Have you/would you experiment with diapers and other aspects, for example, diapers and bondage seem to go hand in hand?

I’d like to keep my littlespace as innocent as possible 💞. I know that diapers are a huge turn-on to some, but I wouldn’t want to mix it with other fetishes. I need to become more pure !!!

What I think works well with ageplay is to wear cute outfits and stuff like thighhigh socks… I should get more cutesy stuff for myself


It seems like you might benefit from having a sleeping bag to wrap you up when you sleep. Perhaps one of these? https://www.pienenpolle.nl/en/product/summer-sleeping-bag-with-sleeve-zipper-on-the-front-or-back/Maybe that would keep the shark from getting too close to you. Or perhaps maybe the shark would get trapped inside the sleeping bag with you.

I was recommended a few places where I can look. Thank you ❤️. Of course, I’d try to squeeze my smol body in it together with the shark ^^. But regardless, he’d be in my arms in bed


You seem to be wearing diapies every day now 🤔

It does seem like I’m wearing diapers every day ^^, because I post pictures to my blog every day. But in reality I can only wear a diaper once or twice per week.

To keep the engagement going, I try to post pictures to my blog every day, or multiple times per day if I’m off work. The daily pictures are coming from my picture buffer… It’s like a set of pictures that I all take on one day, while I’m ageplaying, so that I can then post them over the next weeks after that. If I didn’t do this, I’d post 100 pictures on one day and then not post anything for 4 weeks xD. That wouldn’t be very interesting. People come to tumblr every day, and they’d want to see a new post from me every day, I think.

When I’m answering Asks, I’ll use a picture from further in the past. I keep all the pictures that I’ve taken, and they’re fairly well organized.

Underneath this school uniform, I was wearing a biiiiig Littleforbig Little Dreamers ^^, a really nice diaper that will pull you into littlespace !!!


Do you use tumblr also for other interests?

I browse tumblr for looking at (anime style) artwork. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an artist account and a repost account, so it’s less ideal compared to browsing other places like pixiv. But browsing tumblr feels kinda magical and explorative, because the website is so poorly searchable through keywords and tags; the only realistic way to find stuff is to stumble onto it xD

Though the same goes for people who post abdl pictures, I think. It can be difficult to tell the difference between original content and a repost account, unless it’s a really prolific reposter or a really prolific original content poster. If it’s like ¼th original content and 3/4th reblogs, then hm what is it xD. So on my own tumblr blog, I try to reblog as little as possible, so that you know that all the content is mine


Your a cutie baby 😍Do you watch show in little space? What a re your favourite?

Thank you for calling me cute <3

I like to watch children’s cartoons like My Little Pony, but also slice-of-life anime. As long as it is cute !! I hope that you can enjoy some cartoons as well, or at least other littlespace activities


Do you have any other fetishes that you’d be willing to share?

Hm well, I don’t really want to talk about sexual stuff, cus I want to show you all the fun that you can have with littlespace. But, I’ve had this question before, so maybe it’d be okay if I at least mention it in short.

Maybe it’s all intertwined, but I really like the feeling of wetness ‘down there’. I like wetting myself (also without a diaper). I love the feeling of doing that in a wetsuit, yoga pants, leggings, skinny/stretch jeans… Before I wash that shark plush, I rinse him in the shower, and then I have a super guilty pleasure of getting off by rubbing his wet body against me. Related to diapers, it sounds super hot to me to be put into someone’s already-wet diaper, or for someone to pee into my diaper…

I think that this is enough frustrated teasing for one day, oops. I’m sorry for writing about this. Of course I have these kinds of feelings, but I don’t want to give you the impression that that’s what my blog is about 😅



This gallery contains 3 photos.

Do you want to send this shark a tumblr Ask? Please go ahead ^^, I would like to reignite the spark and interact with you! (Also do you like this striped pinafore nightgown?)


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Do you want to send this shark a tumblr Ask? Please go ahead ^^, I would like to reignite the spark and interact with you! (Also do you like this striped pinafore nightgown?)