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poofypaddedprincess: coucherequin: xD I look so thin when I’m in bed like that That’s okay! You’re pretty no matter what 🌸 ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you kindly for saying that @poofypaddedprincess !! I am really glad that some people think that I … Continue reading

What aspects of ageplay do you enjoy most?

When I’m surrounded by soft clean things, I feel really good and comfortable. I’ll be in my bed, with lots of blankets, hugging my plushie, sucking on a pacifier, wearing a diaper and pyjamas and soft socks. I think that doing these things in a crib would only amplify the feelings.

I can’t explain it very well. There’s a thing inside me that compels me to pretend to be a baby. Initially it’s not even about sexual arousal. I sleep with a plushie because I want to ageplay. I want to put on a diaper because I want to ageplay. I don’t necessarily put on a diaper because I want to masturbate, I can also masturbate with a vibe or whatever. When I’m wearing a diaper, I pee myself because that’s what adult babies do, not per se for sexual reasons. I do get horny when I’m diapering myself, because there’s such a strong association for me. After I’ve diapered myself, the horniness is replaced with a strong feeling of letting go of my adult thoughts and desires. Towards the end of my ageplay session, I do get super horny and I really have to masturbate, and the orgasm in my diaper is very very strong.  On this blog, I want to focus on the non-sexual parts of ageplay. I think it’s very cute and it highlights that ABDL is a completely harmless way to have fun by yourself, with your partner or even with a close friend ^^. 

I’m single so there’s limits to what I can do by myself when I’m ageplaying. What I would like most, I think, is to play baby together with someone, without any humiliation and shame. I’d need to trust the person fully, and it shouldn’t be a sexual thing (until the very end of it, anyway). The thought of wearing my adult baby stuff and snuggling with someone as I fall asleep seems so warm-hearted and loving. I’d love to wear a Bambino Cloudee, comfy socks, and a kigurumi pyjama as I hug someone and fall asleep in my comfy bed, surrounded by cute soft blankets and my shark plush.  ❤️


If you could, would you like to be able to age play 24/7 or at least more often than not?

No, I wouldn’t like to wear diapers all the time. I really don’t want to anger anyone who is incontinent with what I’m about to write. I genuinely feel sorry for incontinent people, and I hope that they can find ways to improve their situation. I pray for their recovery in the long term.

Diapers are very inconvenient when you’re commuting, working a (semi-) active job and doing stuff around the house like hoovering or doing the dishes. My own work is semi-active in that I do a lot of walking, getting up from one place and sitting down at another, etc. Unfortunately it does make me sweat a lot during the day. I can understand that people want to extrapolate the brief moments of fun that they have with diapers to a whole day, and maybe for others this does work out. For me, it just wouldn’t be practical ^^…

That said, I would definitely like to ageplay a little bit more often. When I’m particularly busy, sometimes I could go 3-4 weeks without ageplay. If I had a little bit more control over this, I would like to have less working hours during the week, so that I can relax a bit more. Then I would definitely ageplay on a weekly basis ^^, and maybe I would even be able to take pictures every week! Right now, I don’t take pictures during every ageplay session. Sometimes, I run out of new pictures xD


Have you told someone you know IRL about your little side?

Yes ^^. My previous partner knew about it and we ageplayed together a few times. Right now, there’s also a close friend who knows about my ageplay; we have done it once together! Maybe if I can gather enough courage, I’ll tell another close friend, who once told me one of his super secret fetishes. Well, it’s not that I’m ashamed about ageplay, but I don’t want to bother people with it. Friends don’t need to know my fetishes. They’ll start to ask themselves whether I poop myself or something like that. That could really change friendships for the worse. Anyway, I (fictionally) compare it with a friend telling me that they’re into dragon dildos. Unless they’re super-super close friends, that’s probably not something that I would want to know 



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3yobbg: coucherequin: Such a cute nappy design ^^ …Yep…and ‘puffy’ in all the right places… xD and what would those “right” places be? I’d rather be a flat baby than curvy… but hm well I’m unfortunately an adult and my adult body … Continue reading


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a65232-joshywoshy: coucherequin: I put on different pyjamas ^^ Different pajamas? Trying to hide something, perhaps? Hmm? HMMM??? 😆 I did switch pyjamas between these two photos! But I did not change what I was wearing underneath those pyjamas ^^ : … Continue reading

If you had more free time, what would you spend it on?

If I had more free time, I would definitely try to visit family and friends more often. They deserve it, I enjoy seeing them, and what’s the purpose of living without spending time with others? ^^;; That last thing is my opinion, please don’t be offended by it. I’d love to spend more time on making and arranging music.. Also of course I enjoy learning new stuff, so I would also love to spend a lot of time on that! It’s a weird Ask. This Ask makes me realize that I may be spending my time on the wrong things, right? Why am I doing anything, if I am not spending time on the things I like doing? So weird. Something for me to think about

If I had more spare time, I would probably also take more pictures. Not necessarily more ageplay pictures but probably also more of those kinds of pictures ^^. I would probably also ageplay more often, cus I don’t do it as often as I want to right now.. I want to melt into a puddle, and pamper my inner baby with the cutest and softest outfits! But there’s just too many other stuff that I have to spend my time on


What got you interested in this hobby

Hi ^^, Are you asking me about abdl? Or did you mean photography / posting pictures of myself on a tumblr blog?

I dunno what made me interested in diapers. I kinda always had the desire to wear them. In the past I did it only to masturbate in them. Later, I discovered about myself that I get a lot of fun from ageplaying so I started exploring abdl more and more. Now I’m just a big baby in my make-believe nursery. And one day I’ll have my very own nursery room with lots of soft colors, a crib that I can sleep in, lots of toys and my diapers ^^. I’ll be the happiest baby.

If you were asking me about photography.. well I think everyone enjoys it, right? There’s so many wannabe photographers now, because smartphones and apps with builtin picture filters have made it really easy to take good-looking pictures. Some people are just able to better envision which shots are going to look good and which shots are not, maybe? I wouldn’t say that I’m either good or bad at it, but I’m also not deaf to all the people that tell me they’d like to get their picture taken by me ! Maybe I’ll one day decide that life is too short and I’ll do some portrait photography work on the side, who knows?  

About this blog in particular. I’m not sure why I started doing it. I’m not an attention-seeking person, I think. It doesn’t particularly give me a kick, knowing that I hit a certain number of ‘likes’ or ‘reblogs’. I get to practice taking photos, this way. I think it’s fun to interact with people about abdl a little bit. So far I’ve made one new friend on tumblr, which is really nice ^^ @cofftee  . I also learn about all the diapers which I didn’t know about, and I do see a lot of super cute pictures on tumblr which give me inspiration for my own! But regardless, I’m happy that I’m not getting ignored and I’m glad that I still have the time and energy to post pictures here ^^

this is me wearing a Seguna comfort slip maxi: 


When you’re age playing do you ever make up stories that you play out while you’re age playing? Or is that just a me thing?

I used to do that when I was a teenager; make up little stories in my mind and play them out with whatever babyish things I had available. I think I did that because I didn’t have proper diapers or a cutesy place to be a baby in. Nowadays when I ageplay, I can wear real diapers, and cute clothes or pyjamas, a big plushie, an adult pacifier, a baby bottle, cute bedsheets and blankets. I feel that I don’t need to imagine anything, when I’m surrounded by so many real things that feed into my desire to act like a little baby. There are abdl-related things which I don’t currently have, like a crib and other stuff that’d be in a nursery. I think I consider my home/bedroom to be my nursery sort of, because that’s where I keep all my baby stuff, but who knows what I’ll be able to do in the future ^^


Would you do streams if you got a proper setup?

I’m kinda wondering whether you’re asking me about streaming a video game, or streaming ageplaying or something like that. If you asked me about ageplaying then I’m afraid that I couldn’t do that. Ageplay is a personal time for me and it sounds like a lot of work to set up a stream xD. As for video games.. xD I’d be a very boring person to watch. I’m not good at any of the games that I play and my personality sucks. I’m really sorry this answer isn’t what you were hoping for…

Here are two up-close-and-personal pictures of me in bed with my shark:



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I was peeing x_x but luckily I was wearing a diaper!


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I was wearing a diaper underneath these pyjama shorts ^^


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coucherequin: What do you think of my belly? I’ve been trying to get my bodyweight under control for some while now.. XD and of course my room is as messy as ever, with the laundry visible in the picture, cus … Continue reading

Would you be interested in having a daddy?

I thought about it before but I don’t think that anyone would want to be my daddy or mommy and I don’t really want to disappoint anyone. So I think it’s best that it’s just me in my littlespace ^^. That way I can have my fun, and I don’t annoy or disappoint anyone! Fun for everyone!


Veel luiers komen uit dezelfde fabriek maar met een kleine tweak. Mijn eerste adult luier was tena en ben na ongeveer 40 andere merken en varianten verder weer full circle. Lkkr afgezaagd maar tena glijd tenminste niet van me ‘heupen’ :) Wat rot voor je dat je geen kinderen kan krijgen! Ik kan me goed inkomen dat dat knaagt aan de fundatie voor je rol int leven. Maar cijfer jezelf niet weg! vele vinden hun rol in ouderschap, andere (en ik) in iets anders. Dikke knuffel!

Hm ja misschien is ‘t niet realistisch van mij om te verwachten dat er heel veel verschil zit tussen luiers in, omdat ‘t allemaal eigenlijk een soort broekje is, en er zullen misschien niet heel veel fabrikanten zijn voor volwassen luiers ^^;; Tena (maxi slip) zit ook voor mij heel erg fijn. Ze zijn niet heel dik, ‘t zijn denk ik praktische luiers die je echt zou kunnen dragen als je lekt of incontinent bent! 


Are you incontinent Or would you like to be incontinent?

I’m not incontinent ^^, and I would not want to be incontinent, either. I sympathize with others who are incontinent. I hope that people who are incontinent can (partially) recover over time, or at least get to deal with their health issues in a positive way..  I have the luxury of wearing diapers for my own enjoyment and changing out of them after a I’ve had my fun. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that some ABDL people are interested or into that “24/7″ thing where they wear diapers for a long time, but that’s not something that I would enjoy, I think. I like to put on a diaper, pretend I’m a little baby, hug my plushies, suck on a pacifier, drink from a bottle, eat babyish foods, wear pyjamas, maybe I’ll wet myself, who knows? After a few hours I will have satisfied whatever compels me to this this, I  will masturbate a few times and then I’ll shower and change out of the diaper. That’s usually what I do. Sometimes I take pictures while doing those things, and sometimes it’s just me in my littlespace without anyone else knowing what I’m doing ^^. I hope you’re doing okay and you’re well 



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coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife Very thicc diapers !!


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foxysoulhuman: coucherequin: Look what I’m wearing underneath ^^  Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife Super adorable outfit!💕😊 Leggings and dipees are the bestest!💕😊 Right? I think it’s such a fun combination to wear! I tend to ageplay in either pyjama shorts or … Continue reading

Have you ever been to different countries?

Yeah, of course ^^. I don’t really like travelling, but still I’ve been all over Europe and even to the USA once! Those travelling trips have been for numerous reasons, like for work (visiting scientific conferences) or for fun primarily to see friends who live abroad. I’ve also been to anime conventions abroad a few times. I even ageplayed abroad together with a friend once in her apartment °^°  !! But that’s a secret so shhh!

This is my big bum in an ID slip super in my pyjamas:


I noticed you like thick diapers. How do you get them to look so thick and poofy?

Thank you for this Ask! I do like thicker diapers. Wearing thick diapers adds to the ageplay feel for me. I use disposable and reusable stuffers (boosters) inside my nappies to make them thicker. Also diapers naturally look a bit thicker if you’ve wet them and it’s no secret that I sometimes wet myself when ageplaying x_x. 


Hi, love your pics! You always look so cute and cuddly lol. What’s your favorite outfit to wear with your diaper?

Thank you for this Ask! 

The clothes I like wearing most when I’m ageplaying are pyjamas. I’m sorry about this. ageplaying can be really boring to look at because it’s just me wearing pyjamas watching a cartoon or drinking from a bottle or taking a nap with my shark plushie. None of those things are interesting to take a picture of. So I do take some of my clothes off when I take pictures of myself. I don’t like going completely naked (apart from the nappy), but I’ll usually expose my nappy and my legs for pictures. And even still, in a lot of pictures I’ll wear socks or tights/leggings to cover up my legs. Due to tumblr’s policy I’m not allowed to expose my chest, but it’s better that I don’t do that anyway. I do ‘spice’ up pictures by wearing some of my dresses and skirts sometimes ^^



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See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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I was wearing a big diaper underneath my pyjama shorts and leggings ^^ See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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I was wearing a Mydiaper Pink nappy underneath my pyjama shorts and leggings ^^ See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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Playdayz diaper underneath my pyjamas ^^ See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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I was wearing a playdayz diaper underneath my pyjamas! See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife

How are u doin so far everything going well

Hello! Thank you for this Ask. No, not everything is okay! It would be weird if everything was! But I have my shark and my nappies, so I’ll ‘self-meditate’ with those to cope xD


I’d sell my soul to get a video of you wetting your dip

I think you’re joking but you shouldn’t say stuff like that ^^, a video of me peeing a diaper isn’t going to be very good. I can barely take interesting pictures, let alone videos. There’s lots and lots of really fun and good-looking people who are into wearing diapers on tumblr ^^. I can’t name anyone specifically, because I don’t want to single-out certain people and not mention others. But trust me, there’s lots of people that don’t only take better pictures than I do, they also themselves look a lot better and cuter



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3yobbg: …Nice…Ready for Daddy’s diapee-check… Daddy’s diaper check? xD Sorry, I don’t have a daddy. My self-worth just doesn’t allow me to have a daddy or mommy. When it’s only me, I can’t hurt any prospective daddy/mommy feelings and that’s … Continue reading


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abdlhunter: coucherequin: I was wearing a diaper called “playdayz”! They look so cute and full 😍😊 Well they’re definitely full, cus I’m inside it xD But as for fullness with pee, that’s private I’m afraid ^^. I do pee my nappies … Continue reading


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mholeshot: coucherequin: I look so peaceful, don’t you think? yes you do look so peaceful love your plastic pants! ^^ yeah, I know people like seeing plastic pants. I’m afraid I don’t understand the fixation that much, but if it … Continue reading

Do you share any of your diaper wearing/activities or anything like that to anyone in person? I’m just curious if there is someone else that gets to enjoy that side of you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Right now I don’t ageplay together with anyone. I’ve done it a couple of times with close friends and once in a relationship. I’m never really sure what they thought about it

It’s easier if it’s only me. That way, I can’t offend or hurt anyone



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coucherequin: Poor sharkie is getting squashed by me (ㆆᴗㆆ) See my archive | Donate Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife I love the feeling of something pushing against me down there xD


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coucherequin: little-ab-moky: coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife You’re so heckin CUTEEEE I sure hope I am xD

Does it feel weird knowing that there are some people out there that you will never meet or see that are sexualy atracted to you and what you do?



xD thank you for this Ask. I do realize it. I try not to think about it, too much. It’s a free world, so everyone can fap to what they want.. but there’s so many other good-looking people out there, so I dunno ^^;;. Is it just because I’m thin? Or because I like the snugness of tights over a diaper?  Or that I can’t stay dry for 10 minutes while wearing a nappy? I really don’t know. It does make me happy that my pictures can make others happy. And I hope it inspires them to do fun and productive stuff ^^, or at least make them feel better


I get all smiley when I see the things I like doing on tumblr. It took me a lot of time to accept that I like wearing diapers, having lots of stuffies and watching cartoons. It’s great to see others post things like that!

I’m glad you’re able to have fun with it ^^

Hi there, love your posts! Wanted to ask about that cloth cover.. It looks like the best of both worlds of cloth backed and disposables! How does it work? Like with pins or stuff?

Yes, it’s a cloth sheet (I think 110×110cm or something like that. I folded it to fit me, and pin it around my hips with 4 safety pins. When I wear it on top of a regular adult diaper, it has no function beyond looking cute (which is very important). The cloth sheet is a regular absorbent hydrophilic cotton cloth from the baby isle. The cloth was not meant for adults, but you’re free to fold it in a way that fits your size ^^ 


You may get older, and beauty may change. But you’ll still be beautiful to us and to the world, inside and out 😍

I’m not so sure about that. To you, the world may shine bright and everyone be as kind as an angel. To the next guy, the world may be grim and full of hatred. We’re biologically programmed to remember the bad times and forget the good times XD. But we’re also free to do whatever we like. So, take it the way you like


Is there any backstory to your name?

I can’t remember, actually. I think I have found those Ikea sharks doing business-related stuff funny. Because I’ve always been a gigantic baby, I bought a plush shark. When it came to coming up with a name for tumblr, I combined shark and diaper


I found you through magnoliastorm :) enjoy your new found fame lol. Love your stuff ❤️ stay cute and have fun

xD no one can be a bigger fan of me than my cat. But seriously, yes I’m grateful for your Ask (and also the Asks of others). I’m grateful that others are calling me cute. it’s a really big compliment, I think. This blog is my safe space. I try to take pictures in which I look like I’m safe and comfortable and happy. Maybe I’m taking the pictures more for myself than for others.. but nonetheless here they are


Have u rver seen a baby shark before thete so cute I pet one before he was wet and slimy but so cute

xD You know, I could reply something about me being a shark, getting wet and sometimes getting slimy

But that would be really lewd.🦈🦈


post/181579361999/see-my-archive-donate-coucherequin-on Volgens mij de beste post ooit, een gezwollen luier met je kleine borstjes zichtbaar, eindelijk

Oh, dat zijn deze foto’s ^^;; Dankjewel hoor voor je berichtje! Ik schaam me een beetje dat ik altijd op foto’s sta met een hele volle luier. Maar het is niet anders, zodra ik mezelf een luier om doe, dan kan ik het gewoon niet meer ophouden



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kimimerc: coucherequin: XD my legs look so damn long in that top picture Haha they do look long… how tall are you ? I’m 1 meter 75,  or 5 foot 8 inches, if you’re into that Is that tall? it’s … Continue reading


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You get to see so much of me xD. I should feel ashamed for always showing off my diaper


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Aren’t I adorable?  Just kidding xD , I’m trash and I know it

Hello. I love your blog! What’s your favorite diaper? I see a lot of Tenas in your pictures. I love those! Feel free to give me a follow back :)

Hii ^^ thank you for this ask! I’ve worn lots of different diapers, so it is difficult for me to choose. Some of the ones I liked best are the Bambino Bellissimo, the Bambino Bianco, but also lots of others like the Drylife super, or Molicare maxi slip.. Can you comment with your favs?


Do you usually sleep on your tummy or on your back? I sleep on my tummy with one knee up haha

What do you mean you sleep on your stomach with one knee up? How is that even anatomically possible?

I used to love sleeping on my belly but it’s kinda uncomfortable now to squash that part of me. So I compromise by sleeping on my sides


Would you want to share this “hobby” of yours with anyone else in a relationship? 🙈

It would only be natural to try out my little side on any prospective partner ^^. Whether or not they’re accepting is another question.



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See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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Can you spot the diaper now?? See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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Can you spot my diaper? See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife

I see you have a nice camera. Do you go photograph things? If so what are your favorite things to photograph? (I was going to ask in pm, but I got too shy)

I had to save up really long, but yes I have a Sony A7..! It’s a fullframe mirrorless camera. For now I’m using the 28-70mm lens that came with it. It’s a lot of fun ^^. I only photograph people; family, friends, cosplay (anime) events, my cat, and myself. It’s kind of a waste I don’t get to take pictures more often.. but now that I think of it, I might as well be the only abdl ‘photographer’ using a fullframe camera XD, everyone uses their cellphone these days



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littleprincetim: coucherequin: littleprincetim: coucherequin: What do you think of my belly? I’ve been trying to get my bodyweight under control for some while now.. XD and of course my room is as messy as ever, with the laundry visible in … Continue reading

How often do you get to be diapered? If you could would you go 24/7?

I wear diapers usually once per week! I wouldn’t try to wear diapers more often, cus I’d run out of diapers hyper quick. Also, doesn’t the magic wear off really quickly if you wear diapers for a long time? 


What’s your favorite diaper brand and why and do you have pics of them?

So far, I liked the Bambino Bellissimo the best! I think I currently don’t have any left.. I should get new ones! The reason I think they’re the best (so far) is that for me they were really oversized, without actually being too big! What I mean is that the Bellissimo was a very wide diaper, which made me feel like my whole body was smaller than it is.. I felt like such a big baby while wearing it, and maybe I even came a little in it ^^;; 


Hi! How often do you wear? And do you like to add boosters to your diapers?

Hiya.. thank you for sending me an ask!

I ageplay when I have time for it ^^, usually once per week on saturday or sunday. I need lots of free time for it, so I can feel relaxed and worry-free! When I feel like taking pictures of myself, I do usually add an insert to my diaper, so it looks bigger and puffier. I think that it makes the pictures look more fun!


Well your content is very cute and I love the asthetic to it’s calming u know and safe to I like feeling that way to just keep up the awesome work

I’m glad you say it’s aesthetic and calming ^^.. Ageplay is very calming for me, and it makes me relax



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I had a lil bit of fun ^^ See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife

Are you wet in most of your pics? They seem… very puffy. It’s super duper cute!

xD I think I answered a similar Ask a while ago.. (that’s okay, really). You’ll just have to guess in which pictures I have wet my nappy and in which ones I haven’t. It’s a fun little game that you can play!



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dljeroen: coucherequin: my bum looks so big in this XD See my archive | Donate Maybe. But it is a lovely bum xD that’s a weird thing to say to me.. But thank you, I think?

How ate u today your my favorite little on here your so adorable and awesome your pictures are so cute and sharkie is cute to

thank you for saying this to me in an ask ^^, that’s really sweet and cute! I hope I’m making the shark plush a lil bit more famous by always posing with it!



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kimimerc: coucherequin: my bum looks so big in this XD See my archive | Donate Looks lovely You think so? thank you!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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little-ab-moky: coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife You’re so heckin CUTEEEE I sure hope I am xD