I may be at an anime convention called abunai right now 😊 (in my hotel room)


I went to an anime rave party wearing a diaper underneath an abdl onesie and a poofy cosplay uniform 😳. I wonder if I was the only guest there wearing such a thing 😂


🤗 🥰 🥰

(“Yes!” to celebrate your courage for going out – I’m sure you were not alone wearing a diaper. 🤭)

Please tell us more about this adventure.

… (& what’s next?)

Hm well maybe there were also at least 1 other person wearing a diaper… but I will never know. I got very sweaty, but I continued way past my bedtime !!

What’s next is that I have to post new pictures to my tumblr blog, because I’ve been kind of less active for months already… 

We have almost identical body type and many of my friends say how amazing I look but it wasn’t until recently that I started to see it myself. Was a journey to finally accept and love myself. Not an ask, just wanted to remind people that sometimes we are our own worst critics. Hope you have moments of self love ❤️

I browsed your tumblr blog, but couldn’t find pictures of you to either confirm or deny what you told me xD. What even is my “body type”. Slim no fat no muscle no curves just bones and skin???

Thank you for your positive message <3


How did your love for diapers and age play begin?

I wet the bed until I was around 8 years old, and my parents made me wear diapers for that. I don’t have clear memories of this time, but there are a few precious memories that remain.. In one of those memories, in which I must have been around 6 or 7 years, I am in the bottom part of a bunkbed wearing a diaper underneath pajamas and everything felt complete and right. I want to go back to being a kid so badly; I want someone to take care of me, change me, feed me a bottle, hug me, put me in pajamas and put me to sleep <3. I want to play on my snes, build legos, play with my dolls, draw sketches, lay perler bead designs, watch cartoons in the morning, and have someone make lunch for me…

Maybe one day. I’m stuck in an adult body, but I will relive it all


What are your favorite diapers and why are they?

I’m sorry for not answering this Ask earlier. I’ve gone through a period where I feel completely demotivated to spend time on my tumblr blog. I don’t consider myself to be an attention whore, only doing stuff when I get attention in return. However, the thought that every minute that I spend here can just be taken away and destroyed without reason and without warning makes me reconsider why I would do it. My free time is limited and I’d be wasting it when done on an unstable platform. At that point I might as well just stare at a blank wall, the end result (wasting my free time while getting nothing lasting in return) would be the same.

Yes I still have the majority of my old posts; they can be seen and read on my website but such a static thing doesn’t feel the same as the interactions that I used to have on tumblr. I’ve also asked the help of a friend to help me set up a really nice gallery where I’ll be archiving all my own pictures and maybe some of the pictures that I like best.

As for this ask, thank you very much for this Ask! I like the Princess Pink a lot. It’s really fluffy and fits my body shape really well in that it doesn’t seem overly bulky, it doesn’t leak around my thighs, and I feel very babyish while wearing it ^^


Is there anyone you know either in real life or through the internet that you either think would be happier if they wore diapers or would have a higher quality of life by wearing them? I’m especially curious if said person isn’t ABDL at all.

I don’t think that diapers do anything for someone who isn’t into them. With that in mind, wearing diapers probably wouldn’t make them happier or increase their quality of life.

I asked my first partner whether she wanted to share a special intimate time with me, in exchange for doing the same for her. She agreed to that, and we overall had a great time ageplaying. Though, it was one-sided. Later, I asked a close friend whether she wanted to ageplay with me. It was really fun for me to see her like that, but she didn’t like it and asked that I don’t request it again. I recently brought ageplay up with a close (male) friend, and he thought it was strange. He was interested in seeing me in all those pretty dresses, but he also commented that seeing diapers on me did nothing for him.

This Ask brings up a deeper question, though. What compels me (and maybe you?) to want to wear diapers and do other baby stuff. The way that I look at it, ageplay is something that we can acquire during (childhood) development. I think that it is not possible to (fully) acquire it in adulthood. Through association, a partner can maybe begin to enjoy diapers when they’re always used in a safe and romantic way. Though, I don’t have any experience with this. There is at least one person who has been DM’ing me, who is not into diapers, but interested in other aspects of what I post.

I don’t think that I can fully answer your question ^^;;. For sure I can make anyone into ABDL happy by making them wear a diaper, especially if I put them into one! Do you think that I could be a caretaker?


I hope you’re having a lovely trip!! ^-^

Thank you kindly ❤️. I have travelled back home now. I’ve been absent from tumblr for a long time, it feels. I hope that I did not miss anything!


Diaper check time !

I will answer it for this time ^^. I am wearing a Rearz Princess Pink, right now. I am melting into my littlespace, and melting a little bit into my diaper in the process. I’m still kinda horni, and I wish that I could put something inside me… but I need to focus on my happy littlespace ❤️


What is(are) your favorite store or eshop for buying diapers, etc. and can you share your experience?

I buy diapers and abdl clothing from a webshop called ABDLfactory, they have another website called ab-dl-tb-shop, but this is the same shop/company. This shop sells a lot of different kinds of diapers and usually actually has their things in stock (not a given these days). There’s a shop called eurodl which I like because they sell bags of mixed diapers, which helps me to keep my photos a little bit varied.. Also I’ve bought abdl stuff from amazon, though they keep losing my packages and refunding me 3 months later so I can’t recommend that one xD.

Sending diapers by post over long distances is expensive, so you shouldn’t take my advice on any of this unless you happen to live in the Netherlands or in Belgium, because the shipping costs may be unreasonably high. It is better for you to find a shop that is active in your region. As for local shops… I have never seen a shop sell ABDL diapers, but I will happily go into the local baby store to buy bottles, cups, and other cute accessories for myself ^^. I hope that the shopkeepers will never find out that I am buying it for a BIG baby, namely MYSELF!

There’s a German webshop called saveexpress, which I still need to try. They seem to have a really big selection. I’ve always wondered what’s up with this shop. They seem to cater to incontinent people, but they also sell abdl diapers. I think that I would feel a little embarrassed to shop for incontinent supplies and baby-themed diapers in adult sizes… Realistically, though, incontinent people will quickly learn about the existence of ABDL, and they’ll just have to deal with. Maybe it is even encouraging or enabling to see young handsome women and men have fun wearing diapers, as a source of positive energy, instead of dreading it from start to finish. Nonetheless, I don’t want to bother anyone, so I will not specifically seek out people who are incontinent to ask them about this topic. ABDL can be seen as weird. To understand it, you need to read into a whole bunch of topics like safespace / littlespace, DDLG (caregiver dynamics), and diaper fetishism. My blog can’t provide the necessary information to understand ABDL, so it is best that I stay far away from a non-ABDL audience.


Horny question, but would you ever let someone pee in your diaper, or use your diaper as their pail? (Like stuffing a balled up wet diap down the back of the one you’re wearing)

I’m a lil hesitant to answer hornii stuff, cus it’d probably lead to even more of such questions. I’m not oblivious to serving as fap material, but I’d rather not.

I’ve fantasized about a guy sticking his thing in the back of my diaper and flooding it… Also about being forcefully diapered into an already wet diaper (and locked into it with a chastity belt)… But these thoughts are too horni for my baby brain and I shouldn’t think about them >_< , I am a wittle bwaby and I am too young to do any of that!


Would you want a boyfriend that wear diaper ?

As long as I can continue to be a lil baby, I don’t mind if a partner wants to wear diapers too ^^. I would encourage it, so that we can be ageplay together! I doubt that I would be able to take care of someone (in a littlespace context), though. You can call me egoistic or silly for this, but it would be a big no-no if a partner asks me to stop with littlespace altogether. They would be kindly shown the door, if there’s no opportunity for me to change their mind in the subject.

I understand the criticism around this. When two people love each other, there will never be a perfect match in every single opinion and habit. That wouldn’t be realistic, nor desirable. People are different, and these differences are what makes us better together. Therefore we compromise a lot, right? We don’t have to agree on everything. You could argue that my reliance on littlespace should be treated by a psychologist, as weaning off of it seemingly is deleterious to my mental health. The way I look at it is different, though. I enjoy ageplaying, and by itself it’s not bad for my physique or mental health. At best I’m at a slightly higher risk of getting a skin rash or a UTI, though so far this hasn’t happened. The ‘deleterious’ aspect of my ageplay would then be extrinsically imposed, i.e. someone asks me not to do it which I can’t comply with. If I cannot comply with someone’s wishes, is it my fault and therewith should the issue be fixed in me, or should the issue be fixed in the other person? You can come up with your own answer to this ^^



This gallery contains 8 photos.

My friend @cofftee sent me a really kind gift, containing a special dress, Rearz Princess Pink diapers, a Crinklz Astronauts, a Rearz Lil Squirts Splash, a pack of stuffers, and a Nuk sippy cup with a straw! I put the … Continue reading

Hello, I love your page ^-^ 2 questions 1 do you like calling them diapers or nappies more? 2 what’s your favorite shark fact :D 🦈🦈🦈Merry Christmas :)



Thank you @differentauthorexpertbat for sending me 2 questions. Please feel free to send as many as you wish ^^. I will try to answer as many as I can!

Nappy is supposed to be the British word for diaper. I’m not British, though I sometimes call them as such because I think that it is cute! There was a brief time in my teenage years when I wanted to learn more British phrases. Typically I do tend to write British-style English, though I realize nowadays that I should be more neutral in this, although it is not entirely possible to be neutral.

In etymology, I think that ‘nappy’ (a person who takes many naps) is also closer in meaning to the Dutch ‘luier’ (lazy person) than ‘diaper’ is (I don’t even know what this word is supposed to mean, originally).

Someone recently told me that a group of sharks is called a ‘shiver’ 😂 . I did not know about this, so until the next shark fact, this will be my favorite one. Does my shark make you shiver? He just wants to put me in diapers and sleep with me ^^

Thank you for wishing me a merry Christmas. I love you 💖💖💖. Make the best of it and don’t overeat !!

Also check out my website, which is like a shadow-copy of my tumblr blog ^^:


My understanding is that nappy is shorthand for napkin: an absorbent cloth. Although I might be misremembering. Hope the holidays and new year went well for you.

That’d be a lot more logical than what I put forward xD

if you’re gunna leave can you give us a heads up before you do? sad uwu

Don’t worry, I’m not an unreasonable person. When I said that I might leave in the future when people get too annoying to me, I might have been a little frustrated. I do love the attention that I get on tumblr, and I hope that I can make others happy with my pictures. It’s a balance, you see? I give and I take. Though, when I feel like I am giving much more than I can take, then tumblr would kinda be like a timesink.

I allow myself to watch YouTube videos or anime maximum 1 hour per day. All my other waking hours are spent either at work, doing my household, or working on my own projects (tumblr being one of them). With such a tight schedule, the things that I do will have to be worth it ^^.


Hello, I love your page ^-^ 2 questions 1 do you like calling them diapers or nappies more? 2 what’s your favorite shark fact :D 🦈🦈🦈Merry Christmas :)



Thank you @differentauthorexpertbat for sending me 2 questions. Please feel free to send as many as you wish ^^. I will try to answer as many as I can!

Nappy is supposed to be the British word for diaper. I’m not British, though I sometimes call them as such because I think that it is cute! There was a brief time in my teenage years when I wanted to learn more British phrases. Typically I do tend to write British-style English, though I realize nowadays that I should be more neutral in this, although it is not entirely possible to be neutral.

In etymology, I think that ‘nappy’ (a person who takes many naps) is also closer in meaning to the Dutch ‘luier’ (lazy person) than ‘diaper’ is (I don’t even know what this word is supposed to mean, originally).

Someone recently told me that a group of sharks is called a ‘shiver’ 😂 . I did not know about this, so until the next shark fact, this will be my favorite one. Does my shark make you shiver? He just wants to put me in diapers and sleep with me ^^

Thank you for wishing me a merry Christmas. I love you 💖💖💖. Make the best of it and don’t overeat !!

Also check out my website, which is like a shadow-copy of my tumblr blog ^^:


I have never heard of a shiver in connection with a group of sharks, my degree is in Evolutionary Zoology and I never came across this, unless its a regetence from another language

xD Yeah, I had not heard of it, either. But it is a real English word for a school of sharks. 

Hello, I love your page ^-^ 2 questions 1 do you like calling them diapers or nappies more? 2 what’s your favorite shark fact :D 🦈🦈🦈Merry Christmas :)

Thank you @differentauthorexpertbat for sending me 2 questions. Please feel free to send as many as you wish ^^. I will try to answer as many as I can!

Nappy is supposed to be the British word for diaper. I’m not British, though I sometimes call them as such because I think that it is cute! There was a brief time in my teenage years when I wanted to learn more British phrases. Typically I do tend to write British-style English, though I realize nowadays that I should be more neutral in this, although it is not entirely possible to be neutral.

In etymology, I think that ‘nappy’ (a person who takes many naps) is also closer in meaning to the Dutch ‘luier’ (lazy person) than ‘diaper’ is (I don’t even know what this word is supposed to mean, originally).

Someone recently told me that a group of sharks is called a ‘shiver’ 😂 . I did not know about this, so until the next shark fact, this will be my favorite one. Does my shark make you shiver? He just wants to put me in diapers and sleep with me ^^

Thank you for wishing me a merry Christmas. I love you 💖💖💖. Make the best of it and don’t overeat !!

Also check out my website, which is like a shadow-copy of my tumblr blog ^^:


Hello to Belgum. First I have to say I love your blog and visiting it is like coming home. My question: Can you remember how you discovered that you like wearing diapers and it makes you happy to become little again? Did you have an initial moment? (contiue on my part 2)

Visiting my blog is like coming home? Why is that?

Thank you so much for this Ask! Please feel free to send me any Ask that you’d like to see me answer. I can’t recall any time in my life when I did not want to wear diapers. They’re a really special item to me. It turns me on even thinking about them ^^;;. So, this question is easy for me! My most important discovery was that it wasn’t only diapers that fascinated me so much. I discovered that I really really wanted to be a baby again, in the broadest sense. I’d like someone to take care of me, feed me, diaper me, put me in a crib and tell me it’ll be alright. 

We can all dream, right?


What is your ultimate ABDL role play/fantasy?

Hm I dunno. There’s a few separate things that I have in mind which would push a lot of my buttons. It’s not very likely that I will get to do any of it for real any time soon. I could type out one scenario.

Caretaker scenario: In my own owned place; be it an apartment or a house, I’d love to have one room dedicated to ABDL. That room would be my nursery; with the floor covered in soft carpeting, the ceiling covered in light panels (xD I’d still want to take pictures of myself, I need lots of light). There’d be a crib large enough to fit me and a second baby. In addition, there’d be a small sofa that can also serve as a place for me to use my laptop, a closet to store my diapers and all the outfits that I wear, and lots of babyish decorations and touches that’d make anyone feel at home. Of course, the nursery would have a minor shark theme ^^. There’d be a good air filter inside, and a comfy room temperature so that everyone feels comfortable without being too hot or cold. I’d love to invite ABDL friends over, so that we can ageplay together in my nursery. Perhaps I’d like to invite a mommy or daddy over, so that I can be taken care of ❤️. I’d love to be told to undress and sit down onto a changing mat on the floor. My caretaker would get me one of my favourite diapers; a Rearz Princess Pink, and put it down onto the floor besides me, together with skin cream, a print onesie, soft cotton thigh-high socks, and a pyjama set. After a proper diapering session and a short snuggle, I’m hand-guided into my crib and given a huge shark plush and a paci. After a few minutes, my caretaker comes back into the nursery room with a baby bottle containing freshly-prepared warm infant formulae. The bottle’s volume and nipple are adult sized. I’m guided to the sofa, and sit on my caretaker’s lap, in such a way that I can be comfortably bottle-fed. Afterwards, I slightly change my body posture so that I can comfortably sit on their lap while we watch an episode of a cartoon. Occasionally, they hug me and press their face into my hair, to tell me that I’ve been a good baby. My diaper is slightly wet when it’s time to take a nap. I’m guided back into my crib, and tenderly kissed on the forehead to signal that it’s soon time to go to dreamland. However, before departure, my caretaker has a final gift for me. While standing next to my crib, they slip their hand into my pyjama pants and unbutton the onesie. I’m looking right into their eyes, as they start rubbing the front of my slightly swollen pink diaper. My toes curl up as I feel an almost magical tingle in my stomach. We start to kiss, quickly turning into an extended French kiss. They pause for a short moment to get inside the crib and lie down besides me. It feels so warm and comfy. We hug and press our cheeks together, before continuing where we left off. I’ve been keeping my pee in for some time, already. The bottle was big, and my bladder cannot take it much longer. I couldn’t take it anymore, and my pee slowly starts to leak into the pink diaper. The combined stimulation of kissing, our warm and humid breaths filling the near vicinity, our bodies touching, the intense rubbing of the front of my wet diaper and the pee coming out of me makes me climax hard and long. I stop kissing to let out several long and loud moans, and my body completely tenses up. My caretaker takes their hand out of my pyjamas and hugs me tightly, telling me I did well. I feel totally bliss. Shortly afterwards, I fall asleep, knowing that I have everything that I ever hoped for.


Have you seen that you can get cloth diaper with a shark tail? Maybe it’s something for you. Don’t know if the link works

Those shark-themed cloth diapers look really really cute ^^. I think that I’m good in terms of abdl stuff right now. My home is getting a little full of all my stuff. There’s a lot of diapers that I still would like to try out and take pictures with !! Half my closet is diapers and abdl stuff right now xD, I’m such a happy little.


I am planning on buying abdl diapers in a few days, and I would like to know : What diapers do you recommend the most ? I’m looking for something very comfy and absorbent

For ABDL diapers, I especially like the Rearz Princess Pink, Rearz lil squirts Splash, Littleforbig little dreamers, Littleforbig Baby cuties, the Bambino cloudee, and the Bambino Classico. You can see me wear these on my blog, though I’ll attach a picture of the classico and the princess pink. I don’t think that I could easily choose between any of these. I love wearing all of these diapers.


How did the whole shark theme get started? Was it just because of the Blåhaj IKEA plush? Did you have an interest in sharks beforehand?

I don’t remember why I went with the shark theme. I remember laughing a lot at the blahaj memes, where those shark plushies are sitting by office tables having high-profile discussions, and other funny unexpected scenarios. I got myself a blahaj plush and I ended up loving it. It’s the perfect shape and size for me, for hugging it while sleeping (and for humping it, oops). Somehow, the shark theme also became popular in Japan, and it eventually led to the creation of Gawr Gura xD, who I now have the uniform of. What a strange time to be alive.


Does sharky have any friends?

His best friend is probably me ^^, we sleep together every day! But you’re asking about plushies, probably. No, I don’t sleep with any other plushies. I do have other plushies, but they’re like decoration of my house, sitting or standing on furniture, like the rodents on my table who stare at me when I eat °.°


Please send Asks (28 Augustus 2021)

It’s kinda rainy / bad weather here, so I should stay indoors today.. Could you send me an Ask, please? we can have lots of fun together ^^



This gallery contains 2 photos.

coucherequin: I took off my pusheen hoodie, so now you can see the onesie that I was wearing ^^ 

Hi there. You have a great page… love the cute pictures. I’m Justin, a DL/daddy from the UK… I love meeting diaper-loving girls on Tumblr/Fetlife – cause it gets the most awkward conversation out the way really quickly! :) Would love to chat and get to know a bit more about you.

Hello, thank you for this Ask. Anyone can send me an Ask on tumblr or even a private message. When sending me a private message, make sure to propose a topic to talk about so not to put the burden of the conversation on me ^^. I enjoy talking to people, though it is a lil daunting to propose a new topic each time. I’ve made a good friend on tumblr, and I look forward to maybe meet another friend


Could you take some photos in pull-ups?

Well I could if I bought a pack of drynites, but I’m afraid that I’m not really into pull-ups. Probably, I will not take pictures of me wearing pull-ups any time soon. I agree that bedwetting pull-ups tend to have really cute designs. However, in my experience they tend to feel like thick underwear. The “I’m a helpless little baby peeing myself” feeling isn’t there when I’m wearing pull-ups. I think that it is also related to how easy pull-ups are to take off, whereas in a taped-on diaper you’re stuck in it until it is time to take it off.

I do look at other people’s ABDL pictures on tumblr and I do feel jealous of how cute they look in pull-ups. I think that I will stick to my BIG baby diapers with tapes for now, but who knows what will happen in the future 😊


For you, what are the characteristics of a diaper that make you feel like a cutesy baby? His bulkiness, how it expand, it’s squishness when it’s wet?

There’s something about the design (the physical hourglass shape) that makes or breaks it for me. Crinklz diapers have a really cute print in my opinion but they tend to “ride up” on me. This makes me want to run my finger along the inside elastic band of the diaper, and pull that part of the diaper back to the side once in a while. I suspect that this is because of the width of the middle part of the diaper being too narrow? The Rearz Princess Pink diapers don’t do this. I don’t have a direct size comparison of these two diapers, but by looking at these two pictures, the Princess Pink does look much wider compared to the Crinklz Astronauts. Both diapers are amazing, don’t get me wrong ❤️

Hm sorry the original question was what about a diaper makes me feel like a little baby. There’s another question in my inbox right now on pullups which is related to this. I suspect that the diaper “seed” was planted in my mind by a tape diaper whereas this was done by a pullup in other people. Does that make sense? Whatever the initiating factor was for me to start liking diapers, it must have been a thick tape-on diaper. I’ve been meaning to ask my mom about the period that I wet the bed but I haven’t gathered the courage for it yet. I wet the bed until around age 7-8; little kid coucherequin must have been too big by then for actual baby diapers and instead (probably) used hospital diapers for older kids. Around this age, sexual orientation and fetishes are formed, I think. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to consider that a diaper, with its intimateness and proximity to your sexual organs, can get associated with sexuality when applied at the right age.

As for wetness.. Some people don’t use their diapers, they pee their diapers, or they do #2 as well. I like wetting myself when I’m wearing a diaper because it feels like a rush and I like the feeling of the slightly damp material pushing against me. I’m not into #2, unfortunately, and can’t talk about it. ^^ Thank you for this Ask and sorry for the delay in answering it!


Diaper check!

I have that itch to scratch, yes. I should wear a diaper this weekend. I wanna wear a big baby diaper, leggings, my softest pyjamas, drink infant formula from a bottle, fall asleep with my paci and my shark ^^.. and maybe I should take new pictures, I’ve been out of new pictures for a few days now.. when I don’t post new pictures, people stop coming to my tumblr blog 🙁



This gallery contains 2 photos.

These were the last pictures that I took for this session ^^ , I hope that you can try and wear the Rearz Princess Pink, too!


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Look at all these pictures of me on my bed ^^, so cute! I’m sorry that I never show my face.. I want to share my littlespace, but keep myself private!


This gallery contains 1 photo.

By now I was so horny I couldn’t think straight. I wanted to finish my pictures so badly, so that I can masturbate afterwards x_x


This gallery contains 1 photo.

Last time I took pictures by my bathroom mirror, I forgot to clean my mirror xD oops this time I did clean it ^^

You are an absolutely wonderful person. I’m beyond honored to call you a friend.

xD I wouldn’t describe myself as a wonderful person, but I nonetheless appreciate the comment. It seems that I am slowly shifting the purpose of my tumblr blog from being my personal picture dumping ground, to a place where I try to spread (abdl-related) positive feelings and where I can help others feel better ^^. Maybe it’s better that way. It’s only by spreading positivity that I can make any difference, right? Without happiness, there’s no meaning to anything, I think. 


And here I was thinking everyone has had their funny experiences with the mail but, no? Good for you :-D really! i.e. I’ve had a package delivered once a few houses down the block because mailman mistaken the 7 in my street adress for a 1. Next day this couple rings my doorbell and hand me the parcel saying “sorry, we dind’t read the label and opened it”. Waving those folks hello when I pass them on the streets is always a little embarrassing:-D

Oh.. to be honest I never even considered that other people could open my mail. I don’t think that that has ever happened to me before !  I’m sorry to hear that you had a not-so-pleasant experience like that. 

What was in your parcel, if I can ask? Was it medical diapers or was it ABDL stuff? 


Your funniest/goofiest diaper delivery story pls

I’m not sure what could be funny or goofy about having diapers delivered? Normally it arrives in a brown paper box with my name and address written on it, dropped in the hallway of the apartment building where I live? I work full-time so I’m never at home to receive packages. Thankfully my current residence and my previous one is high-trust and I’ve never had something stolen. The mail people just put it in the hallway and that’s it ^^, that’s where I find it when I get home. Hm though occasionally they’ll leave a note so I pick it up at a nearby parcel shop.

I take the box upstairs, open it up, and I put the diaper packages in my clothing closet or wherever else I have space. Then whenever I feel like it, I take out a diaper, decompress and fluff it up, tape it on myself and pretend to be a little kid who needs diapers. That last part is probably funny and goofy to lots of people, but I kinda assume that my audience here doesn’t look at my pictures to laugh at me, right? I realize that ABDL looks absurd if you’re not into it, but I really try my best to make it seem cute and innocent. ABDL really has a bad reputation of being done by obese middle-aged hairy guys. Hm. That last thing wasn’t necessarily to discourage anyone. Nevermind. I just want to be the cutest and smollest diaper-wearing dork out there ^^


If you had a million dollars, what would you after all the boring responsible stuff??

Thank you so much for sending me several Asks !! I really love answering these Asks ^^

xD If I won a million euros, I would help my sister with buying an appartement, I would like to take car driving lessons (I don’t have my license oops) and hm there’s a lot of stuff that I would probably do after carefully planning it. 

I really want to have a nursery for myself, with a big crib that my shark and I can sleep in. In the nursery, I would also like to have a play area with those really soft floor matting, where I can build legos and k’nex (definitely my favourite thing when I was a kid). I’d also like an area where I can watch cartoons and anime, on a comfy sofa with lots of pillows and such. Of course there would also be lots of diapers.

Hm it’s kinda frowned upon, but I really want to keep looking young. I understand that growing old is a perfectly normal process, and it’s one of life’s certainties. But, I can dream, right? If I had the money for it, I would probably see what I can do medically and surgically to keep looking young for a long time.. 

But well. I might also become an ugly crazy cat lady and adopt a dozen cats if I don’t have to work any more XD. I really really love cats, but I’ve unfortunately chosen a career where I don’t have much free time for myself and my family. Right now, I doubt I could even properly take care of a cat. 


Princess Pink are soooooo amazing and look very nice on you. Happy early birthday!!!!

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!

I really love the Rearz Princess Pink diapers! I’ve only worn them a few times, but they’re probably one of my most favourite diapers. So soft, thick and the design is super cute ^^. Yes I agree that they fit my body very well, and also they look nice on photos. They’re almost too pretty to wear 



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January 3 is my birthday. I’m turning 30. I don’t consider any of my birthdays to be a special thing, but I am still feeling the pressure that I am really an adult now and I’m not an old teenager or … Continue reading


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kimimerc: coucherequin: poor thing..  I’ll take his place 😀 No, you can’t ^^. I love my shark and we sleep together almost every night. Sharkie is a plushie so I am safe around him, which makes me feel very happy … Continue reading

Do you wear diapers 24/7? Aside from taking them off to do number 2 since that’s not in your comfort zone, of course.

Hm I think I answered a similar question in the last few days? No, I don’t wear diapers all the time. I only wear a diaper on Saturday or on Sunday for a few hours.  I am not incontinent. The only reason that I wear diapers is to ageplay. I can’t ageplay unless I’m completely free of other tasks and I’m inside my own home and left alone. Consequently, I only ageplay (and therefore only wear diapers) when it’s not a work day and I have nothing else planned ^^. It’s my private time, you know? It’s not an outfit that I can put on and enjoy, it’s a mood that I need to get into. I do think the desire to age regress builds up over time, and if I can’t do it for a few weeks it gets kind of annoying in my head, but usually it’s okay to do it once every 1-2 weeks..


Congratulations on finishing your PhD, especially under these conditions. It shows so much dedication and self-motivation (I have a PhD as well and commiserate). I admire your blog, and the ease with which it bridges aestheticism with a hunch of playfulness. Your pictures are beautiful, and so are you. But, I digress: I have read that you sometimes (but rarely) wear pampers to sleep. May I ask whether you wear PJ shorts (or bottoms) over them, and whether you ever sleep with a paci at night?

Hello @autonomous17 , thank you for this Ask and for your congratulations ^^; that’s really sweet of you! 

Well the reality is that I really did want to graduate much earlier (spring of 2020, before any lockdowns were known or in effect). My thesis had been approved and printed in anticipation of that earlier date. The introduction page even mentions that early-Spring date and time. But the books were never distributed. The physical books were just sitting in a bunch of boxes in an office at the hospital, waiting to be handed out to friends, family and colleagues. So, I have to disappoint you that I didn’t technically finish my PhD during ‘these conditions’ xD. That’s a detail for the history books, though. I mean it was still a little bit difficult with my original defense being cancelled, no one knowing what to do (for some time), me refusing to do a defense via Skype, and rescheduling it all the way to the end of Summer. After planning the new date, no one still wasn’t quite sure if it could even happen. The reception and party, which I planned for after the original ceremony, were of course also cancelled. Come the second time I really didn’t want to plan anything big any more. The reason for the latter wasn’t even the pandemic, it was my own mental exhaustion from still having to do PhD stuff even though it had been over half a year that I had moved away from that place. The average reader of this blog won’t be fully aware of how much work went on ‘behind the scenes’. Doing a PhD is (unfortunately and fortunately) not an ordinary job. I spent thousands of hours of my own unpaid free time writing, rewriting, and revising manuscripts, preparing them for journal submission, receiving a rejection the week after, more revisions, submit to another journal, get rejected again but offered a transfer to another journal, receive peer review, answer the reviewer’s comments in the best way I can, resubmit, etc. There were times when I thought that it would be an eternal cycle of writing and revising and that I just wasn’t good enough at writing scientific manuscripts. It wasn’t the case. About a month prior to my defense, to my own surprise, my 5th (and last) PhD manuscript was accepted for publication. It was a happy ending. I do still have a few collaborations running from during my PhD, which should probably end up in publication (and coauthorships) one day, but that’s for another time xD. Also in reference to a certain shark V-tuber, and due to my seeming success in science, I’ll be calling myself an apex predator from now on xD. This diapered apex predator had a lot of help from others but also helped a lot of other researchers in doing analyses. 

To comment on the other stuff in your Ask.. thank you for ‘admiring’ my blog xD. You don’t have to, though. I like taking pictures with lots of colour and I’m glad that I can make others happy with my pictures. I’m not so fond of wearing diapers to sleep unless they’re thin diapers. I’m not entirely sure why this bothers my sleep, but it does. If I did, I would still wear pyjamas over my diaper, though. Also when I’m ageplaying, I would usually wear a pyjama over it. I take off my pyjamas for taking pictures, because otherwise no one can see my diaper ^^;;.  I have a few adult-sized pacis that I enjoy sleeping with, sometimes.  


Hi miss coucherequin! Considering we are both from the Netherlands I wonder what your go to shop/website is for your diaper needs!

Hm I’m sorry, I should update my blog’s description; I no longer live in the Netherlands. I moved to Belgium a few months ago (I’m a traitor, I know, but I had a really good reason to move!). I buy diapers from eurodl, but I can also recommend saveexpress because the latter has much more choice. I think my friend @cofftee would recommend saveexpress. Also, @emma-abdl has modelled for saveexpress before, which makes the world feel a little smaller. 

Why don’t you have a look at those webshops to see what you think about the Rearz Princess Pink, huh? ^^ Those are one of my most fav diapers now



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coucherequin: XD this diaper is so big and so thick. I drown in it. It felt really good to wear it ^^ See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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a65232-joshywoshy: coucherequin: this is almost artsy I’m the diaper-wearing photographer xD Sorry. I’m too distracted by the bowl full of mice hungrily staring you down. 😆 xD It’s very random, yes. To the uninitiated, this picture would be very weird

The sailor outfit and pink diaper shots are sssooo cute. Just wanted you to know. Hope all is well in the new place, not that new anymore but hopefully settling in and new friends. Enjoy the weekend and late summer. I understand it has been quite warm there this summer. Just really a note to say happy to see your posts on my dash. :) P_P

Thank you for this Ask! yes, it’s been a while, I’ve lived in Belgium for about 2 months now so my new place is not so new any more ^^, but I’m still exploring my surroundings whenever I have time and seeing new wonderful things. It still kinda feels like I’m on holiday, but then I realize I have no other home besides this one and it kinda breaks the illusion of holiday XD. 

As a Dutchie I wouldn’t complain about it being too warm xD, cus 51 weeks per year it’s kinda cold and you have to wear a jacket not to get goosebumps, so you have to cherish the 1 week per year where it is nice and warm! Plus it adds to the holiday feeling

I’ll see if I can find a Japanese school uniform (serafuku) ^^. I’ve been meaning to get one for some time. There’s no anime conventions this year which makes me a little bumped out. For me it feels like the year is missing something big. Maybe I should buy a new cosplay outfit to cheer myself up, though I wouldn’t be able to wear it to a con any time soon. At least I can ageplay whenever I want? Thank you for saying that you think my pictures are cute ^^. I’ll add another picture of me wearing that pink diaper below here:



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Can you tell what’s different? sometimes my pictures are too similar xD. Even though I actually get up, press the camera again, walk back to my bed and lay down.. you’d think it’s unlikely to end up in exactly the … Continue reading


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Also in my new home, I only have a single bed.. but it’s easier, probably. less laundry to do ^^ Bonus points if you can see my shark


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I don’t have my wall mirror any more ;_; (well I do still have the actual mirrors, I had to take them off of the door, and thereby ruining the door xD, but that’s what they wanted so uh okay.. … Continue reading


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I wore a Rearz princess pink ^^ But before I wore it, I made sure to take a few pictures of the nappy itself, like I always do! It’s so pretttttty