Is there any limit to your fetish? I ask as, if you met an otherwise compatable partner, and they were (miraculously) into AB/DL, is there a limit that you would shut down? 24/7 wearing? Or public play? Must have a mommy? Not willing to be a Daddy? Etc?

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. Is there a limit to my fetish, at which point I’d shut down? You mean, if my partner would be more into abdl than me, would I tell them to take it slower?

If that’s the case… I’d love to do some of that abdl “playing” once in a while ^^, where my partner tells me to meet up but I must wear a diaper and a discrete onesie instead of a t-shirt… It’d be our little secret that I am a baby in a disguise. But maybe at some point it’d start feeling like bullying. I don’t want to wear a diaper 24/7, I don’t want to be humiliated publicly.

I’m not someone’s fetish. I’m a real person. That’s how everyone should see themselves. Respect yourself. If you can’t think straight because of horniness, give yourself an orgasm and then ask yourself again how much you value yourself and how much others value you.


So, obviously you know I enjoy your blog. But I am curious, do you suck your thumb reflexively, or only as a part of the AB setting? I ask, because I am not an AB, but I am a DL… but I do suck my thumb. I never suck my thumb awake, or as a part of a fetish, only as a reflex when I am asleep! So weird! I do not even like it when I am awake.

Thank you kindly for interacting with me ❤️. I’m sorry the thumb sucking was just for the photo’s aesthetic. I’m too germophobic to enjoy putting my fingers into my mouth xD. I do like pacis, as I can boil those before using them.

It’s good to hear your experience with it !! You get to enjoy a little bit of adult baby fun, even though you think that you’re not AB… I’d say you can try out a few more AB thingies to see which ones you also like!


Not an ask, just info – – – though I always look for you, the app would not show your profile, and then finally asked me if I would consent to adult content, then showed me your profile. I am so sad, I feel like they are pushing you out, again.And now I am caught behind an “under 21” filter, but I can see you from a different app.

I’m not sure what you mean. My current blog should be visible despite any sort of filtering, it’s not marked as adult content by tumblr?


“Am I adorable? xD I doubt it. I am good at pretending”I have never been good at enjoying myself, mostly because of my self-ness. When I read this, I asked myself, what did I think about when I was my whole universe and there was no concept of “me” vs anything else? When I was a kid, before I was self conscious and when everything was new? And that, THAT, is what made me become little. In a time of crisis and pain and questioning. You may have changed my entire life, for the better, by asking this innocent question.Thank you for leading me to my littleness.

xD I don’t fully understand this post, but it sounds like something good happened to you.

You know, what if we’re not actually self-conscious, but more like self-preserving? We protect our bodies instinctively, and when we grow up to become an ‘adult’, we also protect our ego and our arbitrarily-chosen habits and opinions. Do you truly have free thought if your opinions and habits became yours for reasons that you can’t even remember? Why do we even protect our opinions and habits? Are those opinions/habits defining us? If enough of your opinions and memories change, are we still the same person?

If I gave up diapers for good, and threw away my shark plush and all the ABDL stuff that I have, would I still be coucherequin?