Huh, wow! A box of diapers arrived at my doorstep. It must mean that I need diapers… 😊😊

I was gifted these diapers by an anonymous person. There was a note attached, with a private message (which I won’t show here), and signed by a nickname. I don’t know whether I can share the message, or the nickname, so here is the hint which the person who sent it may understand:🐈.

Thank you so much for gifting me this!! I wear diapers, and post pictures onto tumblr even if I was never given anything in return. I don’t expect anything in return; I genuinely enjoy wearing diapers and ageplay, taking pictures, and I’ve gotten to enjoy showing other people my littlespace. That way, I can inspire you to try out your own littlespace, and see how far you wish to go. I made an amazon wishlist when someone specifically asked for this in a tumblr Ask. I didn’t want to be rude and decline this offer, so I went with it and made a short list… I hope that you can see my reasoning, and see that I have good intentions in what I do

I can’t wait to wear this and show you!! I wonder whether I can make them leak xD