Assuming that you had to share your physical little space with another AB for 24 hours:1) What would you need to make you happy?2) Would you have any fears? If so, what are they?

It’s a super broad question that I can’t answer. If it’s someone who I don’t know, it’ll be really different from when I do know them. And even in the latter case, there’s levels of trust which would define what we’d do.

I’ve never been to an abdl-themed event like capcon, but people told me that it’s really casual and attendees are just normal everyday people…

Then there’s the general code of conduct… Even without this being in writing, you expect the people around you to act a certain way, right? You want to be treated with respect and dignity. The internet gives us a layer of anonymity that isn’t present IRL. The occasional crazy messages that I receive in my DM aren’t the sort of things that I expect anyone would tell me for realsies.

Sorry that I’m going way off topic here. My fears around abdl are insecurities that people would say or do embarrassing or uncomfortable things to me, that’d spoil it for me. Littlespace is a safespace for me. It’s so precious and fragile for me (and maybe also for others?). The pictures that I show you make me vulnerable and expose me to dangers. Rationally, it’d be best that I don’t expose this part of me on the internet, yet here I am?


What happens when your’re out and about and feel the need to pee. Do diapers cross your mind in these situations?

I’d be on the lookout for a toilet, realistically.

I’ve apologized a couple of times before but I want to apologize again to people who genuinely are reliant on diapers. I love wearing diapers and I love using them for ageplay. However, my opinion is based on wearing them in a safe and comfortable environment and at a time that is convenient for me. Actually needing them at all times, even when it’s hot and when I’m stressed or busy seems very inconvenient. Not only is there always a chance of leaking and dirtying your clothes, you’ll probably be thinking about your ‘underwear’ all day, and there’s a lot of waste in your home. Then there’s also that you can’t just wear any piece of clothing or it’ll be super obvious that you’re wearing a diaper xD. If you’re female, you can wear a long skirt or dress and it wouldn’t be obvious, but guys will have to wear loose fitting pants to not make it obvious.

I say this, considering that if you’re incontinent, you wouldn’t really notice when you’re peeing, I think? Regardless of whether you notice it not, there’s probably a need to check on your diaper regularly to feel how full it is.

So no, I don’t think that diapers are the first thing that I think about xD. Sorry for the fun-killing answer.


You seem to be wearing diapies every day now 🤔

It does seem like I’m wearing diapers every day ^^, because I post pictures to my blog every day. But in reality I can only wear a diaper once or twice per week.

To keep the engagement going, I try to post pictures to my blog every day, or multiple times per day if I’m off work. The daily pictures are coming from my picture buffer… It’s like a set of pictures that I all take on one day, while I’m ageplaying, so that I can then post them over the next weeks after that. If I didn’t do this, I’d post 100 pictures on one day and then not post anything for 4 weeks xD. That wouldn’t be very interesting. People come to tumblr every day, and they’d want to see a new post from me every day, I think.

When I’m answering Asks, I’ll use a picture from further in the past. I keep all the pictures that I’ve taken, and they’re fairly well organized.

Underneath this school uniform, I was wearing a biiiiig Littleforbig Little Dreamers ^^, a really nice diaper that will pull you into littlespace !!!


Would you dare to go on playmate with another DL?Don’t worry, I’m not asking for myself….

For answering this, I’ll assume that you meant ‘playdate’. Is that correct? To me, a playdate would be like spending a day together going to an amusement park or go shopping together while wearing a playful outfit and maybe a diaper underneath. And then at the end of the day, go to someone’s home (or hotel) and ageplay together, but without sexual stuff.

If I know them well enough so that there’s a trusting relationship, and both of us consent, then it’d be okay I think. I’d definitely allow @cofftee to diaper me xD, but maybe he also expects me to do the same


What is your favorite season? Personally I prefer fall and spring, summer is too hot to be diapered here as it regularly reaches over 35⁰c during the day

January-April is the best part of the Year, I think. During those months, lots of things are coming back to life, it’s cold but sometimes warm, and there’s a big anticipation for Spring.

When Summer finally starts proper, I have some trouble with hay fever, so it is not my favorite. I agree with you that the hotness of Summer is difficult to feel comfortable in. It doesn’t get as hot as what you mentioned, though heat waves can be brutal nonetheless…


What are your favorite diapers?

I really like the Littleforbig Baby Cuties, Littleforbig Little Dreamers, Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, Rearz Princess Pink, Bambino Classico

They’re all such amazing diapers that pull me instantly into littlespace !!!


Where do you love for shark come from?What do you prefer about them?Or do you love only your blajha?

It’s strange to think back of when I bought the shark plush. The first time that I learned about Blahaj was through internet memes of blahaj in human-like situations, like sitting by a business meeting table.

I’ve always been an adult baby. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to ageplay and wear diapers. Though, there’s been several key events that made me indulge into my desires more deeply. In 2015 I started living on my own for the first time, and then I felt more comfortable indulging into ageplay. I regularly bought baby-themed clothing for myself, dummies, baby bottles, baby food, formulae, abdl diapers.

There was an ikea at biking-distance from where I lived. So sometimes I’d just go there to walk through the shop without buying anything. I must have done this a hundred times over the 5 years that I lived there… Walking through the ikea somehow put my mind at ease, and sometimes it’d give me new inspiration and ideas. Just after I saw a bunch of blahaj memes on the internet, I was on the lookout for it at the ikea, though it was usually sold-out. Then, I spotted a random one in the goods warehouse (where you pick up your boxed furniture). I assume that a kid left it behind there, after their parents said he can’t have it or something. It wasn’t in any store-designated basket, it was just sitting in a random spot. That was my blahaj, I bought it and took it home with me.

The shark plush was a good addition to my ageplay feelings. He first just decorated my bed, but I accepted that it was okay to hold him while I slept. I didn’t see myself as a mature adult, anyway xD. I couldn’t take myself serious as an adult, when I was sucking on a paci while wearing a diaper, right.

Maybe due to its shape, or maybe I was conditioning myself, I ended up really loving the shark plush. I sleep on top of him usually, and I have super guilty pleasure with him sometimes😳. I must have come with him more often than with anything else. I don’t own any other big plush, so I only like blahaj in that way.


Do you think you’d enjoy a sleeping bag? You know, the kind you make babies wear to restrict their movement, with a zipper in the back etc.

It sounds amazing ❤️. I have a few kigurumis (they’re like footed pajamas without the feet) and they give me a big baby feeling.

Is there a european webshop that has adult-sized baby sleeping bags?


Just wanted to say I really enjoy your content! The way you talk about what you enjoy about ageplay and how happy it makes you is really cute and wholesome. I haven’t tried ageplay with a partner yet, but if I ever do, I hope their attitude is as wholesome as yours.

I try my best to be as honest and genuine as possible, without giving away too much personal info that people could use to spot me in a crowd. I’m glad that it’s been noticed ^^. I hope that you get to have a very loving and understanding partner !!!


Have you ever find some character you thought would be great as ageplayer. Or you would find particularly cute with a diaper or pacifier on?

You’re talking about fictional characters? I’ve never thought about this before…

It’s difficult to imagine who would be into abdl, from their looks. I’ve never found a correlate. Do you think that something would give it away? I don’t think that anyone could see it in me, right?

The characters who I think would look really cute (I think) when agelaying are:

Misaka Mikoto (major bedwetting vibes)
Gawr Gura (not just because I have the costume xD)
D.Va (big ageplay vibes)
Selene and Lillie (from Sun/Moon)
Takimoto Hifumi (from New Game!)
Kafuu Chino (from Gochiusa)
Platelets (from Cells at Work)
Hibiki (Kancolle)


What’s your real first name?

Thank you for this ask!! Please feel free to send me Asks ^^, I will try to go through as many messages as I can now.

I’m careful with mixing my real identify with my abdl persona. I’m a real person, of course, but exactly because of that I don’t think that mixing up online and offline is a good idea. If you really want to know… I’ve used the name in the story that I wrote xD, because I’m not very creative when it comes to coming up with names.


Love your content and the pics of some of your insides of the diapers before you put them on. Would it be ok to ask for a picture of the inside after you take it off to show off how much you’ve wet it please as well? x


Hello, thank you for this Ask!!

I don’t mind showing clean unused diapers: they look cute and inviting. I think that showing dirty diapers is one of the reason why outsider people laugh so much at abdl, and think of it as ridiculous. I realize that I do show pictures of myself, while I am wearing a wet diaper… but I’d say that it’s more subtle, especially because I don’t zoom in on my diaper in any of my pictures. My diaper is in frame, together with the rest of my outfit! I would like to show you how cute, fun and innocent ageplay can be ^^, to put it in a positive light and to motivate people to try it out for themselves !!


This is a reblog of @binkybarf

You answered with the tags: #good answer love#ab/dl#careful this person was in my ask too asking the same thing lol

So…. I get the impression that there’s someone going around asking the abdl creators whether they want to show their wet diapers xD. As funny as this is, I think that it’s better to paint abdl in an as positive light as possible ^^. Cutesy, comfy, wholesome, innocent fun that a consenting adult does by themselves or together with someone.

Would it be ok to see any inside pictures of your diapers when you have wet them? Just like your inviting dry diaper pics. Please 🙏 x

No, I don’t think that I should do this. I don’t mind mind showing you the inside of a clean fresh diaper, as I think that they’re cute and inviting. I also don’t mind showing myself wearing a slightly wet diaper, as long as the diaper isn’t the focus of the picture and it’s not off-putting. Though, I draw the line with showing (the inside of) used diapers. People who aren’t into abdl think that the kink is weird or ridiculous. Showing dirty diapers will only lead to more people hating on abdl and using it as an insult/joke. I understand that people will still do this, even if the diaper on me is clean, but maybe I can try to incite some deeper understanding.

I need to focus on the positive side of abdl. Bright, warm, cutesy, innocent; just plain fun and relaxation. I don’t want to scare anyone away. I’d love to encourage you to discover your own littlespace. We were all born as babies and we were all forced to stop being babies. Then, as we grew up, we were forced to stop doing all the things that we once liked so much; playing with toys, running around, watching cartoons, playing videogames, sleeping with stuffed animals, wearing princess/prince outfits. But as adults, we can choose to relive the parts of our childhood which we liked the most.

You don’t have to like every aspect of ageplay. If you love stuffed animals, cartoons, playing with legos, but the thought of diapers or cutesy outfits is weird, then feel free to skip that part. Of course I don’t actually want to become a helpless baby who can’t speak, but ageplaying relaxes me a lot, and I’d love to try out as many things as I can. Ageplaying helps me to unwind and let go of negative thoughts. I’d love to help you to reach the same


Do you realize that you turn people on? How do you feel about this?

I do realize it. I also look at the abdl pictures of other people, and some of those pictures also turn me on oops… I don’t look at myself and consider myself to be good-looking. I’m glad that I’m thin and healthy, that’s that. My redeeming qualities on pictures seem to be mostly that I genuinely love ageplay. There’s a lot of fakery out there, and sometimes it’s quite obvious that people are exposing themselves wearing diapers to earn money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and I’m not shaming anyone who does it. Though, taking up an abdl/ageplay persona when it doesn’t align with who you truly are gives the pictures and the persona a different overall feel.

As for what I feel about people getting turned on by my pictures; I think that it’s okay. As long as we can have a safe and anonymous interaction, then it shouldn’t matter. I’m sorry that I sometimes tease you with erotic-sounding comments. It’s not really who I am; I’d rather focus on ageplay entirely. Though, I’m a real person, and I do get horni sometimes.


Requin, have you ever visited Germany?

Yes, I’ve been there many times. It’s close by for me. I’ve been to Aachen to visit and to go shopping, I’ve used the Weeze airport, I’ve been to Munich… And maybe I should go to Freiburg one day !


Does your shark have a name? I apologize if you already answered this. I know you named your dolls.

It’s fine, don’t worry about accidentally asking me a question again ^^. I don’t bite, after all.

The shark doesn’t have a name, but I call him ‘haai’ in a high-pitched voice, which is just Dutch for shark. The names of the dolls are the names of the characters which they’re modeled after.

I really like the shark plush. It puts my mind at ease when I can finally hug him right before falling asleep. I kinda wish that the shark was a little bigger, or at least a little fatter… but he’s still a really big plush that was clearly intended to be (also) used by adults xD


Requin, have you ever visited the US?

I went to San Diego in 2018. It was for work, but I added a week to the trip, so that I had some free time for myself. I went to a lot of different places, while I was there. I visited the San Diego zoo, I went to the Fleet science museum, the USS Midway… It was quite a stressful trip, as everything was so different from what I’m used to and I was all by myself. Though, I think that overall I had an okayish time. Although my opinion on this can change in the future, right now I don’t think that I’d return to the USA. At least not on my own.

The most memorable thing about the whole thing, for me, was the kids rides at the zoo. I asked if I could join in with all the kids, and the person did say that he noticed that I was the only adult, but said that he didn’t mind. ^^ Maybe it was a little weird, but my inner child was very happy.


Have you experimented with cloth diapers, and if so are there any positives/negative opinions you have about them?

Yes, I’ve worn cloth diapers before. By themselves (so only the cloth diaper and plastic pants, without any disposable part), I enjoy wearing cloth diapers to bed, for sleeping in them, without using them. I feel like I can wear a cloth diaper without feeling guilty of producing so much waste.

During ageplay (with or without taking pictures), I like wearing a cloth diaper over a disposable diaper. It makes the overall diaper feel much thicker and more authentic. I feel more secure that I won’t leak, but mostly it helps me to forget that I have to live in an adult body with weird sexual desires. I’d rather just wear a diaper without feeling such a strong urge to rub the diaper’s material against my sensitive parts and eventually come in it. I find it so weird how I can’t make myself disconnected from this.


you wrote: “I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows?”. But which ones? We. must. know ;_;

Which costumes, or which conventions? xD I do have a lot of cosplays. I actually don’t want to connect my real identity with my online identity. I hope that you can understand that I do wish to keep some privacy for myself. Though, I also understand that I’ve already given out a lot of personal details, with which a dedicated person could put the dots together hm..

I should be more careful with giving out personal details and where I’m going. Sorry that I keep teasing you. I just want to give out positive energy, and motivate you to try out littlespace for yourself. And, if you end up not liking it, that’s fine too!

Hm I should cut my hair short. It’d make wearing wigs much easier. My own hair is super thick, too.


What do you think of the sentence: With the natural sciences we get to the moon, but never to heaven.

Well regarding the Moon, there’s two quotes that are of interest to this question.

Yuri Gagarin flew into space, but didn’t see any god there

And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas – and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.

It’s kinda funny how opposing these seem, though both probably had an underlying motivation. As for what I think… Regardless of whether you’re religious and which religion that’d be, the concept of heaven could be that there’s a reward for you for good behavior in life. Though, you can ask yourself the question whether a reward in life is more valuable than a reward after life. The Christian version of this is that the after-life is eternal, thus your reward for good deeds in life would be immeasurably greater than one during life itself. The uncertainty of whether you’d get there would be the ultimate motivation.

If we replace ‘heaven’ with the blissfulness of a fulfilling life on earth, I think that the original Ask becomes much clearer. Science can improve our ability to communicate, our health, our food and drinks, and our entertainment. Though, what it can’t do is make us a better person, help us to be a better friend, brother/sister, or parent. With regards to science, I’m most familiar with medical science. The topic I can bring to your attention is “medicalization of society”. Medical sciences bring us the good, though they also add the dynamics of medical capitalism into our society; i.e. “pathologization" or pejoratively ”disease mongering“. It’s more correct to refer to this as ”overmedicalization“, though. What I mean by this term is that an industry which profits on pathologies, will probably attempt to increase the rate of diagnoses, to get more people to buy their drugs or use their medical services, under the guise of improving health. The very concept of (the acceptance of) normality can be employed as a marketing gimmick. Regardless of the critique on overmedicalization, it’d be unwise to reject the benefits of diagnoses, drugs, and medical services. It would be an unfair discussion to argue overmedicalization versus undermedicalization. I don’t even have a solution to it. I personally find it bizarre that for example 5+% of the Western European population is using some form of anti-depressants right at this moment. You can look at this and conclude that it’s good for so many citizens to have access to pharmaceutical support for their health issues. Though, you can also look at this and conclude that there is a mental health crisis raging throughout populations which either exists for real, due to massive over-diagnosis, or due to over-prescription of these drugs. This pattern continues also into other pathologies.

The question here is whether all these medical-scientific advancements have brought us closer to ‘heaven’, i.e. closer to feeling fulfillment in our lives. My own answer is that it’s unrelated to one another. Superficially you can answer that health is a huge part of happiness, and that you’d wish for your family and friends to live long and healthy lives. Though, does that imply that life was less fulfilling and happy in the past? 200-300 years ago there were many more hardships e.g. infant mortality. But what I want to bring to your attention that hygiene, quality food and clean drinking water probably played the biggest role in the advancements herein, followed closely by vaccinations.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you. Science is a tool to generate new knowledge, and that knowledge can be used to help us. Though, I don’t think that the generated knowledge can be part of happiness itself, at least not in a vacuum. If you can contribute to this monologue, please feel free and I’ll be happy to revise my opinion.

Do you fear thunderstorms?

No, I don’t think so. Thunderstorms rarely occur, where I live. It’s kinda special when a thunderstorm does occur. I do worry about my laptop, though. Probably, if I had my own house, I’d investigate if it’s possible to protect my electric thingies somehow. I’m not sure if it’s necessary these days? But it’s a lot of money gone if something gets damaged. Nowadays I also have one of those storage box devices to store my pictures and other digital files on it; that was also really expensive, but necessary because I take too many pictures (not just for this blog).


Do you use tumblr also for other interests?

I browse tumblr for looking at (anime style) artwork. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an artist account and a repost account, so it’s less ideal compared to browsing other places like pixiv. But browsing tumblr feels kinda magical and explorative, because the website is so poorly searchable through keywords and tags; the only realistic way to find stuff is to stumble onto it xD

Though the same goes for people who post abdl pictures, I think. It can be difficult to tell the difference between original content and a repost account, unless it’s a really prolific reposter or a really prolific original content poster. If it’s like ¼th original content and 3/4th reblogs, then hm what is it xD. So on my own tumblr blog, I try to reblog as little as possible, so that you know that all the content is mine


Are diapers always involved or do you have also ABDL moments without them?

Well I sleep with my shark plush in my arms every night. I understand that lots of adults will sleep with a stuffed toy for other reasons than ageplay, but I’d still kind of consider it as ageplay?

I wear cute pajamas and socks every day, too. Here again, I do understand that you don’t need to be an ageplayer to enjoy cute clothing…

I watch anime, and read comics/manga. I like drawing and coloring. I like sweet kiddy-like food. I try my best to be happy, positive and motivated.

Each of these things in isolation are probably not strongly linked to ageplay, but when put together it should be obvious that I’m just a baby in an adult body xD.


How many bicycles do you have?

I have one bicycle in Leuven… one bicycle at my parents’ house, and one bicycle in the previous city where I used to live. But I think that the latter bike was eventually removed by the city cleaners because it’s abandoned. I wanted to take it with me when I moved, but I didn’t and I never returned for it. I should buy a new bike, cus my current one isn’t very good. I kinda would like to have one which has electric support, but I’d get lazy if I had such a thing xD, maybe I’d even gain weight !!!


Groeten!When you have your baby time, do you also play with your dolls? And do they have names?

Of course, and they do have names! They’re existing characters, after all ^^. It’s Alice Margatroid, Kochiya Sanae, Patchouli Knowledge, Hata no Kokoro, Hinanawi Tenshi !!! They are sitting next to my bed right now. Aren’t they really good looking and kinda smug??? They’re so cute ^^


That outfit is adorable!! 10/10

Thank you, it’s one of my most favorite cosplays! It fits my body type really well; the character herself is also really slim like me. Though, I don’t think that she wears diapers xD. This is an old picture of me, trying out the costume together with a diaper. I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows? xD


Hi there, love your page and pictures. My question is where do you buy your diaper? Online or in the store?

hello fellow Belgian 😊

I don’t know of any shops that sells abdl diapers here, so I buy them from online. But a lot of the other baby stuff that I buy for myself are from baby shops !!! You can guess where the shark came from…


Have you ever tried ABUs Cushies? if not I definitely recommend especially the cloth backed ones

I haven’t worn the ABU Cushies before, I think. There’s a lot of abdl diapers which I haven’t worn before, that I do wish to try! I really like the design of the carousel diaper, from the abdl-shop. … And the original Bambino diaper (with the blocks on the front) has been kinda like a dream diaper, because it was the first abdl diaper that I saw, at which time I was amazed that they even made diapers specifically for abdl…

I’m so happy that they do, though. I wouldn’t mind just wearing incontinence diapers… but adult baby diapers fill up my heart and make me feel so close to my inner baby. When I combine an abdl diaper with a cute outfit, a dummy, drinking milk from a bottle, wearing fluffy socks… my heart melts and I’m in heaven ❤️


I would definitely say your shark is a lucky shark, and not just because of where he was in those photos. In the years that I’ve known you, I’ve seen the love you’ve given him. He’s had a very good life with you so far.

Thank you for this ask <3

I kinda wish that the shark was a little bit fatter. He got so flat from me sleeping on top of him almost every day

I like to pretend that he loves me. It kinda turns me on when he’s on top of me. Maybe one day I’ll give him a strap-on so that the shark can go inside me xD. But oops this is way too lewd. I just want to have innocent fun.


Hey not as ask but how are you ?

I’m sorry that it takes me so long to respond to messages, especially private messages ^^;; I know that you try your best to start a conversation with me, many people try it. The best advice that I can give you, if you’d like to have a serious answer from me, is to send in an Ask, so that I can give myself some more time to write up a reply. If I receive a PM with just “how are you” in it, I’m kinda inclined just to reply “I’m okay” and then click the box away to move on to the next one. I understand that it’s typically used to start a conversation, though in this case I just want to make sure that everyone gets an answer from me before I log out again. SO I open up a chat, write a reply, and close it again oops. I’m really sorry that it has to be this way.

Lately I’ve been super busy and also after this weekend (right now it’s 22nd of April) I again have a really busy week, also for travelling somewhere and back. I do still have plenty of pictures to post to my blog, so at least that’s settled

Don’t forget that Mother’s day is coming up soon!!! I could never be one, cus I’m too big of a baby


Does the embarrassment of wearing diapers play any part in your fantasies? or would casual teasing between you and a partner be welcomed?

XD wearing diapers is supposed to be embarrassing?

I’ll answer the question for real. In a lot of abdl stories, embarrassment and public exposure seems to be a recurring theme, even beyond language barriers. By the latter, I mean that you also see it in Japanese abdl comics, and in Dutch abdl stories. So, it’s not exclusive to English abdl stories. That’s reassuring, right? Also outside of abdl, embarrassment seems to be a huge turn-on in certain situations.

As for why embarrassment and abdl would be linked… I can only hypothesize. Embarrassment is a strong emotion that allows us to remember stuff in huge detail for a long time. You tend to forget the mundane stuff, but you remember those really embarrassing things, as well as the really exciting memories. So I kinda hypothesize that the initial trigger that eventually leads to infantilism is probably related to a strong emotion such as embarrassment/humiliation. I can’t tell you what ‘causes’ abdl, because there’s probably a unique event for each one of us, though it converges to similar endpoints. My own hypothesis is that abdl is caused by a number of events where diapers co-occur with fear, anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, anger and/or strong criticism from a parent or elder, specifically during a sensitive age window (probably 6~8 years age). The sexual element of diapers would then probably be established because of the intimate nature of getting diapered by an elder. Though, even diapering yourself at that age can probably cause the same link. People are usually out of diapers by those ages, so they likely don’t develop abdl. Continued bedwetting (and therefore use of diapers) or similar stuff probably increases the likelihood of making the association.

I’m not sure if I like embarrassment. I do like the ‘thrill’ of talking about embarrassing things. It’s hype exciting, and it makes me look forward to something. Though, if the topic of abdl is already disclosed to a partner, it’d probably lose its embarrassment quickly?? My ultimate fantasy is that I’d like to be treated as a helpless baby… Sleep in a crib wearing nothing but a diaper, onesie and socks, with a paci in my mouth. My food for the whole day would be thick infant formula given through a baby bottle, and I have to use my diaper. My caregiver plays with me, makes me color a drawing and watch cartoons, and changes my diaper. Before sleep, there’s a ‘special’ diaper change where I’m allowed to come in my diaper, but afterwards I need to sleep in my crib with a paci in my mouth and a big shark plushie in my arms 💞. I can’t even imagine how it’d feel to release a whole day of sexual tension into a wet diaper. Best feeling ever?


In the time that I’ve known you, I have really come to love and respect you. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations. Make sure you make time to love yourself, little shark. ❤️

You’ve been in contact with me for years already. I’m glad that I’m able to maintain contact ^^. It kinda means that I’m doing something right, I think? At least it means that I’m not so annoying that I scare people away.

Thank you for saying that you have enjoyed the conversations. Feel free to send in any Ask, or send me any private message. Though, I’m sorry that it does take me a long time to respond to stuff. I’d rather make others happy than give myself a lot of time


In the time that I’ve known you, I have really come to love and respect you. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations. Make sure you make time to love yourself, little shark. ❤️

You’ve been in contact with me for years already. I’m glad that I’m able to maintain contact ^^. It kinda means that I’m doing something right, I think? At least it means that I’m not so annoying that I scare people away.

Thank you for saying that you have enjoyed the conversations. Feel free to send in any Ask, or send me any private message. Though, I’m sorry that it does take me a long time to respond to stuff. I’d rather make others happy than give myself a lot of time


Do you have favorite colors or foods?

Pastel colors go well with anything 💚💛💙💜❤.

I like eating chocolate with praline, coconut-filled stuff, cherry cake, flan, frangipane, hamburgers, salmon with lots of sauce, curry-chicken with rice, pasta ravioli, pasta bolognese, fried banana (pisang goreng), spring rolls (lumpia), vegetables soups… It’s a miracle that I’m as thin as I am. I used to be thinner when I had worse eating habits


Have you ever had an accident where you thought you were diapered but werent?

Over the years I have had a few dreams where I was peeing in a diaper. But when I was woken up by something, it turned out I had wet my bed oops. I dislike this, there’s nothing fun about this. Having to get up from my bed to remove my pajamas, underwear, bedsheets and take a quick shower with all of these things is a real hassle. Then afterwards I have to sleep without my shark (because he got wet, too). My previous mattress had a stain on it and so does my current one, it’s yucky. I should get a mattress protector, though it’s already too late for this one.


Do you skip “diaper play” weekends when you are on your period, or are you just ignoring them from the big picture?

Sorry, I don’t want to answer this question. Babies don’t have to worry about this <3


What’s your fav part when putting on a diaper? Is it when you fluff it, laying down on it.. or other? Weird q I know 🥴

The feeling I like most is when I close the 3rd and last tape. It’s the start of a lovely time, where I can forget being an icky adult and melt away into my diaper 🧡. The second best part is when I make myself come in it, but that is my little secret.


Love your content and the pics of some of your insides of the diapers before you put them on. Would it be ok to ask for a picture of the inside after you take it off to show off how much you’ve wet it please as well? x

Hello, thank you for this Ask!!

I don’t mind showing clean unused diapers: they look cute and inviting. I think that showing dirty diapers is one of the reason why outsider people laugh so much at abdl, and think of it as ridiculous. I realize that I do show pictures of myself, while I am wearing a wet diaper… but I’d say that it’s more subtle, especially because I don’t zoom in on my diaper in any of my pictures. My diaper is in frame, together with the rest of my outfit! I would like to show you how cute, fun and innocent ageplay can be ^^, to put it in a positive light and to motivate people to try it out for themselves !!


Hey .. how long do you stay in your diaper after you wet ? Do you put a fresh diaper on once you have cleaned up

I like the feeling for a short time, maybe 2-4 hours, and then I want to go back to normal clothes. But, there have been times when I stayed in it for 12+ hours, like during the night + morning + afternoon, and really made it full ^^. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a 2nd diaper, it’d feel really wasteful. Using diapers makes me feel guilty, as I don’t need them and they make a lot of waste. Though, if I don’t wear a diaper for a long time, like multiple weeks, I get big cravings for it and start dreaming about it.


So, how is the spring in Belgium? Here in south-west Finland, it started to snow today evening. This was not funny at all, as the spring had already started pretty well and almost all snow and ice had disappeared.

Spring started on the 20th of March, though here it’ll take a while longer before the trees will become green again. As this is the exponential phase of daylight change, it’s very noticeable day-by-day ^^. I’m sorry to hear that you are still having snowfall. I’m looking forward to Spring, and it sounds like you also can’t wait for some change in season to happen.

I hope that this Spring and Summer again, I can enjoy some free time and take pictures of the nature around me !! Thank you so much for interacting with me

Do you often wear diapers when not in little mode?

Thank you for this Ask. I’m not incontinent and I don’t have accidents. Diapers are strictly for ‘fun’ for me. So I only wear them for littlespace and for taking pictures of my littlespace. I don’t want to offend anyone or step on someone’s toes. Me wearing diapers isn’t intended as a parody. It’s just something that I enjoy doing, and that I’ve always wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Now that I’m an adult, I can live out all my littlespace fantasies ^^

Hi baby girl, how many stuffies do you have. What’s the name of your favorite one?

Hello, thank you for your Ask !!

I have a lot of plushies. Some of them stayed behind in my old parental bedroom, some of them I bought for myself after leaving the nest. They don’t all fit in my bed, so they live either on the chair next to my bed, or somewhere else in my bedroom. I sleep with blahaj every night, cus he is my most favorite one. I just call him sharkie cus I don’t have a real name for him. Some of the other dolls have names of their own as they’re based on existing characters


Is there a specific activity you would like to do in little space but are to shy to realize?Like going in a park for a picnic? Go to a playground? See a muppet show?

When I went on holiday to San Diego, among many other things, I visited the SD zoo during a weekday. There were lots of school kids visiting the zoo at the time. I was on holiday, and I couldn’t help myself but be as excited as they were. I went on all the kids tours, I went to the playground, I went to see all the animals, and I had ice cream. At one point, a zoo worker jokingly commented on me joining in on a kids tour, saying that I’m a little older than the rest!! Though, he had no objection to me joining.

I don’t think that I’d be able to do this in a more familiar place, closer to my home.


Is your shark getting plenty of attention too? :)

He gets my uninterrupted attention every night ^^, cus I sleep with him in my arms or on top of him. What’s your favorite plush, and do you sleep with it??


Your a cutie baby 😍Do you watch show in little space? What a re your favourite?

Thank you for calling me cute <3

I like to watch children’s cartoons like My Little Pony, but also slice-of-life anime. As long as it is cute !! I hope that you can enjoy some cartoons as well, or at least other littlespace activities


What are your favorite activities while diapered?

My most favorite activity while I’m diapered is ageplay: hugging my plushie, drinking from a baby bottle, watching cartoons, reading little stories. (and taking pictures of myself) You should try out various littlespace activates, to see which ones you like!!

And at the end of my ageplay session, my adult body wants to get that magic feeling inside my diaper 😳🎉


Hey hey! You recently shared your diaper stash in a picture. I wonder which type of diaper are the light blue ones in the „top-left“ corner of the box with the small stars and clouds on them? Thanks for your time!

You mean the Littleforbig Little Dreamers? I really really love them! They’re a super thick and comfy abdl diaper that fit my body really well. They’re cute, look good in pictures, and I feel like a little baby in them cus of their feel and shape. If you can, I definitely recommend that you try them out !!!


Have you “dreamed” about slight bondage, like having locked panties over diaper? This would remove your right to decide about using your diaper to relieve yourself. Nowadays one can buy timer released padlocks for this purpose, so there is no need to have another person in play.

Thank you for this Ask!

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of abdl combined with (light) bondage, so it seems to be a common theme. The caretaker-baby dynamic is a kind of power-play, right? With the caretaker telling exactly what the baby is allowed to do. So, the combination makes sense.

Trying to emulate that dynamic with self-bondage would make sense, though I’m not sure if it’s for me. A big fantasy is to actually have a real caretaker-baby relationship going, where I can fully trust and let go ^^. Maybe I’ll get a locking plastic pants, but I already think that tape-on diapers make me ‘stuck’ in them until they’re full (or until I make magic happen in them).


Your answers are the cutest! What do you think about / imagine when you enjoy your diapers? Is there a certain fantasy that you return to, or an image or thought that turns you on?

Hello, sorry for answering this Ask with a big delay. Thank you for calling my responses cute

I think about being a helpless baby when I’m wearing a diaper xD. Strange, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking a lot about the scenario where there’s 1 boy and 1 girl, both being little babies, and another person serving as their mommy or daddy. It’s a really interesting dynamic, I think, and lends itself well for an abdl-themed story.


How often do you use your pacifier? And what does it make you feel when you use it?

My paci gets used every time that I want to be a baby, and at night sometimes ^^. I have a few adult-sized pacis

I even have clips for them, so I don’t lose them when they fall out of my mouth!


What’s your age when you slip into your safe space?

I’m not sure. I say 3, but it’s a mix of baby and young child. Cus I want to wear a diaper and drink from a bottle, but I still want to crawl and play with stuff and watch cartoons. Diapers, pacis and bottles are a big cue for my mind to slip away. A caretaker would have to spoonfeed me, put me to bed, brush my hair, and help me in the bath tub…

xD I just want to be taken care of, so that I am safe, warm, comfortable, and worry-free. Outside of the perceived ‘weirdness’ of littlespace, I really think that those desires aren’t so strange. Who wouldn’t want to be safe + warm + comfi + worry-free? I think that if diapers and other littlespace stuff were to be introduced to a naive adult in a positive way, they’d probably really enjoy the experience. It wouldn’t be the same as someone who grew up with it, but who knows. Maybe it all clicks together at that point.


How long does it take you too do your pictures ?

It takes me around an hour. I’m always concerned that my pictures are boring, and that no one is interested in seeing them, as they’re mostly the same with little variation. I try my best to add variation, by wearing different diapers and different outfits… but it’s always just me in my bedroom on my bed


Weird question but do you have an outie or a innie belly button

From looking at pictures after searching for those 2 terms, mine looks most like an “innie”. Do you think that it correlates with some kind of personality trait?

I wouldn’t show it cus I blur my face in my pictures, but my eyes are grey. Maybe that means that I’m a boring person xD


Do you have any other fetishes that you’d be willing to share?

Hm well, I don’t really want to talk about sexual stuff, cus I want to show you all the fun that you can have with littlespace. But, I’ve had this question before, so maybe it’d be okay if I at least mention it in short.

Maybe it’s all intertwined, but I really like the feeling of wetness ‘down there’. I like wetting myself (also without a diaper). I love the feeling of doing that in a wetsuit, yoga pants, leggings, skinny/stretch jeans… Before I wash that shark plush, I rinse him in the shower, and then I have a super guilty pleasure of getting off by rubbing his wet body against me. Related to diapers, it sounds super hot to me to be put into someone’s already-wet diaper, or for someone to pee into my diaper…

I think that this is enough frustrated teasing for one day, oops. I’m sorry for writing about this. Of course I have these kinds of feelings, but I don’t want to give you the impression that that’s what my blog is about 😅


How many diapers do you use over the weekend when your being a little baby

Hello, thank you for the Ask! I am very frugal, and will use no more than 1 or 2 diapers. I use them until they are full, and then I go back to being an icky adult.

I kinda wonder how incontinent people do this. It has to produce a lot of waste?


So we can send you any question we like you to answer?

Well… maybe not any question, but I am generally fairly open to discuss topics. The ones which I typically don’t answer are the ones which contain personal info (like an e-mail address or name) of the Asker. There is no way for me to change the text in an Ask, although I could screenshot it and blur out stuff. However, I wouldn’t want to appear that I’m editing people’s Asks, especially if it’s a non-anon Ask


You say that you’re socially awkward. Are you neurodivergent (e.g. Autism, ADHD) in any way?

Yes, I would say that I am quite socially awkward. I do have lovely friends, who have stuck around for more than a decade, and with whom I’d love to share several more decades. Though, I’ve also lost contact with some friends over the years, despite my best intentions to stay in touch. I say that I find it difficult to form meaningful friendships. I think that it’s because I have a fairly closed personality, in that I wouldn’t open up and readily talk about my inner feelings to just anyone. It takes a long to warm up. This has protected me from humiliating situations, though probably it has also prevented me from making some friends.

No, I wouldn’t say that I have any brain or developmental disorders. Probably, I wouldn’t cope a single week in the area that I work in, if I wasn’t fully in control of my faculties. I’d say that I just have certain personality traits which don’t make me a particularly pleasant person at first glance. Though, looks are deceiving, and this can work either ways.


Would you ever wear diapers 24/7 and possibly even try untraining so that you’re diaper-dependent?

No, this isn’t something that I would do. I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this, but being diaper-dependent seems really inconvenient and maybe it even limits you in what you can do. Cus I’ve liked diapers for as long as I can remember, I’ve tried all sorts of things to see if I liked it. So, I have tried wearing diapers while clothes shopping, while at university, while with friends (who didn’t know). Although some aspects did give me a thrill of “oh no I’m wearing a wet diaper and no one knows!!”, it isn’t as fun as pretending to be a baby which would be much harder to do outside of my home.

When a diaper is worn underneath cute pajamas, while I am sucking on a paci and hugging a big plushie in bed, I feel happy and bliss. I know that I have an adult-sized body, but I’d like nothing more than to pretend that I’m still a little kid without any responsibilities or worries. Looking forward to each new day, where everything is bright, warm, and fun!!


I love your shark plushie :) even though I’m late to the meme.

Hello, thank you for your Ask! You didn’t ask a question, but I like receiving such messages as well, so that I can comment on it and provide my insight. I realize that the ikea shark has become sort of a meme. Though, I bought it for myself because I just started living by myself, I was kinda lonely, and I wanted to have a big stuffed animal to sleep with at night. The shark was really big and it looked really cute to me! It was only much later that I found out that people on the internet were using it for jokes and pictures.

Now he sleeps with me almost every night. I don’t take him with me when I’m travelling or visiting my parents, and there’s 2 nights per month that he’s in the wash/drying. I really love him! He makes me feel comfortable and safe at night. I like to sleep on my belly and so I sleep on top of the shark. Though, sometimes he also helps me to get a magic feeling


Such cute posts. When you take the pictures, you’re obviously in little-space, but I’m curious about something. Later when you edit and post them, do you see them as yourself, or are you looking at someone else? I hope that this question makes sense.

Thank you for the Ask ^^

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know it’s me, but it doesn’t look like me. The angles used in the pictures aren’t ones in which I’d naturally see myself. The style of the photos isn’t what I’d use for non-abdl pictures, either. I’d never show myself this bare and vulnerable in any other situation. Sometimes I wish that the person in the pictures was someone else, so that I had someone to hug and put into a diaper.


Do you worry about future relationships and mixing abdl with that? And have you had any luck previously mixing relationships and abdl together?

Thank you for this Ask! It’s not even abdl that gets me worried about relationships. I’m worried per se that I will never be able to have a stable relationship…! I’m very socially awkward and it’s difficult for me to make friends, and even more difficult for me to keep in touch with those friends. It’s my fault, of course, but I don’t know how to change it.

I’ve had relationships wherein abdl was accepted, yes. It’s really no big deal, I think. Getting a relationship in the first place is the hard part!!


Do you wear pull-ups?

Hello , thank you for your Ask!

No, I don’t wear pull-ups. I’ve tried them but my mind doesn’t associate them with littlespace. Maybe it is because you can take them off like underwear, whereas a tape-on diaper ‘locks’ you in it, so that you cannot easily take it off.



Merci pour le compliment sur mon blog ^^. Ça me flatte, mais je ne le mérite pas. Je ne suis qu’un petit requin, qui nage dans l’océan et cherche sa place dans le monde. Qui sait, peut-être l’ai-je déjà trouvée, sans m’en rendre compte?


Which are your top 3 blogs on here that you enjoy the most and why?

I don’t want to have a “top 3”, but I’d gladly share with you a number of blogs who I really like and admire ^^. I say this, because I don’t want anyone else to feel left out.

@eyecandycarmen , @binkybarf , @luxeysblood @little-minimouse @shyboo81

These people are all so lovely and genuine in their love for abdl. I take inspiration from their pictures and poses, and I hope that I can be as cute as they are


What would you do, if someone would give you a cheque for 700.000 €?

First I’d ask whether the person offering this to me is serious.. It’s a lot of money and half of it would go to tax if I would accept it. It’s always best when you spend money on stuff which you find important, rather than on me. (I’m just a nobody, a person who you’ve just seen pictures of, on the internet). I’m a real person, of course, but I’m not offering any services or paid rewards or anything like that. I don’t have a patreon or onlyfans or anything like this. You’re free to follow me, interact with me, and ask me anything ^^. I like wearing diapers, I like taking pictures, and I enjoy making others happy! So I’d rather be my genuine self, rather than offer my pictures behind a paywall..

To answer the question seriously.. maybe not for that amount of money.. but I really need to purchase an apartment, rather than renting one. I also really need a new laptop, cus mine is almost dying xD, and my storage is nearly full with pictures and other important stuff. I do still need to get my driver’s license, though the reason I haven’t taken lessons yet is mainly cus I don’t have the time for it, rather than not having the money for it. For my photography hobby, I’d really like to have a studio lamp so that I can make all sorts of color effects. For ABDL I’d love to have a real crib and a nursery for myself ^^. Right now, my bedroom is my ‘nursery’, but a lot of it is just inside my head rather than it being real


Your photos are so cute! Love how you use language.You mentioned you wet the bed growing up. How did you feel about wearing diapers at night back then? Were you embarrassed or did you like it? And how were you diapered at night — did someone diaper you or did you slip a pull-up on yourself?

Thank you for the compliment 💕

I’m afraid that too few memories are left for me to grasp whether it was embarrassing to be put into diapers, or to know even who diapered me, or what kind of diapers they were. The memories that remain are about how I am in the bottom part of a bunk bed wearing pajamas and a diaper (I don’t know what kind of diaper), and everything felt complete.

I sometimes wear a diaper to bed now… and in the middle of the night I wake up with a full bladder. Not to train myself that it’s okay to wet the bed, I walk to my bathroom and wet my diaper ^^. It’s really surreal to wake up with a wet diaper (even if I did it consciously), and it’s the hugest turn-on ever for me. If I had a partner, they’d definitely find me at my weakest at that moment. You could do anything to me, probably even a kiss would make me come into my diaper.


Your haircut is super cute!

Thank you for the compliment. I think that it is nothing special… But a compliment will always cheer up someone’s day !!


So, obviously you know I enjoy your blog. But I am curious, do you suck your thumb reflexively, or only as a part of the AB setting? I ask, because I am not an AB, but I am a DL… but I do suck my thumb. I never suck my thumb awake, or as a part of a fetish, only as a reflex when I am asleep! So weird! I do not even like it when I am awake.

Thank you kindly for interacting with me ❤️. I’m sorry the thumb sucking was just for the photo’s aesthetic. I’m too germophobic to enjoy putting my fingers into my mouth xD. I do like pacis, as I can boil those before using them.

It’s good to hear your experience with it !! You get to enjoy a little bit of adult baby fun, even though you think that you’re not AB… I’d say you can try out a few more AB thingies to see which ones you also like!


Really love your feed on here. I see you’ve changed to a new one. I think you talk about your kink in a really lovely and accepting way. I think it helps others

Thank you kindly for the Ask ^^. Yes; my account was deleted so I had to start over with a new account. In my view I didn’t break any rules, but still I’ll try to be more careful with what I show and talk about. I’m still the same person, so you can expect me to respond in similar ways to questions and events.

I think that it is normal to consider abdl to be acceptable. It’s just something that I and others enjoy. I recognize that it can appear a little weird from an outsider’s perspective, but I suspect that this is mainly a learned response. E.g. movies and series use adult diapers and infantile attributes for comedic purposes. Though, among diaper kinksters, I think that the adult baby part is also a little weird. Each person into abdl will fall on a different spot on the abdl “spectrum”. I’m definitely on the far end, for wanting to be a helpless baby. Though even to me it’s still the biggest turn-on and nothing else in life makes me come more oops ^^;;. I’d want everyone else to get the same level of fun from abdl as I do!


What would you say if someone offered to care for you permanently? We’d throw out all your adult underwear, put a lock on the bathroom door and keep you diapered permanently for all uses!

I’ll try my best to answer as positively as possible ^^. The scenario that you’re sketching can work really well for an (unrealistic fetish-themed) abdl story, wherein a person is reduced to their baby senses. Outside of fiction, this really wouldn’t work. A person is so much more than their desires, you know? My pictures show me in a vulnerable state wearing a diaper, though I’m much more than that. I’m a real person with real worries, friends, family, hobbies, ambitions, and so much more. Being in a situation where I have to use diapers all the time would be really disheartening and inconvenient. I’m sorry to have to answer in this way, I hope that you can see it in a positive light


Jij spreekt Nederlands, toch? Denk je dat je de enige Nederlandstalige abdl ‘content creator’ bent?

Ja, klopt! Ik ben van oorsprong uit Nederland, alhoewel ik nu dus in Vlaanderen woon waar men ook (soort van) Nederlands spreekt. Ik typ m’n berichtjes in het Engels, zodat zo veel mogelijk mensjes mijn tekst kunnen lezen ^^. Eigenlijk is het gebruiken van een tweede taal heel erg vreemd. Woorden zoals luier, speentje, flesje, en knuffeldier dragen voor mij veel meer gevoelens, dan het Engelse equivalent. Wat vind jij ervan?

Ik denk niet dat ik de enige ben. Ik heb een lijstje met abdl content creators die actief zijn op tumblr, maar ik hou van hun niet bij welke nationaliteit ze hebben. Ik vermoed dat sommigen ook gewoon niet vermelden dat ze van oorsprong Nederlandstalig zijn (doe ik eigenlijk ook niet). Ik ben op de hoogte van het Nederlandstalige forum (, en ook het tumblr account @abdlnl . Daarnaast heb ik ook gezien dat er een Duitstalige en een Franstalige abdl gemeenschap is. Zo slecht is het dus allemaal niet, toch? ^^


Hi 💋 Do you sometimes wear a diaper around the house and maybe use it for convenience, or is the diapers just for littletime?

I know what you mean by ‘convenience’, but I think it’s funny to think about scenarios which would also qualify as ‘convenience’ xD, like using a diaper to dry the dishes…

No, diapers are strictly an accessory for ageplay for me. The feeling of a wet diaper is a big cue to stop thinking about adult stuff and melt into a little baby puddle


can you contact me please ?

I’m sorry, sometimes I take a few days before I can answer messages on tumblr. The blog is set to automatically post a message that I’ve put in my queue; I’m not actually online on most days. If there’s something really urgent that you’d like to ask me, it’s best to send me an Ask ^^


How did your love for diapers and age play begin?

I wet the bed until I was around 8 years old, and my parents made me wear diapers for that. I don’t have clear memories of this time, but there are a few precious memories that remain.. In one of those memories, in which I must have been around 6 or 7 years, I am in the bottom part of a bunkbed wearing a diaper underneath pajamas and everything felt complete and right. I want to go back to being a kid so badly; I want someone to take care of me, change me, feed me a bottle, hug me, put me in pajamas and put me to sleep <3. I want to play on my snes, build legos, play with my dolls, draw sketches, lay perler bead designs, watch cartoons in the morning, and have someone make lunch for me…

Maybe one day. I’m stuck in an adult body, but I will relive it all


Hi sweetie :) I think it must be an amazing feeling for a woman to pee herself in a diaper, the feeling of hot pee gushing over her swollen pussy, running backwards over her ass, making her bum all hot and squishy 💦 I may be mistaken, but I like to think many women could easily get hooked on diapers. Or maybe it’s just my horny brain working overtime 🤷‍♂️ What do you think of this?


I think that I’ve been using too many innuendos / teasing recently. I can’t think of other reasons why someone would send me a message like this. I’m sorry if you misunderstood my intentions.


Your pics are such good inspiration for making good poses. You know how to make yourself look cute and flattering in a diaper lol. I have a similar body type to you, maybe I should copy a few of your poses next time I post a pic 🙃

Feel free to copy any of my ‘poses’ for your own pictures. I’m not sure if I do them deliberately, or if it’s a subconciously learned thing from taking ageplay pictures of myself for years. I should review them myself, to see if I can come up with a concise description of what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. It’ll be a combination of the actual pose, the outfit, the diaper, my body, the lights in the room, and the picture processing


Hi ;) Do you sometimes wear diapers outside the house, or if not, is there times outside you’d love to wear one?

To some extent, diapers serve as an accessory to ageplay. It’s the most important accessory, but it’s still just an accessory to the complete outfit. I combine diapers with onesies, cute-looking pajamas, cute socks or tights, pacis, baby food, bottles with formula or hot choco, or maybe even a colorful frilly dress. When these elements are combined, something inside my mind ‘clicks’; everything is okay and I can relax. I will giggle and brabble weird words, crawl around, hug my plushie, tuck myself into bed or watch a baby cartoon. When I’m deep into an ageplay session, I can’t remember any worries that my adult self might have experienced the day prior. Vice versa, it can be difficult to fully enter littlespace when I’m occupied with unrelated things. Taking pictures of myself for this blog is definitely too much distraction to enter my littlespace, though I try my best to showcase what it’d look like regardless.

I can wear a diaper underneath pants, and then I can go outside without anyone realizing that I’m wearing a diaper. I have nothing against this. In any big city there’ll be dozens of people walking around with a diaper underneath their clothes, due to incontinence or other reasons. What I can’t take outdoors are all the other ageplay thingies. A diaper isn’t enough for me to enter littlespace. Moreover, is it appropriate to enter littlespace in public? Actual babies are taken outdoors using strollers and whatnot, they can indulge in baby behavior all they want. This isn’t something that I can do without humiliating myself.

The one exception that I’ve found where it’s kinda okay for me is when I’m wearing a cosplay outfit to an anime convention. Cosplay outfits tend to be over-the-top girlie and cutesie; entirely not something which I’d normally wear. The atmosphere at those anime conventions is also such that everyone is okay with you wearing a colorful frilled dress, made huge with a petticoat, with frilled puffy sleeves, thighhighs, a big back bow, hair ribbons and a braided ponytail. I’ve worn diapers before underneath my cosplay outfits. It’s not for convenience, it’s for giving me that little extra feeling of cuteness and childish joy.


Wasnt your tumblr originally coucherequin before it got deleted? Didnt realize you made a new one till now. Im glad to see you back! 🙂

Yes, I’m the same person. Please don’t report me 😱, I’m innocent! It was very disheartening to see years of work just disappear overnight. Of course I have backups of my blog, but those backups can’t just be put back onto tumblr one-on-one. The thing with online content isn’t so much the content itself (it’s easy to keep a copy of the pictures and the text locally). Instead, the interactions that people had with that content isn´t easily recreated..

It taught me once again that nothing on the internet lasts forever. If you want to keep something, it´s best to save it for yourself ^^;;. There’s the option of resilience in being present at multiple social platforms, but that’s more work than I’m willing to put in.


I hope you and your sharky friend are doing well and are happy! You’re both super cute!


I’m super fixated on that shark plush oops. He makes every night special ❤️

Yeah it’s December! 🎁🎅The season of Santa and Christmas!Do you like this holiday? How do you spent Christmas usually?Does the cold bother you or do you like it?

Yes, it’s December. I got myself gifts, and I got some friends gifts. I spend the holiday with family. I don’t like the cold, it gives me cold feet and hands.


Do you see clothing online and wish you could wear/have it?

Wanting clothing is probably not about being able to get it, but being able to wear it and look good in it. I can buy anything I like, but now that I’m in my 30s, I feel like my choices are more governed by what I can do with something, whether I have time for it, and whether it’s actually better than what I already have.

For instance the camera that I have, the Sony A7, is an okay-ish camera. It’s full frame but it’s showing its age in its poor low light performance, weird layout (can’t fold screen towards the front), lack of dual memory cards, quirky menus and slowness in burst shots. Also the way it saves raw (lossy) is pretty weird. A step up from it would be something more modern, like the A7 IV… but that’s a €2500 camera body and I feel like I haven’t learned enough yet from using the one I currently have to justify spending that kinda money on a camera xD.

Regarding clothing.. it feels really bad to buy clothing and find out that it accentuates something about me that I don’t like. I will never wear that kind of clothing in public or even for pictures… It’s difficult to predict what I’ll look like in an outfit. The ‘issue’ is particularly troublesome with cosplays, because the characters they’re based on aren’t real, and those outfits are difficult to get. For my baby pictures, of course I want to look like a big baby, and for other occasions I’d rather look anonymous so I don’t stand out too much.


Hey cutie 🍼 Do you wear diapers every day?

No, I can’t wear diapers every day, there’s just no time for it x_x. Instead, I try to wear a diaper at least once per week, on a Saturday or Sunday ^^. This week, I managed to make time for it on Saturday!


I love your soul ❤️

Thank you kindly for saying this to me ❤️. I try my best, and I hope that one day I will be rewarded for what I do!


Oh I so look forward to your sexy candid updates, keep them cum’ing! 😂

I’m sorry if I gave the wrong idea. I don’t want to focus on any s*xual aspect. This is my safespace. I regress to feel safe and loved.


What diaper love to wear?

xD why do you have a similar nickname as me?

I really don’t know, though. There’s so many really good abdl diapers that it is really difficult to decide which one I like best. There’s the Rearz Princess Pink, Littleforbig Baby Cuties, Littleforbig Little Dreamers, Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, Rearz Lil bella (pictured), Bambino Bianco, Bambino Cloudee… All of these I have worn at least once!

There’s still a lot of abdl diapers that I have yet to try ^^. Which diaper would you like to see me in, which one should I try next?


I see you have a variety of diapers. Do you think we could see how you keep your stash? Would love to see 😍

For a lot of the variety, I have to thank @cofftee, because he gifted me a number of diapers that I didn’t have yet. I’m still doing my best to keep the variety up, but it’s difficult if you have to buy full packs of diapers ^^;;

My diaper “stash” is partly with my pajamas and partly in a paper box beneath my shirts. Right now I don’t have much left. I have ordered new diapers, and they’ll arrive next week I think. I don’t have much storage space in my home, so I can’t have a big diaper stash here, though I also have to be careful not to run out or I’ll crave it too much. Thank you for your Ask


Did you bath in the ocean this year? I guess so, since you live near the coast?

I haven’t swum in the sea in 20+ years xD. So strange.

I’m a land-shark.


What type of panties do you wear when your not diapered?

regular black ones, nothing fancy 😅. I’d rather spend money on other stuff like diapers and pajamas.

though I should spend a little bit more money, I hardly ever buy anything


Since it’s Halloween. Tell us if you like this period, do you have good memories of going trick or treating when you were young?Is it it something you would like to do as an adult?

Sorry Halloween isn’t celebrated where I come from nor where I currently live, oops ^^;;

Instead, I’ve celebrated Vastelaovend (Limburgs carnaval)! You can look up what that means xD


What are your goals in life right now? What achievements are you working towards at the moment? What do you wish for when you blow away an eyelash?

I’m working towards buying a home. I will probably not be immediately living there, as I’m currently “abroad” in Belgium instead of living in the Netherlands (my home country)… Though, I think that I should still buy some kind of apartment, and either rent it out or let a family member live there until I can live there by myself in the future. I should get this done within now and the coming ~12 months. It will be shark residence xD

I personally don’t “wish” for stuff. Instead, I just try my best to get things going for real and make it happen.


What are your goals in life right now? What achievements are you working towards at the moment? What do you wish for when you blow away an eyelash?

I’m working towards buying a home. I will probably not be immediately living there, as I’m currently “abroad” in Belgium instead of living in the Netherlands (my home country)… Though, I think that I should still buy some kind of apartment, and either rent it out or let a family member live there until I can live there by myself in the future. I should get this done within now and the coming ~12 months. It will be shark residence xD

I personally don’t “wish” for stuff. Instead, I just try my best to get things going for real and make it happen.


I will keep reporting you until this account is also removed

Hm well there’s nothing that I can do to stop you from doing that, but I think that’d be the end of my online activity surrounding abdl. If that’s your intention, then so be it. Though, I try my best to spread positivity, and to help others. I hope that my efforts will one day be rewarded.