You have described the magic you experience with your wand many times.  If I may ask, do you still stay in your diaper after the magic happens (like have an orgasm then go to sleep even in a wet diaper), or do you take your diaper off because you are no longer interested in it (or being an AB) until the next time you want the magic to happen? I’ve done this cycle a lot {orgasm …then often shame (not that you feel that)… then removal of the diaper}. Now I often stay in my diaper and save the orgasm for much later. I still haven’t tried having an orgasm and then just staying in my diaper for many hours.Thanks much.

I’m sorry that I mentioned it on several occasions. I don’t mean to appear as some horni slot cumm!ng to a vibrat0r all the time.

Yes, I keep my diaper on after the magic happens. Because the magic needs to happen several times for all my built up frustration to leave my body. And then I still keep my diaper on, until it’s the end of the evening and I want to take a shower and go to sleep. I’d love to not have to make myself have an orgasm in my diaper, and just enjoy ageplay as innocently as possible, but diapers are my biggest turn-on ever, since my earliest memories. There’s no way that I could diaper myself for an evening of ageplay and not make myself have several orgasms. I don’t feel shame over this, I just wish that I could enjoy ageplay differently some time. Maybe under the right circumstances it’s possible.

You don’t have to feel shame over what you yourself do. Wear diapers how you wish, and do in them what you like best. You don’t need diapers, they’re just for fun.


Hi there, love your page and pictures. My question is where do you buy your diaper? Online or in the store?

hello fellow Belgian 😊

I don’t know of any shops that sells abdl diapers here, so I buy them from online. But a lot of the other baby stuff that I buy for myself are from baby shops !!! You can guess where the shark came from…


Hey there! Word on the streets is that the ikea shark is available again (at least in my country) If you’re still looking to get one, now is your time to do so 😉

Oh, are they? It still says sold out here, but I’ll make sure to check the stock multiple times from now on, to see if it goes back in stock.

This also reminds me, mine needs his monthly wash soon.


This is a leaked picture of the SHARK™ team number #27, who are currently stocking up on vitamins to be fully prepared for their shifts at little requins house, one of the most demanding environments ever faced by sharks. Please note the exceptionally extreme consumption of fruits, which is only necessary to provide their gristle with enough nutrients to withstand the extreme squashing they are put through.

The saddest part is that ikea currently doesn’t sell the BLÅHAJ. It has been out of stock for months now. There’s a few people on other trading platforms that still sell them, though I think that’s all old stock? I kinda wanted to get a second shark, so that I can be extra cozy in bed ^^, but I will have to wait a while. There were some rumors that ikea would entirely stop selling the shark plush, but I don’t think that’s true. Let’s look forward to more friendly sharks to share our bed with ^^

You might have answered this before, but where did you get your Shark? I loooove it. Would like to get an exact one for myself.

I don’t mind answering stuff again. I have over 3000 blog posts on my Tumblr blog; I can’t expect anyone to read it all before interacting with me ^^. Also, years have gone by; I live and learn! My answers to similar questions may change from year to year as I learn about new things and go through difficult and fun activities! Stagnating your own development or solidifying your opinions too much is probably not a good thing.

The shark plush is BLÅHAJ from ikea. They have the large 1 meter one, which I have, and two smaller versions. You can either get it directly from them, or through a bunch of resellers on online shopping platforms ^^. Though, there are also similar shark plushies for sale. Supposedly, there are also larger shark plushies which were created based on blahaj, but I find them too expensive ^^;;



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It seems that this shark received a package today. The package was waiting for me in the apartment entrance hall! (So good to trust your neighbors!!) I was kinda hoping that it was the Gawr Gura sweater that I ordered. … Continue reading