Uh.. these are pictures of me that I posted to my tumblr blog some years ago. I’m not sure why you’re sending these to me in an Ask? Did you forget to write an accompanying text with it?

I’m very naked in those pictures, now that I look at it. That’s a little indecent of me x_x. The diaper that I’m wearing in these pictures is called a Bambino Bellissimo.. I haven’t worn one in a long time, they are VERY fun diapers to wear ^^. You should definitely try it!

What does your ABDL paradise look like?

Thank you for the Ask! If I am ever able to purchase a home, and have a stable long-term job, I will probably look into the possibilities of having a room dedicated to my nursery. I have mentioned before, and others have remarked on it as well, that my bed and sleeping area is already a bit like a nursery, and if you think about it what really is a nursery? In my pictures I mostly show myself in my bed or in my bathroom, cus I think it’d be a bit boring to show myself in the kitchen or in the hallway. 

If you’re able to decorate your sleeping area in a cute way with bright colors, with stuffies soft pillows and with other things that remind you of your youth, then is that not a nursery already? When people talk about adult baby nurseries, I guess what they’re talking about is more than what I’m suggesting here. They’re talking about an adult baby crib, and other AB furniture like a high chair, a playpen, soft carpeting or those rubber mats on the floor, nursery decorations on the wall, babyroom-themed curtains and a babyroom-themed lamp. That’s way more than what I have in my sleeping area.

I don’t know how far I would take it with the nursery. I’m usually happy with the bare minimum and even right now I’m fairly happy with my room and with how babyish it is. But I deserve something, right? I think if I were to have my “ABDL paradise”, I would definitely want to have a large crib that I can comfortably sleep in, I’d like to have cute babyish dresses and tights (and diapers of course), soft carpeting and toys to play with ^^. Probably I would like to be taken care of by a person, who treats me like a baby girl and who plays with me as if I’m a real baby, and who feeds me and changes my nappy. With all those things, I would have satisfied all my ABDL desires. This is what my bed would usually look like; with brightly colored bedsheets, my shark plushie, and (although it’s not shown in the picture) usually extra blankets and pillows. Also of course I’m diapered and out-of-my-mind melting away in my littlespace ^^


Would you be interested in having a daddy?



I thought about it before but I don’t think that anyone would want to be my daddy or mommy and I don’t really want to disappoint anyone. So I think it’s best that it’s just me in my littlespace ^^. That way I can have my fun, and I don’t annoy or disappoint anyone! Fun for everyone!


@coucherequin there’s someone for everyone. Just gotta open yourself to the possibility. I mean there’s lots of communication at first. You don’t just start with a ddlg dynamic from the get go. It’s something that takes work to build that trust but you’d be surprised:) don’t extinguish all hope.

It’s true, with whoever a relationship may be, it’s not realistic to expect there to be a good (or even any)

ddlg dynamic from the very beginning. There would have to be trust, understanding and especially the willingness and ability to be vulnerable around someone else. I expose a lot of my vulnerabilities on this blog, but I am safe because I can control everything. In a real-world situation, if I were to act like I do in my pictures, I would not be able to control the situation if there was another person in the room who could do really anything with my body.. 

I dunno what I want on the long term. I do lay awake at night thinking about it sometimes. On the one hand, I do think it would make my life a lot more enjoyable if I could share it with another girl or boy. On the other hand, it takes effort, humiliation and maybe even pain to try out relationships and statistically it should take several tries before I hit the definitive person. Should I really go through all that effort, humiliation and pain just so that I can share my life with someone? Probably yes, though I haven’t overcome that mental hurdle yet.   


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itohseloh: coucherequin: itohseloh: so cute in wet diapers Nuh-uh °^°  I am never wet!!! if you are never wet why are your diapers always so swollen and thick? … I don’t know!! But I am an adult, I don’t wet … Continue reading

If I was to give you a penguin, what would you name it?

I would name it “why did someone give me a penguin, that makes no sense, put that back where you found it”

because I’m a fun-killer.

this is me on my bed wearing a big diaper, but you can’t see it cus I’m wearing pyjama shorts over it:


I hope you are doing well Little Requin!! I love your content and I hope you have a wonderful amazing weekend and week!! Take care my fellow uwu hooman!!

Thank you for sending me this Ask! I am doing well ^^. Thank you for saying that you like my contents, it makes me happy to hear that. I hope my pictures make people feel warm and fuzzy and I hope it gives you inspiration on cute-looking diapers and how to melt into your ageplay

Like when you’re wearing a cute-looking pyjama, but you’re also wearing a really thick diaper (like the Bambino Bianco) underneath  : 



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itohseloh: coucherequin: You’ve never seen me wear pants before, I think °^° .  I was wearing a bambino diaper underneath my pants! I’ll change into something more ageplay-friendly cus black pants are not it No I don’t remember seeing you … Continue reading


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smolbailey: coucherequin: Aren’t I cute °^° Yes, adorable :3 Yay ^^ , I wanna be a super cute little baby wearing a diaper and a skirt or a cute frilly dress!

How many languages do you know? I don’t mean just fluent. I think I’ve seen you speak French and some Japanese. You are very linguistically talented!

Thank you for this Ask ^^. I mentioned it to you in chat before, your avatar looks a bit like a shark jumping out of the water with its mouth open, if you look at it from far away xD. But it’s not, it’s a planet with dust rings

Well I only really speak English and Dutch. And Limburgs, if you consider that a language. My friend helps me with French, whenever I need to write something in French. I’ve never used Japanese, maybe you’ve seen it in a reblog. Most of my blog is composed of my own-written messages, but I’ll occasionally reblog a message from someone else, especially if it’s art ^^. Though the diapered person is always me. I wouldn’t say that I’m linguistically talented. Some people tell me that I tend to talk the way that people write, when I’m speaking English. So what they perhaps mean is that it’s not very natural-sounding? Who knows. 

This is me wearing a bambino bianco, a very fun diaper:


Does your mom ever talk to you about your diaper love or she just ignores it?

Nah, she doesn’t. This Ask was (likely) sent to me because I mentioned that in the past she found wet diapers in my trash a few times, when I was being lazy and not disposing it properly. She asked me about it and I just answered that I liked wearing them and that I’m not ill. We never really talked about it. I think it’s fine like this ^^. And as long as I keep censoring my face, the chances of someone finding out about me online are also not very big ^^

this is a Bambino Bellissimo diaper: 


Hoe gaat het met je?

xD sorry, ik had net dezelfde Ask in het Engels. M’n antwoord it eigenlijk hetzelfde. Beetje saai om dit steeds te beantwoorden, vind je niet? Er zijn wel lijstjes van Asks beschikbaar online, waar je gewoon een willekeurige vraag uit kunt plukken en mij kunt sturen, als je wil ^^

Dit is een Bambino Cloudee:


Just want to say , even tho you may ask yourself why you take pictures age playing at all ,you are still such a precious little girl and I think you are one of the cutest munchkins ever!!!!

Thank you for sending me this Ask and for saying this ^^. This message is very heartwarming to me.

It’s true, I’m not sure why I take pictures of myself while ageplaying. It seems a very vain thing to do, especially if I were to expect to see positive remarks written to those pictures (I don’t). I know that other people take selfies, but the behavior of others is not something which I’d use to justify something that I do ^^;;. So why do I have this tumblr blog? I have no idea. But I hope that I can make others happy with my pictures and with my posts. Maybe you can use my blog to get inspiration for which diaper brand to buy? Yeah, that sounds like a good reason. Or maybe I can convince you to try cosplaying? xD

This is a Bambino Cloudee, a super nice abdl diaper:




I’m in the mood to answer Asks, but I don’t have any Asks right now.

Could you send me an Ask, please? ^^


How long will that diaper stay dry once its taped on you?

Not very long ^^. Don’t worry, I tend to make good use of them soon after putting one on

What’s the most common question you’ve been asked over all the time you’ve been answering them? And what’s the most thought provoking question you’ve ever been asked?

Thank you for this nice Ask ^^. 

Hm tbh I’d really have to look back at all the questions and answers from the past few years. It doesn’t seem like it but this blog has over 2150 posts right now, of which around 350 were Asks. I can actually look at all of them on my website ( coucherequin.com ), which is a more-easily browsable mirror of my tumblr blog ^^. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to more easily show all my posts cus my website is slow af. But at least there the post tags work properly. 

I think the most often ‘Ask’ are comments of people who simply want to say Hello or that they like my blog or my pictures. I do answer these Asks despite them not really being questions. I think these messages are very kind and it feels like a gift to receive them cus I don’t request to be sent praise (whereas I do request people send me an Ask if they want to). If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen that I sometimes say negative things about myself. I don’t do this to get attention or to get people to send me positive messages. but nonetheless there’s a lot of Asks that seem to specifically call out me being negative about myself. I’m really sorry for this.

Actually unsurprisingly a lot of Asks that I get are about my shark plushie. I never planned on this but the Shark has become like my “thing” so to speak. People Ask where they can also get one of those sharks, whether the shark wears diapers (XD). There was one Ask which said I shouldn’t molest my Shark so often XD oops. 

I do get asked sometimes whether I go #2 when ageplaying. The answer is always ‘no’ and that I don’t really wanna talk about that on my blog ^^;;.

 Some Asks were about my blog name (coucherequin), like what it means, why it’s in French or whether I speak French. When people sent me Asks in French I did have to ask one of my friends to help me out with it.

Of course I do get Asks which I don’t feel like answering.. but it’s really only been a few of them. Maybe 20 in total? Usually when it’s very sexual then I don’t answer it.

I really don’t know what would be the most thought-provoking one. Maybe the one I appreciate a lot are the few Asks that I’ve received about how I got into ABDL. I totally understand that my answer isn’t very useful, but this is intriguing, right? Why does abdl exist? What compels people to do this? I can’t answer this and I’m afraid the answer probably is not very easy.

This is me wearing a Bambino cloudee; probably one of my most fav diapers:


Do you have trouble fastening the tapes on the front of your diapers? I know it varies with different kinds, but sometimes I can’t get them all the way around to the front. They end up closer to the sides. For the record, my butt is kind of huge so that must be part of the problem.

It’s a lil unfortunate that ‘small’ sized diapers are really small whereas ‘medium’ size is quite large (at least on me). I think this is what you’re referring to? I think the tapes aren’t supposed to be all the way to the front, but should really be more towards the sides for a nice fit. On the two pictures below, you can see that the top tapes on my diaper are all the way to the front. 

What I’ve noticed is that some people paste the bottom-tapes also on the front of the diaper. I don’t know how you’re supposed to put them, but I tend to fasten them in such a way that the diaper is tight around my thighs, if that makes sense? My thighs are kinda big so the diaper never quite sits flat on that part of me. It’s also usually where it leaks on me. 

applying a little bit of clear packaging tape makes the diaper fit more tightly and I like that feeling. Also it makes it impossible to take off the diaper without scissors so I’m stuck in it x_x. Hope this answer is helpful somehow



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kimimerc: Your being attacked .. I’ll save you lol It does look like my shark is trying to eat me °^° But I’d bite back. I am coucherequin, after all


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kimimerc: coucherequin: I reveal my diaper to you ^^, a Bambino classico v2! Mmmm that’s so lovely too see Li Yeah, it was a really fun diaper to wear, I thought ^^ So unusual for me to show myself in … Continue reading



I’m in the mood to answer Asks, but I don’t have any Asks right now.

Could you send me an Ask, please? ^^


How long will that diaper stay dry once its taped on you?

Not very long °^°. Sometimes I’ll start ageplaying when I actually need to go and then once I’m wearing it I immediately go. But other times it’ll take a little while. As for other juices, well that’s private xD


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a65232-joshywoshy: coucherequin: I recently (at the end of January) moved to a temporary living space. For some time (so from February to April) I kept posting pictures that I had taken prior to moving, but I’ve run out of old … Continue reading


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a65232-joshywoshy: coucherequin: I recently (at the end of January) moved to a temporary living space. For some time (so from February to April) I kept posting pictures that I had taken prior to moving, but I’ve run out of old … Continue reading

Stel, jij zou voor bijv. Cuddlz een luier mogen bedenken, wat zijn de specs en hoe komt die eruit te zien? enne je moet het natuurlijk ook promoten met een serie foto’s..

Ik een luier ontwerpen? XD. Dat gaat nooit goedkomen. Qua ontwerp vind ik luiers met een licht (pastel) kleurtje heel erg leuk. Een luier hoeft voor mij ook niet heel dik te zijn; gewoon ongeveer tena maxi slip dikte ofzo, net genoeg om er 2 of 3 keer in te plassen. Voor mij moet de buitenkant van een luier wel van plastic zijn, want de stoffen-buitenkant luiers die ik tot nu toe gedragen heb lekken na een tijdje een beetje door de stof heen? Dat vind ik vies want dan trekt ‘t ook langzaam in je kleren. De Bambino Cloudee is eigenlijk precies wat ik bedoel; die luier heeft een plastic buitenkant en is zó leuk en schattig dat ik wel kan smelten °^°. Alhoewel ik niet kan smelten wordt die luier toch nat van mij, gek of niet? Ik weet niet waardoor dat komt  


What’s it like cuddling with a shark?

I like cuddling with my shark plush. It’s soft and it’s a fish so it’s like a body pillow, without any of the negative associations of a body pillow… cus it’s a giant shark XD. There really aren’t any down-sides to it. I wish it was slightly bigger, but then again it was made for kids so maybe I’m a couple of sizes too big for it