What would be your perfect ageplay experience if you had unlimited ressources ?

I’d do lots of stuff, depending on what ‘unlimited’ really means here xD.

If I had my own home, one of the bedrooms would definitely be my nursery. It’d have a cute crib for me to sleep in, soft carpet flooring to play on, lots of dolls who each have their own outfits. I’d have all the abdl diapers that there are, so that I can choose a different diaper each time ^^… I’d like to have many more cute outfits for myself, too! I love wearing sailor dresses, long pleated skirts, soft thighhigh socks, center-frilled blouses with frilled short puffy sleeves or Juliet sleeves, petticoats, pinafore dresses, neckerchiefs, colorful lace-trimmed bowties, frilled ascots, or ribbons as decorations, funny-looking summer hats… Talking about silly outfits, I do want to have more cosplays… but not the 100€ aliexpress cosplays, but real ones that people would wear to cosplay competitions xD.

It’s strange to even consider that no matter how much ‘resources’ you have, if you want something special, you’ll have to make/do it yourself. Right? If I want to promote abdl in the most positive and innocent way possible, I’ll just have to take my own photos in my own style in my own vision. No matter how much money I spend on outfits, cameras, lights, diapers, etc. , it’s only due to me that the photos look the way they do!

It’s the same discussion with anything. Pioneers aren’t special people; we can all be pioneers. Whether it’s in photography, filmography, medicine, engineering, physics, literature… If we feel that something is missing, and we can in any way contribute to that gap, THEN YOU SHOULD


Do you realize that you turn people on? How do you feel about this?

I do realize it. I also look at the abdl pictures of other people, and some of those pictures also turn me on oops… I don’t look at myself and consider myself to be good-looking. I’m glad that I’m thin and healthy, that’s that. My redeeming qualities on pictures seem to be mostly that I genuinely love ageplay. There’s a lot of fakery out there, and sometimes it’s quite obvious that people are exposing themselves wearing diapers to earn money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and I’m not shaming anyone who does it. Though, taking up an abdl/ageplay persona when it doesn’t align with who you truly are gives the pictures and the persona a different overall feel.

As for what I feel about people getting turned on by my pictures; I think that it’s okay. As long as we can have a safe and anonymous interaction, then it shouldn’t matter. I’m sorry that I sometimes tease you with erotic-sounding comments. It’s not really who I am; I’d rather focus on ageplay entirely. Though, I’m a real person, and I do get horni sometimes.


Would you ever think about extended periods in diapers, like if you had two weeks off work, would you like to try to wear consistently over those two weeks?

If I have two weeks off work, there’s a lot of backed-up things that I’d like to do. Draw, sing, visit family, visit friends, relax, take care of myself, dentist appointments, hair salon, clean my home, clean my bike, shop for clothes, shop for new shoes, clean out my wardrobe, go out for fancy dinners…

I know you meant well when you asked the question, though I’m afraid to say that my typical weeks are quite busy. I work from ~8-9 am until around 7 pm on mon-friday. After work, I go shopping for food, and I cook my dinner, so that I can eat at 8pm. The ‘dinner’ is also my breakfast and lunch for the next day, to save on time. Dinner gives my body a huge shock, because I’m too thin, so from 8-9pm I feel super sleepy though I try my best to take a shower without falling asleep. From 9pm-midnight I try to relax and maybe read a little bit or watch a video. Still, I tend to be quite tired from the food. During weekends, I do a lot of stuff which I don’t have time for during the week, like my laundry, the dishes, vacuuming my home, doing bigger shopping… My body also forces me to ageplay on Saturday or on Sunday, otherwise I start to have weird feelings during the week. Once every few weeks I try to take a day off, just so that I can sleep a little more and do some chores that are backed up.

In the future I’d like to work less, so that I can plan my day better. I don’t think that I can upkeep this rhythm forever, after all. Not by myself, anyway.


How many diapers do you use over the weekend when your being a little baby

Hello, thank you for the Ask! I am very frugal, and will use no more than 1 or 2 diapers. I use them until they are full, and then I go back to being an icky adult.

I kinda wonder how incontinent people do this. It has to produce a lot of waste?


What would you do, if someone would give you a cheque for 700.000 €?

First I’d ask whether the person offering this to me is serious.. It’s a lot of money and half of it would go to tax if I would accept it. It’s always best when you spend money on stuff which you find important, rather than on me. (I’m just a nobody, a person who you’ve just seen pictures of, on the internet). I’m a real person, of course, but I’m not offering any services or paid rewards or anything like that. I don’t have a patreon or onlyfans or anything like this. You’re free to follow me, interact with me, and ask me anything ^^. I like wearing diapers, I like taking pictures, and I enjoy making others happy! So I’d rather be my genuine self, rather than offer my pictures behind a paywall..

To answer the question seriously.. maybe not for that amount of money.. but I really need to purchase an apartment, rather than renting one. I also really need a new laptop, cus mine is almost dying xD, and my storage is nearly full with pictures and other important stuff. I do still need to get my driver’s license, though the reason I haven’t taken lessons yet is mainly cus I don’t have the time for it, rather than not having the money for it. For my photography hobby, I’d really like to have a studio lamp so that I can make all sorts of color effects. For ABDL I’d love to have a real crib and a nursery for myself ^^. Right now, my bedroom is my ‘nursery’, but a lot of it is just inside my head rather than it being real


So, obviously you know I enjoy your blog. But I am curious, do you suck your thumb reflexively, or only as a part of the AB setting? I ask, because I am not an AB, but I am a DL… but I do suck my thumb. I never suck my thumb awake, or as a part of a fetish, only as a reflex when I am asleep! So weird! I do not even like it when I am awake.

Thank you kindly for interacting with me ❤️. I’m sorry the thumb sucking was just for the photo’s aesthetic. I’m too germophobic to enjoy putting my fingers into my mouth xD. I do like pacis, as I can boil those before using them.

It’s good to hear your experience with it !! You get to enjoy a little bit of adult baby fun, even though you think that you’re not AB… I’d say you can try out a few more AB thingies to see which ones you also like!



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No lewd thoughts allowed, just me in bed wearing a diaper, plastic pants, thighhighs, a skirt, and hugging my shark ^^


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But when I lie down, it becomes clear that the skirt is way too short, and you can immediately see that I am wearing a diaper 😳


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If I sit like this, you can’t tell that I am wearing a diaper or a onesie at all ^^, just a regular cutesy outfit around my frail body ^^ 


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What I had going for in my original blog is that I’d document my adventures into littlespace by showing you first the diaper as I lay it down onto my bed, followed by me becoming progressively more silly while playing … Continue reading


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Thank you kindly for everyone who has been helping me to build back up my tumblr profile. I was very heartbroken to learn that everything was gone, and if I wanted to start over again I’d need to scream into … Continue reading

You should work on your stories, and publish them on a story website for more exposure, I want to know what happens next!

Thank you for this Ask and for the motivation. I also owe this to @itmustbefun . I’m so sorry, I’ve had so little time the last few weeks that I just can’t open up the document to work on it. I do have a lot of ideas for storylines that I want to write out to evaluate if they fit the sort of feelings that I want to go for. It’s no secret that one of the characters is based on myself, right? xD I can think of a lot of scenarios, but I don’t think that I’m very creative when it comes to characters. She’s literally me (albeit with a few details different) and a dear friend of mine.


What are some of your favorite anime’s?

(I will copy-paste part of this answer, as I’ve recently had it before)

Haruhi, or Railgun, or Yuru Yuri, or Non non Biyori.. Too many to choose from! The common theme among these series that I prefer these shows to be laid-back, without much stress or drama. Slice-of-life anime are fun to watch, and to me they kinda feel like kids shows for teens/adolescents. If you go to anime conventions and you see 20-25 year olds dress up as cute characters from anime shows xD… We all want to retain a bit of the good parts of our childhood, until we are no longer allowed to do so.

In the picture below, I am wearing part of the costume of Homura ^^… I cosplay as her at anime conventions sometimes. Maybe I am wearing a special underwear?



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coucherequin: ld-ba: coucherequin: helping-hand-and-harming-scythe: coucherequin: babyandy22: coucherequin: What do you think? You wanna be in the spot where the plushie is? See my archive | Donate I’d love to be in the plushie’s spot xD I’m sure you’d want to be there … Continue reading


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coucherequin: evelynstinky: coucherequin: Do you prefer white or black leggings? See my archive | Donate I think tights are the best diaper cover and I like them all as long the opacity isn’t to big. I love white tights and leggings ^^ … Continue reading

I’m pretty sure that you can find someone, to share your life with. You are really cute :3It’s definitely better than being lonely like me :(

You’re definitely right. The chances of me finding a partner are not zero. Maybe the inhibitor is myself, huh?

When the facts hit me, I do feel very desperate. I’m really sorry to hear that you also feel lonely. I try to think of positive things, of my friends and of my family. I chat a lot on Discord in various servers, I spend a lot of time in voicechat channels and I really try to engage with people in meaningful conversations that they remember. That’d also be my recommendation for you


Hello, I am wondering why do you love to take pictures while age playing, doesn’t it distract you? Also if fine by you to answer, what do you feel at the thought of people seeing you in a vulnerable state? Thank you

It is very distracting to take pictures of myself when I’m ageplaying. Also, it is tiring and it takes away some of my time when editing those pictures and when compiling them into tumblr posts. For that reason, I don’t take pictures during every ageplaying session. So there will be lots of sessions where I don’t take any pictures. The reason that I can post every day is because during one of those ageplay picture sessions, I will take around 100 pictures, which I can choose the best from and post those gradually. I would definitely have a lot more pictures to post, if I did take pictures every single time I wear diapers. However, that would take away some of the fun of ageplaying for me.

As for why I take these pictures at all.. I’m not sure. I can’t remember why I started this blog. I guess that people fap to those pictures of me, that’s okay. I don’t specifically take pictures with the intent that others can fap to me. I’ve been told many times that I look vulnerable in my ABDL pictures.  I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m fairly thin and fragile-looking, and the pictures show my half-naked body up close in bed. The bed adds to the atmosphere that I am letting you into my private life. Know that I don’t mind. I don’t feel like I’m in danger. As long as I hide my face (and thereby identity), I doubt that anyone would ever harm me for this. The ill-intended messages I do get, I can just ignore them (and I do). That I look vulnerable is maybe a sign that my pictures are well-taken ageplay pictures! When my diaper is on display, and I am wearing a cute outfit that no adult would wear, I am fully admitting myself to ageplay!

Taking ABDL pictures and publishing them here has become a habit for me. I enjoy interacting with others here, and helping them to feel more at ease with diapers and adult baby stuff. I am your (catless) crazy cat lady that you can write to (via Asks) for emotional support ^^



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coucherequin: evelynstinky: coucherequin: Do you prefer white or black leggings? See my archive | Donate I think tights are the best diaper cover and I like them all as long the opacity isn’t to big. I love white tights and leggings ^^ … Continue reading