Have you ever tried going cold turkey without diapers?

What do you mean by “cold turkey without diapers”?

In case you’re under the impression that I wear diapers every day, and thus it’d be “cold turkey” to quit wearing them even for just a few days, maybe there is some misconception. I don’t wear diapers every day; I wear a diaper normally once per week on Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes a cloth diaper to bed. If I’m busy and I have to skip a weekend, so be it.

As for quitting diapers entirely for months, years, or for good… I haven’t done that in years, probably ever, ever since I started living on my own almost 10 years ago. I don’t see a reason why I’d stop wearing diapers ^^. They are a little weird to enjoy, but otherwise harmless fun. Take this also for yourself; diapers are harmless and you can enjoy them whenever you like !!! If it relaxes you or makes you feel better, by all means put on a diaper when you like and when you can, there’s nothing to be ashamed of 😊. Same thing with other littlespace-related attributes. If you like sleeping with a plushie, then feel free to do so !!! If you like cute pajamas, go ahead! Live your life the way you want, and enjoy anything that you like.


What are your favorite snacks/food when you feel small?

White wine straight from a baby bottle? xD I might have done that a few too many times.

But hm I don’t have much preference. I buy formulae for myself, but I’ll also just eat fruits, choco, milk, yoghurt… As much as I like baby stuff, I kinda don’t want to buy food that comes with lots of packaging cus I think that it’s a waste. Diapers make me feel guilty because they produce so much waste !!! (But no way that I’ll stop wearing diapers)


Is there a reason that you’re so thin and frail-looking? Are you ill? Genuine question, not meant as an insult

Thank you for this Ask!

As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with my health. I eat 3 meals every day, and I try my best to keep my diet varied. In the morning I eat a slice of bread as breakfast. For lunch, I tend to take last night’s leftovers, and for dinner I do cook almost every day… I like eating rice and pasta dishes with lots of veggies and fish. I do eat red meats, but not very often…

I do see myself in the mirror and I recognize that I am thin. I’m not sure why that is. Though, as long as I don’t feel fatigued, I don’t think that it matters ^^. If I did sports, then for sure I’d have more muscle


We have almost identical body type and many of my friends say how amazing I look but it wasn’t until recently that I started to see it myself. Was a journey to finally accept and love myself. Not an ask, just wanted to remind people that sometimes we are our own worst critics. Hope you have moments of self love ❤️

I browsed your tumblr blog, but couldn’t find pictures of you to either confirm or deny what you told me xD. What even is my “body type”. Slim no fat no muscle no curves just bones and skin???

Thank you for your positive message <3


What happens when your’re out and about and feel the need to pee. Do diapers cross your mind in these situations?

I’d be on the lookout for a toilet, realistically.

I’ve apologized a couple of times before but I want to apologize again to people who genuinely are reliant on diapers. I love wearing diapers and I love using them for ageplay. However, my opinion is based on wearing them in a safe and comfortable environment and at a time that is convenient for me. Actually needing them at all times, even when it’s hot and when I’m stressed or busy seems very inconvenient. Not only is there always a chance of leaking and dirtying your clothes, you’ll probably be thinking about your ‘underwear’ all day, and there’s a lot of waste in your home. Then there’s also that you can’t just wear any piece of clothing or it’ll be super obvious that you’re wearing a diaper xD. If you’re female, you can wear a long skirt or dress and it wouldn’t be obvious, but guys will have to wear loose fitting pants to not make it obvious.

I say this, considering that if you’re incontinent, you wouldn’t really notice when you’re peeing, I think? Regardless of whether you notice it not, there’s probably a need to check on your diaper regularly to feel how full it is.

So no, I don’t think that diapers are the first thing that I think about xD. Sorry for the fun-killing answer.


How many bicycles do you have?

I have one bicycle in Leuven… one bicycle at my parents’ house, and one bicycle in the previous city where I used to live. But I think that the latter bike was eventually removed by the city cleaners because it’s abandoned. I wanted to take it with me when I moved, but I didn’t and I never returned for it. I should buy a new bike, cus my current one isn’t very good. I kinda would like to have one which has electric support, but I’d get lazy if I had such a thing xD, maybe I’d even gain weight !!!


That outfit is adorable!! 10/10

Thank you, it’s one of my most favorite cosplays! It fits my body type really well; the character herself is also really slim like me. Though, I don’t think that she wears diapers xD. This is an old picture of me, trying out the costume together with a diaper. I might have worn diapers at anime conventions underneath my costume, who knows? xD



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paddedlittleparadise: requincouche: Peacefully sleeping in my bed ^^  I love the Nijntje shirt! Where could I buy one like that, @requincouche ?😊🐰 I don’t see it for sale any more where I got it, so I dunno if you can … Continue reading

Do you skip “diaper play” weekends when you are on your period, or are you just ignoring them from the big picture?

Sorry, I don’t want to answer this question. Babies don’t have to worry about this <3


Your a cutie baby 😍Do you watch show in little space? What a re your favourite?

Thank you for calling me cute <3

I like to watch children’s cartoons like My Little Pony, but also slice-of-life anime. As long as it is cute !! I hope that you can enjoy some cartoons as well, or at least other littlespace activities


What are your favorite activities while diapered?

My most favorite activity while I’m diapered is ageplay: hugging my plushie, drinking from a baby bottle, watching cartoons, reading little stories. (and taking pictures of myself) You should try out various littlespace activates, to see which ones you like!!

And at the end of my ageplay session, my adult body wants to get that magic feeling inside my diaper 😳🎉


Hey hey! You recently shared your diaper stash in a picture. I wonder which type of diaper are the light blue ones in the „top-left“ corner of the box with the small stars and clouds on them? Thanks for your time!

You mean the Littleforbig Little Dreamers? I really really love them! They’re a super thick and comfy abdl diaper that fit my body really well. They’re cute, look good in pictures, and I feel like a little baby in them cus of their feel and shape. If you can, I definitely recommend that you try them out !!!


Have you “dreamed” about slight bondage, like having locked panties over diaper? This would remove your right to decide about using your diaper to relieve yourself. Nowadays one can buy timer released padlocks for this purpose, so there is no need to have another person in play.

Thank you for this Ask!

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of abdl combined with (light) bondage, so it seems to be a common theme. The caretaker-baby dynamic is a kind of power-play, right? With the caretaker telling exactly what the baby is allowed to do. So, the combination makes sense.

Trying to emulate that dynamic with self-bondage would make sense, though I’m not sure if it’s for me. A big fantasy is to actually have a real caretaker-baby relationship going, where I can fully trust and let go ^^. Maybe I’ll get a locking plastic pants, but I already think that tape-on diapers make me ‘stuck’ in them until they’re full (or until I make magic happen in them).


What’s your age when you slip into your safe space?

I’m not sure. I say 3, but it’s a mix of baby and young child. Cus I want to wear a diaper and drink from a bottle, but I still want to crawl and play with stuff and watch cartoons. Diapers, pacis and bottles are a big cue for my mind to slip away. A caretaker would have to spoonfeed me, put me to bed, brush my hair, and help me in the bath tub…

xD I just want to be taken care of, so that I am safe, warm, comfortable, and worry-free. Outside of the perceived ‘weirdness’ of littlespace, I really think that those desires aren’t so strange. Who wouldn’t want to be safe + warm + comfi + worry-free? I think that if diapers and other littlespace stuff were to be introduced to a naive adult in a positive way, they’d probably really enjoy the experience. It wouldn’t be the same as someone who grew up with it, but who knows. Maybe it all clicks together at that point.



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Sorry for all the similar-looking pictures, I’ll put them together into one post ^^ Do you like the print on my onesie? My diaper sticks out from the side xD


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I am in full baby mode ^^. I am wearing a molicare slip maxi, underneath a cutely colored onesie, my chest is bound, a pacifier is on a clip, and I am wearing comfy black thighhighs!

Are you a very shy person ?



I don’t think that I am shy. Definitely not at the things that I know best; there I can ‘shine’ instead of be shy xD


Wonderful picture!

Of course I take the best pictures of myself ^^. I am the little baby photographer. I take the cutest baby pictures 

Do you remember how old you were when you knew you liked diapers?

It must have been when I was 6 or 7 years old. From what fragments that I can remember, and from what my parents told me, I wet the bed until I was about 8 years old, and I wore diapers for that. I’m not sure what kind of diapers they were… Judging from my abdl preferences right now, they were most likely not cloth diapers. As a kid, it took me some time to figure out that it was diapers that I craved so much… but right now I couldn’t be happier when I’m ageplaying. It makes me feel complete, and at home ^^. What does it do for you?


Would you try an Otter diaper?So you like Otters?

I am not sure what this Ask means, I’m afraid. I tried looking up “otter diaper”, but I am only seeing custom Etsy-sold diaper covers for newborns. Is that what you meant, or is it a typo?

I should order more things from Etsy; handmade things in particular. It’d make for much more unique pictures, too ^^



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kimimerc: coucherequin: So lewd underneath my pajamas x_x Beautiful 😀 Is it, huh? ^^ I felt so exposed, lifting my pyjamas… I’d rather stay fully protected!


This gallery contains 4 photos.

These were the last pictures that I took this time ^^. I hope that you can try the Littleforbig Little Dreamers! 

On the scale of 1 to 10 of how cute you are, you’re definitely an 11

xD you’re saying that because I wear diapers. I’m kinda mediocre when I’m not wearing one. But it’s okay, I feel ‘complete’ when I am wearing a baby-themed diaper ^^, so cute and comfortable



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Do you like seeing my diaper shine through these tights?

can you easily wet your dips? do you ever drink lots of water and pee lots?

I wouldn’t be able to wet my pants on command, but I can pee myself while wearing a diaper no problem ^^. It’s almost an instinct !


Hello there ! I just wanted to ask you : How do you feel about people pleasuring themselves while watching your posts ? They do exist, you surely know it, but does it make you uncomfortable ? Do you actually don’t care ? Or maybe you like this idea ? That’s for you to answer !

Hm well I dunno if people actually do this. I never show my face, so you’d be looking at only my thin frail diapered body. Is that okay? In any case, I don’t really mind. I hope that I can make others happy ^^, no matter how.



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These were the last pictures that I took… I was wearing a Crinklz aquanaut diaper. I liked it a lot. It accepted my two pees, and I was able to still play in it after that without leaking ^^. If … Continue reading

What is with these damn anons? I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

It’s fine ^^. People can send me any Ask that they’d like. I may ignore some particularly toxic, personal or lewd Asks, but they’re very rare nowadays. Answering messages and interacting with you makes me happy and I feel that it also contributes to my wish to make others happy.



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dasleepypanda: coucherequin: Did you like my shark cosplay? ^^  Is the bestest cosplay eeever, and everybody knows diapee shark is the most highly sought after shark, so it’s the best on twooo different levels—best cosplay, best shark! 🙊 💙🦈💖 That’s … Continue reading

Do you like the world the way it is?

xD why are you asking a baby?

I’m sorry, I can’t answer this Ask on my tumblr blog. You could send me a private message if you really want to know my thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with your question, but I think that it isn’t compatible with the purpose of my tumblr blog ^^. I would like to give you positive energy, and inspiration to further discover your ABDL side. I do this by showing you my little adventures and my own genuine fun. No paid models, no Amazon affiliate links, no Patreon or OnlyFans subscriptions, no paid Snapchat, just the real me.


Do you own any shortalls or non-abdl rompers? They seem like they would look really cute and childish on you.

I had to think about this, but I don’t think that I have any shortalls, dungarees or rompers right now.. I should do some clothes shopping for Fall soon.. Thank you for reminding me ^^

Though I tend to wear clothing that I prerogative call an “adult disguise” consisting of beige or grey trousers and a light coloured blouse. If you were to pass me on the street, you’d never be able to tell that I am Coucherequin, the producer of thousands of ABDL pictures ^^;;


What do you think of cute collars? Do you have one or want one? Do you braid your hair?

You mean like pet collars? I don’t have any, and I’ve never thought about them.. What are they for?

I should learn how to braid my hair ^^;; It’d probably look a lot less messy


This may be weird to ask, but how do you tape your diaper/what is the most comfortable way to tape your diaper in your opinion ? Because I really struggle doing that haha

I undress myself, put an unfolded and fluffed-up diaper on the floor, sit down onto the diaper, lay down onto my back, make sure that the front and back of the diaper are at equal height, then I first tape the bottom two tapes, then the top two tapes.

In the past I put the bottom tapes around my thighs, but I switched to putting them halfway the front of the diaper. I think that this leads to less leaks. The top tapes should go near the top of the front of the diaper!

When placing each second tape (of the bottom and top), I lift my bum and pull both sides together, so there’s a little tightness. If you’ve diapered yourself a few times, you’ll know where to play the first tape, to make sure that the diaper is perfectly centered on you ^^ !!


🧐 might need to get me a shark outfit

Are you asking me whether or not you need a shark outfit? Or are you asking if I can get you one?If you’re asking the latter, I’m afraid I only have 1 shark outfit and it’s mine ^^, I would die a little if I gave my shark outfit away, cus I love it. If you were asking the former; well I dunno if you also feel like a little shark. Do you? I got mine online, there’s several sellers on websites like amazon that have it for sale!



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coucherequin: little-ab-moky: coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife You’re so heckin CUTEEEE I sure hope I am xD

You always appear to be quite reluctant when it comes to talking about “lewd” stuff. Why is that? Any specific reason, or just the wish for the blog to remain as sfw as possible?

Thank you for this Ask. It is a fair question, I am a lil reluctant to show lewd stuff. I’m not a porn blog and my pictures aren’t pornography.

This is my littlespace and how I relax in my free time. I am showing you pictures of it, in order to give you ideas to do the same ^^. I show you which diapers I like, ABDL outfits, cute pajamas, stuffers, skirts, plastic pants, cloth diapers, plushies, blankets, dummies, bottles, soft thighhigh socks, etc.

All those ABDL thingies are meaningless objects until they’re placed in a certain context. A sofa is but a seating area, until you start to associate it with relaxation movie time, family time and friends. A diaper is but an absorbent undergarment until you realize that you can wear it (by itself or together with other stuff) to feel relaxed or sexually aroused.

I don’t mind when someone faps to my pictures, though I’m not convinced that many do cus there’s so many others who are a lot cuter than me. I primarily hope that my pictures give you ideas to further explore your own littlespace!



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captainfishy1: coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife You look great in that diaper! Hm yeah I know. I really loved that diaper. It fit my body so well ^^ It’s called a Bambino Bianco. You … Continue reading


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coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife

Hi there :) First of all you have a super cute Blog :) i like your Style of Photography. And to my ask, do you have other fun kinky Interrest next to diapers? Just beeing corious :)

Thank you for calling my blog cute and for saying that you like my photo style!

I’m not sure if I have other true kinks. I’m kinda (reluctantly) reliant on a vibrator but I don’t think that’s a true kink? I also masturbate by humping on that shark plush. I’m a bit ashamed that my body now associates hugging that plush with sexual pleasure. I do like wearing tights and leggings when it’s cold outside. The tightness around my legs and thighs is really pleasant to me. Hm no I don’t think that I have other kinks. Diapers and ageplay are already extreme kinks, so I would never call myself vanilla. If I would do lewd things with someone and they happen to be into shibari then I would probably comply and join ^^


Do you have a favorite species of shark? I’ve always liked both the Great Hammerhead and the Great White.

I’m vanilla when it comes to sharks, I like the classical great white shark. Presumably that’s what the ikea blahaj was modelled after. The most important characteristic is the shape, though. It’s exactly the right shape to hug !!


Could you take some photos in pull-ups?

Well I could if I bought a pack of drynites, but I’m afraid that I’m not really into pull-ups. Probably, I will not take pictures of me wearing pull-ups any time soon. I agree that bedwetting pull-ups tend to have really cute designs. However, in my experience they tend to feel like thick underwear. The “I’m a helpless little baby peeing myself” feeling isn’t there when I’m wearing pull-ups. I think that it is also related to how easy pull-ups are to take off, whereas in a taped-on diaper you’re stuck in it until it is time to take it off.

I do look at other people’s ABDL pictures on tumblr and I do feel jealous of how cute they look in pull-ups. I think that I will stick to my BIG baby diapers with tapes for now, but who knows what will happen in the future 😊



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^^ These were the last pictures that I took.  If you can, you should try these diapers. They’re called Rearz lil squirts splash !!

Do you have some baby toy for when you ageplay? If not do you want some for some more fun session?Or maybe you have some naughty adult toy?

Sorry for not answering my Asks earlier.. I still have a few in my inbox but please feel free to send me any Ask that you want to.

I have a lot of baby stuff aside from diapers and clothing, like pacis, powder, creams, foods, and bottles, but I don’t have any baby toys right now. It is my dream to have a real nursery with a crib for me to sleep in every day, with plushies and pillows everywhere. There would be soft carpeting on the floor, big curtains to make the room feel very cozy , and lots of things for me to play with ^^

Hm for adult toys I’m kinda addicted to my vibe, I use it way too often. I don’t really like being so dependent on it cus I can barely cum any more without it :/



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Here is a lil teaser. I wore a diaper called the “Rearz lil squirts splash V2” and I really liked it. I took a few pictures while I was wearing it, and I’ll be posting them the next few days. If … Continue reading

Diaper check!

I have that itch to scratch, yes. I should wear a diaper this weekend. I wanna wear a big baby diaper, leggings, my softest pyjamas, drink infant formula from a bottle, fall asleep with my paci and my shark ^^.. and maybe I should take new pictures, I’ve been out of new pictures for a few days now.. when I don’t post new pictures, people stop coming to my tumblr blog 🙁


What made you start too wear diapers and age play?

I dunno. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to wear diapers. It’s clearly a sexual thing. But over the years I got to appreciate ageplay and adult baby stuff. Sexual climax is very short compared to ageplay which I can enjoy for several hours ^^.


When you’re age playing, do you ever act out any particular scenarios or imagine a storyline that excites you?

It’s not an act, it’s real 💕! The diapers I wear are real, the onesie is real, my soft socks are real, my shark plush is real, the pacifier is real !! Everything that I use for my ageplay was actually made to mimic baby stuff, but for adults!! With so many real things, I don’t need to pretend. When I ageplay, I really am just a big baby



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Last time I took pictures by my bathroom mirror, I forgot to clean my mirror xD oops this time I did clean it ^^

why costumes for toyosatomimi no miko and utsuho as opposed to, say, sanae, or chen or aya?

Thank you for this Ask! I need to answer a lil carefully again. The things I’m about to say mostly reflect my own decision-making process and my opinion. I would not want to make cosplayers feel uncomfortable ^^;;. I like cosplay and when anime conventions used to be a real thing, I did attend them while wearing a costume. I also like the Touhou franchise a lot. So, the cosplay outfits that I have include Utsuho and Miko ^^. The character designs of these girls are so cute! 

Choosing which cosplay outfit to purchase (or make, if you’re into that) is kinda complex because it can be quite costly. You need to feel comfortable wearing it, otherwise it’s a waste. By comfortable, I mean that (to me) you shouldn’t feel like the outfit doesn’t fit your body type. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Besides BMI, there’s a lot of stuff that you can’t really control; your shoulder width, waist/hips/thighs circumference, body length.. You can see what my body is like in my pictures; I am a fairly average Dutchy, though my legs are a little muscled due to cycling. To me, thereby I shouldn’t cosplay characters which are supposed to be small or child-like. Nor should I cosplay tall characters or muscled men xD. 

Regarding the three Touhou girls you mentioned specifically. I feel that at 1M75 I’m too tall to be Chen (or any child-like character for that matter). Sanae and Aya, I’ve not thought much about these girls. So far there’s no connection between me and these characters. I do want to purchase a new cosplay outfit at some point, but I was kinda looking at Gawr Gura rather than Touhou XD. This shark v-tuber has gotten way too popular, and I approve of sharks



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I put on one of my new onesies !! (sorry, lots of similar pictures, I just thought that the onesie looked super duper cute)