You’re back from the anime convention… Did you cosplay at Japan Expo this year?

Yes! The anime convention from from Thursday until Sunday (13-16 July). I traveled back today, though I’ll go to my own home tomorrow, cus I still want to go and stay over at my parents’ place to see them.

It was sooooo fun!!! When I’m home proper, I’ll be able to show some pictures of it. I also spent way too much money on this holiday, so now I am very poor xD. But I still have a lot of diapers at my home, so at least I can be a baby as much as I like the coming while… And I do have a really big desire to ageplay cus I haven’t done it in over a week oops.



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bobbadadee: requincouche: This diaper is so thiiiiick !! I couldn’t stop peeing in it, seeing it grow bigger and bigger Nice ears on a contemplative toddler….🤗🤗 They’re little cat ears with jingle bells on 🔔both🔔 sides ^^  🐈


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Hm.. my posts are getting community labels for adult content. I just deleted a post, and I’m uploading the picture again in this post. Am I showing too much skin in this picture? It’s just me wearing a pajama, a … Continue reading