Have you ever been diapered by someone, if you have how did you find that experience? And if not is it something you want to try or is that something you want to keep to yourself?

As an adult, I’ve never been diapered by someone other than myself ^^… It is a really really high-trust thing so it has to be with a special someone.

And even with that special someone, I’d probably be really embarrassed the first time. Wouldn’t you be? 😳 They’d have to put diaper cream on me, rub it onto my skin, thighs, bum… They’d see my embarrassed face, trying to hide behind a paci and my shark… But my bellybutton would also be exposed. Everything would be exposed; my hips, thighs, legs, feet… But the onesie stays on, so at least my chest is covered


You have described the magic you experience with your wand many times.  If I may ask, do you still stay in your diaper after the magic happens (like have an orgasm then go to sleep even in a wet diaper), or do you take your diaper off because you are no longer interested in it (or being an AB) until the next time you want the magic to happen? I’ve done this cycle a lot {orgasm …then often shame (not that you feel that)… then removal of the diaper}. Now I often stay in my diaper and save the orgasm for much later. I still haven’t tried having an orgasm and then just staying in my diaper for many hours.Thanks much.

I’m sorry that I mentioned it on several occasions. I don’t mean to appear as some horni slot cumm!ng to a vibrat0r all the time.

Yes, I keep my diaper on after the magic happens. Because the magic needs to happen several times for all my built up frustration to leave my body. And then I still keep my diaper on, until it’s the end of the evening and I want to take a shower and go to sleep. I’d love to not have to make myself have an orgasm in my diaper, and just enjoy ageplay as innocently as possible, but diapers are my biggest turn-on ever, since my earliest memories. There’s no way that I could diaper myself for an evening of ageplay and not make myself have several orgasms. I don’t feel shame over this, I just wish that I could enjoy ageplay differently some time. Maybe under the right circumstances it’s possible.

You don’t have to feel shame over what you yourself do. Wear diapers how you wish, and do in them what you like best. You don’t need diapers, they’re just for fun.


What happens when your’re out and about and feel the need to pee. Do diapers cross your mind in these situations?

I’d be on the lookout for a toilet, realistically.

I’ve apologized a couple of times before but I want to apologize again to people who genuinely are reliant on diapers. I love wearing diapers and I love using them for ageplay. However, my opinion is based on wearing them in a safe and comfortable environment and at a time that is convenient for me. Actually needing them at all times, even when it’s hot and when I’m stressed or busy seems very inconvenient. Not only is there always a chance of leaking and dirtying your clothes, you’ll probably be thinking about your ‘underwear’ all day, and there’s a lot of waste in your home. Then there’s also that you can’t just wear any piece of clothing or it’ll be super obvious that you’re wearing a diaper xD. If you’re female, you can wear a long skirt or dress and it wouldn’t be obvious, but guys will have to wear loose fitting pants to not make it obvious.

I say this, considering that if you’re incontinent, you wouldn’t really notice when you’re peeing, I think? Regardless of whether you notice it not, there’s probably a need to check on your diaper regularly to feel how full it is.

So no, I don’t think that diapers are the first thing that I think about xD. Sorry for the fun-killing answer.


How many bicycles do you have?

I have one bicycle in Leuven… one bicycle at my parents’ house, and one bicycle in the previous city where I used to live. But I think that the latter bike was eventually removed by the city cleaners because it’s abandoned. I wanted to take it with me when I moved, but I didn’t and I never returned for it. I should buy a new bike, cus my current one isn’t very good. I kinda would like to have one which has electric support, but I’d get lazy if I had such a thing xD, maybe I’d even gain weight !!!


What are your favorite activities while diapered?

My most favorite activity while I’m diapered is ageplay: hugging my plushie, drinking from a baby bottle, watching cartoons, reading little stories. (and taking pictures of myself) You should try out various littlespace activates, to see which ones you like!!

And at the end of my ageplay session, my adult body wants to get that magic feeling inside my diaper 😳🎉



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I am done playing ^^, my diaper is full, now I’m tired and I need to take a nap. I wonder if I’m allowed to hold a buzzing thing against my diaper?


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The next diaper that I’m going to wear is this bright blue one called the Pharma slip Night! It feels really thick, almost like an ABDL diaper, but it also kinda looks like a hospital diaper. I really like its … Continue reading