Hey! So I’m gonna come into a little bit of money soon, and I’d love to buy you some diapers or an outfit or 2 if you’d let me? Do you have a wish list that we can get you things through?

Thank you for the offer. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and you’re in good financial standing.

I’ve mentioned before that I do tumblr for fun without an expectation for compensation. I mean that I’d do it even if no one ever gave me anything in return. I just genuinely enjoy helping others, spreading positivity, spreading good vibes on littlespace, infantilism, ABDL, wearing diapers as an adult, and ageplay. I enjoy taking photos, and of course I am fully genuine ABDL myself.

But I also don’t want to be rude or thankless when I am offered something. There is real joy in giving, and I wouldn’t want to take away that joy.

A friend has gifted me wonderful gifts in the past, for which I am really grateful. Last Christmas, I gifted him something in return, which I hope he appreciated. Before, I didn’t have an amazon wishlist, but as an exception for now, I’ve created one. The things on it, I’d probably buy for myself at some point, and are things that I’d actually like to have. If nothing gets bought ever, that’s fine, I’d just get it for myself eventually xD. In case I made a mistake in setting up such a list, I’m really sorry and please send me a DM or an Ask. I know that I’m slow to answer, I’ll try my best to improve. I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient that it’s on the Netherlands amazon. Please take take and thank you for reading ❤️


If it were me I’d happily keep you as a baby for the holiday! We might need a full suitcase of diapers tho! I don’t feel like I’m lucky enough to go on holiday with a cute diaper girl tho :(

Please, there’s no need to feel envy over me. That is not the kind of feeling that I’d want to give to anyone.

You are a real person, just like me. You have loving family and friends, and every one of your days is a time for new adventures where you can discover something new. Every day is a new day upon which you can meet a new friend, or even meet your partner for life. Take good care of yourself, and you will be able to start every day with tons of energy and motivation!!! You are loved


Have you had any experience telling people about your little/abdl side? I want to tell my S/O but obviously once you start the conversation there is no taking it back.

Thank you for this Ask. I’m afraid that I cannot help you very well with this question, as I’m not that experienced with relationships. (I have only been in a relationship for a few years, and currently I am not). The best advice I could give you is to always try and give more than you take. In this context, it’d mean that you have to set up the situation in such a way that you’re giving your partner the incentive to ask you about your fetish, rather than it being the other way around.

Thinking back of my ex… Telling her about ageplay was kinda like that. I carefully and kindly asked her if there was a deeply hidden fetish that she’d love to do with me. I failed a number of times, as she felt too embarrassed to tell me about it. The hesitation comes from a fear of nonacceptance, I think. It’d help if there is already a deep level of trust between you two. After a few times, maybe because the mood was just right, and promising that I’d never tell anyone, she told me what it was. It was intriguing to me, and we talked with genuine interest about it for hours. Naturally, it followed that she also asked the question to me. As a mutual tease, I pretended that I wouldn’t be able to tell her, because it is too embarrassing ^^… Of course I did tell her that I was into ageplay. It was always my intention to do so. She hadn’t heard of it before. Consequently, we talked about it all night. The next time that we were both really horny, I asked her if I could participate in the fetish that she told me about. What followed was a really stimulating evening for her and maybe her most intense orgasm ever. I didn’t mind doing it, as I was mostly happy to see her be so super horny. As time went on, she asked me the same question and we alternated between these things. Giving and taking; always give more than you take ^^.

Ann & Odile – Chapter 2

@itmustbefun wrote a story for me (doing 95% of the work). I provided the description of the
characters, events and overall feel, and they provided the details of the
story. I did the final editing.

is chapter 2 to https://coucherequin.tumblr.com/post/647206730988748800/

ABDL story, ~1500 words, 10 minutes reading.

All was quiet at night. The soft breathing of both Ann and Odi
was all that could be heard in the quiet cozy city apartment. The streetlights were
dimmed by the curtains and provided a soft glow in the room. Ann started to
move more and more frantically in her sleep, eventually waking up Odilia. Odi
looked at her friend as she seemed to wake up and started crying. “Ghosts
there, seen them, scaaaaary”, Ann sobbed through her tears. Odilia was
reminded that Ann used to get bouts of night-time frights. Although tough and
hard-working on the outside, Ann still hid childish fears and feelings. Sharing
the night with her old friend, and being treated as a young child, subconsciously
brought back those childish fears and memories. Would it not be better if our old
fears were forgotten, and only our fondest memories remained? Odi put her hand
on Ann’s shoulder, followed by running her fingers through her friend’s hair,
in an attempt to comfort her. “Let’s go to your bedroom”, she said with a
motherly smile, as she signalled and helped her to get up from the couch. The
two slowly walked hand in hand to the bedroom, carefully feeling around the
walls as to not bump into anything. Ann was stumbling behind her, slightly sobbing,
and mumbling about the nightmare she had woken up from. Though the room was
dim, Odi noticed the lamp on the nightstand. So many years ago, she had bought
it as a gift for her friend. Odi specifically got it, to help Ann with chasing
the ghosts away. She flicked the switch, giving the bedroom a more pleasant
atmosphere. Besides the lamp, though still on the nightstand, was an adult-sized
paci. Odile lifted the covers of the bed and helped Ann to lay down. She gave
her soft kisses on her forehead and cheeks, and gently put the paci into her
friend’s mouth. Ann closed her eyes and smiled, as she gave a few suckles on
the paci; slipping further away into her safe baby-space. Odi got into the bed
as well, behind her friend, so to be the ‘big spoon’. She pulled the covers
over the both of them and whispered soft words in her friend’s ear. “It’s all
right. Mommy is here for you. You’re safe, no need to worry about any more
scary scaries… Mommy is right behind you, hugging you”. Ann whispered
“Yes mwommy, I aw bwawe and stwong” before falling asleep. Odi felt a deep
motherly warmth inside her. Oh, how she loved to take care of this little
friend of hers.

It was early in the morning. The sun was shining through a slit
between the curtains, straight onto Odilia’s face, much to her chagrin. Her
friend seemed to have turned around in her sleep, as she was now hugging close
to her, her face buried between Odi’s breasts. Their legs had also crossed, and
Ann’s thigh was against Odi’s crotch. The paci had fallen from Ann’s mouth
during the night. Odi softly stroked over Ann’s hair, slowly waking her up. In
the twilight zone between dreamy land and our world, Ann’s mouth started to
look for her paci but could only find Odilia’s breast. With her face, she
pushed away the fabric and softly started to suckle on the nipple underneath.
The scene turned Odi on, as her nipples slowly became erect. Odi felt how it
started to excite her more and more. Even to Odi’s own surprise, her nipples
were unusually sensitive this morning. Every suckle sent a yolt of energy to
her crotch, which was being pressed by her friend’s thigh. She didn’t want to give
in to this feeling. Not yet, anyway. Anticipation is sometimes more fun than
giving in. “I’m sorry baby, mommy isn’t ready yet to breastfeed you. I will
prepare us breakfast instead”, she said as their eyes met. Odi kissed her
friend on the forehead, and turned around to step out of bed. There was a large
shark-shaped plush on the floor. It must have fallen out of bed, earlier. Upon
handing the plush to Ann, she immediately held onto it, wrapping her whole
small body all around the soft animal, seemingly putting her into a trance. Odi
put on a pink bathrobe that was hanging by the door, and went to the kitchen to
prepare breakfast.

With her friend gone from the bedroom, Ann, now fully awake,
became aware of her surroundings. Admittingly, she was already awake when she was
suckling on her friend’s nipple, and was well aware of it becoming erect. She
knew that they were sensitive and how Odi likes it when her nipple gets touched
by her friend’s tongue. She reminded herself of that one time Odi allowed her
friend an extended suckling session. The reason became apparent when Odi let
out a long and loud moan as she climaxed. Some things never change. Ann looked
for her paci and put it in her mouth. “Without mommy, it’s not as fun”, she said
to herself, as she was thinking about the babyish feeling she just shared with
her friend. Moving about the bed made her aware of her swollen diaper. The
whole ordeal had made her very aware of her own horniness. The thick diaper
between her legs dampened the feeling of the shark that she was hugging so tightly.
It also made her well aware of how full her bladder was. She decided to give in
to the pressure and let her bladder’s content run into the diaper. The feeling of
warmth overcame her, as the diaper further filled itself up. At this point, the
diaper had swollen up so much, that she could no longer press the shark against
her crotch to pleasure herself. She started to pinch her nipples hoping that
this would put her over the edge, but it just sexually frustrated her further. Her
hand slipped into her diaper and her fingers started to play with her pussy.
All her senses were triggered: hugging the shark close for maximum contact
while fondling her breast, suckling on a paci, the warm and full feeling of the
thick diaper, her fingers playing frantically with her clit. She closed her
eyes and tensed up. Curling toes, a deep inhale, legs stretched as the inevitable
orgasm waves washed over her again and again, while her fingers continued their
repetitive motion. Trying not to make any loud noises, she forcefully kept her
mouth shut as she moaned. After the second orgasm wave, the paci had fallen
from her mouth. Feeling refreshed, she lay in bed, enjoying the afterglow of
her secret self-pleasure. “I’m sorry, mommy, I was very naughty and came
without you”, she whispered. She felt a sense of guilt, but knew that she would
make up for it to her friend, later today. This has been an evening and night
of her dreams and she made sure that Odi’s fantasies would be thoroughly
fulfilled, as well. She got out of bed and took a warm hot shower. Undressing
herself and removing the wet diaper felt lonely and the feeling of baby-space
unfortunately left. Nonetheless, the hot water running through her hair, over
her breasts and body felt amazing. How she loved the feeling of hot water in
the morning. It washed all worries away whilst the hot water seemed to hug her
all tightly. She put on some basic matching underwear and a beige short-sleeved
ankle-high summer dress, tied in the middle with a likewise-coloured ribbon, before
joining Odilia in the kitchen. “Look who’s there, sleepy head. It looks like
you had a nice refreshing shower. Your cheeks are all red and blushy. I made us
some French toast; dig in!”. They enjoyed breakfast together, and neither
brought up what had happened the last 24 hours. It almost felt like it didn’t
happen, like it was completely natural. “I didn’t bring any fresh clothes for
today, I’m afraid”, Odi said. “Can I borrow some of yours, for today?”. “Sure,
help yourself to anything of mine that fits you”. Odi went to the bedroom and
started to look for clothes to wear. Her friend was smaller, though a long
dress would probably fit her. She decided on a white blouse with puffy short
sleeves, and a pinafore-style knee-high dress, which is probably an ankle-high
dress for her friend, and a pair of leggings. They were a little tight on her, though
this only accentuated her well-formed calves. She looked at herself in the
standing mirror. It felt weird but nice to be wearing her friend’s clothes. The
nice scent of the fresh clothes reminded her of Ann’s perfume which made her
blush. “What would today bring for us?” she wondered.