Is there anyone you know either in real life or through the internet that you either think would be happier if they wore diapers or would have a higher quality of life by wearing them? I’m especially curious if said person isn’t ABDL at all.

I don’t think that diapers do anything for someone who isn’t into them. With that in mind, wearing diapers probably wouldn’t make them happier or increase their quality of life.

I asked my first partner whether she wanted to share a special intimate time with me, in exchange for doing the same for her. She agreed to that, and we overall had a great time ageplaying. Though, it was one-sided. Later, I asked a close friend whether she wanted to ageplay with me. It was really fun for me to see her like that, but she didn’t like it and asked that I don’t request it again. I recently brought ageplay up with a close (male) friend, and he thought it was strange. He was interested in seeing me in all those pretty dresses, but he also commented that seeing diapers on me did nothing for him.

This Ask brings up a deeper question, though. What compels me (and maybe you?) to want to wear diapers and do other baby stuff. The way that I look at it, ageplay is something that we can acquire during (childhood) development. I think that it is not possible to (fully) acquire it in adulthood. Through association, a partner can maybe begin to enjoy diapers when they’re always used in a safe and romantic way. Though, I don’t have any experience with this. There is at least one person who has been DM’ing me, who is not into diapers, but interested in other aspects of what I post.

I don’t think that I can fully answer your question ^^;;. For sure I can make anyone into ABDL happy by making them wear a diaper, especially if I put them into one! Do you think that I could be a caretaker?


Do you have any good spicy stories you could share about you and your shark?

The funny thing is that I’ve had a lot of dreams where I accidentally took the shark with me to random events. It’d be me, wearing my professional disguise (my adult clothes), carrying the shark in my hands. It doesn’t make much sense why I would feel embarrassed about this scenario and dream about it time and time again. Dreams are weird like that, right?

He can’t go with me into the big scary world; he needs to stay in my bed to ward off the scary scaaaries.

xD I probably should feel embarrassed about a lot of other things… Getting my diaper exposed in public, wearing childish outfits, accidentally wetting myself… There’s so many seemingly more straightforward things than taking a plushie outdoors.

Hm you asked me about ‘spicy’ stories. I once accidentally wet my bed and and half of it got on the shark. We took a shower together, and then he went into the washing machine, along with my bedsheets hihi. That was a lot of work and really annoying, but you have to look back at these things and smile.


Send Asks, and apology for slow DMs

Hello, it seems that there’s a lot of messages always piling up in my DMs, which I take forever to answer. I’m really sorry about this. I do try to answer everything, eventually. If you want a quicker interaction, that also usually gives a longer answer, you can send me an ASK. Either that, or you can ask for my discord handle (if we know each other well enough) ^^.  🦈🦈🦈


When I see your picture, I notice a tendency for soft textures and fabrics. Is the feeling znd touch of something important to you? I have a strong feeling for all things soft and furry. Wondering if this is the same with you.

Yes, softness and colors are really important for me. At times, the world feels cold, lonely and grey. To escape the big scary world, I have created my own: littlespace. It is a little fantasy land, existing between my ears, materializing itself in my bedroom. There, the world is not cold, lonely and grey. Instead, my little world is warm, comfortable and brightly colored. There’s cute outfits, fun activities, a SHARK, and baby thingies. Isn’t it just the best?


Do you think you’ll ever do more Touhou cosplay? (With or Without diapers!)

I’m going to Japan Expo Paris this July. Most likely, I’ll take a touhou cosplay with me. Though, I haven’t decided yet which one… I can choose between Tenshi, Miko, Utsuho, and Sanae, as these are the touhou costumes that I have ^^. Let’s see what happens, right?


Let’s say you are given a possibility (both financially and workwice) to have a “sabattial” year, i.e. year to do whatever you want to improve yourself. What would you do?

Thank you for this interesting Ask!

I still need to get my driver’s license; that’s something that I’d definitely do in an extended time off. Beyond that, I can’t think of any activity that I’d like to do, which I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. I don’t talk much about what keeps me busy; but you gotta understand that I’m not really the sort of person who would take long time off ^^… Definitely not a whole year…

But your question runs deeper than this answer, I realize. A sabbatical isn’t per se a holiday. A sabbatical can be used to attain personal goals such as traveling the world, writing a book, recording a music album.. in business terms, high-profile managers may use such a time to get experience at another facility or company… In academic terms, a researcher may use such a time to go to another laboratory to learn new techniques and get acquainted with new ways of thinking. Though, simultaneously, it isn’t called a sabbatical in research, as far as I know.

I feel that I still have a lot to learn, especially in terms of data analysis. Right now, I have a basic grasp of statistics and data analysis ®. Though, I need a lot of help from others, still. There’s also a lot of laboratory techniques which I’m not familiar with. It’s perhaps boring to read about these topics, especially when I talk about more advanced ones. Though, that’s just the way how I am ^^. I am no student any more, after all.

Would probably be a good idea to fill your blåhaj with some more stuffing, he does look a little limp. I’m 186 Cm tall so I do wish he was slightly bigger but he’s still pretty nice to cuddle with :D I named mine Jesper

Thank you for reiterating this ^^. My blahaj is very limp and needs more filling. I think that it’s the effect of washing him every few weeks, and sleeping with him every night…

You’re big! But blahaj is there for you ^^


Do you accept gifts or donations for AB things. If so, how can this be done? I noticed an old site (donating “coffee”), is it still active? For European givers only?

If you tell me what it is, I could get it for myself ^^. I really like ageplay, after all..! My friend @cofftee has sent me gifts in the past, for which I am very grateful. I’d chat with him even without the gifts xD, but he knows it. If you send me a DM you can tell me what it is.

Concerning the thing.. I think that it is still active. Though, I stopped promoting it when I realized that it’s not like me to ask anything in return for what I love doing. My pictures are a window into my life, rather than a commercial or promotional product. I have a paying job, so I don’t think that I need to earn anything with abdl pictures ^^

No matter what you think of me, at the very least I want to be seen as authentic and real. Because I am!

You should work on your stories, and publish them on a story website for more exposure, I want to know what happens next!

Thank you for this Ask and for the motivation. I also owe this to @itmustbefun . I’m so sorry, I’ve had so little time the last few weeks that I just can’t open up the document to work on it. I do have a lot of ideas for storylines that I want to write out to evaluate if they fit the sort of feelings that I want to go for. It’s no secret that one of the characters is based on myself, right? xD I can think of a lot of scenarios, but I don’t think that I’m very creative when it comes to characters. She’s literally me (albeit with a few details different) and a dear friend of mine.


Got my own Blåhaj recently, it’s impressive how much he improved my quality of sleep! I now understand why you love yours so much.

Thank you for this Ask, sorry for not answering Asks in quite some time… I’m glad to hear that you got yourself a shark plush, and that you are enjoying it in bed! To me, it feels like the shark plush was created for larger children and teenagers. It is still the right size for smol adults. (hm maybe if it was a little bit bigger… but I don’t mind)

Mine is really squashed from daily sleeping with him for the past 5 years… I wonder if I should put new filling inside. What do you think? 


hey how your day?

xD I assume that this Ask should be “How was your day?”. Maybe I’m just dumb for fundamentally not really understanding these kinds of chit-chat questions. Almost every day is the same when you start working full-time. Monday to Friday, it’s all the same to me. I wake up at around 7:30 am, I have breakfast with 2 slices of brown bread, covered with peanut butter and jam. I brush my teeth & floss, and leave my home by bike at around 8:30 am. At 12:30 I have lunch, and at around 18:00 I leave from work. Once every 2 days, I stop at the supermarket on my way home, to buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and bread. I have dinner at around 19:00, I shower, and during the evening I have my free time. On the weekends, I wake up at around 10 am, and spend my days either with family, or resting ^^. It doesn’t occur often that I go out to ‘do’ something. Maybe I would be happier if my days were more varied, or maybe I wouldn’t be and I’m fine.


If you had a partner that lived with you, and wanted to help your tumblr project and abdl side of your life, would you let them get involved and how would you like them to help?

Thank you for sending me this Ask. It feels nice to receive an insightful question like this !

I have not thought about this situation before. I do have some activities that I do, such as this tumblr blog, which maybe would seem out-of-place in a relationship. For instance, the time that I spend taking pictures of myself could instead be spent with a partner! The time that I spend writing out messages could be spent watching a movie together. I can envision that a partner would also feel uncomfortable with some of the things that I do. After all, do I not seem like an e-thot, doing this blog? The question of whether a partner would ‘join’ in those pictures would entirely rely on their personality. It’d be unreasonable to demand it, anyway. 

As for what I’d want, regardless of whether the partner would ‘join’, is to be loved. Doesn’t everyone want this? ^^ Nothing else matters, to me.


Hi! Welcome back! Do you mind if I use some of your photos on my blog? I occassionally like to make photo collages, and I just posted one that has a picture of you. I sincerely try to give credit to the owners of the pictures, and for yours, I included a separate link (also inserted it in your pic).I want to promote you (and others)…not steal. Please let me know how you feel about this, and, of course, I’ll remove it from my collage if you want.Again, welcome back!🙂

Thank you for wishing me a warm return from my holiday.

Hm well I’ll try to answer your Ask in a positive way, as I feel that you’re acting in good faith. Thank you for wishing to help me, by linking to my tumblr blog from your own. However, I don’t think that it’d make me happier per se to be ‘promoted’. Of course, I don’t mind it when people do so, though it’s better for them (and for you) if you reconsider why you wish to do so. I’ll try to elaborate on this topic, a little bit, and we can further discuss it either through DM, through Asks or through whichever means is most suitable for you.

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to start a blog, and why they would continue to publish content to it. The first reason, at least for me, is that it’s fun and gives a sense of accomplishment / fulfilment / whatever you wish to call it ^^. Some will do it to inspire their audience, or to improve their own (writing / photography) skills. Maybe some folks do it to confront their own fears, to document their own progress, who knows? Some folks may do so to mentally support themselves. I.e., be the centre of attention, feel the satisfaction of advising others, or even as simple as feeling desired. Beyond that, some folks do it to generate (extra) income.

The question now is why do I have a tumblr blog? Which of my reasons would benefit from being promoted by others? I’m not 100% sure why I started my blog, and why I keep doing it. I do enjoy taking photos and writing passages of text. I have much to learn in life and feel that tumblr may help me herein. The site itself will not teach me what I want to know, but the people who I interact with may. My own personality is way too stubborn to need real support from others 😂. You will not see me in a melancholic mood, asking for hearts and hugs xD. You could see this as a definite weakness, though. Stubbornness is still a threshold for self-improvement. Anyway, I need to mention that I don’t want to earn money through sharing pictures of myself. So, to achieve these goals, do I really need to be promoted by others? I feel that the enjoyment of sharing my littlespace and my thoughts is independent of the number of visitors. The likelihood of learning from others does increase with the number of people who I interact with. Though, I feel that I have long reached the point where I am the bottleneck, and not the number of people who wish to interact with me xD. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but there are a lot of private messages and Asks which remain untouched for too long, before I can find the time to answer them. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate the attention that I get. Upon starting a blog, I could never have envisioned that so many of you would be interested in my pictures and my personality.

This brings me to your reasons for wanting to promote others. What are your reasons, exactly? Is there something that you wish to receive in return, for helping others? There’s nothing that I could do for you, I think.

I don’t have a question I was looking at some of your older pics and wanted to say that I think you look really cute in the Tykables Little Rawrs

Thank you kindly for looking at my older pictures! I’m sorry for posting quite a lot, making it difficult to navigate my tumblr blog. On your computer, you could go to to have a better overview of my older posts

The Tykables little rawrs were really nice to wear ^^. They look a lot like they’re modelled after actual baby diapers. I should get more of them, I’m not sure if I still have any…

I may move houses again towards the end of this year, or the beginning of next year, so it’s better if I don’t accumulate a lot of stuff in my home ^^;;. Diapers do tend to take up some space, when you buy them as a full package.


Does it feel good too be back in diapers after your vacation …. Did you miss wearing them ?

Thank you kindly for this Ask! It’s okay, I didn’t miss wearing diapers, I wasn’t away for long ^^. I did miss my shark, because he’s kind of like a body pillow which allows me to sleep more comfortably on my side or on my belly. Whenever I’m not at home, and when he’s in the wash, I sleep on my back or differently on my side.

Hm in case it is not obvious, when I post new pictures, it doesn’t mean that I’ve worn that diaper on the day of posting. The series I’m posting right now, where I am wearing a diaper called a “super seni”, were taken on the 9th of April. I will take pictures of myself, and post them on my tumblr blog over the course of a few weeks. I don’t have time to wear a diaper and take pictures every single day ^^;;, it’d be impossible to do anything.

Is it more fun to wear the simpler pattern pamps than ones with fancy designs?

Thank you kindly for this Ask. You have a lot of choice, with regards to diapers, nowadays. Even among incontinence-geared diapers, you can choose between budget options and more expensive high capacity ones. Concomitantly, you can choose between plastic-backed and cloth-backed diapers, depending on what texture you prefer ^^. The various brands of incontinence diapers do have ‘designs’, in that there will either be (dotted) patterns printed on them, or the whole diaper will have a solid color. I assume that this is done specifically to make incontinence diapers not resemble baby diapers. Though, the helplessness of incontinence appears to be an aesthetic onto itself…

Once you decide that you’d like to try out ABDL-geared diapers, you will find out that your options are even broader! Among abdl diapers, you can choose between fancy designs, scented diapers, and even diapers modelled in a way to make them better resemble resized actual baby diapers. ABDL diapers share some of the same constraints as incontinence diapers, in that they cannot be too expensive or too impractical to wear. However, abdl diapers do not have any design constraints ^^. In fact, I love it when diapers resemble baby diapers, as they make me feel like one. That’s the whole point!

To answer your question; I prefer diapers with ‘fancy’ designs, that make me feel more like a baby. Though, I have also worn incontinence diapers and ones with simpler designs, in the past. In the two pictures below, I am wearing a Rearz Incontrol, and the one below it I am wearing a Lil Squirts Splash. 


I think it’s about time you took more pictures with plastic panties on 😀You look so cute and sexy in them

Hm you’re right… I do need to take more pictures. Thank you for the compliment. You’ve mentioned a couple of times that you appreciate very much the photos of me where I am wearing plastic pants. I balance those with pictures where my diaper is visible, and where I am wearing pyjamas.

I currently have around 3500 pictures taken for this blog. Is it too much, or not enough? The comment that I appreciate the most is when it is mentioned that my personal contribution is valued. I am a real person, after all, not a photo model ^^. Of course, this being a picture blog, the photos do play a major role. Though, I like to interact with you, and have fun conversations together.


I hope you’re having a lovely trip!! ^-^

Thank you kindly ❤️. I have travelled back home now. I’ve been absent from tumblr for a long time, it feels. I hope that I did not miss anything!


Do you mind to explain how do you diaper yourself? Are you laying down, imagine someone else is diapering you like a baby? Or are you doing it in an upright position? Like it is shown on the diaper packages? Or is someone putting you into diapers?Thank you for your blog and the effort :)

Thank you for sending me this Ask! You are actually reminding me that I want to buy a changing mat for myself. Currently I put a fleece blanket on the floor, spread out the diaper, and lay down onto it. It is really important that you fluff up your diaper before putting it in! Fluffing up a diaper means that you make the fluffy stuff inside the diaper less dense, by grabbing onto the diaper with two hands, and pushing your hands closer together, forcing the diaper into a U-shape. When you’ve done this several times, the previously densely-compressed fluffy stuff will be less compressed and even more fluffy, making the diaper overall more thick !

It is really important to put diaper cream on your skin ! It helps me to get into the mood, and usually it has a nice scent to it. ABDL is a special time, so feel free to apply a lot of cream! After you’ve taped on your diaper, you can also put on a plastic pants, to enhance further the babyish feeling. What I like to do is put transparent packing tape 2 or 3 times around my waist (on the diaper), to convince my mind that I am not taking off the diaper, and to provide a little bit extra tightness (I am too thin).

I am not pretending that someone is diapering me… that’s something which I will try next time ^^, thank you for the suggestion.


Hi there,You may already have answered this but it strikes me that all your pictures are taken in your flat. Feeling safe seems important to you. Yet wouldn’t it be exciting to take a (small) risk and go out diapered ? Are you not willing to add an extra thrill to your fantasy ? Wouldn’t it be naughty ?Anyway, keep going. Your blog is great.

What do you mean by exciting? Sexually? Potentially embarrassing?

I’d rather keep my littlespace safe and without humiliation ^^, as that’s the way how I prefer it. From reading a lot of abdl-themed stories, I do understand that humiliation and (near) exhibitionism is a big turn on for some people… In stories and fantasies, this is fine. However, I would not want to get into real scenarios where others can see that I am wearing a brightly pink-coloured diaper with princesses printed on it xD. Maybe if I was wearing a regular incontinence diaper, at least no one would bother me after an exposure event. Though, it still wouldn’t sit right with me to expose others to such a scenario. Diaper fetishism has a really bad image, and I don’t want to contribute to making it even worse, you know? Through positivity and safety, I’d rather attempt to make ABDL seem much better ^^. You see? I want to inspire you and others to explore your littlespace, and inspire you to have a lot of fun being a little baby ! Only through repeatedly demonstrating that my littlespace is safe, warm, fun, not humiliating and not hyper sexualized, do I feel that I can convince others to try it for themselves


Diaper check time !

I will answer it for this time ^^. I am wearing a Rearz Princess Pink, right now. I am melting into my littlespace, and melting a little bit into my diaper in the process. I’m still kinda horni, and I wish that I could put something inside me… but I need to focus on my happy littlespace ❤️


What a super duper cutie you are!! Hope you e been doing well

Thank you kindly for this compliment 💖💖

I am doing well ^^. I am going to visit Budapest (in Hungary) soon, and I am looking forward to that! I should be reading into the history and culture of that city, a little bit more, to make sure that I am well-prepared. I wonder if I should take a few (non-abdl) diapers with me in my suitcase? I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking abdl diapers, in case that there’s a random baggage check; that’d be too humiliating, whereas incontinence diapers are okay I feel.

It’s ironic, right? For the same reason, I wouldn’t take my vibe with me when I am flying xD. I guess that people sort of expect that I have one? But still I don’t want them to know that I do. It’s sad that I will have to sleep without my shark plush for several days… but I will manage ! I can be a grown up for a few days, if I set my mind to it !


Some time ago I wrote to you email, I don’t know if the email arrived at all and didn’t end up in spam, as usual ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sorry, you’re talking about my coucherequin gmail address. I did attempt to answer all my messages some days ago, though the day after everything was back again. I wish that I was an octopus instead of a shark; able to work on many things at the same time.

I do appreciate the messages that I receive. I feel that I fail people for not being able to give a timely answer to all these messages ^^… Though, I make an exception for Asks, as I do my best to answer all of those (eventually). If you want me to answer something relatively urgently, you could always send me an Ask.


Your posts, evenhanded, comprehensive, and patient responses distinguish you from many others partaking, following, or interested in this lifestyle. There is so much maturity, emotional intelligence, and broad acceptance in your responses. By sharing yourself, you add so much too many — whom I believe are struggling with acceptance of their unusual and uncommon predilections — that without you it would be just another wild fapfest.

Thank you for sending me this Ask! I don’t think that I deserve all the kind words, though let’s see about that ^^.

Edit: Ah sorry, there was an additional paragraph that I had originally written, which was apparently not saved. I will try to write it again.

I do expect myself to be emotionally mature, I think. I have much still to learn, but I am also not 18 any more. I hope that I can continue to learn and grow, as I grow older in chronological age. (Also, I hope that I can continue to look a little bit young in appearance xD…). I need to learn to better understand others, to better anticipate what they want when they say something, and to be a better overall friend or acquaintance to all who I know ^^. No matter how old I will become, I also hope that I can hold onto my precious littlespace. 

I’m afraid that I don’t feel that I can help others with their abdl acceptance issues. It never even occurred to me that what I do is strange. There was never a time that I wanted to stop wearing diapers. However, there were a few times when I wanted to stop sleeping with a plushie, because I felt that I was too old for one and it was embarrassing if I have guests over. Over time, I stopped thinking about this. I do feel it’s a little embarrassing that there’s a massive plushie in my bed, when I have guests over. So I do put the shark underneath my sheets. However, it’s not embarrassing enough to make me blush or feel genuinely bad. xD It’s strange, right? When I have guests over, I make sure to hide my vibe, but not the shark in my bed. In reality, no one would think it’s weird that I own a vibe or any kind of sex toy, whereas they may think it’s a little strange for me to own a huge plushie. Ah well. I will try to think of a more coherent answer to help others with ABDL acceptance. 

As for masturbation and pornography.. It’s a precarious balance. Without pictures of myself in diapers, I don’t think that I can attract people to subscribe to my blog. I would like you to read my theories, my thoughts, and I’d love to interact with as many likeminded individuals as possible. Am I attractive or ‘sexy’? Personally, I don’t think that I am. No one has ever directly told me that they’ve climaxed to my pictures. I’m unsure what to think about it. Nonetheless, even if people have climaxed to pictures of me, I hope that I have still inspired enough others to make this worth my time.


What is(are) your favorite store or eshop for buying diapers, etc. and can you share your experience?

I buy diapers and abdl clothing from a webshop called ABDLfactory, they have another website called ab-dl-tb-shop, but this is the same shop/company. This shop sells a lot of different kinds of diapers and usually actually has their things in stock (not a given these days). There’s a shop called eurodl which I like because they sell bags of mixed diapers, which helps me to keep my photos a little bit varied.. Also I’ve bought abdl stuff from amazon, though they keep losing my packages and refunding me 3 months later so I can’t recommend that one xD.

Sending diapers by post over long distances is expensive, so you shouldn’t take my advice on any of this unless you happen to live in the Netherlands or in Belgium, because the shipping costs may be unreasonably high. It is better for you to find a shop that is active in your region. As for local shops… I have never seen a shop sell ABDL diapers, but I will happily go into the local baby store to buy bottles, cups, and other cute accessories for myself ^^. I hope that the shopkeepers will never find out that I am buying it for a BIG baby, namely MYSELF!

There’s a German webshop called saveexpress, which I still need to try. They seem to have a really big selection. I’ve always wondered what’s up with this shop. They seem to cater to incontinent people, but they also sell abdl diapers. I think that I would feel a little embarrassed to shop for incontinent supplies and baby-themed diapers in adult sizes… Realistically, though, incontinent people will quickly learn about the existence of ABDL, and they’ll just have to deal with. Maybe it is even encouraging or enabling to see young handsome women and men have fun wearing diapers, as a source of positive energy, instead of dreading it from start to finish. Nonetheless, I don’t want to bother anyone, so I will not specifically seek out people who are incontinent to ask them about this topic. ABDL can be seen as weird. To understand it, you need to read into a whole bunch of topics like safespace / littlespace, DDLG (caregiver dynamics), and diaper fetishism. My blog can’t provide the necessary information to understand ABDL, so it is best that I stay far away from a non-ABDL audience.


Thank you😊 think you are a very nice person.

Thank you. I try my best to be as kind as possible to others. What for? Maybe my kindness will inspire others to be equally kind, so the kindness can spread and propagate !


It was nice to hear from you😊

I’m sorry if I disappointed you. I try my best to be friendly to everyone ❤️. I’m convinced that you’re a kind and loving person. I hope that you can enjoy the coming weekend wearing a diaper and a cute soft pajama ^^


I remember that I really liked the feeling of being wet and not wanting to be changed. Something about the smell, sound and feel of diapers have always made me happy.

xD I got another horni ask. I knew that it was a bad idea to answer one.

Please treat me like a real person, because I am real and I have feelings. My blog is not a LARP thing.

Hiii sorry if this is weird lol but your content is so cozy and wholesome, it makes me feel really like, “safe”, is the best way I can describe it. I get stressed easily but it helps me feel all loosey goosey to read about your thoughts on littlespace stuff, or just things in general ^^

Thank you kindly for this message ❤❤️. At the top of my blog, it says that this is my “safespace” ^^. With that, I kinda intended to avoid getting negative messages, though it is also true in the other sense in that I try my best to show the fun and relaxation that I have in my littlespace !

Littlespace is my stress relief, I think. My work is kinda mega stressful, but I usually don’t feel stressed because there is a nice balance in my life of accomplishing stuff during the day and having a lot of fun in my free time, either with or without diapers ^^. It’s not only sexual fun, of course (which I try not to talk abour or show in my blog)… Littlespace is pure bliss for me when I am in my element. Sometimes I wish that I could be a baby forever.. but what my mind probably wants is to be babied for a day or two full-time by someone.


Horny question, but would you ever let someone pee in your diaper, or use your diaper as their pail? (Like stuffing a balled up wet diap down the back of the one you’re wearing)

I’m a lil hesitant to answer hornii stuff, cus it’d probably lead to even more of such questions. I’m not oblivious to serving as fap material, but I’d rather not.

I’ve fantasized about a guy sticking his thing in the back of my diaper and flooding it… Also about being forcefully diapered into an already wet diaper (and locked into it with a chastity belt)… But these thoughts are too horni for my baby brain and I shouldn’t think about them >_< , I am a wittle bwaby and I am too young to do any of that!


Do you remember how old you were when you knew you liked diapers?

It must have been when I was 6 or 7 years old. From what fragments that I can remember, and from what my parents told me, I wet the bed until I was about 8 years old, and I wore diapers for that. I’m not sure what kind of diapers they were… Judging from my abdl preferences right now, they were most likely not cloth diapers. As a kid, it took me some time to figure out that it was diapers that I craved so much… but right now I couldn’t be happier when I’m ageplaying. It makes me feel complete, and at home ^^. What does it do for you?


Have you had any experience telling people about your little/abdl side? I want to tell my S/O but obviously once you start the conversation there is no taking it back.

Thank you for this Ask. I’m afraid that I cannot help you very well with this question, as I’m not that experienced with relationships. (I have only been in a relationship for a few years, and currently I am not). The best advice I could give you is to always try and give more than you take. In this context, it’d mean that you have to set up the situation in such a way that you’re giving your partner the incentive to ask you about your fetish, rather than it being the other way around.

Thinking back of my ex… Telling her about ageplay was kinda like that. I carefully and kindly asked her if there was a deeply hidden fetish that she’d love to do with me. I failed a number of times, as she felt too embarrassed to tell me about it. The hesitation comes from a fear of nonacceptance, I think. It’d help if there is already a deep level of trust between you two. After a few times, maybe because the mood was just right, and promising that I’d never tell anyone, she told me what it was. It was intriguing to me, and we talked with genuine interest about it for hours. Naturally, it followed that she also asked the question to me. As a mutual tease, I pretended that I wouldn’t be able to tell her, because it is too embarrassing ^^… Of course I did tell her that I was into ageplay. It was always my intention to do so. She hadn’t heard of it before. Consequently, we talked about it all night. The next time that we were both really horny, I asked her if I could participate in the fetish that she told me about. What followed was a really stimulating evening for her and maybe her most intense orgasm ever. I didn’t mind doing it, as I was mostly happy to see her be so super horny. As time went on, she asked me the same question and we alternated between these things. Giving and taking; always give more than you take ^^.

I wonder, have you ever did pee-fetish related things without a diaper ? If so, did you like it ?

Thank you for this Ask!

I’m not so sure about what you asked. I understand the commonalities between ageplay, diapers, desperation, and pee/omorashi. There’s stuff like omorashi omutsu which combines aspects of all of this. However, I don’t think that I would enjoy peeing myself while not wearing a diaper. I wear diapers to help me feel like a wittle bwaby

Others will experience ABDL in different ways. That’s fine. I hope that you can find out which aspects that you like most ^^. When I was first trying out diapers as a kid/teen, I didn’t have many of the “baby” luxuries that I have now. Consequently, I wasn’t sure what I was missing out on. It turns out that my inner desires are to be as real of a baby as possible. You see? It’s not about pee; it’s that I pretend to be incontinent while I’m in littlespace!

So, um… how bout them sharks?

My shark gets lots of love every day ^^, but judging from his facial expression I’m still not sure if he likes it!


Draag je luiers alleen binnenshuis of draag je ook buiten?

Hoi, bedankt voor je Ask! Luiers zijn onderdeel van m’n regressie tot babytje, samen met schattige kleertjes (vooral pyjama’s), onesies, fopspenen, flesvoeding, en knuffeldieren (m’n haai). Om het echter te maken, en ook omdat het me een prettig gevoel geeft, plas ik in m’n luier ^^. Al deze dingen samen geven me dan een heel ontspannen gevoel, waardoor ik eventjes alles los kan laten. Dit werkt alleen als ik me veilig en thuis voel. Op dit moment is dat eigenlijk alleen in m’n eigen slaapkamer het geval. M’n voordeur is op slot, m’n kamerdeur is op slot, de gordijnen zijn dicht, ik ben helemaal veilig en kan eventjes weer babytje zijn ^^. Ik heb wel eens geprobeerd om op andere plekken luiers te dragen, zoals onder een cosplay, maar dat geeft me toch een heel ander gevoel.


When you ageplay, do you have a favourite food you like to eat?

I like drinking warm infant formulae (or chocolate milk) from a baby bottle. After drinking 2 or 3 bottles, I feel so warm and fuzzy in my tummy, that I might fall asleep for a little nap together with the shark ^^. Formulae has a unique flavor, that is different from regular milk… but I drink it because it’s for babies and I feel like I’m a baby when I’m ageplaying.


Would you try an Otter diaper?So you like Otters?

I am not sure what this Ask means, I’m afraid. I tried looking up “otter diaper”, but I am only seeing custom Etsy-sold diaper covers for newborns. Is that what you meant, or is it a typo?

I should order more things from Etsy; handmade things in particular. It’d make for much more unique pictures, too ^^


I just want to say I love you and your content on here and how are you doing today cutie?

Thank you for the compliment!

Sometimes I wonder whether this blog is helpful to others, and/or helpful to me. It takes some of my time, and some of my energy. I appreciate your interactions, though I am afraid that I cannot answer every “how are you”, and “how are you doing” question that I get, as it’d swamp me in inane messages on a daily basis ^^;;. Is it disrespectful of me to say this, you think? I search for meaningful conversations and depth every time, though this often leaves me disappointed with superficiality. It’s not your fault. It is my fault for not opening up enough to demonstrate topics which interest me


When was the last time you was diapered and soaked it

Thank you for this Ask ^^. I think that it’s a waste to wear a diaper without peeing in it at least twice. I like the feeling of wetness down there, and it gives me a strange sense of completeness. As for ‘soaking’ hm; I’m not sure what definition people attach to this. Peeing one or two times is soaking, or does it require more than that? Horniness-fueled weirdness has driven me to take a bath and a shower a few times, while wearing a diaper. That expectedly results in a fully saturated diaper, and me having a massive moaning orgasm xD. Those saturated diapers take up a lot of space in my trash, so I don’t like doing this…


Your pics are all cute ofc, but I really like your style of writing and just how you put your thoughts into text. It’s really nice to read

Thank you kindly for the compliment ^^. For tumblr, I try my best to write in a way that seems kind, caring, and involved. I care about you, and I want you to grow and thrive. I’d love for you to wake up energized and full of motivation every day (and maybe wearing a diaper ^^). Ageplay recharges me so that I can handle another week of doing adult stuff. I’m already looking forward to when I’m going to sleep later today, cus I will wear a cloth diaper with a plastic pants, and sleep with my paci and my shark plush!


What are some of your favorite anime’s?

(I will copy-paste part of this answer, as I’ve recently had it before)

Haruhi, or Railgun, or Yuru Yuri, or Non non Biyori.. Too many to choose from! The common theme among these series that I prefer these shows to be laid-back, without much stress or drama. Slice-of-life anime are fun to watch, and to me they kinda feel like kids shows for teens/adolescents. If you go to anime conventions and you see 20-25 year olds dress up as cute characters from anime shows xD… We all want to retain a bit of the good parts of our childhood, until we are no longer allowed to do so.

In the picture below, I am wearing part of the costume of Homura ^^… I cosplay as her at anime conventions sometimes. Maybe I am wearing a special underwear?


Just wanted to say, I appreciate your thoughtful posts. Admittedly, it’s hard to get to know someone through a blog, but from the glimpses you’ve shared, you seem like an intelligent, observant, and patient person. I don’t know how much, if any, meaning this carries from a stranger. Even so, I wish you peace, health, and happiness.

Thank you so much for sending me this ^^. I occasionally request people to submit Asks, so that I get the impression that it is not a one-way thing. Taking pictures of myself and putting them on tumblr with silly annotations is not as gratifying as hearing back from you through these submissions and through chats ! I do have difficulties keeping up with chats, but I try to eventually have all non-inane messages answered

I like to think that I am observant and patient… I dunno if I’m more intelligent than the average Master student. It doesn’t take much to do what I do. When I ageplay, I don’t want to think about any of the stuff that I usually think about. I return to a lil puddle, only able to drink from a bottle and curl up in bed ^^


Hey little baby, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner today then..?

Having a healthy diet is really really important. You should have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

However, this week was very long and tiring. I put on a diaper yesterday evening. I woke up at around 8am this morning. I sat up in my bed, peed myself, and then I turned around to continue sleeping. At around 10am I woke up again, this time I really had to get up to start the day ^^. I read stuff on the internet for about half an hour, and meanwhile I was feeling around my squishy diaper.

I didn’t have breakfast today (even though I should!). For lunch, I made toast with jambon and camembert, also jam and peanut butter (separately). In addition, I had 2 mandarins and tea. This afternoon I drank 2 bottles of infant formulae, and I had chocolate. Later this evening I will eat fresh hamburger-steak with tomatos and rice.

If I’m not careful, my shark will eat me before the end of the evening!


Saturday 5 March 2022

Today I am in littlespace ❤️❤️. If you want to, could you send me a kind Ask? I will try to answer all my messages today ^^. I love you! 


I wish i could take sharkies place 😜

Are you sure about that, hun? ^^ He doesn’t get nicely treated by me, most of the time. He’s the best plushie that I ever had, because this shark is the ideal size and shape for an icky adult like me to sleep with. I’m around 1 meter 75 tall (I really wish I was smoller), while the shark is around 1 meter long. I should really add some new plushie filling to him, he has become quite flattened by sleeping with him so often… What do you think, huh?


Would you want a boyfriend that wear diaper ?

As long as I can continue to be a lil baby, I don’t mind if a partner wants to wear diapers too ^^. I would encourage it, so that we can be ageplay together! I doubt that I would be able to take care of someone (in a littlespace context), though. You can call me egoistic or silly for this, but it would be a big no-no if a partner asks me to stop with littlespace altogether. They would be kindly shown the door, if there’s no opportunity for me to change their mind in the subject.

I understand the criticism around this. When two people love each other, there will never be a perfect match in every single opinion and habit. That wouldn’t be realistic, nor desirable. People are different, and these differences are what makes us better together. Therefore we compromise a lot, right? We don’t have to agree on everything. You could argue that my reliance on littlespace should be treated by a psychologist, as weaning off of it seemingly is deleterious to my mental health. The way I look at it is different, though. I enjoy ageplaying, and by itself it’s not bad for my physique or mental health. At best I’m at a slightly higher risk of getting a skin rash or a UTI, though so far this hasn’t happened. The ‘deleterious’ aspect of my ageplay would then be extrinsically imposed, i.e. someone asks me not to do it which I can’t comply with. If I cannot comply with someone’s wishes, is it my fault and therewith should the issue be fixed in me, or should the issue be fixed in the other person? You can come up with your own answer to this ^^


Hello ! Did your shark also wets the bed and need to wear diaper sometimes ?

The shark cannot wear diapers, he has a tail that gets in the way ^^. He spends the night in my arms, pressed against me ! The shark gets a lot of love, and I think that he gets photographed more than more other plush sharks


Apart from ABDL, do you have any other kinks?Do you ever put yourself into a nappy, with onesie and a bottle for bedtime?Have you or would you like to be breastfeed, either dry or lactating?

This blog focusses on adult baby stuff, because it plays such a big role in my life. Ageplay is much more to me than a way to make myself cum. It’s my crutch through difficult times, it’s my ultimate fun activity during good times. It makes me feel safe and comfortable. In addition, ever since I’ve started publishing my ageplay photos online, I feel more loved and confident than before. I’ve gained a few friends from this blog, too! I look forward to what the future will bring. I also feel like my photography skill has improved xD. This blog was part of the reason why I chose to get a fullframe camera. Though, I had always been interested in purchasing one.

Yeah, there are a few other things that I like to do, to pull myself over the edge. It’s best that I don’t focus on them, on this blog ^^. If you really want to know, you can send me a private message asking about this.

There’s been numerous times where I went to bed as a baby ^^, though in the grand scheme this tends to be quite rare. I’d do it more often if I had more free time. It happens quite a lot that on Saturday or on Sunday I still need to work on stuff. It feels kinda wasteful to put on a diaper on Friday or Saturday evening, and change out of it in the morning ^^;;. What is your opinion about this?

My first partner breastfed me (dry, it was pretend), while stroking my hair and whispering to me. I would love to experience this again.

Antwerp is nice, but I can’t actually say how it is. I’m sure it would be a nice experience with your sister.I think getting a decent laptop, or small tower computer is better. You can hook it up to a TV in your living room so you can play with friends. It’s what my friend did!

Yes, I also think that visiting Antwerp would be a nice day out. From what I have read about the city so far, it is very different from the area of Belgium where I live. It also seems that there is quite a lot of stuff to do, in and around the city! Regardless, I don’t go out often and every opportunity to do so, especially when it’s not by myself, would be good ^^.

Hm well I bought my current laptop second-hand in August 2017, I think it was around 1 year old back then, so it’d be around 5 years old at the time of writing. For now, I don’t need a new one ^^, I’m happy with what I have. Though, I currently don’t have a TV, and I can’t get one due to lack of space. When I move to a bigger place, whenever that’ll be, I’ll consider these things again. Preferably, I also want more space for a crib and more baby stuff. Would you like to have a full adult baby room?


Do you have a favorite brand of diapers? Does your shark?

There’s a number of diapers that I like most. At a certain point, diapers tend to become quite similar in their fit and thickness, and the only differentiating factor is their design, I think. Going from a Tena maxi/ultima slip to a Littleforbig diaper is a big jump up in quality. In contrast, the Littleforbig Baby Cuties, the Little Dreamers, and the Rearz lil squirts splash are quite similar as a functional diaper. These fit me really well and they’re all really cute, I think. Unfortunately my shark can’t wear diapers.

Hm but as a bottom note; my opinion on diapers is coming from how they help me with ageplay. I’m not incontinent. I don’t wear diapers while walking outdoors or while working or doing activities. Henceforth, my opinion will likely be different from the opinion of someone who unfortunately is incontinent, or wears diapers while being active. Most of my ageplay pictures are of me in my bed, or otherwise being inside my home. It’s a very controlled (and therefore also comfortable) environment, where I feel safe to express my inner desires to be a little baby. There is nothing wrong with liking or needing diapers, though I try to be considerate of the ‘other side’. If I was incontinent and I was reluctantly reliant on diapers, maybe I would not appreciate any interaction with people who wear diapers for fun ^^.


No real question, just wanted to wish you a nice Saturday evening. 🙂

Thank you ❤️❤️ In the weekends I need to sleep, eat, and rest, and catch up with the week by talking to friends and watching/reading stuff. Sometimes also baby time ^^. It’s my time to charge up again for the coming week. XD I hope that in the future I can take up a job where I only work 3 or 4 days per week, so that I’m not so tired all the time. One can dream. I’d love to spend more time taking photos, writing and doing other things that I enjoy.


What is your fashion like in your everyday wear?Which city would you most like to visit?Do you play video or board games?

My everyday wear is my ‘professional disguise’. I am a baby, but I need to pretend to be a functional adult x_x. It usually consists of a colorful print dress shirt and dark or beige skinny jeans ^^. The last few years, I’ve gone through several backpacks; the only one which survived is one from ikea xD.

I would like to visit Antwerp (and several other Belgian cities) this spring. I’ll ask my sister whether she wants to go together with me. Supposedly, Antwerp has very beautiful locations! What do you think of this idea?

Yes; I do play a few video games. My 3ds still works (mainly for Pokemon), I have a Switch (Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, new Pokemon). On my phone I play pokemon go sometimes. Oops I may have a little issue with Pokemon xD. Maybe I’ll buy a steamdeck once they start selling those. Should I?


On the scale of 1 to 10 of how cute you are, you’re definitely an 11

xD you’re saying that because I wear diapers. I’m kinda mediocre when I’m not wearing one. But it’s okay, I feel ‘complete’ when I am wearing a baby-themed diaper ^^, so cute and comfortable


Long time ago the colour of Tena Slip Ultima was blue, then they changed it to light grey. If at all, what did you thought of that? The first time I saw it, I was (actually still) yoking that they ran out of colour ink. 🤪

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the tena slip in blue. I like wearing these diapers, but thinking back of them, they always felt like they were on the small side? And like they can’t handle a second pee


Do you think we can see some pictures of you showing your little side in public or semi public scenes?

Well I could, but probably I wouldn’t. I’m not a supporter of increasing my chances of exhibiting fetishes to strangers who are not on the lookout for such a thing. I realize that the question was asked in good faith, and that I do ‘expose’ myself to strangers on tumblr, though I’m not the kind of person to do this in public ^^. I’m sorry that I can’t live up to your question.


No question, just wanted to tell you that finding your blog was (and is) a relief insofar as I am of course totally different from you: a bit older, male, fairly different country within Europe… But share a similar fascination as you do, and I’m also a scientist. So seeing you so confident and positive about your life is uplifting, as I sometimes (but only sometimes) struggle with being non-standard. Seeing others cope helps, though. :)

There’s so many reasons to feel confident about yourself and your accomplishments. Seemingly, it’s easy to dismiss them all, and pretend that we’re someone who we’re not ^^. My blog is direct evidence of that, I guess? (Gasp, I’m not actually a baby, I only pretend to be one !!)

In psychology they will refer to this phenomenon as “imposter syndrome”, disproportionately affecting high-achieving people. I should know all about it, but I don’t. It’s not that I don’t have insecurities, don’t get me know. On most days, my fingernails are bleeding from me constantly biting them. I don’t know why I do that, but I think it’s some low-grade anxiety or at least a really bad habit xD. Regardless of this, I feel that I am generally happy.

I wish that I could give sound advice to my readers. Though, I feel that my experiences are mostly irrelevant to others, seeing how I’ve never had a normal job XD. Why should you take advice from someone who has always worked in an ivory tower? Though, I’m still glad that I can make others happy by being confident and positive ^^.


(A bit late) But congratulations on your PhD! That’s really impressive!!!

It’s been a long time since then, over a year ago ^^. Thank you, nonetheless. It’s increasingly strange to think back of this period in my life.

On the one hand, I contributed to various research projects, of which some have resulted in deliverables in the form of manuscripts. On the other hand, I devoted time to my own scientific development, technical skill, and my career. I feel more confident in myself, and I can tackle complex issues. Given that I already have some peer-reviewed publications to my name, it’s now up to me to either pursue an academic career, or leave academia to do something else entirely. Back in the beginning of 2020, I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do, so I opted to try my chances as a postdoc. If it doesn’t work out, I can always ‘fall back’ to a non-academic job ^^, is what I thought.

Though, in the back of my mind I do think that contributing to research and development is ultimately more helpful to myself and to the world around me, versus a ‘regular’ production job. I don’t consider myself more or lesser than others, nor do I consider one job lesser than another. Notwithstanding, you’re reading this message because people in the past made all the necessary technological developments to make rich global communication attainable, possible and nowadays instantaneous. Whether you agree or disagree with me on this topic is completely moot and irrelevant when you daily enjoy the fruits of all the r&d happening around you XD.

So what will my future hold? If only I knew.

How would you react if a friend told you that he/she was curious about abdl and was trying out diapers?

It’d depend a lot how well I know this friend. There are certain friends who I would love to ageplay with, but also friends who I would rather not do something so personal and vulnerable with. There’s only a few of my friends who know that I am coucherequin…

It’s not the easiest topic to talk about, after all ^^;;


if you’re gunna leave can you give us a heads up before you do? sad uwu

Don’t worry, I’m not an unreasonable person. When I said that I might leave in the future when people get too annoying to me, I might have been a little frustrated. I do love the attention that I get on tumblr, and I hope that I can make others happy with my pictures. It’s a balance, you see? I give and I take. Though, when I feel like I am giving much more than I can take, then tumblr would kinda be like a timesink.

I allow myself to watch YouTube videos or anime maximum 1 hour per day. All my other waking hours are spent either at work, doing my household, or working on my own projects (tumblr being one of them). With such a tight schedule, the things that I do will have to be worth it ^^.


You’re having a 3rd COVID shot. And with this number I want the ask n°3! Which veggie is the most icky?🥦 🤢

3.) 🌽Which veggie is the most icky?

Hm yeah. Definitely onion for me. I don’t mind it when there’s a little bit of onion in my food when I eat at someone’s place, or when I’m at a restaurant, though I avoid it in my own cooking.

But I’m not a fussy eater. I avoid onion and garlic, and stay away from organ meats, but I’ll eat most of everything else ^^. By European standards, of course ^^;; , you will definitely not find me eating shark fin soup


Hey there! Word on the streets is that the ikea shark is available again (at least in my country) If you’re still looking to get one, now is your time to do so 😉

Oh, are they? It still says sold out here, but I’ll make sure to check the stock multiple times from now on, to see if it goes back in stock.

This also reminds me, mine needs his monthly wash soon.


You earned your PhD??? Does this mean we get to call you Dr. Couche Requin now?

I was awarded my doctorate in September 2020, I have been working as a postdoc ever since. You don’t need to use any titles around me. Ever since, I have more readily deleted silly comments and messages, because it is just not worth my time ^^;. Maybe one day I will simply disappear from this blog, and never come back, when I realize that it is not worth my time any more. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. There are still a few people who I enjoy interacting with.

Hi! Since you love sharks I thought you might enjoy this cute video of a cat and their shark plushie!Have a great day!

Yeah, it’s really cute ^^, cat pulling a Blahaj through the room. I am looking forward to when I can share my life again with a furry friend.

Up until then, I’ll enjoy the pets of others!

2, but historically, i.e. when you really were a kid.The book I remember best was “Z for Zacharias”, which I read when I was about 10 years old, and again, when I was about 18 or so. I still have that book.

2.) 📚What’s your favorite children’s book?

XD When I was really a child? Hm that would probably be a Dutch book called Pluk van de Petteflet. I wouldn’t be able to remember it, though. I should re-read it to see if I can recall anything of it.

You should cherish the books that you hold dear ^^. I threw a lot of books away over the years and occasionally I do regret it.

Really interested in 16 and 20.

16.) 🚀Other than stuffies, what other Little toys do you have? Cars? Tea Set? Red Wagon?

One day I’ll have my nursery room, with my own crib and all the other baby thingies that my heart desires. For now, my ‘crib’ is my bed, my diapers, onesies, soft fleece socks, pajamas, my shark plush and fleece blankets. I have several adult dummies, and several baby bottles to drink from. In terms of toys, I don’t have anything in my own home, unfortunately. I used to play a lot with legos, building and rebuilding the same few boxes that I had. I do still have the legos, though they’re in my old room at my parents’ home. (XD also I think all the kits got mixed up into one big box… oops. Good luck following the instructions now!)

20.) 🍼Do you drink milk? What kind?

I like drinking chocolate milk, both from a regular drinking glass, as well as from a baby bottle. I also like drinking infant formulae, specifically from a bottle. I’ve never drank formulae from a glass, before (😂). Formulae makes me feel very little. It tastes different from milk, and when you first taste it (as an adult), it can even be a little off-putting. I do recommend that others who are into littlespace give a bottle and formulae a chance. I realize that formulae comes in huge packages (usually 800 g), enough to make 6 liters of formulae… I’m not a full-time baby, but I’m still a really big baby. I make myself 3 or 4 bottles of formulae, so my tummy feels all warm and fuzzy ^^. It’s a lot of milk, and I kinda feel sleepy afterwards. In my ultimate caretaker-baby fantasies, I’d be bottle-fed several times throughout the day !!


1. and 14.

1.) ⛺Are you scared of the dark?

Not of the dark, but I feel uncomfortable when my laptop is off 😭. I keep it switched on all the time, so that there’s a little bit of light and background noise in my room. Thereby, it also stays connected and I feel connected to the internet at all times. On my nightstand there’s also my phone, which is also always connected… Do you feel like this, too?

14.) 👑Do you ever feel bratty in Little space? If so, what do you do when you feel bratty?

Hm I hate this but when I am very sad, I drink a whole bottle of wine, wear a diaper, get really angry at myself for being so stupid/stubborn/annoying/whatever, cry my eyes out, pee myself, and fall asleep. I’ve only had to do this a few times, now. It does help, I feel. When I wake up again I feel like I can start over (after a shower XD).


Are you following the “New Amsterdam” series? On S2 E15, there is a shark on psychiatrists office. Could you ask from your shark, are they related?

I logged into netflix, went to this particular episode and scrolled through the episode to find that scene, at 10:30 min into the episode. Yes, it’s the same BLÅHAJ from ikea. Though, the one in the episode is clean and new and not squashed to a pancake like mine.

Also, my shark plush is unique in that it is my support to get through difficult times ^^. He also helps me release magic feelings into my diapers.


What do you think of the ski (the sport)? Have you ever skied or do some snowboard? Do you like the snow?

I’ve never skied or used a snowboard, so I don’t have an opinion of it. I’m afraid that I’ve never even seen it for real; so for all I know it doesn’t even exist xD. Snow and snow-sports are not for me. I’ve lived all my life in places where winters are long, dark and grey and consequently life takes place indoors during those months. I don’t get Winter depression, or something like that, but I recognize that I have less energy and motivation during Autumn and Winter. I wonder if others recognize this, as well

Do you have anything fun you want to do in 2022 and merry Christmas hope you have an amazing one and a happy new year

Thank you for wishing me a merry Christmas. I am looking forward to 2022, and achieving many new things ^^

I want to submit more science manuscripts, so that I can contribute to science! I currently have 5 peer-reviewed first-author papers, and I am a co-author on 4 more papers ^^.

But there’s many more things that I would like to do and learn in 2022. Let’s see what will be possible and what I will achieve!

with you not posting during the holidays will you still be in diapers playing with shark taking photos?

Well during Christmas I usually visit my parents to help them around their house, and stay there between Christmas and New Year. Usually I would not bring any diapers with me, because it’s kinda difficult to discretely throw the diaper away afterwards, especially if it’s a colorful ABDL diaper ^^;. This year I will also go there to help them out, probably not taking any diapers. But I haven’t decided yet… I will travel there tomorrow (24th of December) in the afternoon, and I need to hurry up to pack my bags.

Of course I would love to ageplay in my old room, and be reminded of the amazing childhood and teenage years that I spent there, while surrounded by family and friends.

What do you think that I should do? Regardless of what I do, I would probably not take my tripod with me, because it’s huge. (I use a tripod and a camera flash while taking ageplay pictures of myself)

More importantly… I need to make sure that my travels go well, and that I can visit friends during the Christmas holidays.


Have you got a drivers license? What is your dream car?

I don’t have my driver’s license. I never took lessons. It’s on my long-term list to do ^^;;

I’m very European with cars. I would most likely buy a Citroen C1 as a useful everyday car. At some point I would like to own a Citroen 2CV ^^. They are the most adorable cars, in my opinion.

But hm. I’m not sure if I am even capable of getting a driver’s license. On a bicycle, I feel fine and safe, and I think that I am following all the traffic rules, though I’ve never even tried to operate a large vehicle. As a kid I went cart racing a few times, which was fun; if driving a car is anything like that then I should get going xD.


What do you wish for Christmas ? 🎅 🎁And for this new year?

This Christmas, I wish for you to be happy <3. Not you, the Asker, specifically; but anyone who is reading this ^^. Please find the abundant happiness in your life, and be inspired by the beauty that you see all around you. Read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, do whatever it takes to gain back the vigor and motivation that you used to have. Our bodies age, though our motivation potential stays unchanged until the very end.

I am turning 31 soon (oh no), on January 3… But I won’t let it stop me from being myself. My body feels the same as 10 years ago, though right now I am a lot happier and I understand a lot more of the world around me. I feel more confident in my own skin, and I speak out more often. I want to continue to grow like that, while maintaining my health and fitness!

Though, my looks will probably continue to deteriorate as I age xD. My picture style, diapers and clothing will have to compensate for that.


Have you been changed by someone else? Meaning, in your adulthood. 🤣

In adulthood, huh. Not yet ^^. I would really like to be babied by someone, though there needs to be a lot of trust before that can happen! The inside of my diaper is very sensitive and needs to be protected.

I don’t even want horni stuff, because I can do that by myself. I would like to have my ultimate caretaker babycore fantasies come true ♡ ♥💕❤


Are you going to wear diapers secretly around your fam during christmas

Hmm I thought about it, but probably not. For me, diapers are for ageplay, not really for casually wearing them as if I’m incontinent or something ^^;;. Though, I’ll probably bring my vibe with me to have some naughty ‘relaxing’ time in bed.

Also it’s kind of a pain to throw diapers away secretly at their home. It’d stress me out more than anything xD


can you easily wet your dips? do you ever drink lots of water and pee lots?

I wouldn’t be able to wet my pants on command, but I can pee myself while wearing a diaper no problem ^^. It’s almost an instinct !


Do you have a nappy filling order when planning little time 1’s 2’s and 3’s?Mine is 3’s then 1’s, maybe a couple more 3’s, but defo no 2’s 😉

My nappies get filled with comfort, littlespace, and love 🛏️🍼❤️


“Am I adorable? xD I doubt it. I am good at pretending”I have never been good at enjoying myself, mostly because of my self-ness. When I read this, I asked myself, what did I think about when I was my whole universe and there was no concept of “me” vs anything else? When I was a kid, before I was self conscious and when everything was new? And that, THAT, is what made me become little. In a time of crisis and pain and questioning. You may have changed my entire life, for the better, by asking this innocent question.Thank you for leading me to my littleness.

xD I don’t fully understand this post, but it sounds like something good happened to you.

You know, what if we’re not actually self-conscious, but more like self-preserving? We protect our bodies instinctively, and when we grow up to become an ‘adult’, we also protect our ego and our arbitrarily-chosen habits and opinions. Do you truly have free thought if your opinions and habits became yours for reasons that you can’t even remember? Why do we even protect our opinions and habits? Are those opinions/habits defining us? If enough of your opinions and memories change, are we still the same person?

If I gave up diapers for good, and threw away my shark plush and all the ABDL stuff that I have, would I still be coucherequin?


Long-term Single here. There are definitely benefits to being single. I’ve gotten used to it, but I do miss cuddling and sharing time with someone. When I imagine cuddling you it’s the image of an adorable someone to cuddle that I like. 😊 I wouldn’t do anything Mr.Shark wouldn’t want! I’m a little scared of sharks 🙈

There’s a lot of benefits to being single. You don’t have to worry about your partner’s happiness, you don’t have to plan date nights out, or clean up after yourself. You don’t have to cook for two, or remember how your partner wants their eggs done. You don’t have to do anything, in particular. Though, you need to be a much stronger person when you’re by yourself, because there will be no one to take care of you when you need it most. Your friends are amazing, though they’re limited in how much they can help you; especially when they have a partner themselves.

You shouldn’t imagine cuddling me, though. It’d only lead to intense disappointment. I’m a random person you’ve seen pictures of on the internet. I don’t exist for real in your life. I am a real person, though, and I do exist in the lives of some people ^^. I try to be my happy self to my friends and family. And to some extent, my blog tries to make everyone happy.


I want to try attends cause there easy for me to buy why do you think of them

I’ve only ever worn Attends m8, the ones with only 1 tape per side, and I didn’t like those. Afterwards, I didn’t try other diapers from Attends. Maybe I will, in the future ^^

In terms of incontinence diapers, I like the Abena M3/M4, the bright blue Forma-care X-plus, Betterdry, the pastel-blue Molicare maxi slip, and the Seguna comfort slip maxi. These were all really fun to wear, and I hope that I get to wear them again!

Also.. What would you do if your body looked like mine?


Do you ever wear diapers out of the house?

I prefer not to do this. I’ve done it a few times at anime conventions, where I wore a disposable diaper and a plastic pants under a cosplay dress, but that’s it. Diapers are for my ageplay. To go into my littlespace I need to be in the safety of my home, where there’s no danger and no worries ^^. In my home, I can do lots of baby stuff like wearing a onesie with soft thighhigh socks, hugging my big plushie, drinking milk from a bottle, and squirm around on my bed!


Hello to Belgum. First I have to say I love your blog and visiting it is like coming home. My question: Can you remember how you discovered that you like wearing diapers and it makes you happy to become little again? Did you have an initial moment? (contiue on my part 2)

Visiting my blog is like coming home? Why is that?

Thank you so much for this Ask! Please feel free to send me any Ask that you’d like to see me answer. I can’t recall any time in my life when I did not want to wear diapers. They’re a really special item to me. It turns me on even thinking about them ^^;;. So, this question is easy for me! My most important discovery was that it wasn’t only diapers that fascinated me so much. I discovered that I really really wanted to be a baby again, in the broadest sense. I’d like someone to take care of me, feed me, diaper me, put me in a crib and tell me it’ll be alright. 

We can all dream, right?


You’re supposed to be learning how to keep your diaper dry! I think this calls for some spankings. 😜Not so fast mr. Shark, you’re up next for spankings. I know you encourage her!

xD I know that you are sending me this Ask in good faith, so I want to tell you a little background on what diapers now mean to me.

They’re absorbent undergarments, right? Worn by people who have trouble with incontinence. During my childhood, something must have triggered my fascination for diapers. I wet the bed as a kid until I was about 8 years old. Although I can’t remember the details of it, I did wear XS disposable incontinence diapers for it (tape-on, most likely). It’s likely that these events triggered my fascination for diapers. I’m unsure where my fascination for baby stuff comes from, but it is most likely linked to this period as well. I was also bullied in school during these ages.

I’m much older now and I enjoy wearing diapers for the purpose of ageplaying. Diapers are still items to me, but when I am wearing one they invoke a special kind of feeling. It’s an innocent thing that I do in my free time, in the comfort of my home. No one tells me to do it, and I don’t have to do it for health reasons. The desire sits on my mind, and grows the longer I don’t answer to it. I’m perfectly continent and healthy. Ageplaying is deeply relaxing to me. I try to reduce myself to an infantile mental age by wearing and using a diaper, wearing clothing that resemble baby clothes, sucking on a paci, drinking baby formulae from a bottle, hugging a plushie, watching cartoons. I’m not always successful at unwinding myself, but if everything sits right; I’m able to enter that warm bright fuzzy feeling. Although I’d rather keep this fully non-sexual… but my mind has associated these feelings with very strong sexual arousal. I postpone it as long as I can, but eventually my adult body takes over and I either use my fingers or a vibe to masturbate. The orgasms I have while wearing a diaper feel different from those without diapers. I’m not sure how to explain that. Every feeling is so intense, and it satisfies my desires much more. It’s like a spring that gets compressed to its smallest state, and is suddenly released.

This is a leaked picture of the SHARK™ team number #27, who are currently stocking up on vitamins to be fully prepared for their shifts at little requins house, one of the most demanding environments ever faced by sharks. Please note the exceptionally extreme consumption of fruits, which is only necessary to provide their gristle with enough nutrients to withstand the extreme squashing they are put through.

The saddest part is that ikea currently doesn’t sell the BLÅHAJ. It has been out of stock for months now. There’s a few people on other trading platforms that still sell them, though I think that’s all old stock? I kinda wanted to get a second shark, so that I can be extra cozy in bed ^^, but I will have to wait a while. There were some rumors that ikea would entirely stop selling the shark plush, but I don’t think that’s true. Let’s look forward to more friendly sharks to share our bed with ^^

I’m a single little. I’ve been single for a long time. When I cuddle my stuffies to fall asleep I sometimes imagine I’m cuddling you. You always look so adorable and happy in your pictures. It makes me happy to think about cuddling someone so adorable. Maybe someday I’ll have a cuddly person of my own. 🙈

Thank you for sending me an Ask. Please feel free to send me questions or messages via the Ask box ^^.

I’m sorry to hear that you are a long-term single. It’s a positive way to put it, I think? I hope that you can find the person who you are looking for, eventually ^^ Concerning my own pictures; yes I do tend to be happy when I am wearing a diaper. I’m not sure whether my shark would approve of anyone cuddling me °^°