friend, but you thought that this person didn’t know you were a little, much less wearing a diaper today under your cute birthday dress.  However, since this friend was your partner’s close friend, this friend was ABDL supportive and may not be surprised to find that you were a little and wearing a diaper. You had to choose one of these scenarios (go to the store with your partner or stay home and have a babysitter. How would you make your little day perfect in confronting this dilemma?   If this challenge is too much, what would you do to possibly compromise?…or just make up any challenge that you like for another perfect day. 😋🤤.(please don’t feel burdened by this ask; do it only if you have time and only if it will be fun)

Thank you for your Ask!

What I can distill from your Ask, is that you’re interested in ABDL stories. I find that they’re difficult to write well, without going into unnatural situations. I read stories written by others. Humiliation seems to be a huge trigger… You even suggest it in your ask; public diaper wearing, exposing oneself to a (somewhat) stranger.

What really triggers me when I read stories is unreasonable stuff, illogical events, plot holes, etc. … It doesn’t make sense to me why a crib would become unavailable for 12 months if it’s not picked up today. It’s a story element used to create urgency and it attempts to make that urgency sound logical. But I think that it’s kinda disrespectful of readers to assume that they’re just going to accept the plothole as-is. Readers are smart people, and they want a good realistic story… It can still contain improbable stuff, as long as they’re logical, I think.

In the background, I am writing an ABDL story about two friends who have a strong love interest for one another, where one of them is a full ABDL like me, and the friend being supportive but not fundamentally interested in it. I think that this is the most likely scenario when it comes to relationships where ABDL plays a role yet not both partners are into ABDL.


Have you ever been diapered by someone, if you have how did you find that experience? And if not is it something you want to try or is that something you want to keep to yourself?

As an adult, I’ve never been diapered by someone other than myself ^^… It is a really really high-trust thing so it has to be with a special someone.

And even with that special someone, I’d probably be really embarrassed the first time. Wouldn’t you be? 😳 They’d have to put diaper cream on me, rub it onto my skin, thighs, bum… They’d see my embarrassed face, trying to hide behind a paci and my shark… But my bellybutton would also be exposed. Everything would be exposed; my hips, thighs, legs, feet… But the onesie stays on, so at least my chest is covered


Do you take your own photos or do you have someone that takes them? And not trying to critique or anything because I like them just curious.

I take all photos by myself, without help from others.

Please feel free to give me tips on how to improve my photos ^^. I think that my photos are kinda boring, as it’s always just me in my bed / bathroom / kitchen. I rotate outfits, and diapers, to add variation. Though, it’s not much variation, ultimately.


What would be the perfect little day for you ? With which activities/rules/punishment ? 😀

It’d be too long to describe in a post (sorry, I’m kinda tired right now…). The perfect little day would rely a lot on what is available. My dream littlespace experience would be to have a nursery with a crib.

I’d wake up in my crib, with a big plush in my arms. My diaper is wet, and I’m wearing a print onesie. My partner would come see me, put their hand on my face and tell me that today will be a good day. I’m changed, and get to watch early morning cartoons and play with legos on the floor. During lunch, I’m spoon-fed and after lunch I get to run around on the grass in the garden. When I’m tired, I get to take a short nap, and afterwards I clumsily help out with household chores and help cook dinner together with my partner. After dinner, I get to take a bath and play with splashy splash splash toys in the bath tub… After bath, I sit on my partner’s lap while I try to watch tv… but I quickly doze off to sleep cus the movie is too difficult for me to understand xD. I’m guided to my crib. I’m handed a huge shark-shaped plush, which instantly puts me into a trance once I hug it… But there’s one final surprise. During the diaper change into my night-time diaper, I’m allowed to have an orgasm ❤️. It’s super super strong from a whole day of ageplay… Afterwards, I blissfully fall asleep.


If it were me I’d happily keep you as a baby for the holiday! We might need a full suitcase of diapers tho! I don’t feel like I’m lucky enough to go on holiday with a cute diaper girl tho :(

Please, there’s no need to feel envy over me. That is not the kind of feeling that I’d want to give to anyone.

You are a real person, just like me. You have loving family and friends, and every one of your days is a time for new adventures where you can discover something new. Every day is a new day upon which you can meet a new friend, or even meet your partner for life. Take good care of yourself, and you will be able to start every day with tons of energy and motivation!!! You are loved


What is your blushiest fantasy?

I don’t know what “blushiest” means, here. The one that makes me feel the most embarrassed? I doubt that I would be sharing that xD. And what does “fantasy” mean, here? Just any imaginary thought, or specifically an erotic one? So many counter-questions to this Ask, sorry.

The thought of being diapered would probably score the highest for me. It’s such a high-trust personal thing… I wouldn’t even ever show it on pictures, it’s just too personal and vulnerable


Have you ever tried going cold turkey without diapers?

What do you mean by “cold turkey without diapers”?

In case you’re under the impression that I wear diapers every day, and thus it’d be “cold turkey” to quit wearing them even for just a few days, maybe there is some misconception. I don’t wear diapers every day; I wear a diaper normally once per week on Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes a cloth diaper to bed. If I’m busy and I have to skip a weekend, so be it.

As for quitting diapers entirely for months, years, or for good… I haven’t done that in years, probably ever, ever since I started living on my own almost 10 years ago. I don’t see a reason why I’d stop wearing diapers ^^. They are a little weird to enjoy, but otherwise harmless fun. Take this also for yourself; diapers are harmless and you can enjoy them whenever you like !!! If it relaxes you or makes you feel better, by all means put on a diaper when you like and when you can, there’s nothing to be ashamed of 😊. Same thing with other littlespace-related attributes. If you like sleeping with a plushie, then feel free to do so !!! If you like cute pajamas, go ahead! Live your life the way you want, and enjoy anything that you like.


Ooo a holiday sounds fun! How would that work? Would you be diapered for it? Take big girl clothes?

I think that this Ask is referring to what I said about a holiday with @cofftee. Is that correct? It’d depend on what he wants to do, I think. If he wants to go into nature, then I’d have to bring clothes that are suitable for that. If he just wants to see me as a baby, then I’d only pack baby clothes for myself and one set to travel with xD. I wonder how he’d like to see me…


What are your favorite snacks/food when you feel small?

White wine straight from a baby bottle? xD I might have done that a few too many times.

But hm I don’t have much preference. I buy formulae for myself, but I’ll also just eat fruits, choco, milk, yoghurt… As much as I like baby stuff, I kinda don’t want to buy food that comes with lots of packaging cus I think that it’s a waste. Diapers make me feel guilty because they produce so much waste !!! (But no way that I’ll stop wearing diapers)


Do you have any favorite colors?

Pastel 💜💚❤💙💛❤️ (okay there’s no actual pastel-colored emoji that I can use oops…). You can tell from the way how I edit my pictures, I think? I like it when photos have that high-HDR-but-still-low-contrast look to them, with colors popping out from between the bland white and grey. It’s difficult to put into words, as it’s so natural for me to edit the raw photos into my style…

Though, when I say “edit photos”, I’m not talking about changing the composition or anything, it’s purely about the colors and lighting. The way a camera sees a scene, and how our eyes interpret that same scene are quite different. And, more importantly, how we envision a scene to be gets into the artistics.


Would you ever consider a daddy? Someone to play with you, look after you, check and change your diapers and dress you?

A few years ago I’d probably say “no”, but now I’m wondering whether I’ll ever have a short holiday with @cofftee xD. I’m not sure if he’d want to, but who knows what can happen in the future


Who is your favourite touhou character? Would you cosplay as her?

Thank you for this Ask!

There’s a lot of characters to choose from. I like Flandre, Cirno, Remilia, Okuu, Orin, Miko, Reimu, Marisa, Tenshi…

To cosplay, I like Miko the most, as she has exactly the same body type as me so it fits really well. If I had a smoller / cuter body, I’d love to be Flandre ❤️🍮


How come you don’t do any sort of paid content, patreon, amazon wishlist, etc? Are you not confident enough to do it, or do you have another reason?

It’s not a matter of confidence. I’m confident enough to show you my littlespace and parts of my private life. I censor my face and other identifiable details, because I’d rather not mix my ABDL self with my other endeavors. I am a real person, and very real into ABDL since as long as I can remember. Nonetheless, I also do many other things where abdl would be off-topic so it’s in my best interest not to mix.

It’d feel strange to me to get paid to do something which I would do regardless of being given those things. I do use my private time to take these photos, and post them onto the internet, though this is also something which I enjoy doing. I must mention that @cofftee has given me a lot of gifts over the years, which I am very grateful for.

Here’s a fun little thought: since I buy a lot of abdl stuff for myself anyway, you could give me ideas on what to buy and I’ll consider them ^^. Sometimes, I’m just not aware of available things as I don’t have time to “window shop” online for inspiration


Is there a reason that you’re so thin and frail-looking? Are you ill? Genuine question, not meant as an insult

Thank you for this Ask!

As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with my health. I eat 3 meals every day, and I try my best to keep my diet varied. In the morning I eat a slice of bread as breakfast. For lunch, I tend to take last night’s leftovers, and for dinner I do cook almost every day… I like eating rice and pasta dishes with lots of veggies and fish. I do eat red meats, but not very often…

I do see myself in the mirror and I recognize that I am thin. I’m not sure why that is. Though, as long as I don’t feel fatigued, I don’t think that it matters ^^. If I did sports, then for sure I’d have more muscle


You’re back from the anime convention… Did you cosplay at Japan Expo this year?

Yes! The anime convention from from Thursday until Sunday (13-16 July). I traveled back today, though I’ll go to my own home tomorrow, cus I still want to go and stay over at my parents’ place to see them.

It was sooooo fun!!! When I’m home proper, I’ll be able to show some pictures of it. I also spent way too much money on this holiday, so now I am very poor xD. But I still have a lot of diapers at my home, so at least I can be a baby as much as I like the coming while… And I do have a really big desire to ageplay cus I haven’t done it in over a week oops.


Are you OK? You haven’t been posting much in the last few weeks. WE MISS YOU!

I’m sorry, I’m super busy at work + preparations for my holiday + creative stuff + other projects. Tumblr is unfortunately the first thing that I’ll sacrifice time on. Also, my computer has been really slow lately and I dunno what to do about that

However, thank you so much for your concern <3


Have you ever had a real penis inside you

This is a strange question… but I’ll assume that it was asked in good faith. No I have never had a real penis inside of me. I’ve dated a girl in the past, but I am open to both sexes, I think. Right now, I’m okay being single. It’s been like this forever, and I’m very socially awkward; so probably it won’t change any time soon.


You have described the magic you experience with your wand many times.  If I may ask, do you still stay in your diaper after the magic happens (like have an orgasm then go to sleep even in a wet diaper), or do you take your diaper off because you are no longer interested in it (or being an AB) until the next time you want the magic to happen? I’ve done this cycle a lot {orgasm …then often shame (not that you feel that)… then removal of the diaper}. Now I often stay in my diaper and save the orgasm for much later. I still haven’t tried having an orgasm and then just staying in my diaper for many hours.Thanks much.

I’m sorry that I mentioned it on several occasions. I don’t mean to appear as some horni slot cumm!ng to a vibrat0r all the time.

Yes, I keep my diaper on after the magic happens. Because the magic needs to happen several times for all my built up frustration to leave my body. And then I still keep my diaper on, until it’s the end of the evening and I want to take a shower and go to sleep. I’d love to not have to make myself have an orgasm in my diaper, and just enjoy ageplay as innocently as possible, but diapers are my biggest turn-on ever, since my earliest memories. There’s no way that I could diaper myself for an evening of ageplay and not make myself have several orgasms. I don’t feel shame over this, I just wish that I could enjoy ageplay differently some time. Maybe under the right circumstances it’s possible.

You don’t have to feel shame over what you yourself do. Wear diapers how you wish, and do in them what you like best. You don’t need diapers, they’re just for fun.


Compared to most other tumbler bloggers, you are very prolific in interacting with your followers.  I have two related Asks:Is there any type of Ask you would like to get more of?  More specifically, are there topics or subjects that you would rather answer more vs. less than others?  Would you be more open to reality-related Asks than say fantasy or playful Asks?  What are your “Ask” boundaries in general?conversely…Would you like to expand your interaction with your followers by asking them (as a group) questions about anything that interests you?  Fantasy, reality….whatever.  Followers could post their responses.  You’ve done some of this I think.Thanks much and please keep interacting. 😊

I do my best, reacting when I have time for tumblr. Though, sometimes people have to wait for days or even weeks before I can respond to them oops.

There are specific Asks that I think are more fun and interesting than others; specifically the ones which aren’t about me. I’m not all-knowing when it comes to ABDL but I feel that I’ve thought about it a lot. I do truly find it puzzling why I want to be a baby and wear diapers. So when someone asks me an actual question that isn’t about me but about abdl, I will actually do my best to answer it and get some discussion going.

If you’re not sure what to send as an Ask, there are inspirational lists available all over the web. It’s okay if Asks are fantasy-driven. I don’t mind most Asks, as long as the person who asked it isn’t being mean or overly hornii.

Reverse-Asks where I ask people questions don’t work well, because tumblr isn’t made for showcasing such things. The reason why Asks work so well is because the question and the answer are prominently shown, whereas answers written in the comment-box aren’t shown unless you specifically click a button to see comments. Though, I do occasionally send others Asks ^^, to their blog.


The little babygirl would probably feel more appreciated if she had a proper caretaker to dress her up in an assortment of the prettiest little dresses possible~ Being covered with an assortment of ruffles and lace that swaddles even her crinklebutt that the little one has to be carried around since the large thick layers of petticoats combined with her very thick diapers leaves the adult baby to need to go ‘up-ups’ to be moved around to make sure that they don’t fall down and go ‘boom-boom’ on the ground.A lovely girl that wants nothing more than to feel small, innocent, sweet, and happy deserves a caretaker willing to take care of her little bubblebutt, cooing and awwing at the adult baby and causing her to always fluster and turn pink or red from the attention, until she gets it so much that the little baby simple gurgles and squeals from the attention and feels constant happiness… being just someone’s little princess to horde and treasure with constant affection and babyish care until the little one feels so sweet, babbling in her own crib and constantly unable to stop wiggling as every new day is a happy day for the adult baby to play, eat, and sleep, with a proper adult making sure that everything is taken cared of and always feeling warm and happy~


A baby can only dream


I would love to see more of you in those kigurumis that you have especially the shark one and diapered

It’s Summer now, so I won’t be wearing them as they are too warm to sleep in. But I have old pictures where I wear them. (The shark outfit isn’t a kigurumi, it’s just a hoodie modelled after Gura’s first outfit)

Kigurumis are cute. They’re not related to abdl, but their similarity to baby pajamas is quite obvious ^^. I’m glad that people wear them and accept that some babyish clothing is cute and comfy to wear


Are you a trans woman? If so, how have diapers helped you while transitioning? Did they help comfort you or were you torn on your interest because it was an interest that you pursued while you were still closeted? Can you share how to deal with this?Sorry if this is an inappropriate ask, I’m genuinely curious. You always give out good advice in your asks.

I’m not trans, I’m just ugly. Sorry that I can’t help you with this question.

Assuming that you had to share your physical little space with another AB for 24 hours:1) What would you need to make you happy?2) Would you have any fears? If so, what are they?

It’s a super broad question that I can’t answer. If it’s someone who I don’t know, it’ll be really different from when I do know them. And even in the latter case, there’s levels of trust which would define what we’d do.

I’ve never been to an abdl-themed event like capcon, but people told me that it’s really casual and attendees are just normal everyday people…

Then there’s the general code of conduct… Even without this being in writing, you expect the people around you to act a certain way, right? You want to be treated with respect and dignity. The internet gives us a layer of anonymity that isn’t present IRL. The occasional crazy messages that I receive in my DM aren’t the sort of things that I expect anyone would tell me for realsies.

Sorry that I’m going way off topic here. My fears around abdl are insecurities that people would say or do embarrassing or uncomfortable things to me, that’d spoil it for me. Littlespace is a safespace for me. It’s so precious and fragile for me (and maybe also for others?). The pictures that I show you make me vulnerable and expose me to dangers. Rationally, it’d be best that I don’t expose this part of me on the internet, yet here I am?


What happens when your’re out and about and feel the need to pee. Do diapers cross your mind in these situations?

I’d be on the lookout for a toilet, realistically.

I’ve apologized a couple of times before but I want to apologize again to people who genuinely are reliant on diapers. I love wearing diapers and I love using them for ageplay. However, my opinion is based on wearing them in a safe and comfortable environment and at a time that is convenient for me. Actually needing them at all times, even when it’s hot and when I’m stressed or busy seems very inconvenient. Not only is there always a chance of leaking and dirtying your clothes, you’ll probably be thinking about your ‘underwear’ all day, and there’s a lot of waste in your home. Then there’s also that you can’t just wear any piece of clothing or it’ll be super obvious that you’re wearing a diaper xD. If you’re female, you can wear a long skirt or dress and it wouldn’t be obvious, but guys will have to wear loose fitting pants to not make it obvious.

I say this, considering that if you’re incontinent, you wouldn’t really notice when you’re peeing, I think? Regardless of whether you notice it not, there’s probably a need to check on your diaper regularly to feel how full it is.

So no, I don’t think that diapers are the first thing that I think about xD. Sorry for the fun-killing answer.


You seem to be wearing diapies every day now 🤔

It does seem like I’m wearing diapers every day ^^, because I post pictures to my blog every day. But in reality I can only wear a diaper once or twice per week.

To keep the engagement going, I try to post pictures to my blog every day, or multiple times per day if I’m off work. The daily pictures are coming from my picture buffer… It’s like a set of pictures that I all take on one day, while I’m ageplaying, so that I can then post them over the next weeks after that. If I didn’t do this, I’d post 100 pictures on one day and then not post anything for 4 weeks xD. That wouldn’t be very interesting. People come to tumblr every day, and they’d want to see a new post from me every day, I think.

When I’m answering Asks, I’ll use a picture from further in the past. I keep all the pictures that I’ve taken, and they’re fairly well organized.

Underneath this school uniform, I was wearing a biiiiig Littleforbig Little Dreamers ^^, a really nice diaper that will pull you into littlespace !!!


What are your favorite diapers?

I really like the Littleforbig Baby Cuties, Littleforbig Little Dreamers, Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, Rearz Princess Pink, Bambino Classico

They’re all such amazing diapers that pull me instantly into littlespace !!!


Do you think you’d enjoy a sleeping bag? You know, the kind you make babies wear to restrict their movement, with a zipper in the back etc.

It sounds amazing ❤️. I have a few kigurumis (they’re like footed pajamas without the feet) and they give me a big baby feeling.

Is there a european webshop that has adult-sized baby sleeping bags?


Just wanted to say I really enjoy your content! The way you talk about what you enjoy about ageplay and how happy it makes you is really cute and wholesome. I haven’t tried ageplay with a partner yet, but if I ever do, I hope their attitude is as wholesome as yours.

I try my best to be as honest and genuine as possible, without giving away too much personal info that people could use to spot me in a crowd. I’m glad that it’s been noticed ^^. I hope that you get to have a very loving and understanding partner !!!


What’s your real first name?

Thank you for this ask!! Please feel free to send me Asks ^^, I will try to go through as many messages as I can now.

I’m careful with mixing my real identify with my abdl persona. I’m a real person, of course, but exactly because of that I don’t think that mixing up online and offline is a good idea. If you really want to know… I’ve used the name in the story that I wrote xD, because I’m not very creative when it comes to coming up with names.


Love your content and the pics of some of your insides of the diapers before you put them on. Would it be ok to ask for a picture of the inside after you take it off to show off how much you’ve wet it please as well? x


Hello, thank you for this Ask!!

I don’t mind showing clean unused diapers: they look cute and inviting. I think that showing dirty diapers is one of the reason why outsider people laugh so much at abdl, and think of it as ridiculous. I realize that I do show pictures of myself, while I am wearing a wet diaper… but I’d say that it’s more subtle, especially because I don’t zoom in on my diaper in any of my pictures. My diaper is in frame, together with the rest of my outfit! I would like to show you how cute, fun and innocent ageplay can be ^^, to put it in a positive light and to motivate people to try it out for themselves !!


This is a reblog of @binkybarf

You answered with the tags: #good answer love#ab/dl#careful this person was in my ask too asking the same thing lol

So…. I get the impression that there’s someone going around asking the abdl creators whether they want to show their wet diapers xD. As funny as this is, I think that it’s better to paint abdl in an as positive light as possible ^^. Cutesy, comfy, wholesome, innocent fun that a consenting adult does by themselves or together with someone.

Would it be ok to see any inside pictures of your diapers when you have wet them? Just like your inviting dry diaper pics. Please 🙏 x

No, I don’t think that I should do this. I don’t mind mind showing you the inside of a clean fresh diaper, as I think that they’re cute and inviting. I also don’t mind showing myself wearing a slightly wet diaper, as long as the diaper isn’t the focus of the picture and it’s not off-putting. Though, I draw the line with showing (the inside of) used diapers. People who aren’t into abdl think that the kink is weird or ridiculous. Showing dirty diapers will only lead to more people hating on abdl and using it as an insult/joke. I understand that people will still do this, even if the diaper on me is clean, but maybe I can try to incite some deeper understanding.

I need to focus on the positive side of abdl. Bright, warm, cutesy, innocent; just plain fun and relaxation. I don’t want to scare anyone away. I’d love to encourage you to discover your own littlespace. We were all born as babies and we were all forced to stop being babies. Then, as we grew up, we were forced to stop doing all the things that we once liked so much; playing with toys, running around, watching cartoons, playing videogames, sleeping with stuffed animals, wearing princess/prince outfits. But as adults, we can choose to relive the parts of our childhood which we liked the most.

You don’t have to like every aspect of ageplay. If you love stuffed animals, cartoons, playing with legos, but the thought of diapers or cutesy outfits is weird, then feel free to skip that part. Of course I don’t actually want to become a helpless baby who can’t speak, but ageplaying relaxes me a lot, and I’d love to try out as many things as I can. Ageplaying helps me to unwind and let go of negative thoughts. I’d love to help you to reach the same


Do you realize that you turn people on? How do you feel about this?

I do realize it. I also look at the abdl pictures of other people, and some of those pictures also turn me on oops… I don’t look at myself and consider myself to be good-looking. I’m glad that I’m thin and healthy, that’s that. My redeeming qualities on pictures seem to be mostly that I genuinely love ageplay. There’s a lot of fakery out there, and sometimes it’s quite obvious that people are exposing themselves wearing diapers to earn money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and I’m not shaming anyone who does it. Though, taking up an abdl/ageplay persona when it doesn’t align with who you truly are gives the pictures and the persona a different overall feel.

As for what I feel about people getting turned on by my pictures; I think that it’s okay. As long as we can have a safe and anonymous interaction, then it shouldn’t matter. I’m sorry that I sometimes tease you with erotic-sounding comments. It’s not really who I am; I’d rather focus on ageplay entirely. Though, I’m a real person, and I do get horni sometimes.


Requin, have you ever visited Germany?

Yes, I’ve been there many times. It’s close by for me. I’ve been to Aachen to visit and to go shopping, I’ve used the Weeze airport, I’ve been to Munich… And maybe I should go to Freiburg one day !


you wrote: “I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows?”. But which ones? We. must. know ;_;

Which costumes, or which conventions? xD I do have a lot of cosplays. I actually don’t want to connect my real identity with my online identity. I hope that you can understand that I do wish to keep some privacy for myself. Though, I also understand that I’ve already given out a lot of personal details, with which a dedicated person could put the dots together hm..

I should be more careful with giving out personal details and where I’m going. Sorry that I keep teasing you. I just want to give out positive energy, and motivate you to try out littlespace for yourself. And, if you end up not liking it, that’s fine too!

Hm I should cut my hair short. It’d make wearing wigs much easier. My own hair is super thick, too.


What do you think of the sentence: With the natural sciences we get to the moon, but never to heaven.

Well regarding the Moon, there’s two quotes that are of interest to this question.

Yuri Gagarin flew into space, but didn’t see any god there

And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas – and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.

It’s kinda funny how opposing these seem, though both probably had an underlying motivation. As for what I think… Regardless of whether you’re religious and which religion that’d be, the concept of heaven could be that there’s a reward for you for good behavior in life. Though, you can ask yourself the question whether a reward in life is more valuable than a reward after life. The Christian version of this is that the after-life is eternal, thus your reward for good deeds in life would be immeasurably greater than one during life itself. The uncertainty of whether you’d get there would be the ultimate motivation.

If we replace ‘heaven’ with the blissfulness of a fulfilling life on earth, I think that the original Ask becomes much clearer. Science can improve our ability to communicate, our health, our food and drinks, and our entertainment. Though, what it can’t do is make us a better person, help us to be a better friend, brother/sister, or parent. With regards to science, I’m most familiar with medical science. The topic I can bring to your attention is “medicalization of society”. Medical sciences bring us the good, though they also add the dynamics of medical capitalism into our society; i.e. “pathologization" or pejoratively ”disease mongering“. It’s more correct to refer to this as ”overmedicalization“, though. What I mean by this term is that an industry which profits on pathologies, will probably attempt to increase the rate of diagnoses, to get more people to buy their drugs or use their medical services, under the guise of improving health. The very concept of (the acceptance of) normality can be employed as a marketing gimmick. Regardless of the critique on overmedicalization, it’d be unwise to reject the benefits of diagnoses, drugs, and medical services. It would be an unfair discussion to argue overmedicalization versus undermedicalization. I don’t even have a solution to it. I personally find it bizarre that for example 5+% of the Western European population is using some form of anti-depressants right at this moment. You can look at this and conclude that it’s good for so many citizens to have access to pharmaceutical support for their health issues. Though, you can also look at this and conclude that there is a mental health crisis raging throughout populations which either exists for real, due to massive over-diagnosis, or due to over-prescription of these drugs. This pattern continues also into other pathologies.

The question here is whether all these medical-scientific advancements have brought us closer to ‘heaven’, i.e. closer to feeling fulfillment in our lives. My own answer is that it’s unrelated to one another. Superficially you can answer that health is a huge part of happiness, and that you’d wish for your family and friends to live long and healthy lives. Though, does that imply that life was less fulfilling and happy in the past? 200-300 years ago there were many more hardships e.g. infant mortality. But what I want to bring to your attention that hygiene, quality food and clean drinking water probably played the biggest role in the advancements herein, followed closely by vaccinations.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you. Science is a tool to generate new knowledge, and that knowledge can be used to help us. Though, I don’t think that the generated knowledge can be part of happiness itself, at least not in a vacuum. If you can contribute to this monologue, please feel free and I’ll be happy to revise my opinion.

Do you fear thunderstorms?

No, I don’t think so. Thunderstorms rarely occur, where I live. It’s kinda special when a thunderstorm does occur. I do worry about my laptop, though. Probably, if I had my own house, I’d investigate if it’s possible to protect my electric thingies somehow. I’m not sure if it’s necessary these days? But it’s a lot of money gone if something gets damaged. Nowadays I also have one of those storage box devices to store my pictures and other digital files on it; that was also really expensive, but necessary because I take too many pictures (not just for this blog).


How deep is deep?

Have you ever watched Inception? Recursive story telling is a common trope in fiction, though not often appreciated because it’s difficult to follow for some.

What I mean by ‘recursion’ here is when a character describes a fictional character and setting, who itself is describing a fictional character and setting, and so forth. Once you are 2-3 layers deep, it becomes nearly impossible to follow for the majority of readers. The ability to imagine a complex or abstract scenario is probably uniquely human, which can help us to better understand the feelings of others (and thus live harmoniously in a group), but also allow for high-level planning of future events (improving our adaptation). Putting it like this, you can probably hypothesize that ‘sociopathic’ behavior is caused by the inability to imagine complex or abstract scenarios (especially related to the feelings of others), rather than by a willful intent to cause harm in others. Whether this ability is learned or developmental, I don’t know. I appreciate that I have never had difficulties understanding concepts or feelings, though I also look up to others who are able to go even ‘deeper’ than I can.

When I was an actual child, the one thing I feared about growing up was the concept that I’d be gradually unable to learn new things and new skills. I’m not sure where this fear came from; probably my observation that older people had such difficulty adapting to new developments, and my own limitations of not being able to learn a new language. Now I don’t think that this fear was fully grounded. Language development does change while we grow up; it becomes more difficult to learn a completely new language. Learning how to play a musical instrument also becomes more difficult. Though, in contrast, many other things become much easier to learn as we get older due to cumulative experiences. You’re no longer starting from scratch, you already have decades worth of observations in your head. If you remain open to learn new things, and don’t dismiss concepts outright, I think that you will be able to continue learning new things and new skills throughout your life. Herein, your starting point and development obviously affect your rate of learning. Due to working as a biomedical scientist for over a decade, I’m fairly good at working in a medical laboratory, and new techniques come to me as if I’ve done them for years already.

To go back to the question ‘how deep is deep?’. There’s a lot of ways to answer this, depending on context and depending on ‘how deep’ of an answer you want ^^

Do you use tumblr also for other interests?

I browse tumblr for looking at (anime style) artwork. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an artist account and a repost account, so it’s less ideal compared to browsing other places like pixiv. But browsing tumblr feels kinda magical and explorative, because the website is so poorly searchable through keywords and tags; the only realistic way to find stuff is to stumble onto it xD

Though the same goes for people who post abdl pictures, I think. It can be difficult to tell the difference between original content and a repost account, unless it’s a really prolific reposter or a really prolific original content poster. If it’s like ¼th original content and 3/4th reblogs, then hm what is it xD. So on my own tumblr blog, I try to reblog as little as possible, so that you know that all the content is mine


Are diapers always involved or do you have also ABDL moments without them?

Well I sleep with my shark plush in my arms every night. I understand that lots of adults will sleep with a stuffed toy for other reasons than ageplay, but I’d still kind of consider it as ageplay?

I wear cute pajamas and socks every day, too. Here again, I do understand that you don’t need to be an ageplayer to enjoy cute clothing…

I watch anime, and read comics/manga. I like drawing and coloring. I like sweet kiddy-like food. I try my best to be happy, positive and motivated.

Each of these things in isolation are probably not strongly linked to ageplay, but when put together it should be obvious that I’m just a baby in an adult body xD.


How many bicycles do you have?

I have one bicycle in Leuven… one bicycle at my parents’ house, and one bicycle in the previous city where I used to live. But I think that the latter bike was eventually removed by the city cleaners because it’s abandoned. I wanted to take it with me when I moved, but I didn’t and I never returned for it. I should buy a new bike, cus my current one isn’t very good. I kinda would like to have one which has electric support, but I’d get lazy if I had such a thing xD, maybe I’d even gain weight !!!


Groeten!When you have your baby time, do you also play with your dolls? And do they have names?

Of course, and they do have names! They’re existing characters, after all ^^. It’s Alice Margatroid, Kochiya Sanae, Patchouli Knowledge, Hata no Kokoro, Hinanawi Tenshi !!! They are sitting next to my bed right now. Aren’t they really good looking and kinda smug??? They’re so cute ^^


That outfit is adorable!! 10/10

Thank you, it’s one of my most favorite cosplays! It fits my body type really well; the character herself is also really slim like me. Though, I don’t think that she wears diapers xD. This is an old picture of me, trying out the costume together with a diaper. I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows? xD


Have you ever tried ABUs Cushies? if not I definitely recommend especially the cloth backed ones

I haven’t worn the ABU Cushies before, I think. There’s a lot of abdl diapers which I haven’t worn before, that I do wish to try! I really like the design of the carousel diaper, from the abdl-shop. … And the original Bambino diaper (with the blocks on the front) has been kinda like a dream diaper, because it was the first abdl diaper that I saw, at which time I was amazed that they even made diapers specifically for abdl…

I’m so happy that they do, though. I wouldn’t mind just wearing incontinence diapers… but adult baby diapers fill up my heart and make me feel so close to my inner baby. When I combine an abdl diaper with a cute outfit, a dummy, drinking milk from a bottle, wearing fluffy socks… my heart melts and I’m in heaven ❤️


Does the embarrassment of wearing diapers play any part in your fantasies? or would casual teasing between you and a partner be welcomed?

XD wearing diapers is supposed to be embarrassing?

I’ll answer the question for real. In a lot of abdl stories, embarrassment and public exposure seems to be a recurring theme, even beyond language barriers. By the latter, I mean that you also see it in Japanese abdl comics, and in Dutch abdl stories. So, it’s not exclusive to English abdl stories. That’s reassuring, right? Also outside of abdl, embarrassment seems to be a huge turn-on in certain situations.

As for why embarrassment and abdl would be linked… I can only hypothesize. Embarrassment is a strong emotion that allows us to remember stuff in huge detail for a long time. You tend to forget the mundane stuff, but you remember those really embarrassing things, as well as the really exciting memories. So I kinda hypothesize that the initial trigger that eventually leads to infantilism is probably related to a strong emotion such as embarrassment/humiliation. I can’t tell you what ‘causes’ abdl, because there’s probably a unique event for each one of us, though it converges to similar endpoints. My own hypothesis is that abdl is caused by a number of events where diapers co-occur with fear, anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, anger and/or strong criticism from a parent or elder, specifically during a sensitive age window (probably 6~8 years age). The sexual element of diapers would then probably be established because of the intimate nature of getting diapered by an elder. Though, even diapering yourself at that age can probably cause the same link. People are usually out of diapers by those ages, so they likely don’t develop abdl. Continued bedwetting (and therefore use of diapers) or similar stuff probably increases the likelihood of making the association.

I’m not sure if I like embarrassment. I do like the ‘thrill’ of talking about embarrassing things. It’s hype exciting, and it makes me look forward to something. Though, if the topic of abdl is already disclosed to a partner, it’d probably lose its embarrassment quickly?? My ultimate fantasy is that I’d like to be treated as a helpless baby… Sleep in a crib wearing nothing but a diaper, onesie and socks, with a paci in my mouth. My food for the whole day would be thick infant formula given through a baby bottle, and I have to use my diaper. My caregiver plays with me, makes me color a drawing and watch cartoons, and changes my diaper. Before sleep, there’s a ‘special’ diaper change where I’m allowed to come in my diaper, but afterwards I need to sleep in my crib with a paci in my mouth and a big shark plushie in my arms 💞. I can’t even imagine how it’d feel to release a whole day of sexual tension into a wet diaper. Best feeling ever?


Do you have favorite colors or foods?

Pastel colors go well with anything 💚💛💙💜❤.

I like eating chocolate with praline, coconut-filled stuff, cherry cake, flan, frangipane, hamburgers, salmon with lots of sauce, curry-chicken with rice, pasta ravioli, pasta bolognese, fried banana (pisang goreng), spring rolls (lumpia), vegetables soups… It’s a miracle that I’m as thin as I am. I used to be thinner when I had worse eating habits


Have you ever had an accident where you thought you were diapered but werent?

Over the years I have had a few dreams where I was peeing in a diaper. But when I was woken up by something, it turned out I had wet my bed oops. I dislike this, there’s nothing fun about this. Having to get up from my bed to remove my pajamas, underwear, bedsheets and take a quick shower with all of these things is a real hassle. Then afterwards I have to sleep without my shark (because he got wet, too). My previous mattress had a stain on it and so does my current one, it’s yucky. I should get a mattress protector, though it’s already too late for this one.


Do you skip “diaper play” weekends when you are on your period, or are you just ignoring them from the big picture?

Sorry, I don’t want to answer this question. Babies don’t have to worry about this <3


What’s your fav part when putting on a diaper? Is it when you fluff it, laying down on it.. or other? Weird q I know 🥴

The feeling I like most is when I close the 3rd and last tape. It’s the start of a lovely time, where I can forget being an icky adult and melt away into my diaper 🧡. The second best part is when I make myself come in it, but that is my little secret.


Love your content and the pics of some of your insides of the diapers before you put them on. Would it be ok to ask for a picture of the inside after you take it off to show off how much you’ve wet it please as well? x

Hello, thank you for this Ask!!

I don’t mind showing clean unused diapers: they look cute and inviting. I think that showing dirty diapers is one of the reason why outsider people laugh so much at abdl, and think of it as ridiculous. I realize that I do show pictures of myself, while I am wearing a wet diaper… but I’d say that it’s more subtle, especially because I don’t zoom in on my diaper in any of my pictures. My diaper is in frame, together with the rest of my outfit! I would like to show you how cute, fun and innocent ageplay can be ^^, to put it in a positive light and to motivate people to try it out for themselves !!


Do you often wear diapers when not in little mode?

Thank you for this Ask. I’m not incontinent and I don’t have accidents. Diapers are strictly for ‘fun’ for me. So I only wear them for littlespace and for taking pictures of my littlespace. I don’t want to offend anyone or step on someone’s toes. Me wearing diapers isn’t intended as a parody. It’s just something that I enjoy doing, and that I’ve always wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Now that I’m an adult, I can live out all my littlespace fantasies ^^

Is your shark getting plenty of attention too? :)

He gets my uninterrupted attention every night ^^, cus I sleep with him in my arms or on top of him. What’s your favorite plush, and do you sleep with it??


What are your favorite activities while diapered?

My most favorite activity while I’m diapered is ageplay: hugging my plushie, drinking from a baby bottle, watching cartoons, reading little stories. (and taking pictures of myself) You should try out various littlespace activates, to see which ones you like!!

And at the end of my ageplay session, my adult body wants to get that magic feeling inside my diaper 😳🎉


Your answers are the cutest! What do you think about / imagine when you enjoy your diapers? Is there a certain fantasy that you return to, or an image or thought that turns you on?

Hello, sorry for answering this Ask with a big delay. Thank you for calling my responses cute

I think about being a helpless baby when I’m wearing a diaper xD. Strange, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking a lot about the scenario where there’s 1 boy and 1 girl, both being little babies, and another person serving as their mommy or daddy. It’s a really interesting dynamic, I think, and lends itself well for an abdl-themed story.


How often do you use your pacifier? And what does it make you feel when you use it?

My paci gets used every time that I want to be a baby, and at night sometimes ^^. I have a few adult-sized pacis

I even have clips for them, so I don’t lose them when they fall out of my mouth!


What’s your age when you slip into your safe space?

I’m not sure. I say 3, but it’s a mix of baby and young child. Cus I want to wear a diaper and drink from a bottle, but I still want to crawl and play with stuff and watch cartoons. Diapers, pacis and bottles are a big cue for my mind to slip away. A caretaker would have to spoonfeed me, put me to bed, brush my hair, and help me in the bath tub…

xD I just want to be taken care of, so that I am safe, warm, comfortable, and worry-free. Outside of the perceived ‘weirdness’ of littlespace, I really think that those desires aren’t so strange. Who wouldn’t want to be safe + warm + comfi + worry-free? I think that if diapers and other littlespace stuff were to be introduced to a naive adult in a positive way, they’d probably really enjoy the experience. It wouldn’t be the same as someone who grew up with it, but who knows. Maybe it all clicks together at that point.


Weird question but do you have an outie or a innie belly button

From looking at pictures after searching for those 2 terms, mine looks most like an “innie”. Do you think that it correlates with some kind of personality trait?

I wouldn’t show it cus I blur my face in my pictures, but my eyes are grey. Maybe that means that I’m a boring person xD


Do you have any other fetishes that you’d be willing to share?

Hm well, I don’t really want to talk about sexual stuff, cus I want to show you all the fun that you can have with littlespace. But, I’ve had this question before, so maybe it’d be okay if I at least mention it in short.

Maybe it’s all intertwined, but I really like the feeling of wetness ‘down there’. I like wetting myself (also without a diaper). I love the feeling of doing that in a wetsuit, yoga pants, leggings, skinny/stretch jeans… Before I wash that shark plush, I rinse him in the shower, and then I have a super guilty pleasure of getting off by rubbing his wet body against me. Related to diapers, it sounds super hot to me to be put into someone’s already-wet diaper, or for someone to pee into my diaper…

I think that this is enough frustrated teasing for one day, oops. I’m sorry for writing about this. Of course I have these kinds of feelings, but I don’t want to give you the impression that that’s what my blog is about 😅


Would you ever wear diapers 24/7 and possibly even try untraining so that you’re diaper-dependent?

No, this isn’t something that I would do. I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this, but being diaper-dependent seems really inconvenient and maybe it even limits you in what you can do. Cus I’ve liked diapers for as long as I can remember, I’ve tried all sorts of things to see if I liked it. So, I have tried wearing diapers while clothes shopping, while at university, while with friends (who didn’t know). Although some aspects did give me a thrill of “oh no I’m wearing a wet diaper and no one knows!!”, it isn’t as fun as pretending to be a baby which would be much harder to do outside of my home.

When a diaper is worn underneath cute pajamas, while I am sucking on a paci and hugging a big plushie in bed, I feel happy and bliss. I know that I have an adult-sized body, but I’d like nothing more than to pretend that I’m still a little kid without any responsibilities or worries. Looking forward to each new day, where everything is bright, warm, and fun!!


What would you do, if someone would give you a cheque for 700.000 €?

First I’d ask whether the person offering this to me is serious.. It’s a lot of money and half of it would go to tax if I would accept it. It’s always best when you spend money on stuff which you find important, rather than on me. (I’m just a nobody, a person who you’ve just seen pictures of, on the internet). I’m a real person, of course, but I’m not offering any services or paid rewards or anything like that. I don’t have a patreon or onlyfans or anything like this. You’re free to follow me, interact with me, and ask me anything ^^. I like wearing diapers, I like taking pictures, and I enjoy making others happy! So I’d rather be my genuine self, rather than offer my pictures behind a paywall..

To answer the question seriously.. maybe not for that amount of money.. but I really need to purchase an apartment, rather than renting one. I also really need a new laptop, cus mine is almost dying xD, and my storage is nearly full with pictures and other important stuff. I do still need to get my driver’s license, though the reason I haven’t taken lessons yet is mainly cus I don’t have the time for it, rather than not having the money for it. For my photography hobby, I’d really like to have a studio lamp so that I can make all sorts of color effects. For ABDL I’d love to have a real crib and a nursery for myself ^^. Right now, my bedroom is my ‘nursery’, but a lot of it is just inside my head rather than it being real


Your photos are so cute! Love how you use language.You mentioned you wet the bed growing up. How did you feel about wearing diapers at night back then? Were you embarrassed or did you like it? And how were you diapered at night — did someone diaper you or did you slip a pull-up on yourself?

Thank you for the compliment 💕

I’m afraid that too few memories are left for me to grasp whether it was embarrassing to be put into diapers, or to know even who diapered me, or what kind of diapers they were. The memories that remain are about how I am in the bottom part of a bunk bed wearing pajamas and a diaper (I don’t know what kind of diaper), and everything felt complete.

I sometimes wear a diaper to bed now… and in the middle of the night I wake up with a full bladder. Not to train myself that it’s okay to wet the bed, I walk to my bathroom and wet my diaper ^^. It’s really surreal to wake up with a wet diaper (even if I did it consciously), and it’s the hugest turn-on ever for me. If I had a partner, they’d definitely find me at my weakest at that moment. You could do anything to me, probably even a kiss would make me come into my diaper.


Your haircut is super cute!

Thank you for the compliment. I think that it is nothing special… But a compliment will always cheer up someone’s day !!


What would you say if someone offered to care for you permanently? We’d throw out all your adult underwear, put a lock on the bathroom door and keep you diapered permanently for all uses!

I’ll try my best to answer as positively as possible ^^. The scenario that you’re sketching can work really well for an (unrealistic fetish-themed) abdl story, wherein a person is reduced to their baby senses. Outside of fiction, this really wouldn’t work. A person is so much more than their desires, you know? My pictures show me in a vulnerable state wearing a diaper, though I’m much more than that. I’m a real person with real worries, friends, family, hobbies, ambitions, and so much more. Being in a situation where I have to use diapers all the time would be really disheartening and inconvenient. I’m sorry to have to answer in this way, I hope that you can see it in a positive light


Jij spreekt Nederlands, toch? Denk je dat je de enige Nederlandstalige abdl ‘content creator’ bent?

Ja, klopt! Ik ben van oorsprong uit Nederland, alhoewel ik nu dus in Vlaanderen woon waar men ook (soort van) Nederlands spreekt. Ik typ m’n berichtjes in het Engels, zodat zo veel mogelijk mensjes mijn tekst kunnen lezen ^^. Eigenlijk is het gebruiken van een tweede taal heel erg vreemd. Woorden zoals luier, speentje, flesje, en knuffeldier dragen voor mij veel meer gevoelens, dan het Engelse equivalent. Wat vind jij ervan?

Ik denk niet dat ik de enige ben. Ik heb een lijstje met abdl content creators die actief zijn op tumblr, maar ik hou van hun niet bij welke nationaliteit ze hebben. Ik vermoed dat sommigen ook gewoon niet vermelden dat ze van oorsprong Nederlandstalig zijn (doe ik eigenlijk ook niet). Ik ben op de hoogte van het Nederlandstalige forum (https://abdlz.nl/), en ook het tumblr account @abdlnl . Daarnaast heb ik ook gezien dat er een Duitstalige en een Franstalige abdl gemeenschap is. Zo slecht is het dus allemaal niet, toch? ^^


Hi sweetie :) I think it must be an amazing feeling for a woman to pee herself in a diaper, the feeling of hot pee gushing over her swollen pussy, running backwards over her ass, making her bum all hot and squishy 💦 I may be mistaken, but I like to think many women could easily get hooked on diapers. Or maybe it’s just my horny brain working overtime 🤷‍♂️ What do you think of this?


I think that I’ve been using too many innuendos / teasing recently. I can’t think of other reasons why someone would send me a message like this. I’m sorry if you misunderstood my intentions.


I love your soul ❤️

Thank you kindly for saying this to me ❤️. I try my best, and I hope that one day I will be rewarded for what I do!


Did you bath in the ocean this year? I guess so, since you live near the coast?

I haven’t swum in the sea in 20+ years xD. So strange.

I’m a land-shark.


I will keep reporting you until this account is also removed

Hm well there’s nothing that I can do to stop you from doing that, but I think that’d be the end of my online activity surrounding abdl. If that’s your intention, then so be it. Though, I try my best to spread positivity, and to help others. I hope that my efforts will one day be rewarded.


I will keep reporting you until this account is also removed

Hm well there’s nothing that I can do to stop you from doing that, but I think that’d be the end of my online activity surrounding abdl. If that’s your intention, then so be it. Though, I try my best to spread positivity, and to help others. I hope that my efforts will one day be rewarded.


Is there anyone you know either in real life or through the internet that you either think would be happier if they wore diapers or would have a higher quality of life by wearing them? I’m especially curious if said person isn’t ABDL at all.

I don’t think that diapers do anything for someone who isn’t into them. With that in mind, wearing diapers probably wouldn’t make them happier or increase their quality of life.

I asked my first partner whether she wanted to share a special intimate time with me, in exchange for doing the same for her. She agreed to that, and we overall had a great time ageplaying. Though, it was one-sided. Later, I asked a close friend whether she wanted to ageplay with me. It was really fun for me to see her like that, but she didn’t like it and asked that I don’t request it again. I recently brought ageplay up with a close (male) friend, and he thought it was strange. He was interested in seeing me in all those pretty dresses, but he also commented that seeing diapers on me did nothing for him.

This Ask brings up a deeper question, though. What compels me (and maybe you?) to want to wear diapers and do other baby stuff. The way that I look at it, ageplay is something that we can acquire during (childhood) development. I think that it is not possible to (fully) acquire it in adulthood. Through association, a partner can maybe begin to enjoy diapers when they’re always used in a safe and romantic way. Though, I don’t have any experience with this. There is at least one person who has been DM’ing me, who is not into diapers, but interested in other aspects of what I post.

I don’t think that I can fully answer your question ^^;;. For sure I can make anyone into ABDL happy by making them wear a diaper, especially if I put them into one! Do you think that I could be a caretaker?


Do you have any good spicy stories you could share about you and your shark?

The funny thing is that I’ve had a lot of dreams where I accidentally took the shark with me to random events. It’d be me, wearing my professional disguise (my adult clothes), carrying the shark in my hands. It doesn’t make much sense why I would feel embarrassed about this scenario and dream about it time and time again. Dreams are weird like that, right?

He can’t go with me into the big scary world; he needs to stay in my bed to ward off the scary scaaaries.

xD I probably should feel embarrassed about a lot of other things… Getting my diaper exposed in public, wearing childish outfits, accidentally wetting myself… There’s so many seemingly more straightforward things than taking a plushie outdoors.

Hm you asked me about ‘spicy’ stories. I once accidentally wet my bed and and half of it got on the shark. We took a shower together, and then he went into the washing machine, along with my bedsheets hihi. That was a lot of work and really annoying, but you have to look back at these things and smile.


Do you think you’ll ever do more Touhou cosplay? (With or Without diapers!)

I’m going to Japan Expo Paris this July. Most likely, I’ll take a touhou cosplay with me. Though, I haven’t decided yet which one… I can choose between Tenshi, Miko, Utsuho, and Sanae, as these are the touhou costumes that I have ^^. Let’s see what happens, right?


Would probably be a good idea to fill your blåhaj with some more stuffing, he does look a little limp. I’m 186 Cm tall so I do wish he was slightly bigger but he’s still pretty nice to cuddle with :D I named mine Jesper

Thank you for reiterating this ^^. My blahaj is very limp and needs more filling. I think that it’s the effect of washing him every few weeks, and sleeping with him every night…

You’re big! But blahaj is there for you ^^


Do you accept gifts or donations for AB things. If so, how can this be done? I noticed an old site (donating “coffee”), is it still active? For European givers only?

If you tell me what it is, I could get it for myself ^^. I really like ageplay, after all..! My friend @cofftee has sent me gifts in the past, for which I am very grateful. I’d chat with him even without the gifts xD, but he knows it. If you send me a DM you can tell me what it is.

Concerning the Ko-fi.com/coucherequin thing.. I think that it is still active. Though, I stopped promoting it when I realized that it’s not like me to ask anything in return for what I love doing. My pictures are a window into my life, rather than a commercial or promotional product. I have a paying job, so I don’t think that I need to earn anything with abdl pictures ^^

No matter what you think of me, at the very least I want to be seen as authentic and real. Because I am!

You should work on your stories, and publish them on a story website for more exposure, I want to know what happens next!

Thank you for this Ask and for the motivation. I also owe this to @itmustbefun . I’m so sorry, I’ve had so little time the last few weeks that I just can’t open up the document to work on it. I do have a lot of ideas for storylines that I want to write out to evaluate if they fit the sort of feelings that I want to go for. It’s no secret that one of the characters is based on myself, right? xD I can think of a lot of scenarios, but I don’t think that I’m very creative when it comes to characters. She’s literally me (albeit with a few details different) and a dear friend of mine.


Got my own Blåhaj recently, it’s impressive how much he improved my quality of sleep! I now understand why you love yours so much.

Thank you for this Ask, sorry for not answering Asks in quite some time… I’m glad to hear that you got yourself a shark plush, and that you are enjoying it in bed! To me, it feels like the shark plush was created for larger children and teenagers. It is still the right size for smol adults. (hm maybe if it was a little bit bigger… but I don’t mind)

Mine is really squashed from daily sleeping with him for the past 5 years… I wonder if I should put new filling inside. What do you think? 


hey how your day?

xD I assume that this Ask should be “How was your day?”. Maybe I’m just dumb for fundamentally not really understanding these kinds of chit-chat questions. Almost every day is the same when you start working full-time. Monday to Friday, it’s all the same to me. I wake up at around 7:30 am, I have breakfast with 2 slices of brown bread, covered with peanut butter and jam. I brush my teeth & floss, and leave my home by bike at around 8:30 am. At 12:30 I have lunch, and at around 18:00 I leave from work. Once every 2 days, I stop at the supermarket on my way home, to buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and bread. I have dinner at around 19:00, I shower, and during the evening I have my free time. On the weekends, I wake up at around 10 am, and spend my days either with family, or resting ^^. It doesn’t occur often that I go out to ‘do’ something. Maybe I would be happier if my days were more varied, or maybe I wouldn’t be and I’m fine.


Is it more fun to wear the simpler pattern pamps than ones with fancy designs?

Thank you kindly for this Ask. You have a lot of choice, with regards to diapers, nowadays. Even among incontinence-geared diapers, you can choose between budget options and more expensive high capacity ones. Concomitantly, you can choose between plastic-backed and cloth-backed diapers, depending on what texture you prefer ^^. The various brands of incontinence diapers do have ‘designs’, in that there will either be (dotted) patterns printed on them, or the whole diaper will have a solid color. I assume that this is done specifically to make incontinence diapers not resemble baby diapers. Though, the helplessness of incontinence appears to be an aesthetic onto itself…

Once you decide that you’d like to try out ABDL-geared diapers, you will find out that your options are even broader! Among abdl diapers, you can choose between fancy designs, scented diapers, and even diapers modelled in a way to make them better resemble resized actual baby diapers. ABDL diapers share some of the same constraints as incontinence diapers, in that they cannot be too expensive or too impractical to wear. However, abdl diapers do not have any design constraints ^^. In fact, I love it when diapers resemble baby diapers, as they make me feel like one. That’s the whole point!

To answer your question; I prefer diapers with ‘fancy’ designs, that make me feel more like a baby. Though, I have also worn incontinence diapers and ones with simpler designs, in the past. In the two pictures below, I am wearing a Rearz Incontrol, and the one below it I am wearing a Lil Squirts Splash. 


Do you mind to explain how do you diaper yourself? Are you laying down, imagine someone else is diapering you like a baby? Or are you doing it in an upright position? Like it is shown on the diaper packages? Or is someone putting you into diapers?Thank you for your blog and the effort :)

Thank you for sending me this Ask! You are actually reminding me that I want to buy a changing mat for myself. Currently I put a fleece blanket on the floor, spread out the diaper, and lay down onto it. It is really important that you fluff up your diaper before putting it in! Fluffing up a diaper means that you make the fluffy stuff inside the diaper less dense, by grabbing onto the diaper with two hands, and pushing your hands closer together, forcing the diaper into a U-shape. When you’ve done this several times, the previously densely-compressed fluffy stuff will be less compressed and even more fluffy, making the diaper overall more thick !

It is really important to put diaper cream on your skin ! It helps me to get into the mood, and usually it has a nice scent to it. ABDL is a special time, so feel free to apply a lot of cream! After you’ve taped on your diaper, you can also put on a plastic pants, to enhance further the babyish feeling. What I like to do is put transparent packing tape 2 or 3 times around my waist (on the diaper), to convince my mind that I am not taking off the diaper, and to provide a little bit extra tightness (I am too thin).

I am not pretending that someone is diapering me… that’s something which I will try next time ^^, thank you for the suggestion.


Diaper check time !

I will answer it for this time ^^. I am wearing a Rearz Princess Pink, right now. I am melting into my littlespace, and melting a little bit into my diaper in the process. I’m still kinda horni, and I wish that I could put something inside me… but I need to focus on my happy littlespace ❤️


What a super duper cutie you are!! Hope you e been doing well

Thank you kindly for this compliment 💖💖

I am doing well ^^. I am going to visit Budapest (in Hungary) soon, and I am looking forward to that! I should be reading into the history and culture of that city, a little bit more, to make sure that I am well-prepared. I wonder if I should take a few (non-abdl) diapers with me in my suitcase? I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking abdl diapers, in case that there’s a random baggage check; that’d be too humiliating, whereas incontinence diapers are okay I feel.

It’s ironic, right? For the same reason, I wouldn’t take my vibe with me when I am flying xD. I guess that people sort of expect that I have one? But still I don’t want them to know that I do. It’s sad that I will have to sleep without my shark plush for several days… but I will manage ! I can be a grown up for a few days, if I set my mind to it !


Some time ago I wrote to you email, I don’t know if the email arrived at all and didn’t end up in spam, as usual ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sorry, you’re talking about my coucherequin gmail address. I did attempt to answer all my messages some days ago, though the day after everything was back again. I wish that I was an octopus instead of a shark; able to work on many things at the same time.

I do appreciate the messages that I receive. I feel that I fail people for not being able to give a timely answer to all these messages ^^… Though, I make an exception for Asks, as I do my best to answer all of those (eventually). If you want me to answer something relatively urgently, you could always send me an Ask.


Your posts, evenhanded, comprehensive, and patient responses distinguish you from many others partaking, following, or interested in this lifestyle. There is so much maturity, emotional intelligence, and broad acceptance in your responses. By sharing yourself, you add so much too many — whom I believe are struggling with acceptance of their unusual and uncommon predilections — that without you it would be just another wild fapfest.

Thank you for sending me this Ask! I don’t think that I deserve all the kind words, though let’s see about that ^^.

Edit: Ah sorry, there was an additional paragraph that I had originally written, which was apparently not saved. I will try to write it again.

I do expect myself to be emotionally mature, I think. I have much still to learn, but I am also not 18 any more. I hope that I can continue to learn and grow, as I grow older in chronological age. (Also, I hope that I can continue to look a little bit young in appearance xD…). I need to learn to better understand others, to better anticipate what they want when they say something, and to be a better overall friend or acquaintance to all who I know ^^. No matter how old I will become, I also hope that I can hold onto my precious littlespace. 

I’m afraid that I don’t feel that I can help others with their abdl acceptance issues. It never even occurred to me that what I do is strange. There was never a time that I wanted to stop wearing diapers. However, there were a few times when I wanted to stop sleeping with a plushie, because I felt that I was too old for one and it was embarrassing if I have guests over. Over time, I stopped thinking about this. I do feel it’s a little embarrassing that there’s a massive plushie in my bed, when I have guests over. So I do put the shark underneath my sheets. However, it’s not embarrassing enough to make me blush or feel genuinely bad. xD It’s strange, right? When I have guests over, I make sure to hide my vibe, but not the shark in my bed. In reality, no one would think it’s weird that I own a vibe or any kind of sex toy, whereas they may think it’s a little strange for me to own a huge plushie. Ah well. I will try to think of a more coherent answer to help others with ABDL acceptance. 

As for masturbation and pornography.. It’s a precarious balance. Without pictures of myself in diapers, I don’t think that I can attract people to subscribe to my blog. I would like you to read my theories, my thoughts, and I’d love to interact with as many likeminded individuals as possible. Am I attractive or ‘sexy’? Personally, I don’t think that I am. No one has ever directly told me that they’ve climaxed to my pictures. I’m unsure what to think about it. Nonetheless, even if people have climaxed to pictures of me, I hope that I have still inspired enough others to make this worth my time.


What is(are) your favorite store or eshop for buying diapers, etc. and can you share your experience?

I buy diapers and abdl clothing from a webshop called ABDLfactory, they have another website called ab-dl-tb-shop, but this is the same shop/company. This shop sells a lot of different kinds of diapers and usually actually has their things in stock (not a given these days). There’s a shop called eurodl which I like because they sell bags of mixed diapers, which helps me to keep my photos a little bit varied.. Also I’ve bought abdl stuff from amazon, though they keep losing my packages and refunding me 3 months later so I can’t recommend that one xD.

Sending diapers by post over long distances is expensive, so you shouldn’t take my advice on any of this unless you happen to live in the Netherlands or in Belgium, because the shipping costs may be unreasonably high. It is better for you to find a shop that is active in your region. As for local shops… I have never seen a shop sell ABDL diapers, but I will happily go into the local baby store to buy bottles, cups, and other cute accessories for myself ^^. I hope that the shopkeepers will never find out that I am buying it for a BIG baby, namely MYSELF!

There’s a German webshop called saveexpress, which I still need to try. They seem to have a really big selection. I’ve always wondered what’s up with this shop. They seem to cater to incontinent people, but they also sell abdl diapers. I think that I would feel a little embarrassed to shop for incontinent supplies and baby-themed diapers in adult sizes… Realistically, though, incontinent people will quickly learn about the existence of ABDL, and they’ll just have to deal with. Maybe it is even encouraging or enabling to see young handsome women and men have fun wearing diapers, as a source of positive energy, instead of dreading it from start to finish. Nonetheless, I don’t want to bother anyone, so I will not specifically seek out people who are incontinent to ask them about this topic. ABDL can be seen as weird. To understand it, you need to read into a whole bunch of topics like safespace / littlespace, DDLG (caregiver dynamics), and diaper fetishism. My blog can’t provide the necessary information to understand ABDL, so it is best that I stay far away from a non-ABDL audience.


Hiii sorry if this is weird lol but your content is so cozy and wholesome, it makes me feel really like, “safe”, is the best way I can describe it. I get stressed easily but it helps me feel all loosey goosey to read about your thoughts on littlespace stuff, or just things in general ^^

Thank you kindly for this message ❤❤️. At the top of my blog, it says that this is my “safespace” ^^. With that, I kinda intended to avoid getting negative messages, though it is also true in the other sense in that I try my best to show the fun and relaxation that I have in my littlespace !

Littlespace is my stress relief, I think. My work is kinda mega stressful, but I usually don’t feel stressed because there is a nice balance in my life of accomplishing stuff during the day and having a lot of fun in my free time, either with or without diapers ^^. It’s not only sexual fun, of course (which I try not to talk abour or show in my blog)… Littlespace is pure bliss for me when I am in my element. Sometimes I wish that I could be a baby forever.. but what my mind probably wants is to be babied for a day or two full-time by someone.


Horny question, but would you ever let someone pee in your diaper, or use your diaper as their pail? (Like stuffing a balled up wet diap down the back of the one you’re wearing)

I’m a lil hesitant to answer hornii stuff, cus it’d probably lead to even more of such questions. I’m not oblivious to serving as fap material, but I’d rather not.

I’ve fantasized about a guy sticking his thing in the back of my diaper and flooding it… Also about being forcefully diapered into an already wet diaper (and locked into it with a chastity belt)… But these thoughts are too horni for my baby brain and I shouldn’t think about them >_< , I am a wittle bwaby and I am too young to do any of that!


I wonder, have you ever did pee-fetish related things without a diaper ? If so, did you like it ?

Thank you for this Ask!

I’m not so sure about what you asked. I understand the commonalities between ageplay, diapers, desperation, and pee/omorashi. There’s stuff like omorashi omutsu which combines aspects of all of this. However, I don’t think that I would enjoy peeing myself while not wearing a diaper. I wear diapers to help me feel like a wittle bwaby

Others will experience ABDL in different ways. That’s fine. I hope that you can find out which aspects that you like most ^^. When I was first trying out diapers as a kid/teen, I didn’t have many of the “baby” luxuries that I have now. Consequently, I wasn’t sure what I was missing out on. It turns out that my inner desires are to be as real of a baby as possible. You see? It’s not about pee; it’s that I pretend to be incontinent while I’m in littlespace!

So, um… how bout them sharks?

My shark gets lots of love every day ^^, but judging from his facial expression I’m still not sure if he likes it!


Your pics are all cute ofc, but I really like your style of writing and just how you put your thoughts into text. It’s really nice to read

Thank you kindly for the compliment ^^. For tumblr, I try my best to write in a way that seems kind, caring, and involved. I care about you, and I want you to grow and thrive. I’d love for you to wake up energized and full of motivation every day (and maybe wearing a diaper ^^). Ageplay recharges me so that I can handle another week of doing adult stuff. I’m already looking forward to when I’m going to sleep later today, cus I will wear a cloth diaper with a plastic pants, and sleep with my paci and my shark plush!


I wish i could take sharkies place 😜

Are you sure about that, hun? ^^ He doesn’t get nicely treated by me, most of the time. He’s the best plushie that I ever had, because this shark is the ideal size and shape for an icky adult like me to sleep with. I’m around 1 meter 75 tall (I really wish I was smoller), while the shark is around 1 meter long. I should really add some new plushie filling to him, he has become quite flattened by sleeping with him so often… What do you think, huh?


Hello ! Did your shark also wets the bed and need to wear diaper sometimes ?

The shark cannot wear diapers, he has a tail that gets in the way ^^. He spends the night in my arms, pressed against me ! The shark gets a lot of love, and I think that he gets photographed more than more other plush sharks


On the scale of 1 to 10 of how cute you are, you’re definitely an 11

xD you’re saying that because I wear diapers. I’m kinda mediocre when I’m not wearing one. But it’s okay, I feel ‘complete’ when I am wearing a baby-themed diaper ^^, so cute and comfortable