Have you experimented with cloth diapers, and if so are there any positives/negative opinions you have about them?



Yes, I’ve worn cloth diapers before. By themselves (so only the cloth diaper and plastic pants, without any disposable part), I enjoy wearing cloth diapers to bed, for sleeping in them, without using them. I feel like I can wear a cloth diaper without feeling guilty of producing so much waste.

During ageplay (with or without taking pictures), I like wearing a cloth diaper over a disposable diaper. It makes the overall diaper feel much thicker and more authentic. I feel more secure that I won’t leak, but mostly it helps me to forget that I have to live in an adult body with weird sexual desires. I’d rather just wear a diaper without feeling such a strong urge to rub the diaper’s material against my sensitive parts and eventually come in it. I find it so weird how I can’t make myself disconnected from this.


Great picture, by the way @requincouche! I like the plastic pants you’re wearing. They look good on you. Cheers.

Thank you @bramoc

this is a picture from a long time ago (taken on April 1st, 2017), but I think that it’s important to keep old photos, so that I can reuse them from time to time ^^


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