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I decided to wear my school uniform again ^^, I feel really cute while wearing it, especially when I’m wearing a diaper underneath !!


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garryta: coucherequin: Standing by my kitchen countertop ! I almost cold not see it, but you are wearing plastic pants! How sweet. Secretly i believe, tell me. You surprised me! xD you’re joking, you can definitely see it. 

Have you ever tried or wanted to try baby formula or any infant foods?

I love drinking baby formulae ^^. It’s really tasty and it has a very distinct flavor from regular milk! If you haven’t tried it already, I can recommend it. Though, the packages do tend to be fairly large, because of their intended use. I make my milk thicker than what you’re supposed to, so that I can finish the powder before it spoils. Infant food is also really tasty, but here I find that I can cook similar stuff on my own cus they’re just vegetables and fruit usually.


How did you get started in this community?

Thank you for this Ask !

Initially I was a lurker on adisc, and also a Dutch-speaking forum. Though, I don’t find forums very useful because I feel that it’s a too ‘sterile’ place void of personality. Maybe these characteristics are a side-effect of trying to make those places safe for its members, i.e. not creepy. I’m not saying that the people on forums are such, I am saying that these are limitations of the platforms.

xD If I sign up under ‘coucherequin’ for a forum or website nowadays and post a message, I get a few PMs asking if I want to chat. Out of respect of my own time, and out of convenience, you can interact with me publicly and privately on tumblr and I’ll answer whatever message you send me in my free time ^^. Though, I simply cannot reply to every “how r u” or every “what u up 2 today” message, as I’d be chatting inane nonsense all the time. I feel that chit-chat is for getting to know a person from a blank canvas. Seeing that I have typed out an insane amount of blog posts already, you can read any or all of my blog posts to gauge where my interests lie. From there, a meaningful, lively and especially fun conversation can follow.

Anyway, so I lurked on forums for a while, then I lurked on tumblr for a while. For reasons that I don’t remember, I started posting messages and pictures to tumblr, which caught on and here we are ^^. Me showing you my diapered bum, and trying to make you happy!


I see you have Utsuho as your profile pic. Do you listen to Touhou arranges or play Touhou games by any chance?Also, have a wonderful day! 😊


You’re right, the girl in my avatar is Utsuho ^^, she’s so cute! I have several Touhou outfits, including Utsuho’s and Miko’s, who I cosplay as during anime conventions. You can make a guess whether I wear a diaper underneath my skirt when I’m at an anime convention !!

I can’t play the games, they are too difficult for me, but I really like the characters and the music


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I realize that there’s not that much variation between my pictures right now, because my house is a little small, but I’ll try my best to compensate it with different outfits and lots of different diapers ^^..


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dasleepypanda: coucherequin: Did you like my shark cosplay? ^^  Is the bestest cosplay eeever, and everybody knows diapee shark is the most highly sought after shark, so it’s the best on twooo different levels—best cosplay, best shark! 🙊 💙🦈💖 That’s … Continue reading

Do you like the world the way it is?

xD why are you asking a baby?

I’m sorry, I can’t answer this Ask on my tumblr blog. You could send me a private message if you really want to know my thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with your question, but I think that it isn’t compatible with the purpose of my tumblr blog ^^. I would like to give you positive energy, and inspiration to further discover your ABDL side. I do this by showing you my little adventures and my own genuine fun. No paid models, no Amazon affiliate links, no Patreon or OnlyFans subscriptions, no paid Snapchat, just the real me.


What’s your top 3 animes Quinn?

Instead of a “top”, I’ll just tell you what I’m watching right now ^^, cus it’s only 3 shows.

I’m watching Violet Evergarden, Odd Taxi, and Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (season 2)

I can definitely recommend Violet Evergarden, if you’re looking for a very pretty anime!


Do you own any shortalls or non-abdl rompers? They seem like they would look really cute and childish on you.

I had to think about this, but I don’t think that I have any shortalls, dungarees or rompers right now.. I should do some clothes shopping for Fall soon.. Thank you for reminding me ^^

Though I tend to wear clothing that I prerogative call an “adult disguise” consisting of beige or grey trousers and a light coloured blouse. If you were to pass me on the street, you’d never be able to tell that I am Coucherequin, the producer of thousands of ABDL pictures ^^;;



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dasleepypanda: coucherequin: This is peak sexy time for coucherequin ^^. Wearing a shark outfit and a diaper, and hugging my shark plushie !! Is truuue!! 💖🦈💙 🙊🙈 it’s true? It was really fun to wear this outfit ^^. I’m looking … Continue reading

This may be weird to ask, but how do you tape your diaper/what is the most comfortable way to tape your diaper in your opinion ? Because I really struggle doing that haha

I undress myself, put an unfolded and fluffed-up diaper on the floor, sit down onto the diaper, lay down onto my back, make sure that the front and back of the diaper are at equal height, then I first tape the bottom two tapes, then the top two tapes.

In the past I put the bottom tapes around my thighs, but I switched to putting them halfway the front of the diaper. I think that this leads to less leaks. The top tapes should go near the top of the front of the diaper!

When placing each second tape (of the bottom and top), I lift my bum and pull both sides together, so there’s a little tightness. If you’ve diapered yourself a few times, you’ll know where to play the first tape, to make sure that the diaper is perfectly centered on you ^^ !!


If you could choose to have a secondary form of human appearance (you can choose every trait you can think of: sex, age, height, bodyshape etc.) that you can switch back and forth from whenever you choose to, what would you look like and why?

A secondary form of appearance..? You even specified human, so I cannot say shark. I would eat so many people alive xD

I dunno. I’m generally quite happy with my body’s appearance. Due to my personality and also my career, I value my intelligence and abilities a lot more than my physical appearance. I may be a young investigator, but I am an author/ co-author on 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles right now. It may not be apparent what that means to you, but let’s say that my career is seemingly having a useful output. Both looks and intelligence will eventually fade away, and both these attributes can result in new content. I would not argue one is more important than the other, but I personally value intellectual and especially scientific output to be more valuable than content produced from appearances.

In a way, ‘coucherequin’ is my secondary form; like a persona. Of course, coucherequin is real, i.e. it’s me. Ageplay is something that I enter and exit, like what you described. That doesn’t answer your Ask, though. I doubt that I would want to temporarily shift into a different age, if that would involve me losing part of my mind. Though, I think that I’d look cuter if I could shift into a smaller version of myself ^^. My Dutch heritage made me a little tall. Through the magic of photography, I try to make myself look smaller and cuter than what I am. (Though I don’t edit my pictures with photoshop or anything like that). If I was able to become the smoller and cuter version of myself for real, this would all be a lot easier!!


Does sharky have any friends?

His best friend is probably me ^^, we sleep together every day! But you’re asking about plushies, probably. No, I don’t sleep with any other plushies. I do have other plushies, but they’re like decoration of my house, sitting or standing on furniture, like the rodents on my table who stare at me when I eat °.°



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coucherequin: I took off my pusheen hoodie, so now you can see the onesie that I was wearing ^^ 


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captainfishy1: coucherequin: Wearing diapers around the house, but hiding them underneath my pajamas ^^;; Dont hide, be proud xD check the pictures on my blog, I don’t hide my love for ageplay. I’m a very active promoter of it !!! 

You wrote: Hm what surprises me the most is that you can’t really be active when you’re wearing a diaper, without being uncomfortable or even leaking.Have you tried Tena Slip Active -diapers? At least for me, they (boosted with Abena’s large booster) allow quite active day, like spending full day in city and walking more than 10 km during the day. After day, when coming back to hotel, there were no leaks in the extremely full diaper.

Hm well I was talking about the way that I live and work. Like cycling to work, carrying heavy delicate stuff, changing into medical outfits, performing micro surgeries, operating med machines. I’m glad that it works for you, but for active days I don’t think that wearing a diaper would be comfortable


🧐 might need to get me a shark outfit

Are you asking me whether or not you need a shark outfit? Or are you asking if I can get you one?If you’re asking the latter, I’m afraid I only have 1 shark outfit and it’s mine ^^, I would die a little if I gave my shark outfit away, cus I love it. If you were asking the former; well I dunno if you also feel like a little shark. Do you? I got mine online, there’s several sellers on websites like amazon that have it for sale!



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I was the happiest little shark ^^. These were the last pictures that I took. Check out the rearz lil bella diaper to see if it suits you. I really liked it!

Have you ever had diaper leaks and are there diapers you recommend/don’t recommend for their leak protection ?

Hm well every diaper will leak if you wear it long enough, but probably you’re asking about unreasonable leaks like when you’ve barely used it..

The “rearz incontrol elite hybrid” leaked almost immediately on me. Also the “attends slip 9M” leak very quickly on me due to their poor thigh fit (it only has 1 tape on each time). The tena ultima slip can only take one pee and then they’re full, the cloth-backed Abena diapers (like m3 and m4) eventually let a little bit of pee through the fabric and into your clothing (do other cloth-backed diapers do this, too?). Cloth diapers are also only good for one pee, but that’s okay, you wouldn’t want to stay in a cloth diaper for a long time anyway

Hm what surprises me the most is that you can’t really be active when you’re wearing a diaper, without being uncomfortable or even leaking. I feel really bad for people who have to use diapers for their incontinence or other medical reasons (and I wouldn’t ever want to be incontinent myself). Please know that my tumblr blog isn’t a parody of your medical condition and I don’t wear diapers to make fun of anyone. I don’t do this out of bad faith or spirit ^^;;. I feel strongly attracted to wearing diapers, but the desire is gone for a while after I’ve worn one for a few hours. When I put on a diaper, I feel the strong urge to pee a little bit into it, because it gives me a big rush when I feel the wetness on my skin and then feeling the wetness disappear. Despite the weirdness, I don’t think that I am harming anyone when I’m publishing my pictures online. If you do feel that I should change something about my pictures, please tell me in a PM or in an (anonymous) Ask.



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This is peak sexy time for coucherequin ^^. Wearing a shark outfit and a diaper, and hugging my shark plushie !!

Can we diaper check you?




xD Well you could, but I am not wearing a diaper right at this moment
:<. I should really take new pictures of my ageplaying soon. I haven’t taken any new pictures for some time, already, and I owe it to you to have new pictures..

Instead, I will send you two (old) pictures of me wearing a Rearz Incontrol with plastic pants on top ^^. I know how much some of you like wearing plastic pants over your nappy!


Thank you for wearing those nice plastic pants

Absolutely beautifull plastic pants on over your diaper, nappie, plastic pants are so lovely and the protection and look is amazing.

Please do wear plastic pants as often as possible, please, pretty please, 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍

Thank you for saying that ^^


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coucherequin: little-ab-moky: coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife You’re so heckin CUTEEEE I sure hope I am xD

You always appear to be quite reluctant when it comes to talking about “lewd” stuff. Why is that? Any specific reason, or just the wish for the blog to remain as sfw as possible?

Thank you for this Ask. It is a fair question, I am a lil reluctant to show lewd stuff. I’m not a porn blog and my pictures aren’t pornography.

This is my littlespace and how I relax in my free time. I am showing you pictures of it, in order to give you ideas to do the same ^^. I show you which diapers I like, ABDL outfits, cute pajamas, stuffers, skirts, plastic pants, cloth diapers, plushies, blankets, dummies, bottles, soft thighhigh socks, etc.

All those ABDL thingies are meaningless objects until they’re placed in a certain context. A sofa is but a seating area, until you start to associate it with relaxation movie time, family time and friends. A diaper is but an absorbent undergarment until you realize that you can wear it (by itself or together with other stuff) to feel relaxed or sexually aroused.

I don’t mind when someone faps to my pictures, though I’m not convinced that many do cus there’s so many others who are a lot cuter than me. I primarily hope that my pictures give you ideas to further explore your own littlespace!



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Hm so those red spots on my right leg are where I fell a few weeks ago. It has mostly healed, now ^^, though it has taken quite a long time. Sorry for having it in the picture


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coucherequin: I wonder if anyone outside sees me and wonders why I’m wearing a diaper! See my archive | Donate Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife I’m reblogging an old message, you can ignore the links above ^^, I don’t take donations any more, … Continue reading

What is your favorite stuffed animal? Can see it please?

Of course ^^, but it’s the shark, you’ve seen it in almost every one of my pictures ! He lives in my bed, and most of my pictures are taken on my bed, so the shark is a common theme of my pictures.

I should get plushie filling for it to fill it up again, I’ve squashed the shark completely flat and floppy xD



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captainfishy1: coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife You look great in that diaper! Hm yeah I know. I really loved that diaper. It fit my body so well ^^ It’s called a Bambino Bianco. You … Continue reading

Have you ever told anyone you know that you enjoy wearing diapers? If so, how did they react?

Yes, there’s a few friends who know that I like ageplaying and some of them have seen my pictures or even my tumblr blog ^^

You know, ultimately ageplay is quite an innocent thing. You wear a diaper, use a dummy and a bottle, hug a stuffed animal, watch cartoons, wear cute clothing. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re not hurting yourself. You may find that some people think that using diapers is gross (even #1), but that is the only real criticism that I’ve heard over the years. Maybe it is a little strange at first, but I doubt that any good friend would think that it’s a big deal.

What is important is to know boundaries when it comes to friends. They don’t necessarily need to know your kinks nor the details of your kinks. Ageplay may not fully be a kink, but please treat is as one when talking about it with others. It’s not a topic that you talk about with someone who doesn’t know you very well


Thank You for rekindling the fire in my heart. I hope I did the same for you.

Did I really? ^^ It’s a really nice thing to hear; one of my blog’s purposes is to make others feel better and happier. Somehow, I am being successful at that !

I wonder what my end-game would be, anyway.. At some point I would be too old and ugly to continue publishing ageplay pictures of myself, and I would gradually disappear from the internet.. but hopefully I can still continue for some time to come


Can we diaper check you?



xD Well you could, but I am not wearing a diaper right at this moment
:<. I should really take new pictures of my ageplaying soon. I haven’t taken any new pictures for some time, already, and I owe it to you to have new pictures..

Instead, I will send you two (old) pictures of me wearing a Rearz Incontrol with plastic pants on top ^^. I know how much some of you like wearing plastic pants over your nappy!


Thank you for wearing those nice plastic pants

Hm yeah ^^ , posing with plastic pants is fun cus so many people seem to like seeing plastic pants on me. As long as I can wear diapers, I will be a happy little baby, it is okay for me to wear a plastic pants over my diaper

Maybe it would be fun to sleep together with another adult baby and we would press our plastic pants together while we sleep in each others arms !! And occasionally our pacis would bump together. I would melt into a little puddle and not be able to think any more

Love your style, you have the cutest jammies! Such a comfy blog✨💕🥰

Thank you for sending me this Ask and for complimenting me on my style <3. I’m really delighted to hear that you think my blog is comfy !!

Making others feel happy and more comfortable is a really good feeling. I’d wish happiness onto everyone, even those who hate me



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coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife

Have you had extended “diaper sessions”, e.g. over the weekend, during which you wear day and night?I sometimes (when the rest of family goes somewhere, or if I am on a work trip) have those, but unluckily, after a couple of days, it gets boring, so I just stop wearing.

I’m satisfied after a few hours of ageplay ^^. My motivation for wearing diapers is also gone for a few days after that. I do always sleep with my shark plush, though (that’s also ageplay, right?).

I’ve heard from others that they can wear diapers for days or weeks. I’ve never tried it myself, but it does not seem like something for me. Everyone is different, I don’t mind that others like this ^^. In fact, I’m glad that they do find this enjoyable! Maybe I would be reduced to an actual babybrain if I wore diapers for too long  °^° !!


Which adult/mature cartoon do you prefer to watch? between the one you cited on your “ask post” (my little pony/gravity fall/Steven universe/bob’s burger) or some other like BoJack horseman, the owl house, amphibia, adventure time? They are the first to come to my mind

I have watched parts of My little pony (friendship is magic), Gravity falls, Steven universe, Bob’s burgers. In addition, I’ve also watched parts of Family guy and American Dad.. Though I rarely have time to sit down and watch these kinds of things, unfortunately 🙁

I tried watching Bojack Horseman but it is not for me. I don’t know about Owl house, Amphibia and Adventure time yet.

I do watch a lot more anime than I do American/European cartoons ^^. In my opinion they tend to be a lot cuter !



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garryta: coucherequin: kimimerc: coucherequin: you can see right through the plastic pants  See my archive | Donate Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife I love this picture of you so cute 😀 Yeah ^^, I know you do! I don’t … Continue reading

Magnets work because of something called virtual photons, these virtual photons pop into existence to deliver the forces of a magnetic field and then immediately pop back out of existence, photons are what are called excitations of the electro-magnetic field and this are the fundamental particles of that field(you may have heard of the Higgs boson giving things mass, no, interaction with the Higgs field gives things mass, crazy people at cern smashed things together so hard that the universe broke and made a higgs boson) but since we’re all just dumb babies the answer is magnets are cool

See? here is a good explanation of how magnets work °^° !!

In a superconducting MRI magnet, 50 kA worth of magical pixies are dancing around the coil and are making a BIG magnetic field.



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garryta: coucherequin: 3yobbg: coucherequin: itohseloh: coucherequin: These are plastic pants, and a Rearz Astronaut diaper underneath! How cute you look in those! Do I really look that cute in plastic pants? ^^  …Indeed…Adorably ‘babyish’… XD why did you put babyish like … Continue reading

Do you have a favorite species of shark? I’ve always liked both the Great Hammerhead and the Great White.

I’m vanilla when it comes to sharks, I like the classical great white shark. Presumably that’s what the ikea blahaj was modelled after. The most important characteristic is the shape, though. It’s exactly the right shape to hug !!


Hope your ok baby’s tend to fall sometimes how’s the weather there do you live near the ocean

Hm well it kinda hurt when I fell off my bike. I’m not hurt hurt, but I’m still sore all over. I was planning on taking pictures of myself in the 26-27 june weekend, but I have bruises and a wound on my leg which are not photogenic at all. I hope to be able to take new pictures of myself next weekend when I’m healed up.

I don’t live near the ocean, I’m afraid. The ocean is about 1:30 hour travelling away from me. The weather is the same as in Netherlands xD; like most of continental West Europe. Not too warm, not too cold, lots of rain in Spring and Fall, little bit of snow in Winter and draught in Summer. That plus 2 weeks of heatwave per year. The first week of heatwave was last week. I can say this many times: I’m a really happy person and there’s nothing that I could complain about ^^. Life is fun and filled with little pleasures and adventures. My tumblr blog is a glimpse into some of the pleasures and adventures that I enjoy. I hope that I can inspire others to find their own happiness!


What do you feel is specific to living in Belgium that you have not experienced anywhere else (can be good or bad)?

Thank you for this Ask! As a background to anyone reading this: I am Dutch and I moved from NL to BE in 2020. I’ll have to answer carefully, not to trample on anyone’s toes. Overall I think that living in Flanders is really similar to living in Netherlands. People are polite, helpful, caring, and they speak something that sounds like Dutch. What more can I ask for? The social structure is equivalent and I have a good understanding of how the society works, also in terms of taxation, insurance and social security.

Cultural differences are present, of course. In my opinion, most of them are fairly subtle. A striking one that people usually mention is the lintbebouwing. This is a method of laying out villages where all houses are alongside a small number of long roads, making the village very thin but very long-stretched. This is in contrast with villages which are like a circle. As distances between two points are thereby increased, people are often reliant on cars. The majority of people do seem to have cars. Within cities, I feel that most trips can still be made by bike, and really I’ve been fine so far. Public transportation by bus and train is excellent and really cheap. Belgium is a little bit poorer than neighboring countries and this becomes apparent in that public places tend to look a bit dilapidated or dirty, though this is mostly the case in Wallonia and not so much in Flanders.

Belgium was hit quite badly during both world wars, and most of the major cities were destroyed. The Belgians seem to find it important to restore their cities back to the original state. It’s personal taste but I really agree with this approach. The city centre of Leuven is beautiful even though lots of buildings were rebuilt after WW2. I would like to use my tumblr blog more often to post videos of my little adventures around Belgium, if that’s okay.

In terms of food and drinks, the Belgian people seem to value good food and drinks much more than Dutch people. I can only agree xD. I like white wine (especially chardonnay) and cider (especially Breton) and there’s plenty of that available. I like Vol-au-vent and all the delicious French pastries. Maybe I will even get fat while living here, who knows

I’m employed by the university and they seem to care a lot about their employees. I get all sorts of additional things from them, including a free rental bike 😊😊😊, this makes the Dutch person very happy cus bike + free stuff!! My home is tiny but it’s very cheap and very luxurious and it’s inside the city centre. My internet is fast (for Belgian standards, it’s 100/30mbps, some of you probably have 10x that).

To get back to your Ask specifically, what I haven’t experienced anywhere else.. I dunno. From what I’ve seen most of Western Europe is really similar and the subtle differences are exaggerated. Different cities will have unique landmarks or building styles but that’s really not the point. Right now I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint any one particular thing that stands out to me, I’m afraid. I’m a happy person and in reality I have nothing to complain about. I can live perfectly fine in Belgium ^^



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garryta: coucherequin: itohseloh: coucherequin: itohseloh: coucherequin: These are plastic pants, and a Rearz Astronaut diaper underneath! How cute you look in those! Do I really look that cute in plastic pants? ^^  Oh so much cuter with plastic pants over … Continue reading


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^^ These were the last pictures that I took.  If you can, you should try these diapers. They’re called Rearz lil squirts splash !!


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coucherequin: I was as wet as a fish in the ocean XD See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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itohseloh: coucherequin: itohseloh: coucherequin: These are plastic pants, and a Rearz Astronaut diaper underneath! How cute you look in those! Do I really look that cute in plastic pants? ^^  Oh so much cuter with plastic pants over your diapers. … Continue reading