What is your blushiest fantasy?

I don’t know what “blushiest” means, here. The one that makes me feel the most embarrassed? I doubt that I would be sharing that xD. And what does “fantasy” mean, here? Just any imaginary thought, or specifically an erotic one? So many counter-questions to this Ask, sorry.

The thought of being diapered would probably score the highest for me. It’s such a high-trust personal thing… I wouldn’t even ever show it on pictures, it’s just too personal and vulnerable


Is there a reason that you’re so thin and frail-looking? Are you ill? Genuine question, not meant as an insult

Thank you for this Ask!

As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with my health. I eat 3 meals every day, and I try my best to keep my diet varied. In the morning I eat a slice of bread as breakfast. For lunch, I tend to take last night’s leftovers, and for dinner I do cook almost every day… I like eating rice and pasta dishes with lots of veggies and fish. I do eat red meats, but not very often…

I do see myself in the mirror and I recognize that I am thin. I’m not sure why that is. Though, as long as I don’t feel fatigued, I don’t think that it matters ^^. If I did sports, then for sure I’d have more muscle


Assuming that you had to share your physical little space with another AB for 24 hours:1) What would you need to make you happy?2) Would you have any fears? If so, what are they?

It’s a super broad question that I can’t answer. If it’s someone who I don’t know, it’ll be really different from when I do know them. And even in the latter case, there’s levels of trust which would define what we’d do.

I’ve never been to an abdl-themed event like capcon, but people told me that it’s really casual and attendees are just normal everyday people…

Then there’s the general code of conduct… Even without this being in writing, you expect the people around you to act a certain way, right? You want to be treated with respect and dignity. The internet gives us a layer of anonymity that isn’t present IRL. The occasional crazy messages that I receive in my DM aren’t the sort of things that I expect anyone would tell me for realsies.

Sorry that I’m going way off topic here. My fears around abdl are insecurities that people would say or do embarrassing or uncomfortable things to me, that’d spoil it for me. Littlespace is a safespace for me. It’s so precious and fragile for me (and maybe also for others?). The pictures that I show you make me vulnerable and expose me to dangers. Rationally, it’d be best that I don’t expose this part of me on the internet, yet here I am?


Requin, have you ever visited Germany?

Yes, I’ve been there many times. It’s close by for me. I’ve been to Aachen to visit and to go shopping, I’ve used the Weeze airport, I’ve been to Munich… And maybe I should go to Freiburg one day !


Do you fear thunderstorms?

No, I don’t think so. Thunderstorms rarely occur, where I live. It’s kinda special when a thunderstorm does occur. I do worry about my laptop, though. Probably, if I had my own house, I’d investigate if it’s possible to protect my electric thingies somehow. I’m not sure if it’s necessary these days? But it’s a lot of money gone if something gets damaged. Nowadays I also have one of those storage box devices to store my pictures and other digital files on it; that was also really expensive, but necessary because I take too many pictures (not just for this blog).


In the time that I’ve known you, I have really come to love and respect you. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations. Make sure you make time to love yourself, little shark. ❤️

You’ve been in contact with me for years already. I’m glad that I’m able to maintain contact ^^. It kinda means that I’m doing something right, I think? At least it means that I’m not so annoying that I scare people away.

Thank you for saying that you have enjoyed the conversations. Feel free to send in any Ask, or send me any private message. Though, I’m sorry that it does take me a long time to respond to stuff. I’d rather make others happy than give myself a lot of time


In the time that I’ve known you, I have really come to love and respect you. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations. Make sure you make time to love yourself, little shark. ❤️

You’ve been in contact with me for years already. I’m glad that I’m able to maintain contact ^^. It kinda means that I’m doing something right, I think? At least it means that I’m not so annoying that I scare people away.

Thank you for saying that you have enjoyed the conversations. Feel free to send in any Ask, or send me any private message. Though, I’m sorry that it does take me a long time to respond to stuff. I’d rather make others happy than give myself a lot of time


Have you ever had an accident where you thought you were diapered but werent?

Over the years I have had a few dreams where I was peeing in a diaper. But when I was woken up by something, it turned out I had wet my bed oops. I dislike this, there’s nothing fun about this. Having to get up from my bed to remove my pajamas, underwear, bedsheets and take a quick shower with all of these things is a real hassle. Then afterwards I have to sleep without my shark (because he got wet, too). My previous mattress had a stain on it and so does my current one, it’s yucky. I should get a mattress protector, though it’s already too late for this one.


Is your shark getting plenty of attention too? :)

He gets my uninterrupted attention every night ^^, cus I sleep with him in my arms or on top of him. What’s your favorite plush, and do you sleep with it??



Merci pour le compliment sur mon blog ^^. Ça me flatte, mais je ne le mérite pas. Je ne suis qu’un petit requin, qui nage dans l’océan et cherche sa place dans le monde. Qui sait, peut-être l’ai-je déjà trouvée, sans m’en rendre compte?


Your haircut is super cute!

Thank you for the compliment. I think that it is nothing special… But a compliment will always cheer up someone’s day !!


Jij spreekt Nederlands, toch? Denk je dat je de enige Nederlandstalige abdl ‘content creator’ bent?

Ja, klopt! Ik ben van oorsprong uit Nederland, alhoewel ik nu dus in Vlaanderen woon waar men ook (soort van) Nederlands spreekt. Ik typ m’n berichtjes in het Engels, zodat zo veel mogelijk mensjes mijn tekst kunnen lezen ^^. Eigenlijk is het gebruiken van een tweede taal heel erg vreemd. Woorden zoals luier, speentje, flesje, en knuffeldier dragen voor mij veel meer gevoelens, dan het Engelse equivalent. Wat vind jij ervan?

Ik denk niet dat ik de enige ben. Ik heb een lijstje met abdl content creators die actief zijn op tumblr, maar ik hou van hun niet bij welke nationaliteit ze hebben. Ik vermoed dat sommigen ook gewoon niet vermelden dat ze van oorsprong Nederlandstalig zijn (doe ik eigenlijk ook niet). Ik ben op de hoogte van het Nederlandstalige forum (https://abdlz.nl/), en ook het tumblr account @abdlnl . Daarnaast heb ik ook gezien dat er een Duitstalige en een Franstalige abdl gemeenschap is. Zo slecht is het dus allemaal niet, toch? ^^


Hey cutie 🍼 Do you wear diapers every day?

No, I can’t wear diapers every day, there’s just no time for it x_x. Instead, I try to wear a diaper at least once per week, on a Saturday or Sunday ^^. This week, I managed to make time for it on Saturday!


Please come back again missing you

I’m sorry, as far as I can see my reasoning is sound and I am not easily persuaded, especially not without valid arguments. Yes, I enjoy taking pictures, ageplaying, and interacting with like-minded people to spread positive energy surrounding abdl. But there are many other things that I also enjoy doing, which have a much lower chance of being nuked out of existence ^^;;

I have taken new photos during previous ageplay sessions.. These photos remain unpublished for now until I decide what to do.

I do truly want to give it another chance. But each time I actually go to tumblr, I am reminded of the amount of time that I have sunk into the coucherequin blog, that is now all gone. It’s kinda sad and very discouraging, because starting over means that almost everyone is gone.


When I see your picture, I notice a tendency for soft textures and fabrics. Is the feeling znd touch of something important to you? I have a strong feeling for all things soft and furry. Wondering if this is the same with you.

Yes, softness and colors are really important for me. At times, the world feels cold, lonely and grey. To escape the big scary world, I have created my own: littlespace. It is a little fantasy land, existing between my ears, materializing itself in my bedroom. There, the world is not cold, lonely and grey. Instead, my little world is warm, comfortable and brightly colored. There’s cute outfits, fun activities, a SHARK, and baby thingies. Isn’t it just the best?


If you had a partner that lived with you, and wanted to help your tumblr project and abdl side of your life, would you let them get involved and how would you like them to help?

Thank you for sending me this Ask. It feels nice to receive an insightful question like this !

I have not thought about this situation before. I do have some activities that I do, such as this tumblr blog, which maybe would seem out-of-place in a relationship. For instance, the time that I spend taking pictures of myself could instead be spent with a partner! The time that I spend writing out messages could be spent watching a movie together. I can envision that a partner would also feel uncomfortable with some of the things that I do. After all, do I not seem like an e-thot, doing this blog? The question of whether a partner would ‘join’ in those pictures would entirely rely on their personality. It’d be unreasonable to demand it, anyway. 

As for what I’d want, regardless of whether the partner would ‘join’, is to be loved. Doesn’t everyone want this? ^^ Nothing else matters, to me.


Is it more fun to wear the simpler pattern pamps than ones with fancy designs?

Thank you kindly for this Ask. You have a lot of choice, with regards to diapers, nowadays. Even among incontinence-geared diapers, you can choose between budget options and more expensive high capacity ones. Concomitantly, you can choose between plastic-backed and cloth-backed diapers, depending on what texture you prefer ^^. The various brands of incontinence diapers do have ‘designs’, in that there will either be (dotted) patterns printed on them, or the whole diaper will have a solid color. I assume that this is done specifically to make incontinence diapers not resemble baby diapers. Though, the helplessness of incontinence appears to be an aesthetic onto itself…

Once you decide that you’d like to try out ABDL-geared diapers, you will find out that your options are even broader! Among abdl diapers, you can choose between fancy designs, scented diapers, and even diapers modelled in a way to make them better resemble resized actual baby diapers. ABDL diapers share some of the same constraints as incontinence diapers, in that they cannot be too expensive or too impractical to wear. However, abdl diapers do not have any design constraints ^^. In fact, I love it when diapers resemble baby diapers, as they make me feel like one. That’s the whole point!

To answer your question; I prefer diapers with ‘fancy’ designs, that make me feel more like a baby. Though, I have also worn incontinence diapers and ones with simpler designs, in the past. In the two pictures below, I am wearing a Rearz Incontrol, and the one below it I am wearing a Lil Squirts Splash. 


What a super duper cutie you are!! Hope you e been doing well

Thank you kindly for this compliment 💖💖

I am doing well ^^. I am going to visit Budapest (in Hungary) soon, and I am looking forward to that! I should be reading into the history and culture of that city, a little bit more, to make sure that I am well-prepared. I wonder if I should take a few (non-abdl) diapers with me in my suitcase? I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking abdl diapers, in case that there’s a random baggage check; that’d be too humiliating, whereas incontinence diapers are okay I feel.

It’s ironic, right? For the same reason, I wouldn’t take my vibe with me when I am flying xD. I guess that people sort of expect that I have one? But still I don’t want them to know that I do. It’s sad that I will have to sleep without my shark plush for several days… but I will manage ! I can be a grown up for a few days, if I set my mind to it !


Hiii sorry if this is weird lol but your content is so cozy and wholesome, it makes me feel really like, “safe”, is the best way I can describe it. I get stressed easily but it helps me feel all loosey goosey to read about your thoughts on littlespace stuff, or just things in general ^^

Thank you kindly for this message ❤❤️. At the top of my blog, it says that this is my “safespace” ^^. With that, I kinda intended to avoid getting negative messages, though it is also true in the other sense in that I try my best to show the fun and relaxation that I have in my littlespace !

Littlespace is my stress relief, I think. My work is kinda mega stressful, but I usually don’t feel stressed because there is a nice balance in my life of accomplishing stuff during the day and having a lot of fun in my free time, either with or without diapers ^^. It’s not only sexual fun, of course (which I try not to talk abour or show in my blog)… Littlespace is pure bliss for me when I am in my element. Sometimes I wish that I could be a baby forever.. but what my mind probably wants is to be babied for a day or two full-time by someone.


Just wanted to say, I appreciate your thoughtful posts. Admittedly, it’s hard to get to know someone through a blog, but from the glimpses you’ve shared, you seem like an intelligent, observant, and patient person. I don’t know how much, if any, meaning this carries from a stranger. Even so, I wish you peace, health, and happiness.

Thank you so much for sending me this ^^. I occasionally request people to submit Asks, so that I get the impression that it is not a one-way thing. Taking pictures of myself and putting them on tumblr with silly annotations is not as gratifying as hearing back from you through these submissions and through chats ! I do have difficulties keeping up with chats, but I try to eventually have all non-inane messages answered

I like to think that I am observant and patient… I dunno if I’m more intelligent than the average Master student. It doesn’t take much to do what I do. When I ageplay, I don’t want to think about any of the stuff that I usually think about. I return to a lil puddle, only able to drink from a bottle and curl up in bed ^^


Hey little baby, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner today then..?

Having a healthy diet is really really important. You should have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

However, this week was very long and tiring. I put on a diaper yesterday evening. I woke up at around 8am this morning. I sat up in my bed, peed myself, and then I turned around to continue sleeping. At around 10am I woke up again, this time I really had to get up to start the day ^^. I read stuff on the internet for about half an hour, and meanwhile I was feeling around my squishy diaper.

I didn’t have breakfast today (even though I should!). For lunch, I made toast with jambon and camembert, also jam and peanut butter (separately). In addition, I had 2 mandarins and tea. This afternoon I drank 2 bottles of infant formulae, and I had chocolate. Later this evening I will eat fresh hamburger-steak with tomatos and rice.

If I’m not careful, my shark will eat me before the end of the evening!



This gallery contains 8 photos.

My friend @cofftee sent me a really kind gift, containing a special dress, Rearz Princess Pink diapers, a Crinklz Astronauts, a Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, a pack of stuffers, and a Nuk sippy cup with a straw! I put the … Continue reading


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These were the last pictures that I took before having my little ‘fun’. It felt great ^^


This gallery contains 1 photo.

You’ve woken up as coucherequin, and you’re wearing a diaper… What is the first thing that you do??

On the scale of 1 to 10 of how cute you are, you’re definitely an 11

xD you’re saying that because I wear diapers. I’m kinda mediocre when I’m not wearing one. But it’s okay, I feel ‘complete’ when I am wearing a baby-themed diaper ^^, so cute and comfortable



This gallery contains 1 photo.

Do you like seeing my diaper shine through these tights?


This gallery contains 2 photos.

What would you do if you woke up as me, wearing these pajamas and a diaper? ^^ 


This gallery contains 2 photos.

I really need to start posting pictures again to this blog. Last time I posted new pictures was weeks ago…  So I had asked you which one of these 4 diapers I should wear ^^… I made my choice, wore … Continue reading

What dinosaur do you think is Best? 😀 🐊

Probably the Mosasaurus ^^. There could be a big fish plush made out of it, too!


What’s your nighttime ritual in littlespace? Does regressing help you sleep?

When I go to bed, I wear a pajama, sometimes I wear a onesie underneath, sometimes a cloth diaper (only for comfort). Sometimes I’ll sleep with a dummy, though I’ve never been able to wake up with it still in my mouth. I always sleep with my shark plush, unless he’s in the laundry. It’s very sad when my shark plush is being washed, because he needs to dry for 1 or 2 days, which means that I have to sleep without him for 1 or 2 nights 😭

Anyway.. it makes me feel at ease to hold the shark plush in my arms when I sleep.. I think that’s the most important aspect ^^



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captainfishy1: coucherequin: Wearing diapers around the house, but hiding them underneath my pajamas ^^;; Dont hide, be proud xD check the pictures on my blog, I don’t hide my love for ageplay. I’m a very active promoter of it !!! 


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poofypaddedprincess: coucherequin: xD I look so thin when I’m in bed like that That’s okay! You’re pretty no matter what 🌸 ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you kindly for saying that @poofypaddedprincess !! I am really glad that some people think that I … Continue reading


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^^ These were the last pictures that I took.  If you can, you should try these diapers. They’re called Rearz lil squirts splash !!


This gallery contains 2 photos.

Noooo now you find out that I was wearing a DIAPER all this time x_x !! It’s called a Rearz Lil Squirts Splash


This gallery contains 2 photos.

just kidding, no cuddles for my shark, only humping x_x


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Here is a lil teaser. I wore a diaper called the “Rearz lil squirts splash V2” and I really liked it. I took a few pictures while I was wearing it, and I’ll be posting them the next few days. If … Continue reading