Have you ever visited Japan or would you like to visit in the future?

I’ve not visited Japan yet. I’m not sure if I ever will visit Japan. I know a little bit about its classic history, but I’m mostly familiar with a niche part of its contemporary culture, i.e. otaku stuff. It’s really dumb of me to focus on only that part. It’s like only knowing America for its fastfood restaurants. There’s so much more to it than that!

With that narrow stereotype in my mind, I can only realistically be disappointed by reality, I’m afraid. What I should be doing is widening my horizon and learning more about the world… I was never the travelling type, but I can still study the world around me through the literature ^^

Have you seen that you can get cloth diaper with a shark tail? Maybe it’s something for you. Don’t know if the link workshttps://lilcomforts.com/products/blue-shark-adult-cloth-diaper

Those shark-themed cloth diapers look really really cute ^^. I think that I’m good in terms of abdl stuff right now. My home is getting a little full of all my stuff. There’s a lot of diapers that I still would like to try out and take pictures with !! Half my closet is diapers and abdl stuff right now xD, I’m such a happy little.


Woah I just read the ask that said you made music. That’s pretty cool! Could we know where to find it? Also, I’m sorry if this is a personal question(please don’t answer it if it is!!), but where are you from? Your bio says that you’re currently staying in Belgium, but you don’t really look Belgian in your posts

Hello, thank you kindly for your Ask! I will try to answer it as much as I can ^^. I don’t mind personal questions.

Unfortunately I don’t want to link to my music from this blog, because the music is released under my real name ^^;;. I do the music for fun, though I wanted to associate it with my own identity.

I’m living in Belgium, but I’m Dutch. Almost the same, but still very different. In my pictures I tend to go for that Japanese otaku aesthetic, but it’s not who I really am. I dress more normally outside of this blog


(I am sorry, Mrs. Kittycat, that we could not be together longer. I miss you every day. Rest in peace).

What diapers do you like to wear? I dont mind which brand but I wanted to know since im kinda new to this stuff (I sound so cringy…)

Ah oops, I’ve been a little inactive the last few days…

Thank you for your Ask, nonetheless. I’ve worn dozens of different diapers but nowadays I really prefer ABDL diapers like the Rearz Princess Pink, Littleforbig Baby Cuties, Little Dreamers, Bambino Cloudee, Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, etc. I’ve had some of my most intense orgasms in these diapers because they press all the right buttons for me in terms of ageplaying and being able to wet them.

Don’t feel intimidated by stuff for being ‘new’, though ^^. It’s all supposed to be for your enjoyment! I can have fun in regular incontinence diapers that don’t cost as much. I do keep a package of tena slip maxi/ultima in my closet for when I want to wear a simple diaper for a few hours. I’m not into pull-ups myself, but others do enjoy these a lot and they’re easy to get, as well. Occasionally I’ll put on a cloth diaper and wear it to bed, without wetting it. Wearing a cloth diaper with a plastic pants, sucking on a paci, wearing a cute pajama and sleeping with my shark plush makes me forget that I’m an adult !!!


Have you ever tried or wanted to try baby formula or any infant foods?

I love drinking baby formulae ^^. It’s really tasty and it has a very distinct flavor from regular milk! If you haven’t tried it already, I can recommend it. Though, the packages do tend to be fairly large, because of their intended use. I make my milk thicker than what you’re supposed to, so that I can finish the powder before it spoils. Infant food is also really tasty, but here I find that I can cook similar stuff on my own cus they’re just vegetables and fruit usually.


First of all, thank you for your nice blog and taking your time to answer our questions. Since you mentioned you like to watch animes. What are your 3 favorite animes? Have you watched Swort Art Online?

Thank you for sending me this Ask ^^. I’m glad that I am getting friendly and interesting questions. I tend to watch slice-of-life anime similar to Kobayashi’s Maidragon, New Game!, Girls’ Last Tour, and shows like that. They make way too many anime each season for me to sit down and tell you which one I liked so much I’d want to rewatch it xD. Why rewatch when there’s always something new to discover?

Sword art online is a very depressing and stressful anime, in my opinion. I watched the first episode and did not continue it.

Please send cookies.

xD I feel a little ashamed to say that I’ve never photographed a cookie before. I actually went to look into my photo archive, but could not find anything with cookies. I have occasionally photographed food, though. The pic below contains a Halloween-themed Éclair on top of a hand-painted boerenbont plate. xD I have such classic tableware


Where are your favorite places to go cycling?

I love cycling where there’s no cars ^^. Sometimes I think that cars are a transient thing; a concept that has come to humanity fairly recently, but one which will also depart us again in the near future. In contrast, more personal transportation like bikes will stay with us forever. I also think that humans need a bit of daily exercise to stay healthy. Our ancient forefathers got their daily exercise by hunting and scavenging for plants, mushrooms and animals. When you go out for a daily walk or a daily bicycle trip, you may be mimicking what are ancestors did. In Dutch we say “rust roest”, which literally means “rest rusts” in English. Can you think of what that may mean? ^^


What’s your 2nd favorite animal? Seems like sharks are your first 😋

I really like cats and keeping one as a pet. My late cat passed away in November 2019. It made me very sad to say goodbye, but it was in her best interest. After I moved to my new home, I tried to adopt a cat, but she got very ill immediately after I got her and I could not take proper care of her due to lack of time. I made the tough decision to give her back to the shelter, who found a new home for her with someone who did have enough time.

This leaves me without a cat right now. I would like to try again to adopt and house a cat as a pet. I feel that I will have to move again before I can properly house a cat. To move again, I will need a job with better long-term security, as my current job is fixed-term. It’s not that I can’t afford it, but there’s a clear difference between being able to afford something and making a well thought out decision.


What’s your nighttime ritual in littlespace? Does regressing help you sleep?

When I go to bed, I wear a pajama, sometimes I wear a onesie underneath, sometimes a cloth diaper (only for comfort). Sometimes I’ll sleep with a dummy, though I’ve never been able to wake up with it still in my mouth. I always sleep with my shark plush, unless he’s in the laundry. It’s very sad when my shark plush is being washed, because he needs to dry for 1 or 2 days, which means that I have to sleep without him for 1 or 2 nights 😭

Anyway.. it makes me feel at ease to hold the shark plush in my arms when I sleep.. I think that’s the most important aspect ^^


First off I love that you answer so many ASK’S you rock, I’m new to your blog but I’m a big ABDL fan. So my ask is what kind of camera do you use when taking your pictures? And do you have someone who helps you with editing or is that you? I’m asking because I think the work is wonderful the pictures look pretty much professional.

Thank you for sending me this Ask. I noticed that people appreciate it when I interact with them through Asks. It adds a personal touch to my messages and I feel that I can write a more elaborate response versus private chats. Also, when people write me an Ask, it tends to have been thought about for more than a few seconds, which is always good xD

I used to use a (aps-c) Canon 100d up until the beginning of 2018, at which point I bought a fullframe Sony A7. I have a 50mm f/1.8 lens for both of these cameras. I retired the 100d to become my webcam for video conferencing. I talk quite often with friends online, so I bought a condenser microphone some years ago. Expectedly, my webcam and audio on Zoom tends to look a lot better than those of my colleagues xD.

I really liked the 100d, though I’ve always wanted to go fullframe to get the most out of photography. The Sony a7 is a deprecated model and even back in 2018 you could get it really cheap (in comparison with other fullframe cams). The A7 is on a whole other level. It is not a rookie camera, but if you know your way around photography then it is a marvelous camera. Limitations of photography (light, light, and light) still apply, so using any random flash will instantly turn any camera into a good camera ^^. If the (sun) light is good, then flash isn’t needed

The picture raws are edited by me in capture one. Thank you for calling the pictures professional-looking ❤️❤️


Has ABDL helped or hindered your self image? Personally speaking, ABDL is helping me to see myself from a much softer, more forgiving perspective. Do you expect yourself to accept this kink whole-heartedly now or in the future? Or have you reached a level where self-acceptance is no longer an issue?

It’s difficult to say, because I haven’t ever lived without wanting to wear diapers. This question is better suited for someone who found out that they liked diapers and/or ageplay well into their 20s versus having grown up with it.

I think that I accept myself liking diapers and ageplay entirely? I’m not preventing myself from doing it. If anything, I want to make time for it more often. As you grow older and your life stabilizes in terms of relationships and jobs, I suspect that you’ll feel more at ease with yourself. Job- and money wise I’m super safe right now, and my future prospects are relatively good. I still have big desires like wanting to start a relationship and a family with someone, wanting to purchase a house, and wanting to have a long-term job contract, but none of this is being affected by me liking diapers. I’m at the stage of my life where I still think that I will live forever. At some point, that illusion will have to be shattered, but I still have some time left. I’m a healthy well-rounded adult ^^, until I ageplay then I become a little.


Do you like to regress with shows and cartoons for younger audiences? If you do what do you watch? (I watch Thomas the tank engine, my childhood fav 🚂)

I really like shows for older kids. My little pony (friendship is magic), Gravity falls, Bob’s burgers, Steven Universe.. but I also watch anime ^^. As long as you feel relaxed while watching it, it’s good!

regarding playdates involving ageplay, if its two littles playing it surely would take a more innocent and playful tone, watching cartoons together, doings arts and crafts and showing it to each other and commenting they look nice, playing with toys together as well, coming up with new games filled with imagination and glee, and even if there is enough trust tickle fights or twister? there is open space for both littles involved in play to display their personality wings and fly<3

Thank you for this Ask.

I apologize for what I wrote in the playdate Ask. I was too cruel and too misandric.

I would love to innocently ageplay with someone who I trust. Watch cartoons together, talk about silly stuff, play simple multiplayer games. The other stuff that you mentioned also sounds pleasant.

I try my best to never get angry or upset, but maybe sometimes I am ^^;;

Have you thought about writing erotic abdl stories? And do you like painting your nails? If yes what color? I hope you have a great day

I have written abdl stories. They’re tagged under ’story’. You can see it here: https://coucherequin.tumblr.com/tagged/story (probably doesn’t work on the mobile app like most of tumblr x_x)

I do want to write more abdl-related stories, but I have trouble finding the time for it. I am a good writer, but it takes me time to get into the right mindset.

I bite my nails pretty badly and that makes them kinda ugly so I haven’t ever painted them. Thank you for wishing me a great day!


I am planning on buying abdl diapers in a few days, and I would like to know : What diapers do you recommend the most ? I’m looking for something very comfy and absorbent

For ABDL diapers, I especially like the Rearz Princess Pink, Rearz lil squirts Splash, Littleforbig little dreamers, Littleforbig Baby cuties, the Bambino cloudee, and the Bambino Classico. You can see me wear these on my blog, though I’ll attach a picture of the classico and the princess pink. I don’t think that I could easily choose between any of these. I love wearing all of these diapers.


What is with these damn anons? I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

It’s fine ^^. People can send me any Ask that they’d like. I may ignore some particularly toxic, personal or lewd Asks, but they’re very rare nowadays. Answering messages and interacting with you makes me happy and I feel that it also contributes to my wish to make others happy.


What would be the first item (for your little space) you would get if money and space was of no concern? Anything goes: Babyish items, certain furniture, clothes, toys etc.

The thing that is missing from my littlespace that I would like to have most is a crib. You can tell from many of my pictures that I value my bed a lot when it comes to ageplaying. If I had a crib that I could sleep in every day, I think that I would be really really happy.

Though, I dunno if I would actually get a crib ever. I do try to weigh my ageplaying desires with keeping my home look kinda normal for when friends visit. A few plushies here and there is kinda strange but still cute. Childish pajamas same thing. However, once you get into obvious baby stuff like toys, a crib, a highchair, then it really becomes an inherent unavoidable part of your home. You wouldn’t leave your vibrator on your nightstand when your mom is coming over, either x_x.


Haiii! Hope you’re having a wonderful day 😊Is there any country/place you really wanna travel to and explore?

Thank you for this Ask! But I’m sorry, I don’t really travel for the purpose of seeing places. Instead, I would like to visit some of the people who I have met on the internet. The vice versa, me wanting to welcome those internet friends in my own home, is also true ^^.

I understand the built-in desire to see places, but there’s an aspect about my personality that is a lil strange. I would really like to produce content for the enjoyment of others. I take photos, I make music, I write, I learn, I do scientific work, etc. Being outdoors for the purpose of seeing stuff competes with the time that I can spend on the aforementioned. Of course, seeing friends also competes with that, but to me they are way more worth it than seeing old cathedrals ^^. My opinion regarding this may change in the future, though for now this is it. I do still want to go Disneyland…


How did you get started in this community?

Thank you for this Ask !

Initially I was a lurker on adisc, and also a Dutch-speaking forum. Though, I don’t find forums very useful because I feel that it’s a too ‘sterile’ place void of personality. Maybe these characteristics are a side-effect of trying to make those places safe for its members, i.e. not creepy. I’m not saying that the people on forums are such, I am saying that these are limitations of the platforms.

xD If I sign up under ‘coucherequin’ for a forum or website nowadays and post a message, I get a few PMs asking if I want to chat. Out of respect of my own time, and out of convenience, you can interact with me publicly and privately on tumblr and I’ll answer whatever message you send me in my free time ^^. Though, I simply cannot reply to every “how r u” or every “what u up 2 today” message, as I’d be chatting inane nonsense all the time. I feel that chit-chat is for getting to know a person from a blank canvas. Seeing that I have typed out an insane amount of blog posts already, you can read any or all of my blog posts to gauge where my interests lie. From there, a meaningful, lively and especially fun conversation can follow.

Anyway, so I lurked on forums for a while, then I lurked on tumblr for a while. For reasons that I don’t remember, I started posting messages and pictures to tumblr, which caught on and here we are ^^. Me showing you my diapered bum, and trying to make you happy!


Would you ever consider play dates in the future, or do you like keeping your in person little space to yourself?

I’m not sure what play dates are. You’re either talking about something similar to an actual date, a one night stand, or something like akin to ageplaying together for a day.

But I’ll assume this is really about ageplaying and not about any other possible meaning…

In that case, I really don’t know if I want to get involved in that sort of thing. I keep telling people in DMs that I’m a real person because I sometimes feel like I’m not being seen as one. I realize that I mostly publish pictures of myself to this blog, but I also try my best to let a personality shine through. It’s not only a diaper, it’s me wearing a diaper. I am telling you this because I feel that a ‘playdate’ centered around diapers or ageplaying would be exactly that. Where does my personality, my thoughts and feelings and intellect come in?

I can tell a boy to undress and lay down onto my bed. Take away all his manhood by tickling him and making him giggle. It’s you, you know? I’ll rub baby oil onto your skin, and apply powder to your crotch as you lay down onto a big baby diaper. You’ll get a dummy pushed into your mouth, and I’ll gently tape the diaper shut and tease you a little bit by slowly rubbing the front of the diaper. I’ll whisper sweet words into your ears, and prepare a bottle of formula for you. I’ll take my time to have you drink it slowly, as you lay against my chest. Afterwards, I’ll hug you tightly; one hand on your back and one on your head. I’ll kiss your forehead and tell you that you’ve done good, and that it’s naptime now. I’ll make you wear a onesie and also one of my cute pajamas! But before it’s time to sleep, I have one last present for you. My hand enters your pajama pants and firmly grabs the front of your diaper snugly. You must have wet yourself at some point, because your diaper feels a little swollen. Repeatedly my hand goes up and down; first slowly and gradually getting faster. I stick a dummy into your mouth again, and I interlock your hand with my other hand and hold onto you firmly. Your diaper is getting rubbed really intensely now. The wet padding is getting rubbed against your skin. You’re a good little boy, you know that? I whisper into your ear, telling you how proud I am of you. Excitingly you make an intense moan as you climax into your wet swollen diaper, you have your eyes shut. Oh oh you shot so much! Your diaper has absorbed all of your cum, so there is no cleanup to worry about. I give you one last kiss and wish you a good nap.

I realize that it’d be a dream come true if I were to do this with someone, or a nightmare, depending on who you ask XD…

But who am I in this? I don’t even know what I want xD

What’s your favourite nappy to wear for comfort and which one do you wear for maximum capacity, excluding booster pads or do you add them to add even more capacity? Do you have a preference for PE/PVC backed or do you prefer a cotton feel? How do you feel about wearing traditional “Terry” cotton nappy squares with nappy safety pins and plastic pants?

Ah oops, I am a little bit behind on answering Asks. The delay is from the 5~ days that I was ill in bed and from my own laziness. Sorry about that.

The comfort versus maximum capacity question you’re asking me is probably a false dichotomy xD. I wear diapers as part of regressing to a young age; for pretending that I’m a little kid. A good diaper is one that helps me to feel small and helpless. But the thing is that I don’t remember which diapers I wore as a baby and as a (bedwetting) child. I’m from the 90s, so they were probably disposable with a plastic outside. But I would not be able to know which brand or which design it was ^^. I’m too young to have used real cloth diapers with pins. I’ve tried lots of different diapers. The ones that I feel most ‘at home’ in have 4 tapes (2 on each side), a plastic outside, a white fluffy inside, and enough absorbance for 2 big pees. This makes my inner baby all happy and satisfied ^^. Turns me on just thinking about it, so maybe I’ll wear a diaper this weekend


Do you have the feeling that your AB side is something that exists in a parallel fantasy world? It’s clear that most of us keep our kinks seperate from our day-to-day life. It’s more about a parallel world where you run to to cooldown mentally and where different rules exist.

No I don’t think so. I’m a responsible adult; I pay my bills, do my household chores and keep myself healthy with good food. But ‘ageplay’ is a big part of my life in that you can see it in some of my clothing, in my home’s decorations, in what I watch, in my hobbies and in the amount of time that I spend having fun on tumblr. I wouldn’t say that it’s a box underneath my bed that gets opened once per week for an hour. I am coucherequin for real. I’m not fully convinced whether it’s a completely separate persona. But to ease the discussion; I don’t think that there’s anything physically or mentally wrong with me. I am not going to seek out a therapist to discuss this topic. I’m very resilient to stress and I can laugh at my own mistakes. Ever since I obtained my doctorate, I feel that I have become even more carefree. I do still deeply care about doing my work and my hobbies to the best of my abilities, but I now also realize that opportunities will come and go all the time. You’ll spill a lot of milk in your life ^^.

I do wonder what it’d be like if I wasn’t single. Maybe I would want to be less of a kid and more of an adult. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m single, anyway. Deep down my motivator is probably sexual arousal. Maybe if someone had sex with me and made me orgasm once every few days, I wouldn’t want to ageplay any more.. Who knows. If my body would stop producing hormones, maybe I would also stop wearing diapers.. But that’s a topic for a separate Ask.


I see you have Utsuho as your profile pic. Do you listen to Touhou arranges or play Touhou games by any chance?Also, have a wonderful day! 😊


You’re right, the girl in my avatar is Utsuho ^^, she’s so cute! I have several Touhou outfits, including Utsuho’s and Miko’s, who I cosplay as during anime conventions. You can make a guess whether I wear a diaper underneath my skirt when I’m at an anime convention !!

I can’t play the games, they are too difficult for me, but I really like the characters and the music

Are you able to have a relatively vanilla sex life or are diapers the dominant side of the sex you have?

xD that’s a very personal question.

I’d rather keep sex and diapers separate. Maybe it’d be nice to be diapered after sex to bliss out ^^ , but I’ve never done this. Who knows what will happen in the future!


Do you like the world the way it is?

xD why are you asking a baby?

I’m sorry, I can’t answer this Ask on my tumblr blog. You could send me a private message if you really want to know my thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with your question, but I think that it isn’t compatible with the purpose of my tumblr blog ^^. I would like to give you positive energy, and inspiration to further discover your ABDL side. I do this by showing you my little adventures and my own genuine fun. No paid models, no Amazon affiliate links, no Patreon or OnlyFans subscriptions, no paid Snapchat, just the real me.


What’s your top 3 animes Quinn?

Instead of a “top”, I’ll just tell you what I’m watching right now ^^, cus it’s only 3 shows.

I’m watching Violet Evergarden, Odd Taxi, and Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (season 2)

I can definitely recommend Violet Evergarden, if you’re looking for a very pretty anime!


Do you own any shortalls or non-abdl rompers? They seem like they would look really cute and childish on you.

I had to think about this, but I don’t think that I have any shortalls, dungarees or rompers right now.. I should do some clothes shopping for Fall soon.. Thank you for reminding me ^^

Though I tend to wear clothing that I prerogative call an “adult disguise” consisting of beige or grey trousers and a light coloured blouse. If you were to pass me on the street, you’d never be able to tell that I am Coucherequin, the producer of thousands of ABDL pictures ^^;;


What do you think of cute collars? Do you have one or want one? Do you braid your hair?

You mean like pet collars? I don’t have any, and I’ve never thought about them.. What are they for?

I should learn how to braid my hair ^^;; It’d probably look a lot less messy


You are literally precious!! I love your content so much 🥺

I’m precious? xD silly, I’m just me! Thank you for saying that you like my pictures ^^


What’s your favourite way to use wear, change fairly quickly or use it until it’s about to leak?

I wear one diaper innocently until it’s full. So weird, I didn’t know I leaked so much into it !! Then I will get aroused and help myself either with the shark plush, with a vibe or both ^^. Afterwards, I feel kinda done with ageplay and I go to have a half hour long shower and then sleep.


Why are you so cute? And in a perfect world, would you wear a diaper under a wedding dress when you get married?

xD Why am I so cute? I wonder if I am actually cute. I wear adult diapers, and pretend that I’m a baby.

I wonder about that second question… I mentioned it before that a partner who isn´t okay with me wearing diapers will be shown the door by me. It´s a very selfish thing to say of me, but it´s probably for the better.


This may be weird to ask, but how do you tape your diaper/what is the most comfortable way to tape your diaper in your opinion ? Because I really struggle doing that haha

I undress myself, put an unfolded and fluffed-up diaper on the floor, sit down onto the diaper, lay down onto my back, make sure that the front and back of the diaper are at equal height, then I first tape the bottom two tapes, then the top two tapes.

In the past I put the bottom tapes around my thighs, but I switched to putting them halfway the front of the diaper. I think that this leads to less leaks. The top tapes should go near the top of the front of the diaper!

When placing each second tape (of the bottom and top), I lift my bum and pull both sides together, so there’s a little tightness. If you’ve diapered yourself a few times, you’ll know where to play the first tape, to make sure that the diaper is perfectly centered on you ^^ !!


Do you prefer your diapers under clothes more or less hidden?

xD If I take pictures of a fully-clothed me, the interest in those pictures is very low. For getting people interested in my pictures, and to attain my goal of inspiring people to try out certain diapers and ageplaying activities, I do tend to show a little skin. Though, I have never published lewd photos onto my tumblr blog.

When it’s just me and there’s no need to take pictures for this blog, I do wear pajamas over my diaper. It’s not that I hide my diaper, it’s to complete the outfit and to not be cold ^^. I used to live in the Netherlands, and nowadays I live in Belgium. Neither of these places have particularly warm climates, so for most of the year you do need to wear clothing to be comfortable! So yes, I do prefer to wear soft clothing over my diaper, to be more comfortable


How did the whole shark theme get started? Was it just because of the Blåhaj IKEA plush? Did you have an interest in sharks beforehand?

I don’t remember why I went with the shark theme. I remember laughing a lot at the blahaj memes, where those shark plushies are sitting by office tables having high-profile discussions, and other funny unexpected scenarios. I got myself a blahaj plush and I ended up loving it. It’s the perfect shape and size for me, for hugging it while sleeping (and for humping it, oops). Somehow, the shark theme also became popular in Japan, and it eventually led to the creation of Gawr Gura xD, who I now have the uniform of. What a strange time to be alive.


Do you ever feel the urge to wear a diaper when you are in the middle of something like work or shopping? If yes how do you get your mind off that thought?

Thank you for this Ask ^^, it’s a very good one! When I haven’t worn a nappy for some time, the desire to wear does grow. Though, I try not to let it bother me to the point where it would harm me.

It’s like when you haven’t eaten your favourite dish in a while. You remember its flavour and how it makes you feel. You want to eat it again, and you look forward to the next time the opportunity rises ^^


If you could choose to have a secondary form of human appearance (you can choose every trait you can think of: sex, age, height, bodyshape etc.) that you can switch back and forth from whenever you choose to, what would you look like and why?

A secondary form of appearance..? You even specified human, so I cannot say shark. I would eat so many people alive xD

I dunno. I’m generally quite happy with my body’s appearance. Due to my personality and also my career, I value my intelligence and abilities a lot more than my physical appearance. I may be a young investigator, but I am an author/ co-author on 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles right now. It may not be apparent what that means to you, but let’s say that my career is seemingly having a useful output. Both looks and intelligence will eventually fade away, and both these attributes can result in new content. I would not argue one is more important than the other, but I personally value intellectual and especially scientific output to be more valuable than content produced from appearances.

In a way, ‘coucherequin’ is my secondary form; like a persona. Of course, coucherequin is real, i.e. it’s me. Ageplay is something that I enter and exit, like what you described. That doesn’t answer your Ask, though. I doubt that I would want to temporarily shift into a different age, if that would involve me losing part of my mind. Though, I think that I’d look cuter if I could shift into a smaller version of myself ^^. My Dutch heritage made me a little tall. Through the magic of photography, I try to make myself look smaller and cuter than what I am. (Though I don’t edit my pictures with photoshop or anything like that). If I was able to become the smoller and cuter version of myself for real, this would all be a lot easier!!


You mentioned you were on holiday with a friend, but I see you are back now. Do you miss littletime even more when you are away from it for a while?!

Hm yeah I am back from my time off. I didn’t mention this cus I’m not some sort of celebrity xD. I’m back when I’m back, and I doubt anyone is bothered by my presence or absence. My holiday was spent together with a good friend, who slept over at my place. This meant that I continued to sleep with my shark throughout the time. Though, I wouldn’t want to (and didn’t) bother her with anything more than that. When my friend went home, I did diaper myself almost immediately oops. Am I addicted to ageplay? Who knows


Do you use a pacifier or suck your thumb? I like to suck my thumb, either thumb. I love sucking my thumb in public and getting “caught”. Sometimes I like to wave with my fingers when I get caught.

I have a few adult-sized baby pacifiers. Some of them were given to me by a friend @cofftee , which I’m really grateful for! I’m not so into my thumb.. just reminds me that my hands are those of an adult xD. Sometimes I sleep with a dummy in, though I’ve never been able to wake up with one still in my mouth, they tend to fall out during sleep.


Does sharky have any friends?

His best friend is probably me ^^, we sleep together every day! But you’re asking about plushies, probably. No, I don’t sleep with any other plushies. I do have other plushies, but they’re like decoration of my house, sitting or standing on furniture, like the rodents on my table who stare at me when I eat °.°


You might have answered this before, but where did you get your Shark? I loooove it. Would like to get an exact one for myself.

I don’t mind answering stuff again. I have over 3000 blog posts on my Tumblr blog; I can’t expect anyone to read it all before interacting with me ^^. Also, years have gone by; I live and learn! My answers to similar questions may change from year to year as I learn about new things and go through difficult and fun activities! Stagnating your own development or solidifying your opinions too much is probably not a good thing.

The shark plush is BLÅHAJ from ikea. They have the large 1 meter one, which I have, and two smaller versions. You can either get it directly from them, or through a bunch of resellers on online shopping platforms ^^. Though, there are also similar shark plushies for sale. Supposedly, there are also larger shark plushies which were created based on blahaj, but I find them too expensive ^^;;


Please send Asks (28 Augustus 2021)

It’s kinda rainy / bad weather here, so I should stay indoors today.. Could you send me an Ask, please? we can have lots of fun together ^^


Don’t be sorry about same type of photos. You’re an adorable baby shark

Hm well when I apologize, usually it’s because I tent to take very similar-looking pictures and I rarely make any sort of selection of them. When I take 100 pictures of myself for this blog, maybe I’ll throw away a few of them, but I’ll post the 90 other ones xD. So it happens quite often that some of them will look quite similar, cus they’ve been taken consecutively

Regardless of that, most of my pictures are taken in my bedroom or in my livingroom or kitchen, there is not much variation between different “photo shoots”.. The main difference would be in the diaper that I’m wearing, and the outfit that I chose to wear ^^. I try my best to vary the outfit and the diaper, but apart from that there’s not much variation between photos


You wrote: Hm what surprises me the most is that you can’t really be active when you’re wearing a diaper, without being uncomfortable or even leaking.Have you tried Tena Slip Active -diapers? At least for me, they (boosted with Abena’s large booster) allow quite active day, like spending full day in city and walking more than 10 km during the day. After day, when coming back to hotel, there were no leaks in the extremely full diaper.

Hm well I was talking about the way that I live and work. Like cycling to work, carrying heavy delicate stuff, changing into medical outfits, performing micro surgeries, operating med machines. I’m glad that it works for you, but for active days I don’t think that wearing a diaper would be comfortable


🧐 might need to get me a shark outfit

Are you asking me whether or not you need a shark outfit? Or are you asking if I can get you one?If you’re asking the latter, I’m afraid I only have 1 shark outfit and it’s mine ^^, I would die a little if I gave my shark outfit away, cus I love it. If you were asking the former; well I dunno if you also feel like a little shark. Do you? I got mine online, there’s several sellers on websites like amazon that have it for sale!


Have you ever had diaper leaks and are there diapers you recommend/don’t recommend for their leak protection ?

Hm well every diaper will leak if you wear it long enough, but probably you’re asking about unreasonable leaks like when you’ve barely used it..

The “rearz incontrol elite hybrid” leaked almost immediately on me. Also the “attends slip 9M” leak very quickly on me due to their poor thigh fit (it only has 1 tape on each time). The tena ultima slip can only take one pee and then they’re full, the cloth-backed Abena diapers (like m3 and m4) eventually let a little bit of pee through the fabric and into your clothing (do other cloth-backed diapers do this, too?). Cloth diapers are also only good for one pee, but that’s okay, you wouldn’t want to stay in a cloth diaper for a long time anyway

Hm what surprises me the most is that you can’t really be active when you’re wearing a diaper, without being uncomfortable or even leaking. I feel really bad for people who have to use diapers for their incontinence or other medical reasons (and I wouldn’t ever want to be incontinent myself). Please know that my tumblr blog isn’t a parody of your medical condition and I don’t wear diapers to make fun of anyone. I don’t do this out of bad faith or spirit ^^;;. I feel strongly attracted to wearing diapers, but the desire is gone for a while after I’ve worn one for a few hours. When I put on a diaper, I feel the strong urge to pee a little bit into it, because it gives me a big rush when I feel the wetness on my skin and then feeling the wetness disappear. Despite the weirdness, I don’t think that I am harming anyone when I’m publishing my pictures online. If you do feel that I should change something about my pictures, please tell me in a PM or in an (anonymous) Ask.


Quinn you’ve probably heard this before but I’d love to know how you got interested in diapers/nappies c:

I’ve wanted to wear diapers for as long as I can remember ^^. Now I can do it whenever I like; I feel complete!


Did you see The new Suicide movie? And what did you think of king shark?

That does not sound like something that I would watch. You’re making it sounds SUPER bad, but I assume you’re talking about “The Suicide Squad”. I really hate the S word, and I hate it that they used it to name this film. Hm but no, I just watched the trailer and it looks really dumb in my opinion ^^;; I’m sorry.

Hii Quinn, I love listening to the rain so much better when your cycling in it very peaceful. Hope to see more videos of you cycling in the rain stay safe Qx

xD I hate cycling in the rain. It gets my hair and my clothes wet and then I arrive at work soaked and annoyed. I prefer waiting a while until the rain stops and then going.

But maybe I’ll take more videos while cycling. who knows.


What kind of bike do you have?

I’m using a bike which the university lent to me. It’s a standard women’s bike with a 7-speed hub gear °^°

I need to return it at the end of my contract, probably. I do have my own bike, but it’s in a different city right now. It’s fine for now. If something breaks on the uni bike, I can bring it to the uni’s bike workshop and they’ll fix it for me! They care a lot about their employees and making sure that everything works fine.

I don’t have a full picture of the bike, but well it’s a bike so you can use your imagination ^^. It says the name of the uni on the side.


Hiya.. when was the last time you went on a date ?

A long time ago..

Not really a date; but in about 2 weeks from now, a really good friend is going to visit my home and we’ll do lots and lots of things together! I am looking forward to it, and we will make the best of it by trying to visit restaurants, walking around the neighborhoods around my home, maybe visiting Brussels and Maastricht (do you know these cities?)

Maybe I should get a little oven for in my home, so I can prepare some baked stuff too ^^ (I only have a stove and a microwave). What do you suggest that I serve for food to my friend?

Congrats on your 3000 posts. When looking back, why did you started posting initially? And did you reach that goal (or any other goal you set along the way)?

I dunno why I started my tumblr blog. I can’t remember. I think that I just wanted attention. I was definitely successful at getting attention. I now get more messages than I have time to answer, unfortunately.

Right now, the goal of my blog is to make as many people happy ^^. So I must expose my ageplaying and tell you about my little world!


Your adorable

Am I, huh? That’s really kind of you to say that !!

I hope that I can continue looking “adorable” for a little while longer.. I’m slowly getting old ^^;;; But it’s okay.. I’m happy with the way that my body looks like, and I’m grateful for being healthy. Health is such an amazing thing to have and to cherish. 


If you could have a baby diaper big enough for a Adult which one would it be

I’m not really familiar with real baby diapers, because I can’t wear them and I don’t buy them. Sorry, I can’t directly answer your Ask.

Medical diapers are cute in their own way, and ABDL diapers have their own lil charm and they’re designed really cutely ^^. I like it when a diaper is bulky from being wet, so that I notice the diaper pressing against me all the time and with every movement that I make. I can’t close my legs, I can’t cross my legs, the diaper is there and I’m responsible for it being so wet ^^. I’m no grownup, I’m just a lil helpless baby


Is there anything you like to do you feel you don’t do well? Wonderful pictures, great choice in diapers (you need more plastic pants), enjoyable videos while travelling, Shared your cute kittys, cute stuffies… look out SHARK!What other interests do you have or do feel are developing as you grow up? (I know you say you are 30 but really just a mere three now). And speaking of growing up. Will you ever be or do you want to be potty trained?

I wish that I was a lil better at socializing and making new friends. There’s very few people who I consider as true friends, and it takes me a long time before I would consider someone as a friend. I’m unsure if it’s trust issues, previous bad experiences, my own social clumsiness or any combination of these. I’d never blame others for it. Regardless of what’s the cause, the result of it is that I’m a lil lonely sometimes (and probably why I’m still single). Those who tried chatting with me on tumblr have probably realized that I’m quite difficult to talk to…

I do have many other interests. I’m a very busy person and there’s a lot of things that I want to get done and that I want to learn. It’s too much to discuss here ^^. I do still need to develop my career to where I have a long-term contract instead of a temporary one. That also goes hand in hand with my desire to have my own apartment (so I don’t rent). It comes down to wanting to have a lil more stability in my life. For the time being, it’s okay that a lot of long-term things are uncertain, but it’s not sustainable.

I do want to develop my photography skills further. I realize that I am good at it, but I’m definitely not a professional. There’s many things that I still need to learn and I do really want to improve further.

Your last question.. just to be clear, abdl and littlespace is a fun thing for me, I am not incontinent and I don’t wear diapers all the time. I have set up my tumblr in such a way that it posts a new post every day, which makes it seem like I wear diapers every day, but that is not the case. But no, I wouldn’t want to grow out of diapers ^^. Wearing diapers makes me happy and I’ll continue doing it for as long as I am healthy. And in case I end up in a relationship where my partner is not okay with me wearing diapers, well there’s the door ^^, goodbye.

You always appear to be quite reluctant when it comes to talking about “lewd” stuff. Why is that? Any specific reason, or just the wish for the blog to remain as sfw as possible?

Thank you for this Ask. It is a fair question, I am a lil reluctant to show lewd stuff. I’m not a porn blog and my pictures aren’t pornography.

This is my littlespace and how I relax in my free time. I am showing you pictures of it, in order to give you ideas to do the same ^^. I show you which diapers I like, ABDL outfits, cute pajamas, stuffers, skirts, plastic pants, cloth diapers, plushies, blankets, dummies, bottles, soft thighhigh socks, etc.

All those ABDL thingies are meaningless objects until they’re placed in a certain context. A sofa is but a seating area, until you start to associate it with relaxation movie time, family time and friends. A diaper is but an absorbent undergarment until you realize that you can wear it (by itself or together with other stuff) to feel relaxed or sexually aroused.

I don’t mind when someone faps to my pictures, though I’m not convinced that many do cus there’s so many others who are a lot cuter than me. I primarily hope that my pictures give you ideas to further explore your own littlespace!


Where would be to have the perfect vacation? In a country with a lot of sun, near the sea? Somewhere with beautiful mountain to hike? In the heart of a big city, living the night life? In one sentence, what would be your dream vacation?

The perfect vacation is spending time with family or friends (or both).

Sunshine, the sea, mountains, landscapes, big cities, night life etc are distractions from what I think is important in life; spending time together. Even when the weather sucks, when it’s cold or hot, when it’s dark or grey outside, you can exchange stories or discuss fun topics with those that you love ^^. I’d say; don’t fall into the trap of always wanting to “do” stuff, when in reality you really just want to see your friend.

Hey there. You are so cute and nice, I like you and your blog 🥺Btw. Have you ever thought about you as a mommy? 🤔

Thank you very much for saying those nice things about me.

I’m a total baby when I’m in the mood for ageplaying ^^. If I had to diaper someone and dress them up, I think that I’d get very very jealous and frustrated that it’s not me. I want to wear a diaper and a cute outfit and drink a lot of warm milk from a bottle and fall asleep with a full warm tummy while sucking on a paci and hugging my plushie ^^. And then wake up and pee myself, totally helpless. I couldn’t take care of someone else like that.


What is your favorite stuffed animal? Can see it please?

Of course ^^, but it’s the shark, you’ve seen it in almost every one of my pictures ! He lives in my bed, and most of my pictures are taken on my bed, so the shark is a common theme of my pictures.

I should get plushie filling for it to fill it up again, I’ve squashed the shark completely flat and floppy xD


Have you ever worn a diaper under your cosplay costumes at conventions? Or are ABDL and cons two worlds you don’t wish to merge?

Maybe I have done that a few times °^°

Secretly, of course.


How’d you get into Touhou? Cute Gura cosplay btw!

I was introduced to touhou several years ago by an online acquaintance. It was a coincidence / happy accident ^^. I liked the artwork, the music and the characters. Now, I have a few cosplays of touhou characters and the interest generally stuck around! If you ever visit Dutch, or Belgian anime conventions, the Touhou cosplayer might be me xD. And yeah now I also have a Gawr Gura cosplay that I’ll probably wear to anime conventions, too!

(but please don’t talk to random people asking about coucherequin , that’d be super weird)


Hi there. You have a great page… love the cute pictures. I’m Justin, a DL/daddy from the UK… I love meeting diaper-loving girls on Tumblr/Fetlife – cause it gets the most awkward conversation out the way really quickly! :) Would love to chat and get to know a bit more about you.

Hello, thank you for this Ask. Anyone can send me an Ask on tumblr or even a private message. When sending me a private message, make sure to propose a topic to talk about so not to put the burden of the conversation on me ^^. I enjoy talking to people, though it is a lil daunting to propose a new topic each time. I’ve made a good friend on tumblr, and I look forward to maybe meet another friend


Have you ever told anyone you know that you enjoy wearing diapers? If so, how did they react?

Yes, there’s a few friends who know that I like ageplaying and some of them have seen my pictures or even my tumblr blog ^^

You know, ultimately ageplay is quite an innocent thing. You wear a diaper, use a dummy and a bottle, hug a stuffed animal, watch cartoons, wear cute clothing. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re not hurting yourself. You may find that some people think that using diapers is gross (even #1), but that is the only real criticism that I’ve heard over the years. Maybe it is a little strange at first, but I doubt that any good friend would think that it’s a big deal.

What is important is to know boundaries when it comes to friends. They don’t necessarily need to know your kinks nor the details of your kinks. Ageplay may not fully be a kink, but please treat is as one when talking about it with others. It’s not a topic that you talk about with someone who doesn’t know you very well


I’ve been wondering after reading about it on your post… who IS the character/person in your pfp?? 🤔

It’s Utsuho 😊


Thank You for rekindling the fire in my heart. I hope I did the same for you.

Did I really? ^^ It’s a really nice thing to hear; one of my blog’s purposes is to make others feel better and happier. Somehow, I am being successful at that !

I wonder what my end-game would be, anyway.. At some point I would be too old and ugly to continue publishing ageplay pictures of myself, and I would gradually disappear from the internet.. but hopefully I can still continue for some time to come


Love your style, you have the cutest jammies! Such a comfy blog✨💕🥰

Thank you for sending me this Ask and for complimenting me on my style <3. I’m really delighted to hear that you think my blog is comfy !!

Making others feel happy and more comfortable is a really good feeling. I’d wish happiness onto everyone, even those who hate me


Hi there :) First of all you have a super cute Blog :) i like your Style of Photography. And to my ask, do you have other fun kinky Interrest next to diapers? Just beeing corious :)

Thank you for calling my blog cute and for saying that you like my photo style!

I’m not sure if I have other true kinks. I’m kinda (reluctantly) reliant on a vibrator but I don’t think that’s a true kink? I also masturbate by humping on that shark plush. I’m a bit ashamed that my body now associates hugging that plush with sexual pleasure. I do like wearing tights and leggings when it’s cold outside. The tightness around my legs and thighs is really pleasant to me. Hm no I don’t think that I have other kinks. Diapers and ageplay are already extreme kinks, so I would never call myself vanilla. If I would do lewd things with someone and they happen to be into shibari then I would probably comply and join ^^


What are your favorite animes to start out with? I really dig the drawing style, but the whole “magic and fights” thing just isn’t my cup of tea I’m afraid 😅

If you’re not into fighting and magic stuff, there’s many other categories more suitable ^^.

You can take a look at “slice of life” shows and other non-action shows, like Kobayashi’s Maidragon, Yuru Yuri, Haruhi Suzumiya, Blend S, Chi’s Sweet Home (kids show), Fruits Basket, GochiUsa, Cells At Work (Hataraku Saibou), Hikaru No Go, Initial D, Ichigo Mashimaru, Inuyasha, Kemono Friends, K-On!, Non Non Biyouri, New Game!, Yuri on Ice, Wolf & Spice, Wolf and Spice, Watamote, Toradora, Saki, Rozen Maiden, etc.

I could list a lot more shows.. but it’s kinda pointless cus it’s not possible to watch them all xD. and some of these shows are already kinda ‘dated’ in that they’ve been surpassed by many newer shows. The animation styles changed a lot over the years and generally got a lot better and more detailed. Though, this also depends on the available budget. A show like “Girls’ Last Tour” had a tiny animation budget and is a lot less detailed compared to the comic books. But then there’s shows like “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” or “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” which did have a big animation budget..

Have you had extended “diaper sessions”, e.g. over the weekend, during which you wear day and night?I sometimes (when the rest of family goes somewhere, or if I am on a work trip) have those, but unluckily, after a couple of days, it gets boring, so I just stop wearing.

I’m satisfied after a few hours of ageplay ^^. My motivation for wearing diapers is also gone for a few days after that. I do always sleep with my shark plush, though (that’s also ageplay, right?).

I’ve heard from others that they can wear diapers for days or weeks. I’ve never tried it myself, but it does not seem like something for me. Everyone is different, I don’t mind that others like this ^^. In fact, I’m glad that they do find this enjoyable! Maybe I would be reduced to an actual babybrain if I wore diapers for too long  °^° !!


Thus protected, you can enjoy the diaper much longer. And the sticking of the plastic pants on the skin constantly reminds you that you are hiding a little secret under your clothes.

This ask is a continuation on your previous Ask, I believe. It sounds like you’re trying to give me your experience with wearing plastic pants ^^. I appreciate to hear your insight! I definitely have a long way to go before I understand everything about ABDL and how other people enjoy it in their own way.

Hope you doing fine and are well padded!Just out of curiosity: are you Asian? Not that it matters; and of course I don’t want to offend anyone. Just genuinely curious because of the way you have your hair cut

I’m full-blood Dutch; tall (1m75), thick thighs from cycling, weird accent when speaking English, and very direct / rude to people.

I’m just a weeb in my aesthetics. It’d be helpful if I was more polite like what is common in Asian cultures °^°


In fact, you look very attractive wearing a pair of plastic pants over your diaper. Please allow me to share my personal experience without invitation. Since a very full diaper feels fine but leaks with awkward movements or positions, an extra pair of plastic pants allows you to fill a diaper to its maximum without wetting the bed or clothing.

xD hm okay. I don’t think that a plastic pants over a disposable diaper is of much use. A disposable diaper always leaks around your thighs, and a plastic pants doesn’t stop anything there cus it’s not like it’s actually watertight around your legs

Plastic pants were originally intended for cloth diapers. When I have a plastic pants on in my pictures, I am doing it for the aesthetics ^^.


Since your passion obviously comes from within, I would like to ask you how you discovered it yourself and tried it for the first time. Were you ashamed when you discovered your passion, or were you delighted to have found a source of joy.I think it would be a fair trade if I allow you to ask a counter-question for each of your answers, to which I must respond as honestly as you did.You posed a question to me as a viewer of your images some time ago, “Do I really look that cute in plastic pants?

I’m sorry that I’ve been holding onto this Ask for so long. I should have answered it earlier!

I do really like diapers and ageplay, it’s really really genuine. I’ve liked this ever since I can remember, though my early memories are kinda blurry and probably not accurate. So I would not say that I “found” a source of joy, because it has always been there, like how you cannot find out that you have 2 legs.

What has changed over time is my devotion to it. In the past I did not have as many ABDL thingies to indulge myself into. Nowadays I can go all goo goo gaga and pee my diapers as much as I want xD


Is your hair color natural? It’s beautiful raven black.

It’s dyed hair. My own hair is brown. If you go back to my older pictures, you can see it ^^. But I’ll post two of those pictures here for you to see.


Long term mammalian health… So, if you had to guess, do you think comfortable human life spans exceeding 300 years are possible for people born this century?

Hm well, without going into too much detail; there’s a difference between average lifespan and maximum lifespan. So far, what medical sciences has tried to do is increase (healthy) average lifespan. This endeavor has been fairly successful at increasing the average lifespan from 30-50 years in pre-history to its current 80-90 years. We know that humans are capable of becoming at least 122 years old. In terms of medical advances, the average lifespan could then still be increased up to (at least) 122 years.

You can increase your own long-term health by applying fairly basic living styles: eating fruit and vegetables daily, keep meat to a minimum, no trans fats, keep BMI around 18.5-20, no smoking, low salt intake, minimal or no alcohol, daily 15-30 min exercise, enough daily sleep and rest, minimize stress. These things all seem to obvious, but simultaneously it appears nearly impossible to maintain.

Attempts at actually increasing maximum lifespan are rare and afaik none are applicable to humans at this moment.

So to answer your question; a 300 year lifespan would mean increasing maximum lifespan, and this is not possible at this moment. I can suggest you to read Mikhail V Blagosklonny’s manuscript on pseudoprograms. It goes over misconceptions surrounding ageing and offers an alternative more likely way of approaching it.

Can we diaper check you?

xD Well you could, but I am not wearing a diaper right at this moment
:<. I should really take new pictures of my ageplaying soon. I haven’t taken any new pictures for some time, already, and I owe it to you to have new pictures..

Instead, I will send you two (old) pictures of me wearing a Rearz Incontrol with plastic pants on top ^^. I know how much some of you like wearing plastic pants over your nappy!


In your fantasies, do you imagine having a mommy or a daddy? If so, which one of the two?

I honestly don’t know any more. I am a happy person, though simultaneously I don’t really see how anyone would ever like me in that way. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of trust on my behalf, too many previous dead-ends or just a general lack of interest for me to seek out a meaningful relationship. I know that the question didn’t come from a relationship POV, but I think that a mommy or a daddy often ends up becoming the partner in ABDL. Do you agree?

But you know. I made it a goal that my blog exists in part as a source of happiness to you. No matter the hardships we face, we have to find a way to be happy and be thankful for what we have ^^. Before you know it, it’s all gone.


Which adult/mature cartoon do you prefer to watch? between the one you cited on your “ask post” (my little pony/gravity fall/Steven universe/bob’s burger) or some other like BoJack horseman, the owl house, amphibia, adventure time? They are the first to come to my mind

I have watched parts of My little pony (friendship is magic), Gravity falls, Steven universe, Bob’s burgers. In addition, I’ve also watched parts of Family guy and American Dad.. Though I rarely have time to sit down and watch these kinds of things, unfortunately 🙁

I tried watching Bojack Horseman but it is not for me. I don’t know about Owl house, Amphibia and Adventure time yet.

I do watch a lot more anime than I do American/European cartoons ^^. In my opinion they tend to be a lot cuter !


Oh my. That bike path looks like so much fun.

Yes, right? 😁 😁 🦈

I like biking and I should think of a way that I can film my little biking adventures better and more stable. Do you know how I could do this?

During those biking videos, I was holding my phone in my hands and using the wide-angle camera to make it a little bit more stable. The camera that I use to take pictures (Sony A7) can also take videos but I’d rather not use it to film bike rides with in case it falls.. My wounds will heal when I fall, but my cam won’t heal itself :(. On my previous camera, I broke a 50mm f/1.8 lens when I fell. It wasn’t expensive but it still felt bad because I had taken so many good pictures with that lens. The camera itself was fine and I currently use it as a webcam (with its 18-55mm kit lens)

I really like cameras, can you tell? But I wouldn’t buy anything hyper expensive; beyond a certain point the most important determinant of a good picture is the person who took it, anyway. The Sony A7 is fine for now; it’s a strong fullframe camera body and I have both the 28-70mm and the 50mm f/1.8 lens for it. I am interested in the Batis 85mm f/1.8 lens, but it is kinda silly expensive, so it will have to wait until I have a more stable job than my current temporary contract..


Magnets work because of something called virtual photons, these virtual photons pop into existence to deliver the forces of a magnetic field and then immediately pop back out of existence, photons are what are called excitations of the electro-magnetic field and this are the fundamental particles of that field(you may have heard of the Higgs boson giving things mass, no, interaction with the Higgs field gives things mass, crazy people at cern smashed things together so hard that the universe broke and made a higgs boson) but since we’re all just dumb babies the answer is magnets are cool

See? here is a good explanation of how magnets work °^° !!

In a superconducting MRI magnet, 50 kA worth of magical pixies are dancing around the coil and are making a BIG magnetic field.


Which parts of science do you find interesting? Do you believe we’ll figure out everything eventually? Which recent development excites you the most?Also, how do magnets work? It’s like magic.

“Science” is huge, though as far as I understood it, most money is in medical sciences / pharmaceutical, chemical, physics and electrical/RF stuff. I’m strictly into medical sciences, and in particular long-term mammalian health. I couldn’t really tell you what I exactly work on cus you could google my name in 5 seconds. I’m an author on 9 peer-reviewed publications now and I’m working / collaborating on several manuscripts which will be submitted at some point.

I like the recent advances in DNA/RNA sequencing technologies. It has become so cheap that it is almost a mundane lab technique. Its cheapness also is leading to creative ways to apply the technology which were previously prohibitively expensive. Even on a consumer level you can get your whole genome read at high quality for like 500€, it is really astonishing. You could use that data now and in the future whenever new discoveries are made.

I dunno how magnets work. It is some sort of permanent charged state that can interface with electrical fields. It makes no sense to me but of course it has a good physics explanation.

Do you think we’ll ever be able to make a magnetic monopole?

You might as well ask an Eight ball xD. How is a diaper-wetting adultbaby supposed to know this?


Thank you for sharing your passion for diapers. I think you are one of the few people who have enough courage to do this. You let others see a bit into your secret life and risk being identified and embarrassed. I can assure you that I do not intend to do that and I will protect your privacy. If I ask you a question, I will be happy to receive an answer, and if you do not want to answer me, I will accept it. (because of the limited size of this box I will send a additional question)

What did you mean, though? There’s lots of people on tumblr who share pictures of themselves wearing diapers. If I were to describe myself, I would say that I am maybe more involved in interacting with my readers and followers. I am a real person and I am very happy that others do see me as one. My Asks are always open and (occasionally with some delay) I will answer almost everything ^^


Do you like swimming? What’s more fun, a swim in the ocean or a swim in a lake?If you could travel to any beach in the world, where would you go?

I’m not fond of swimming, sorry. I know it’s ironic considering the shark theme of this blog. The reason I don’t like swimming is because I am a little bit germophobic, which means being afraid of germs (not Germans). Last time I swam in the sea must have been when I was 10 years old. I swam in a lake for the last time when I was 20, I think. It also must be years ago since I last swam in a swimmingpool. To answer your question; I’d rather not swim in the sea nor in the ocean, though maybe the sea is a little cleaner… Keep in mind, though, that I’m very biased by only knowing the North Sea. Its water is kinda brown/grey. The lake I swam in was Lago Maggiore in Italy which also had kinda brown water, yuck. I’ve never seen a tropical beach with clear water. If those places actually exist, then maybe that’d be okay to swim in ^^.

I’d love to visit Mont Saint-Michel. This is a little French community on a tidal island off the coast of Bretagne. Have you been there before?

Let’s assume I’m a 6 year old boy, who meets the great scientist woman, i.e. you. Please explain to me, in concepts that 6 year old boy understands: how the electric bike works and why you don’t get electric shock from it, if you ride when raining?

xD Who are you talking about? You mean this diaper-wetting baby shark? I dunno how an electric bike works, but sometimes I wish I had one.

The battery makes the little pixies dance and flow through the wire towards the electric motor. The dance excites the electric motor and it start to spin to release its happiness!!


Do you have a favorite species of shark? I’ve always liked both the Great Hammerhead and the Great White.

I’m vanilla when it comes to sharks, I like the classical great white shark. Presumably that’s what the ikea blahaj was modelled after. The most important characteristic is the shape, though. It’s exactly the right shape to hug !!


What is your favorite Belgian food, and what kind of chocolate do you like?

I like vol-au-vent a lot. It’s a savory pastry filled with vegetables, mushrooms, and meat. It’s covered in a thick sauce and heated up in the oven. Usually, it is served with fries and a salad. Alongside, one drinks a local beer. Eating this in the company of friends and during exchanging stories makes the food much more delicious!

about chocolate.. I’m not so picky, though I do prefer praline 


Hope your ok baby’s tend to fall sometimes how’s the weather there do you live near the ocean

Hm well it kinda hurt when I fell off my bike. I’m not hurt hurt, but I’m still sore all over. I was planning on taking pictures of myself in the 26-27 june weekend, but I have bruises and a wound on my leg which are not photogenic at all. I hope to be able to take new pictures of myself next weekend when I’m healed up.

I don’t live near the ocean, I’m afraid. The ocean is about 1:30 hour travelling away from me. The weather is the same as in Netherlands xD; like most of continental West Europe. Not too warm, not too cold, lots of rain in Spring and Fall, little bit of snow in Winter and draught in Summer. That plus 2 weeks of heatwave per year. The first week of heatwave was last week. I can say this many times: I’m a really happy person and there’s nothing that I could complain about ^^. Life is fun and filled with little pleasures and adventures. My tumblr blog is a glimpse into some of the pleasures and adventures that I enjoy. I hope that I can inspire others to find their own happiness!


What do you feel is specific to living in Belgium that you have not experienced anywhere else (can be good or bad)?

Thank you for this Ask! As a background to anyone reading this: I am Dutch and I moved from NL to BE in 2020. I’ll have to answer carefully, not to trample on anyone’s toes. Overall I think that living in Flanders is really similar to living in Netherlands. People are polite, helpful, caring, and they speak something that sounds like Dutch. What more can I ask for? The social structure is equivalent and I have a good understanding of how the society works, also in terms of taxation, insurance and social security.

Cultural differences are present, of course. In my opinion, most of them are fairly subtle. A striking one that people usually mention is the lintbebouwing. This is a method of laying out villages where all houses are alongside a small number of long roads, making the village very thin but very long-stretched. This is in contrast with villages which are like a circle. As distances between two points are thereby increased, people are often reliant on cars. The majority of people do seem to have cars. Within cities, I feel that most trips can still be made by bike, and really I’ve been fine so far. Public transportation by bus and train is excellent and really cheap. Belgium is a little bit poorer than neighboring countries and this becomes apparent in that public places tend to look a bit dilapidated or dirty, though this is mostly the case in Wallonia and not so much in Flanders.

Belgium was hit quite badly during both world wars, and most of the major cities were destroyed. The Belgians seem to find it important to restore their cities back to the original state. It’s personal taste but I really agree with this approach. The city centre of Leuven is beautiful even though lots of buildings were rebuilt after WW2. I would like to use my tumblr blog more often to post videos of my little adventures around Belgium, if that’s okay.

In terms of food and drinks, the Belgian people seem to value good food and drinks much more than Dutch people. I can only agree xD. I like white wine (especially chardonnay) and cider (especially Breton) and there’s plenty of that available. I like Vol-au-vent and all the delicious French pastries. Maybe I will even get fat while living here, who knows

I’m employed by the university and they seem to care a lot about their employees. I get all sorts of additional things from them, including a free rental bike 😊😊😊, this makes the Dutch person very happy cus bike + free stuff!! My home is tiny but it’s very cheap and very luxurious and it’s inside the city centre. My internet is fast (for Belgian standards, it’s 100/30mbps, some of you probably have 10x that).

To get back to your Ask specifically, what I haven’t experienced anywhere else.. I dunno. From what I’ve seen most of Western Europe is really similar and the subtle differences are exaggerated. Different cities will have unique landmarks or building styles but that’s really not the point. Right now I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint any one particular thing that stands out to me, I’m afraid. I’m a happy person and in reality I have nothing to complain about. I can live perfectly fine in Belgium ^^


Could you take some photos in pull-ups?

Well I could if I bought a pack of drynites, but I’m afraid that I’m not really into pull-ups. Probably, I will not take pictures of me wearing pull-ups any time soon. I agree that bedwetting pull-ups tend to have really cute designs. However, in my experience they tend to feel like thick underwear. The “I’m a helpless little baby peeing myself” feeling isn’t there when I’m wearing pull-ups. I think that it is also related to how easy pull-ups are to take off, whereas in a taped-on diaper you’re stuck in it until it is time to take it off.

I do look at other people’s ABDL pictures on tumblr and I do feel jealous of how cute they look in pull-ups. I think that I will stick to my BIG baby diapers with tapes for now, but who knows what will happen in the future 😊


What was your favourite high school course?

Thank you for sending me this Ask! XD highschool was a long time ago for me. I was 17 when I left highschool (I only did the Dutch “HAVO” which is like the middle-level). I’m 30 right now. Time flies, huh?

I liked biology class most. I didn’t end up studying or working in a classical ‘biology’ related thing. Biomedical sciences, in which I do work, finds its origin in biology, and it definitely still shares some aspects of biology. Though, ultimately I wouldn’t bunch together the people who studied biology and those who studied biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering or something like that. Medical sciences has (rightfully so) a strong emphasis on mammalian biology and biochemistry as we humans, our farm animals and our pets are mammals. Over time I did get fully invested into understanding mammalian biology over (for instance) avian or reptilian (… starting to sound like Pokemon now). Nonetheless, I understand that mammalian biology is strongly reliant on other kingdoms of life like fungi (for making beer, bread, wine), bacteria (infections, for synthesizing medication), virii (infections, genetic vectors), plants (food, coffee, decoration) and even archaea (symbiotic cleaners) and protozoa. I admittedly don’t read as much outside my own expertise as I used to, but I’m still very interested in understanding the (biological) world around me and how it all fits together. The human mind seems to find comfort in having an answer to the things we observe, and I’m no exception to that.


For you, what are the characteristics of a diaper that make you feel like a cutesy baby? His bulkiness, how it expand, it’s squishness when it’s wet?

There’s something about the design (the physical hourglass shape) that makes or breaks it for me. Crinklz diapers have a really cute print in my opinion but they tend to “ride up” on me. This makes me want to run my finger along the inside elastic band of the diaper, and pull that part of the diaper back to the side once in a while. I suspect that this is because of the width of the middle part of the diaper being too narrow? The Rearz Princess Pink diapers don’t do this. I don’t have a direct size comparison of these two diapers, but by looking at these two pictures, the Princess Pink does look much wider compared to the Crinklz Astronauts. Both diapers are amazing, don’t get me wrong ❤️

Hm sorry the original question was what about a diaper makes me feel like a little baby. There’s another question in my inbox right now on pullups which is related to this. I suspect that the diaper “seed” was planted in my mind by a tape diaper whereas this was done by a pullup in other people. Does that make sense? Whatever the initiating factor was for me to start liking diapers, it must have been a thick tape-on diaper. I’ve been meaning to ask my mom about the period that I wet the bed but I haven’t gathered the courage for it yet. I wet the bed until around age 7-8; little kid coucherequin must have been too big by then for actual baby diapers and instead (probably) used hospital diapers for older kids. Around this age, sexual orientation and fetishes are formed, I think. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to consider that a diaper, with its intimateness and proximity to your sexual organs, can get associated with sexuality when applied at the right age.

As for wetness.. Some people don’t use their diapers, they pee their diapers, or they do #2 as well. I like wetting myself when I’m wearing a diaper because it feels like a rush and I like the feeling of the slightly damp material pushing against me. I’m not into #2, unfortunately, and can’t talk about it. ^^ Thank you for this Ask and sorry for the delay in answering it!