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garryta: coucherequin: Don’t you think that a onesie completes the real baby look? ^^ Yes I do. You look like a real nice little baby 🙂 It makes me so happy when I look like a baby on pictures ^^… … Continue reading


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sixliveoaks: garryta: coucherequin: Which plastic pants do you like to see on me? ^^ I like them all 😜 The poofy white ones. But that’s just me…. Do you think that they look more babyish? ^^ I kinda think that … Continue reading

So, um… how bout them sharks?

My shark gets lots of love every day ^^, but judging from his facial expression I’m still not sure if he likes it!


When you ageplay, do you have a favourite food you like to eat?

I like drinking warm infant formulae (or chocolate milk) from a baby bottle. After drinking 2 or 3 bottles, I feel so warm and fuzzy in my tummy, that I might fall asleep for a little nap together with the shark ^^. Formulae has a unique flavor, that is different from regular milk… but I drink it because it’s for babies and I feel like I’m a baby when I’m ageplaying.


When was the last time you was diapered and soaked it

Thank you for this Ask ^^. I think that it’s a waste to wear a diaper without peeing in it at least twice. I like the feeling of wetness down there, and it gives me a strange sense of completeness. As for ‘soaking’ hm; I’m not sure what definition people attach to this. Peeing one or two times is soaking, or does it require more than that? Horniness-fueled weirdness has driven me to take a bath and a shower a few times, while wearing a diaper. That expectedly results in a fully saturated diaper, and me having a massive moaning orgasm xD. Those saturated diapers take up a lot of space in my trash, so I don’t like doing this…



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I briefly wore my kigurumi pyjama ^^… It is very comfy to wear, but I did not take additional photos in it, because I thought that it kinda looked boring, and my pictures are already a little bit boring. It … Continue reading

What are some of your favorite anime’s?

(I will copy-paste part of this answer, as I’ve recently had it before)

Haruhi, or Railgun, or Yuru Yuri, or Non non Biyori.. Too many to choose from! The common theme among these series that I prefer these shows to be laid-back, without much stress or drama. Slice-of-life anime are fun to watch, and to me they kinda feel like kids shows for teens/adolescents. If you go to anime conventions and you see 20-25 year olds dress up as cute characters from anime shows xD… We all want to retain a bit of the good parts of our childhood, until we are no longer allowed to do so.

In the picture below, I am wearing part of the costume of Homura ^^… I cosplay as her at anime conventions sometimes. Maybe I am wearing a special underwear?


Just wanted to say, I appreciate your thoughtful posts. Admittedly, it’s hard to get to know someone through a blog, but from the glimpses you’ve shared, you seem like an intelligent, observant, and patient person. I don’t know how much, if any, meaning this carries from a stranger. Even so, I wish you peace, health, and happiness.

Thank you so much for sending me this ^^. I occasionally request people to submit Asks, so that I get the impression that it is not a one-way thing. Taking pictures of myself and putting them on tumblr with silly annotations is not as gratifying as hearing back from you through these submissions and through chats ! I do have difficulties keeping up with chats, but I try to eventually have all non-inane messages answered

I like to think that I am observant and patient… I dunno if I’m more intelligent than the average Master student. It doesn’t take much to do what I do. When I ageplay, I don’t want to think about any of the stuff that I usually think about. I return to a lil puddle, only able to drink from a bottle and curl up in bed ^^



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garryta: coucherequin: garryta: coucherequin: So many pictures of me wearing plastic pants ^^ Verry nice. Please continue. Of course I will ^^, I try my best to have a new post every day… I have done so for years now! … Continue reading


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I love how adult-sized onesies make me feel like I am a real baby… it snugly holds onto the diaper, I cannot touch the diaper directly, and my legs are exposed ! Underneath my onesie, I am wearing a plastic … Continue reading


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I am wearing a Rearz Alpaca diaper, and on top of that a plastic pants, and a onesie! What do you think, huh?


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captainfishy1: coucherequin: Close up of the plastic pants I wore over my diaper ^^ You look fantastic in that outfit!!! Thank you ^^, I like wearing this purple floral-print shirt… It is breezy, so I can only wear it in … Continue reading


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I will show you my diaper ^^ , a Littleforbig Little Dreamers. By now it was so full and puffy




@coucherequin (and her eminently ‘pattable’ baby-butt!)…

What about my butt, huh? 

Do you like seeing me in this way? xD (Oh I see this is a repost, not a reblog, bad @oldschooldl​)

Hey little baby, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner today then..?

Having a healthy diet is really really important. You should have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

However, this week was very long and tiring. I put on a diaper yesterday evening. I woke up at around 8am this morning. I sat up in my bed, peed myself, and then I turned around to continue sleeping. At around 10am I woke up again, this time I really had to get up to start the day ^^. I read stuff on the internet for about half an hour, and meanwhile I was feeling around my squishy diaper.

I didn’t have breakfast today (even though I should!). For lunch, I made toast with jambon and camembert, also jam and peanut butter (separately). In addition, I had 2 mandarins and tea. This afternoon I drank 2 bottles of infant formulae, and I had chocolate. Later this evening I will eat fresh hamburger-steak with tomatos and rice.

If I’m not careful, my shark will eat me before the end of the evening!


Saturday 5 March 2022

Today I am in littlespace ❤️❤️. If you want to, could you send me a kind Ask? I will try to answer all my messages today ^^. I love you! 


I wish i could take sharkies place 😜

Are you sure about that, hun? ^^ He doesn’t get nicely treated by me, most of the time. He’s the best plushie that I ever had, because this shark is the ideal size and shape for an icky adult like me to sleep with. I’m around 1 meter 75 tall (I really wish I was smoller), while the shark is around 1 meter long. I should really add some new plushie filling to him, he has become quite flattened by sleeping with him so often… What do you think, huh?


Would you want a boyfriend that wear diaper ?

As long as I can continue to be a lil baby, I don’t mind if a partner wants to wear diapers too ^^. I would encourage it, so that we can be ageplay together! I doubt that I would be able to take care of someone (in a littlespace context), though. You can call me egoistic or silly for this, but it would be a big no-no if a partner asks me to stop with littlespace altogether. They would be kindly shown the door, if there’s no opportunity for me to change their mind in the subject.

I understand the criticism around this. When two people love each other, there will never be a perfect match in every single opinion and habit. That wouldn’t be realistic, nor desirable. People are different, and these differences are what makes us better together. Therefore we compromise a lot, right? We don’t have to agree on everything. You could argue that my reliance on littlespace should be treated by a psychologist, as weaning off of it seemingly is deleterious to my mental health. The way I look at it is different, though. I enjoy ageplaying, and by itself it’s not bad for my physique or mental health. At best I’m at a slightly higher risk of getting a skin rash or a UTI, though so far this hasn’t happened. The ‘deleterious’ aspect of my ageplay would then be extrinsically imposed, i.e. someone asks me not to do it which I can’t comply with. If I cannot comply with someone’s wishes, is it my fault and therewith should the issue be fixed in me, or should the issue be fixed in the other person? You can come up with your own answer to this ^^



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coucherequin: My diaper was so wet, it was almost leaking.. But playdayz is a really good diaper and I’ve never actually had it look on me! You should try it, too! See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | … Continue reading


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These were the last pictures that I took before having my little ‘fun’. It felt great ^^


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You’ve woken up as coucherequin, and you’re wearing a diaper… What is the first thing that you do??

Antwerp is nice, but I can’t actually say how it is. I’m sure it would be a nice experience with your sister.I think getting a decent laptop, or small tower computer is better. You can hook it up to a TV in your living room so you can play with friends. It’s what my friend did!

Yes, I also think that visiting Antwerp would be a nice day out. From what I have read about the city so far, it is very different from the area of Belgium where I live. It also seems that there is quite a lot of stuff to do, in and around the city! Regardless, I don’t go out often and every opportunity to do so, especially when it’s not by myself, would be good ^^.

Hm well I bought my current laptop second-hand in August 2017, I think it was around 1 year old back then, so it’d be around 5 years old at the time of writing. For now, I don’t need a new one ^^, I’m happy with what I have. Though, I currently don’t have a TV, and I can’t get one due to lack of space. When I move to a bigger place, whenever that’ll be, I’ll consider these things again. Preferably, I also want more space for a crib and more baby stuff. Would you like to have a full adult baby room?


Do you have a favorite brand of diapers? Does your shark?

There’s a number of diapers that I like most. At a certain point, diapers tend to become quite similar in their fit and thickness, and the only differentiating factor is their design, I think. Going from a Tena maxi/ultima slip to a Littleforbig diaper is a big jump up in quality. In contrast, the Littleforbig Baby Cuties, the Little Dreamers, and the Rearz lil squirts splash are quite similar as a functional diaper. These fit me really well and they’re all really cute, I think. Unfortunately my shark can’t wear diapers.

Hm but as a bottom note; my opinion on diapers is coming from how they help me with ageplay. I’m not incontinent. I don’t wear diapers while walking outdoors or while working or doing activities. Henceforth, my opinion will likely be different from the opinion of someone who unfortunately is incontinent, or wears diapers while being active. Most of my ageplay pictures are of me in my bed, or otherwise being inside my home. It’s a very controlled (and therefore also comfortable) environment, where I feel safe to express my inner desires to be a little baby. There is nothing wrong with liking or needing diapers, though I try to be considerate of the ‘other side’. If I was incontinent and I was reluctantly reliant on diapers, maybe I would not appreciate any interaction with people who wear diapers for fun ^^.


No real question, just wanted to wish you a nice Saturday evening. 🙂

Thank you ❤️❤️ In the weekends I need to sleep, eat, and rest, and catch up with the week by talking to friends and watching/reading stuff. Sometimes also baby time ^^. It’s my time to charge up again for the coming week. XD I hope that in the future I can take up a job where I only work 3 or 4 days per week, so that I’m not so tired all the time. One can dream. I’d love to spend more time taking photos, writing and doing other things that I enjoy.


Long time ago the colour of Tena Slip Ultima was blue, then they changed it to light grey. If at all, what did you thought of that? The first time I saw it, I was (actually still) yoking that they ran out of colour ink. 🤪

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the tena slip in blue. I like wearing these diapers, but thinking back of them, they always felt like they were on the small side? And like they can’t handle a second pee


Do you think we can see some pictures of you showing your little side in public or semi public scenes?

Well I could, but probably I wouldn’t. I’m not a supporter of increasing my chances of exhibiting fetishes to strangers who are not on the lookout for such a thing. I realize that the question was asked in good faith, and that I do ‘expose’ myself to strangers on tumblr, though I’m not the kind of person to do this in public ^^. I’m sorry that I can’t live up to your question.



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What would you do if you woke up as me, wearing these pajamas and a diaper? ^^ 

Sharkie is available in Denmark. :)

Oh, is he? He’s still not available around where I live ^^. I don’t know whether I’d get another one, though. Maybe one shark is enough to keep me company in bed!


No question, just wanted to tell you that finding your blog was (and is) a relief insofar as I am of course totally different from you: a bit older, male, fairly different country within Europe… But share a similar fascination as you do, and I’m also a scientist. So seeing you so confident and positive about your life is uplifting, as I sometimes (but only sometimes) struggle with being non-standard. Seeing others cope helps, though. :)

There’s so many reasons to feel confident about yourself and your accomplishments. Seemingly, it’s easy to dismiss them all, and pretend that we’re someone who we’re not ^^. My blog is direct evidence of that, I guess? (Gasp, I’m not actually a baby, I only pretend to be one !!)

In psychology they will refer to this phenomenon as “imposter syndrome”, disproportionately affecting high-achieving people. I should know all about it, but I don’t. It’s not that I don’t have insecurities, don’t get me know. On most days, my fingernails are bleeding from me constantly biting them. I don’t know why I do that, but I think it’s some low-grade anxiety or at least a really bad habit xD. Regardless of this, I feel that I am generally happy.

I wish that I could give sound advice to my readers. Though, I feel that my experiences are mostly irrelevant to others, seeing how I’ve never had a normal job XD. Why should you take advice from someone who has always worked in an ivory tower? Though, I’m still glad that I can make others happy by being confident and positive ^^.


How would you react if a friend told you that he/she was curious about abdl and was trying out diapers?

It’d depend a lot how well I know this friend. There are certain friends who I would love to ageplay with, but also friends who I would rather not do something so personal and vulnerable with. There’s only a few of my friends who know that I am coucherequin…

It’s not the easiest topic to talk about, after all ^^;;



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I really need to start posting pictures again to this blog. Last time I posted new pictures was weeks ago…  So I had asked you which one of these 4 diapers I should wear ^^… I made my choice, wore … Continue reading

Hey there! Word on the streets is that the ikea shark is available again (at least in my country) If you’re still looking to get one, now is your time to do so 😉

Oh, are they? It still says sold out here, but I’ll make sure to check the stock multiple times from now on, to see if it goes back in stock.

This also reminds me, mine needs his monthly wash soon.


1. and 14.

1.) ⛺Are you scared of the dark?

Not of the dark, but I feel uncomfortable when my laptop is off 😭. I keep it switched on all the time, so that there’s a little bit of light and background noise in my room. Thereby, it also stays connected and I feel connected to the internet at all times. On my nightstand there’s also my phone, which is also always connected… Do you feel like this, too?

14.) 👑Do you ever feel bratty in Little space? If so, what do you do when you feel bratty?

Hm I hate this but when I am very sad, I drink a whole bottle of wine, wear a diaper, get really angry at myself for being so stupid/stubborn/annoying/whatever, cry my eyes out, pee myself, and fall asleep. I’ve only had to do this a few times, now. It does help, I feel. When I wake up again I feel like I can start over (after a shower XD).


What dinosaur do you think is Best? 😀 🐊

Probably the Mosasaurus ^^. There could be a big fish plush made out of it, too!


Are you following the “New Amsterdam” series? On S2 E15, there is a shark on psychiatrists office. Could you ask from your shark, are they related?

I logged into netflix, went to this particular episode and scrolled through the episode to find that scene, at 10:30 min into the episode. Yes, it’s the same BLÅHAJ from ikea. Though, the one in the episode is clean and new and not squashed to a pancake like mine.

Also, my shark plush is unique in that it is my support to get through difficult times ^^. He also helps me release magic feelings into my diapers.


Hello, I love your page ^-^ 2 questions 1 do you like calling them diapers or nappies more? 2 what’s your favorite shark fact :D 🦈🦈🦈Merry Christmas :)



Thank you @differentauthorexpertbat for sending me 2 questions. Please feel free to send as many as you wish ^^. I will try to answer as many as I can!

Nappy is supposed to be the British word for diaper. I’m not British, though I sometimes call them as such because I think that it is cute! There was a brief time in my teenage years when I wanted to learn more British phrases. Typically I do tend to write British-style English, though I realize nowadays that I should be more neutral in this, although it is not entirely possible to be neutral.

In etymology, I think that ‘nappy’ (a person who takes many naps) is also closer in meaning to the Dutch ‘luier’ (lazy person) than ‘diaper’ is (I don’t even know what this word is supposed to mean, originally).

Someone recently told me that a group of sharks is called a ‘shiver’ 😂 . I did not know about this, so until the next shark fact, this will be my favorite one. Does my shark make you shiver? He just wants to put me in diapers and sleep with me ^^

Thank you for wishing me a merry Christmas. I love you 💖💖💖. Make the best of it and don’t overeat !!

Also check out my website, which is like a shadow-copy of my tumblr blog ^^:


I have never heard of a shiver in connection with a group of sharks, my degree is in Evolutionary Zoology and I never came across this, unless its a regetence from another language

xD Yeah, I had not heard of it, either. But it is a real English word for a school of sharks. 


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garryta: coucherequin: Close up of the plastic pants I wore over my diaper ^^ This is really very nice Coucherequin. Such beautifull plastic pants! I like them! thank you for this reblog message ^^. My own fascination for plastic pants … Continue reading

What do you wish for Christmas ? 🎅 🎁And for this new year?

This Christmas, I wish for you to be happy <3. Not you, the Asker, specifically; but anyone who is reading this ^^. Please find the abundant happiness in your life, and be inspired by the beauty that you see all around you. Read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, do whatever it takes to gain back the vigor and motivation that you used to have. Our bodies age, though our motivation potential stays unchanged until the very end.

I am turning 31 soon (oh no), on January 3… But I won’t let it stop me from being myself. My body feels the same as 10 years ago, though right now I am a lot happier and I understand a lot more of the world around me. I feel more confident in my own skin, and I speak out more often. I want to continue to grow like that, while maintaining my health and fitness!

Though, my looks will probably continue to deteriorate as I age xD. My picture style, diapers and clothing will have to compensate for that.


Have you been changed by someone else? Meaning, in your adulthood. 🤣

In adulthood, huh. Not yet ^^. I would really like to be babied by someone, though there needs to be a lot of trust before that can happen! The inside of my diaper is very sensitive and needs to be protected.

I don’t even want horni stuff, because I can do that by myself. I would like to have my ultimate caretaker babycore fantasies come true ♡ ♥💕❤



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megamacska: coucherequin: Me on my bed wearing a tykables little rawrs inside a plastic pants ^^ Cute Thank you!! I hope that I can make as many people happy with my pictures ^^

Are you going to wear diapers secretly around your fam during christmas

Hmm I thought about it, but probably not. For me, diapers are for ageplay, not really for casually wearing them as if I’m incontinent or something ^^;;. Though, I’ll probably bring my vibe with me to have some naughty ‘relaxing’ time in bed.

Also it’s kind of a pain to throw diapers away secretly at their home. It’d stress me out more than anything xD



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coucherequin: My diaper was so wet, it was almost leaking.. But playdayz is a really good diaper and I’ve never actually had it look on me! You should try it, too! See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | … Continue reading


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captainfishy1: megamacska: coucherequin: Me on my bed wearing a tykables little rawrs inside a plastic pants ^^ Cute Very Nice!  As always xD Is it “cute”, really? In almost every picture, it looks like my shark plush is in great pain … Continue reading

Do you have a nappy filling order when planning little time 1’s 2’s and 3’s?Mine is 3’s then 1’s, maybe a couple more 3’s, but defo no 2’s 😉

My nappies get filled with comfort, littlespace, and love 🛏️🍼❤️



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captainfishy1: coucherequin: Which plastic pants do you like to see on me? ^^ I like the babyish print more!! ^^ Lots of people mentioned that they prefer the printed one. It is really cute!

I want to try attends cause there easy for me to buy why do you think of them

I’ve only ever worn Attends m8, the ones with only 1 tape per side, and I didn’t like those. Afterwards, I didn’t try other diapers from Attends. Maybe I will, in the future ^^

In terms of incontinence diapers, I like the Abena M3/M4, the bright blue Forma-care X-plus, Betterdry, the pastel-blue Molicare maxi slip, and the Seguna comfort slip maxi. These were all really fun to wear, and I hope that I get to wear them again!

Also.. What would you do if your body looked like mine?


How does sharky wear diapers with the tail in the way? 👀

He can’t wear diapers, unfortunately. I’ve seen people put a diaper on their teddybear and I think that’s really cute ^^. Fish can’t wear diapers. Even if they could, it would be weird. Instead of a fish, it’d be really really cute if I could put a diaper on someone cosplaying as Gura ^^. I have her outfit, so I could even dress you up as Gura before I diaper you!


Do you ever wear diapers out of the house?

I prefer not to do this. I’ve done it a few times at anime conventions, where I wore a disposable diaper and a plastic pants under a cosplay dress, but that’s it. Diapers are for my ageplay. To go into my littlespace I need to be in the safety of my home, where there’s no danger and no worries ^^. In my home, I can do lots of baby stuff like wearing a onesie with soft thighhigh socks, hugging my big plushie, drinking milk from a bottle, and squirm around on my bed!



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insecurebabybutt: coucherequin: I am sorry, mister Shark … Hey, psst, kiddo!Let me tell you something, some real stories from the line of duty! Your instructors have basically no clue what’s going on out here! These so called tantrums they’ve been … Continue reading


This gallery contains 1 photo.

This is the last picture in this series ^^. I was wearing a diaper called the Tykables Little Rawrs. The one with the green dinosaur on it. I did not pee a lot into this diaper, only one pee. I … Continue reading

I think it’d be cute to have you stand in the corner for awhile. You know, until you’ve wet your diaper pretty good.

xD you’re acting like I never wet my diapers. I’m so soaked each time I wear. My fish could almost swim in my diaper



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So my layers °^° Pyjama shorts, plastic pants, and then a tykables little rawrs diaper!!

Don’t you get sweaty in plastic pants? I can barely stay in my pair for 10 minutes before it starts to feel uncomfortable…



To avoid confusion regarding plastic pants… I don’t wear plastic pants by themselves directly on my skin. Underneath my plastic pants, I am wearing a disposable or a cloth diaper ^^. I’ve received a few messages which mentioned that some people like to wear plastic pants without anything underneath. That’s where the confusion may have come from?

Your skin perspirates all the time, and your clothing naturally absorbs it and wicks it away. The point of plastic pants is to keep the fluids inside them, including your sweat. My diaper absorbs the sweat ^^.

As a side note… I wear diapers to regress to an infant age. As an adult baby, I lay in my bed hugging my shark plush, sucking on a paci, drinking from a bottle. I’ll sit by my table to watch cartoons and anime. I’m not physically active while wearing a diaper. I can totally imagine that being physically active makes you sweat more, which makes wearing diapers uncomfortable. I don’t envy people who are incontinent; having to wear diapers all the time or even just during the night seems like a big nuisance. I am fortunate to be in good health, and I occasionally enjoy ageplay for my own fun ^^. Thank you so much for looking at my pictures and for interacting with me.


Thank you for sharing, I am one of those that never graduated out of night diapers for bed wetting, so I wear disposables, with a terry pull over and plastic pants every night and find them very comfortable

I’m sorry to hear that you continue to be incontinent at night. It must be really inconvenient at times. It sounds like you’ve found a solution that works for you. I hope that you can deal with the incontinence in the best way that you can… I always need to remind myself that my own fun in diapers is not what others feel when they put on a diaper. Maybe it is so that most people who diaper themselves hate doing so, or at least feel a sense of shame ^^;; 

Hm it must give a strange feeling to people who hate diapers to see someone like me blissing out and pretending to be a little kid xD. I’m so sorry. 

My tumblr usage has dropped off a cliff, but I came back today to see you’re still active and I thought that was pretty neat! Thanks for continuing your blog. Hope you’re doing great.

I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have as much time for tumblr as you used to… Life can get busy sometimes. I try to post something every day, though to be able to post a new picture I need to still have them. Right now, I don’t have any new pictures. I’ll try my best to take new pictures as soon as possible ^^. In the meantime, I’ll be active in other ways.

Does it happen often that people become online ghosts?

Oh you can also see a copy of my tumblr blog and my pictures on this website: (there is a small delay for posting, because I need to import them from tumblr from time to time)